Your E-Cat Predictions

Where do you think the E-Cat will take us? What do you think its future impact will be?

Here’s a page for readers to post their predictions regarding E-Cat/LENR technology. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below — the most interesting comments may be tweeted on my Twitter Stream! You can be enthusiastic, skeptical, noncommittal — but please keep comments cogent and polite. Admin reserves the right to remove posts that are deemed obnoxious or off topic.

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  • Randy Bryan

    The HotCat will indeed benefit central heat, electricity, water, aluminum, steel, military and other energy hungry industries. The same benefit will also accrue to community level energy projects. Distribution will continue to be a problem. How quickly will the heavy industries change their [energy] course? Will the energy incumbents let this happen?
    The e-Cat will be of great benefit to home heating [and cooling?]. Neither e-cat or hot-cat are suited yet to mobile applications like cars or planes, nor to home electricity [except hot-cat-based community or grid based energy].

    The interesting story will be the incumbents and whether they can squash the introduction of this technology like the Hot-fusion guys did to Fleishman-Pons. Or GM and Chevron did for nickle batteries.

    For direct electricity generation, the Blacklight process looks a better candidate.. If anyone can get past the science baggage.

    This nacient technology needs to get some big new players involved to spread the product and battle the incumbents.

  • http://N/A Bo

    When the home unit becomes available-if ever- I’ll get interested.
    Talk is cheap !
    Delivery, is what counts !
    Actions speak louder than words!

  • Klas

    The LENR as we today name it is a very logical development.

    Einstein showed that the potential energy in mass is very large… (E=mc2)

    Unfortunately mans first sucessful attempts to release parts of this energy was demonstrated in the Plutonium and Hydrogen bombs.
    We can see this as uncontrolled HENR. Man then uncritically and with known costs and consequenses, partly managed to control the HENR/Plutonium but not yet HENR/Hydrogen.

    Ecat (and other signs of LENR) is just showing that man finally found one or more of the many other possible ways of releasing fractions of the mass energy.
    It seems very likely that there must exist numerous ways hidden in nature
    to release this energy with far less problems than we know from todays HENR.

    Personally I believe that within 10 years man has turned todays LENR attempts into practically managable HENR/XXX looking at HENR/Plutonium as the mistake of our time.
    The lastest results from HotCat is showing us the first sign in this direction.


  • http://Nione Chris

    With the advent of MW array of E-Cat, I can see ships being turned into floating farms (Possibly decommissioned oil tankers). With the combination of multi-tier farming, lots of sunlight, desalinated water, power from E-cat, we can move the farm to the nearest market on demand. Also, organic become viable because you have better control over peats, bacteria, viruses, etc. Also, variety can flourish. Imagine growing citrus near equator, and just as the last of the harvest occurs, the ship docks in Hamburg in January. Also, if we combine this with robotic farming, we could have a near endless supply of safe and healthy food anywhere.

    • Tangled Connections

      That is a great idea!

    • Thomas Horton

      My E-Cat Predictions, Rossi goes one step to far and ends up in jail


  • john

    i live in the poconos in cresco PA where and when can i buy one this units

  • hank

    Its just energy. I agree that its pretty cool, however we still need food. I see another set of industries going poof in thin air. And more unemployed people. Maybe well begin to see these units for sale at home depot in the short term but I don’t see this as that big a deal. Nobody is going to have the motivation if they cant pay the mortgage.

    • Chris

      You appear to be neglecting the overall world economy. The energy revolution that LENR might bring on will certainly change it, in more ways that you are contemplating. No doubt some folks would need to find a new source of income, this means plans should be made before it starts getting late. As for food, there are two things that have been pushing up the prices of it: changing climate (all these droughts and storms) and a rising cost of energy.

      • Roger Bird

        Not so much in the USA, but the cost of water is also a problem for food production. People along of seacoast of Africa will have almost unlimited water. This will bring the price of food down for them. They will also be buying less food on the world market, which will bring down the cost of food worldwide. Perhaps I can start to be able to afford organic. I could even afford to start my own garden that would survive the harsh winters here. That sort of thing would also drive down the cost of food. Everyone can win. Addicts will lose since the cost of their addictions will also go down.

        • Chris

          Indeed, and also the sooner we all quit belching out so much carbon dioxide in making energy, the less chances climate change will be irreversible. Which makes a mighty big diffenece to the USA and the rest of America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or wherever you like.

          The most recent drought was in the US midwest, threatening further increases in food prices. Flour has doubled in these past 2-3 years.

          • Roger Bird

            AGW is the extrement of the male bovine.

    • Roger Bird

      hank, your failure to understand how the economy works is astonishing. Yes, it won’t solve all of our economic problems. Yes, it will not make everyone perfectly equal. Yes, we will still have personal, spiritual issues. Some people will still get addicted to sex, drugs, and chocolate. But it will make more goods and services available to more people. And it will help us to be more independent such that relationships will be more voluntary and less mandatory. It will have a leveling effect, but it will not guarantee perfect equality.

      Probably the bottle neck will become some other resource or more probably human labor.

      • Chris

        I say the bottleneck will be more like land.

  • Ivan_cev

    My prediction is that My Hero Francesco Celani, will disclose every thing about the isotan44 wire preparation and hydrogen loading, and hundreds of replication will be done world wide, then Piantelli,Focardi and Celani will be given nobel price. and the world will change to a better place, you expect an initial economical boom. and electricity and energy companies crash.
    Celani I count on you!!!!!
    The ecat?.. who needs the ecat if you could prepare isotan44 and produce your own energy.

    • Chris

      Actually, Celani keeps no secret but I haven’t thoroughly read his stuff to see if he has already published every detail. Anyway his demo is just a replication of Piantelli’s work with less COP and Piantelli said everything in his patent application.

      Their claims are in any case less dramatic than those of Rossi, so their designs arent quite enough to revolutionize the energy market. My hpoes rest on designs better than Rossi’s emerging, whether by him or others. When folks can no longer scoff at it, more and more will be working on it.

    • Roger Bird

      Francesco Celani is also my hero, and I am not sure why. But he is.

  • Jordi Heguilor

    My prediction is that by the end of 2012 there still won’t be any independent third-party verification of the e-cat and Rossi’s claims are going to be even more outrageous.

    • Roger Bird

      LOL, Jordi. You should be right with regard to Rossi. But, remember that Celani has already been independently verified. He showed his contraction at a convention for EVERYONE to see.

  • Paul Stout

    What happens to a nation’s borders when jetpacks become as ubiquitous as motorcycles?

    • Roger Bird

      Energy may not be the limiting factor with jetpacks. Balance and blowing one’s feet away may be the biggest problem.

  • Paul

    This is not something that big corporations will be able to stop. Somebody will figure out a way to make one at home. If they are not sold by big companies, little basement machine shops will start turning them out by the millions. It will be prohibition all over again. The economic payback is far too great for any real control to be possible.

    This will make just about every piece of property on the earth worth a lot more. Building materials, or modular buildings, can be cheaply transported by air if necessary. Getting off the grid will be a way of life. With an LENR driven absorption cooler, you can pull all the fresh water you need out of the air. With an incinerating septic system, you don’t need a place for septic lines.

    Some people will find ways to live under the sea. With practically unlimited energy, it becomes a lot more feasible.

    Those things that take a lot of energy are going to get a LOT cheaper. Some of those items are aluminum, glass, cement, fertilizer. Other things are going to be very expensive, in comparison. Free energy is not going to change the cost of a 2×4 or food by nearly as much. Doctors, engineers, any profession will become expensive in comparison.

    Other things that might get a lot cheaper are supersonic travel and magnetic levitation, both of which are very energy expensive. Think of a dual concrete tunnel built over an existing freeway, say 300 miles long. Add magnetic levitation and electric propulsion. Start a car carrier in one end every few seconds, push it up to supersonic speeds, and now you are commuting 300 miles to work in less time than it now takes to go across one of our larger cities.

    What happens when personal jet packs become practical and affordable for many? What does that do to a society that thinks fences will keep people out?

    Back around 1900, an editor for the NY times looked at his city and how it was growing. Based on the census at the time and the rapidly growing population, he predicted that in another 15 or 20 years that the streets of Manhattan would be 6 feet deep in horse manure. Nobody predicted superhighways and parking garages. That is about where we are at right now.

  • Chris

    The E-Cat? What is it????

    Oh! You mean that crude thing that some nit came up with by trial and error, in the wake of Piantelli and others, one of the first dudes to go for a bit of cash out of the new approach to nuclear physics? Gee that was back when nobody understood how the new phenomena work, not even those physicists who had observing them in laboratory setups whenever they ran into luck, while so many others were hooting their disbelief and ridiculing the pioneers (in the kindest cases). Yeah, so you mean the thing that brought the new kind of nuclear phenomena back into the spotlight after the previous big fuss over that pair of dumb chemists who were all too quickly sure they had found the perfect new energy source.

    Yeah, that iDog, er.. no wait, gettin’ confused with some other gadget of those days… e-cat you say? ok, whatever damn name he called it, it brought the new kind of nuclear phenomena back into the spotlight but, that time over, for good instead of just a few months, cuz he knew how to make it at least a little bit more reliable and worked up commercial interest which, of course, put more funding into proper research which is better than some fool fiddling around empirically like one of the six blind men and the elephant.

    So, that’s how we came to have our current take on not only energy but even material resources. Copper used to be decidely more valuable than nickel, gold was worth far far more than lead. We had a great understanding of how to rearrange atoms into different materials but we hardly contemplated changing them between elements or even just between isotopes, except the cases that were spontaneous or a few other exceptions; nuclear reactions were controlled only when it was worth the game energywise and it was highly troublesome to manage the plethora of resulting hazardous materials, so we weren’t producing nearly as much energy with it as by filling the entire atmosphere with climate changing garbage.

    Of course that is just one recent revolution, before that some other mighty changes had occured, down through history and always with dramatic socio-economic effects. Further back than this dog thing… sorry, cat thing, people had been scraping to survive, mostly on muscular power, enslaving animals and even other people, though also harnessing wind and flowing water to work machinery. Most productive activity was small enterprise, often family conducted and sometimes with a few employees. That changed a lot when the heat of fire was used for boiling water into steam to drive industry, which became large scale and controlled by a few people with countless employees, whose smaller scale business had come to be totally outcompeted and had no choice but to accept the conditions that suited these new tycoons. The social reactions caused a political upheaveal that lasted mcuh more than a century, with ideological and cultual impacts that hardly could have been imagined when the first engineers were designing steam engines fired by a carbon-rich rock.

    So it isn’t surprising to learn what dramatically complex changes economy, society and politics have gone through since we learned to do the things we do now, It would not have been easy to predict them when the mouse… rat? oh yeah, the cat-thing first came onto the market. So many folks were so easily saying, “Now we have it made! In a year or so’s time Lennon’s Dream will finally come true!” Boy how naïve it was to think it would be so simple, that the immediate effect would be to make life free for everyone in a jiffy.

    The first thing they were overlooking was how many people’s income depended very much on the exceeding high value that carbon rich materials had come to have in the global economy. Not just the tycoons of that trade, but the induced effects, even on some entire societies in parts of the world where the whole national economy rested upon black oily hydrocarbons oozing out of the ground and where, in some cases, people had just finished ousting tyrants because they had been monoplizing this resource. It didn’t take Solomon’s Wisdom to predict these folks would see such a new energy source as a threat to their livelihoods and it took them a while to rearrange their whole economies, especially where they found themselves short of income before having had the foresight of investing it into such handsome changes as would become inevitable necessity. What they were left with in some cases were plenty of guns and bombs lying around and plenty of bitter anger…

    • Peter Roe