Smart Scarecrow Show Interview with Andrea Rossi.

Tribute to Martin Fleischmann by Barry Simon.

Cold Fusion device at M.I.T.. Barry Simon visits Dr. Peter Hagelstein at MIT to see the NANOR Cold Fusion device

October 6th 2011 Demonstration in Bologna, Italy. Video with highlights of the demo along with interviews with Rossi, Roland Pettersson and Mats Lewan.

Low Energy Nuclear Revolution. A review of cold fusion/LENR research from Pons/Fleischmann to the present which includes interviews with Guiseppe Levi, Sergio Focardi, Christos Stremmenos, among others. Produced by Phizero, directed by Manuel Zani.

Andrea Rossi Explains His Energy Catalyzer — Video made by Steve Krivit who visited Rossi in Bologna in June 2011

The Magic of Mr. Rossi — Video produced by Italian TV channel RAI which covers the history of Andrea Rossi and the development of the E-Cat.

  • Alex Riz

    When researching Rossi’s work we must remember that the global energy corporations generate a combined annual profit of $3.5 trillion. If Rossi’s technology is proven, then allowed to make it to market, and the worldwide patents are approved then this profit will start dwindling, slowly spiraling down towards zero.

    Therefore, it would seem obvious that the energy companies will do everything in their power to stop this technology from reaching the market. Their $3.5 trillion profit is much more important to them than the state of the environment or the fact that more than half the world lives in poverty.

    Just bear this in mind when reading comments on this subject. This kind of profit buys lots of man-hours for people to debunk Rossi and challenge his work. If you believed the “official” line on Wikipedia for example you would be led to believe that Rossi is a complete crackpot and charlatan.

    For me this subject is the single most important issue of the times we live in. An energy source such as the one claimed by Rossi would literally change the world. It has the power to end drought, famine, scarcity and poverty and could bring forth a new age for all of humanity.

    Unfortunately, the energy companies who would stop this progress to protect their profit, are part of the super-rich elite who control all the Western worlds central banks and who, through the bondage of debt, hold the Western governments in their hands. Therefore any worldwide patent will have huge trouble getting through. It may be that there needs to be a global public outcry (or a complete collapse of the established financial systems? ) before this type of technology will reach the world, but pessimistically it could just be another technology that goes silent and disappear into the pockets of the energy cartels. Hopefully there is enough momentum behind this project that it can not go this way.

    Of course the second law of thermodynamics is a mainstay of Physics and this technology appears to break this law, but that said Quantum Physics also appears to challenge accepted laws every day. The mainstream scientific community will of course flat out reject this tech until it has been thoroughly proved, which I sincerely hope it is. Bring on the age of “new physics”!

  • Doug

    So all this guy has to do to prove beyond question that this device is real (and become the richest man on earth in the process) is the following: 1. present a number of identical devices to an independent research group. 2. without allowing them to inspect his secret boxes in any way he lets them choose a subset of them to grind into powder and analyze for their elements. 3. run the rest of them for an appropriate time. 4. grind the boxes that were run into powder and analyze for the elements. If the percentages of nickel and copper have changed a nuclear reaction has occurred. QED!!! This is a fraud folks.

  • dfnj

    Personally, I hope E-cat turns out to be true. I think Rossi would be better served getting independent scientific verification now rather than later. He should have faith in the people of the World to reward him beyond his imagination. How much money does he want? By the time he can enjoy it he will be dead at the rate he is going. Every month is nothing but delay after delay. If his claims are true then everyday he delays independent verification could be concluded as a “crime” against humanity.

    If it is too good to be true then it probably isn’t. I heard a very good theory as to why Rossi exists. Rossi is financed by big-oil so governments think a solution to peak oil is just around the corner preventing big money projects in existing alternative energy technology.

  • Android

    Kind of feels like the XFiles. I want to believe, really I do. But I dunno….

  • http://COPPERKNIGHT.COM John Hardman

    I have been watching the emergence of the E-CAT for lo these many long months. The progress that has been made is very encouraging to say the least. This very well may be the quantum leap forward into a clean energy source that the world so desperately needs.It goes without saying, that there have been other significant scientific breakthroughs in earlier times that were never realized because the sudden mysterious death or disappearence of the creative genius inventor. We must pray for those who are working on this project that they have no problems with evil men.

  • frank

    Who’s Tesla? Edison is the man.

  • Appalled

    Why don’t you guys rather GO THERE and inspect instead of sitting behind a computer and theoretizing?

  • Wash Phillips


    If you look closely, you’ll note Rossi had SEVERAL (5?) E-cat units side by side, but was only demonstrating ONE–the unit positioned on the FAR right side.

    The unit with the green cap on its end was the NEAREST unit, which was NOT being run at the time. Another pipe connected the hydrogen tank with the OTHER UNIT actually being tested.

    So, no mystery–hydrogen was flowing, albeit in the tiny amounts needed for the reaction in the unit being demonstrated.

  • randox

    RSS Subscribed! Great informational resource,I will tell a friend :)

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  • Ben Tang

    Did anyone notice that in the video “Andrea Rossi Explains His Energy Catalyzer” the hydrogen supply had not been connected? Yet the machine was producing steam and functioning normally? [The hydrogen inlet was covered by a green cap in the video]

    This is strange because he claims the machine is fuelled by the catalytic “fusion” of hydrogen and nickel…. yet no hydrogen is seen flowing into the machine.

    • Digital Gravy

      I’ve been studying Rossi’s E-Cat and he states that the inlet is used to allow either 1 gram or 1 oz of Hydrogen along with powered nickel. The unit is totally sealed and heat is applied to start the reaction.

      Nickle and Copper are only one atomic weight apart on the chart. Nickel fuses with Hydrogen to form copper ash. I suspect the nickel is mixed with a noble metal, in which maybe a very small amount of Palladium which could be used as the catalyzing agent between hydrogen and nickle to form excess heat and copper ash.

      The fusing process between hydrogen and nickle opens up a novel but controlled gateway into tapping the ZPE as the resulting copper ash forms as the byproduct. I believe it is slow form of nuclear fusion. I also believe it is but one of many combination types that have yet to be discovered.

  • Brad Arnold

    I’m a little surprised that this video by Dr. Brian Josephson, winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics isn’t included in the above collection: