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  • gdaigle

    Interesting statement. There are tenuous possibilities of connecting the “Rossi Effect” to a cosmological model without dark energy or dark matter, though they involve bridging large gaps of knowledge with speculation. Having said that, here is one way that the connections could be made through use of symmetry breaking:

    1. Brian Ahern from Ames National Labs, as reported in E-Cat World, states “I am announcing the nanonickel breakthrough at the New Energy Symposium in NYC on Wednesday. I am saying the energy is real, repeatable and of useful output. I will also state that it is not of nuclear origin. I will say that it is a manifestation of asymmetric magnetism.” Asymmetric magnetism by its nature requires symmetry breaking.

    2. Droescher and Hauser ( have suggested that a phase transition (magnetically induced through a polarization of the quantum vacuum or critically low cryogenic temperatures) followed by symmetry breaking (parity violation) can result in extreme attractive and repulsive gravitomagnetic potentials, responsible for dark matter and quintessence (dark energy) respectively, as reported in experiments performed by Prof. M Tajmar (despite erroneous reports that his results were recanted).

    3. A study ( by CERN physicist Draga Slavkov Hajdukovic suggested that dark matter may be an “illusion” caused by the quantum vacuum if gravitational dipoles are produced through asymmetry. He demonstrates the credibility of this idea by showing that the gravitational polarization of the quantum vacuum can explain via Modified Newtonian Dynmics (MOND) four cosmological observations usually attributed to dark matter. More recently, McGaugh and Milgrom ( have reported that MOND is a better predictor of the velocity dispersions of dwarf satellite galaxies of Andromeda without use of dark matter, than the standard model of cosmology which employs dark matter.

  • Chris

    I wonder what these trigger keywords are, because all of my comments go into the moderation queue (including this one!). Some get out of it soon enough, many never do.

    Perhaps, in my case, the trigger is the letter ‘e’. 😀

  • Thomas W. Blasingame

    You do not need to print my comments. However, I wish tocommend all those
    who are brave enough to invest their own personal energies and talents to
    develop such a unique and powerful force for the benefit of humanity. Your hard work and sacrifices are greatly appreciated.

  • fusionrudy

    How can anybody write such a negative obituary stating that CF-LENR does NOT exist:

  • Phillip

    I’ll settle for any kind of response at all other than that my comment is STILL awaiting moderation!

    • admin

      Sorry Phillip, your comment had been held (like for all first time posters) and I missed approving it. Thanks for letting me know!

      • Phillip

        Thanks in turn.


    The direction in which is going Mr Andrea Rossi is right ! The fusion cold or warm is unique for the nature ! After the stabilising of the temperature is coming the success!! The transformation of the heat energy to electricity … old steps are the known Stirling motors..![According to the old Physics and Mathematics ]More posibilities are coming with combination of fission and fusion in different energy zones ! THE QUESTION IS :What is ? What is ELECTRISITY ?THE ANSWER IS :READ MY EXONIC THEORY i.e
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