Posting Rules

E-Cat World is a site that takes serously LENR in general, and the E-Cat specifically. I believe we are looking at an energy source that has vast potential for good, this site is not a venue where critics and mockers are given free rein, or a place for skeptic vs. believer debates. Here we assume here that cold fusion is an important topic, and one worthy of mature discussion.

Because of this, the following types of posts are subject to being deleted:

Posts of a deriding or mocking nature
Personal attacks on other posters and/or other persons
Posts by posters who continually make off-topic comments
Posts that could be considered defamatory, slanderous or libelous
Posts that are excessively obnoxious
Needlessly repetitive posts.

I do not delete skeptical and critical comments as a matter of course. I take into account the content, context, tone of comments before I make a decision about moderation. I also will look at whether a poster is repeatedly posting essentially the same thing. I often moderate posts that are mocking and ridiculing in nature.

Not every comment goes into moderation here on E-Cat World, but there are many that do. Some comments go into moderation automatically based on content of the post.

There is also an automatic spam filter in place which I have no control over. Occasionally, and for reasons I don’t understand, perfectly innocuous comments end up in the spam filter. Since I rarely check the spam file, you may need to contact me to let me know if your posts are disappearing.

Since I am not always at my computer and I do sleep, sometimes moderation does not happen for some time after comments are posted.

Moderation is a constant balancing act, and it’s a role I take seriously. I may sometimes err on the side of leniency, and at other times err on the side of severity, but I hope it balances out in the long run. I do try to be fair and I do want well intentioned readers to have their say.