Rossi: Self Sustain Mode ‘By Far the Main Mode of Operation’ in 1 MW E-Cat Plant [Update #2: ‘ 2 hour’ run in SSM]

There’s another interesting Q&A on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today regarding the mode of operation in the 1 MW plant that Andrea Rossi reports is taking all of his attention at Industrial Heat these days. Curiosone December 7th, 2014 at 12:18 PM In the 1MW plant operating in the factory of Industrial Heat’s customerRead more

LENR-Cities Announces Conference at Oxford University, January 10-11

On the LENR-Cities website is the announcement of a conference titled “Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions & Applications” which will be held at Magdalene College, Oxford University, UK on January 10-11, 2015. The purpose of the conference is described by LENR-Cities as follows: During this Event, the main topic of discussion will be key technologies aboutRead more

Swiss Newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung asks “Is Cold Fusion Back in Style?” [Update: Airbus Agreement with LENR-Cities]

Thanks to those who commented about an article published today in the Swiss daily German language newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung which today has published an article by Christian Speicher titled “Is Cold Fusion Back in Style?“. The subheading is “energy of dubious origin”, and the article itself looks at recent news from the world ofRead more

Dome Magazine on the ‘Miraculous Machine’ (The E-Cat)

Dome Magazine is a publication that covers topics connected with public policy and politics in the state of Michigan, and today has published an article by retired circuit court judge and former governor’s legal advisor Lawrence M. Glazer titled “The Miraculous Machine” which provides a fairly detailed overview of the history of cold fusion andRead more

Huffington Post Science Blog Calls for More LENR Research

On the Huffington Post Science Blog today, David H. Bailey of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (retired) and University of California, and Jonathan M. Borwein, Laureate Professor of Mathematics, University of Newcastle, Australia have written an article titled “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: Papers and Patents” in which they take a serious, but very cautious look at someRead more

Göran Andersson of Bobcat Sweden AB on Support of LENR, MFMP

The following is an interview conducted with Göran Andersson, owner of Bobcat Sweden AB. Bobcat Sweden AB has so far donated a total of $20,000 to support the work of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. 1. Can you provide a brief profile of your company, Bobcat, and your own position and role at the companyRead more