ELFORSK Issues Statement on its Involvement in LENR Research

Thanks to AlainCo for bringing attention to the following press release just issued by Swedish energy research institute ELFORSK in response to this week’s radio program on Swedish radio about LENR in which portrayed LENR research in a distinctly negative light. The following is Google translated from the original Swedish. Elforsk continues to follow developmentsRead more

An Onion-Cat?

I’m wondering if Andrea Rossi may have been dropping some hints about a new E-Cat configuration in some recent posts on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Recently Steven Karels, a frequent poster on the JONP, wrote: You referred to the “Mouse and Cat” design for eCat control. The Mouse provides stability, runs part of theRead more

The E-Cat Report: Who Needs to Know?

If the report we are anticipating on the long-term E-Cat testing turns out to be well done, and contain positive results — i.e. it clearly demonstrates the viability of the E-Cat as a superior source of energy — then I think it will be an immensely important document that should be widely reported about andRead more

Swedish Radio Program Casts Doubt on Cold Fusion, Rossi’s Reputation

Swedish public radio station Sveriges Radio has released the first in a three part report about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat which examines Andrea Rossi’s reputation, and has a decidedly negative slant — focusing on Rossi’s reputation as a deceiver who uses others to get his dishonest ways. The tone of the piece can be discerned byRead more

Rossi: ‘Vast R&D’ Underway in Coupling Solar Plants with E-Cat

Here’s an interesting exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics which give a little indication about how E-Cat technology may be deployed in the future: Dear Andrea Rossi, Have you considered using solar cells to improve the effective COP of the Hot eCat units? Conceptually, each eCat reactor unit would be connected with a heatRead more

LENR: Having Eyes to See

There is much anticipation regarding the long-expected third party report of long-term E-Cat testing, and I think I am as eager as anyone to read it and find out the results of the testing. But I don’t feel much of a sense of anxiety about it, because I fully expect that it will once againRead more

A Few Miscellaneous E-Cat Items

With not too much news coming out about the E-Cat these days, pending the publication of the next third party report,  I thought I’d mention just a few things I’ve noticed that might be of interest here. Andrea Rossi made a comment that indicates that he is still quite involved with Hydro Fusion, the Swedish LicenceeRead more

Alan Smith’s HHO Experiment Report #1

Here’s an initial report from Alan Smith at Leap Forward Laboratory who has begun work on the HHO/’H-Cat’ experiment that has been commissioned by E-Cat World readers. I started running system tests outside the calorimeter using the simplest system, the catalyst block to ‘burn’ the HHO gas produced by the electrolyzer. Since this was anRead more

Is a Bulletproof E-Cat Report Possible?

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics a reader told Andrea Rossi that in some ways he was his own worst enemy because he has left open the door where his harshest critics can criticize him. He mentioned specifically that the Levi et. al report left open a question about a hidden source of DC power because ofRead more

Mats Lewan: Defkalion 2013 Demo ‘Proven Not to be Reliable’

Mats Lewan has written a new post on his animpossibleinvention.com web site about last year’s demonstration put on by Defkalion Green Technologies in Milan where they live streamed video of one of their Hyperion reactors purportedly demonstrating the production of excess heat. The post includes information from Luca Gamberale, formerly Chief Technology Officer of DefkalionRead more

On the Industrial Heat China Connection

The news about Industrial Heat Tom Darden visiting China last month and participating in the establishment of the Nickel Hydrogen Energy Research Center has been very intriguing, and it’s a shame we have to rely largely on imperfect computer-translated articles for our information. And even in China, information about what went on is hard toRead more

Tom Darden Involved in Opening of Nickel-Hydrogen Energy Research Center in Tianjin China

Thanks to Julian Becker for finding this important news report from the Chinese Icebank web site about the establishment of a Nickel-Hydrogen Research Center in the Tianjin Huayuan Industrial Park in Tianjin, China. Tom Darden, CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners and Chairman of Industrial Heat, LLC was present at the opening ceremony held on AprilRead more