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‘Compact Fusion': Lockheed Martin Announces Fusion Breakthrough — Plan Commercial Reactors Within Decade (Press Release)

This news release reports that Lockheed, the major US aerospace engineering firm and major contractor for the Pentagon, has announced an important breakthrough that they believe could bring fusion reactors onto the market within a decade. This could provide some competitive pressure for Industrial heat and others working in LENR, although commercialization a decade awayRead more

John Maguire Interviews Andrea Rossi

John Maguire of Q-Niverse has conducted an interview with Andrea Rossi and the audio and a transcript has been posted at Cold Fusion Now. True to form, Rossi does not go into much detail about things that people want to know about the E-Cat. He won’t discuss the new design of the reactor, for example.Read more

Brillouin’s Robert Godes on the E-Cat Report

Here’s an interesting comment from Robert Godes, the inventor of the Brillouin LENR reactor. This was posted by Patrik Wiksten here at the LENR-Forum here “The before and after test results are consistent with the Brillouin Hypothesis. It is unfortunate that there equipment only reports the stable isotopes of Ni and they probably cut itRead more

Rossi Responds to Swedish Professors Critical of E-Cat Report

In the Swedish science and technology magazine Ny Teknik, four Swedish professors from the Universites of Uppsala and Lund (Sweden) authored an article titled “”Surprising that Elforsk is so uncritical” in which they expressed their surprise that the authors of the third party test could be so credulous about the things that they reported inRead more

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