NASA LENR Aircraft Presentation Published [Updated: Rossi Comments and Hints]

The NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) held a ‘Seedling Seminar’ during the last week of February to consider ‘potentially revolutionary’ innovative ideas in aviation. One presentation was by Doug Wells, a systems analyst at the Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch, NASA Langley Research Center, and on February 25th he gave a presentation on ‘Low Energy NuclearRead more

E-Cat World HHO Experiment/Crowdfunding Proposal [Update: Fundraising Goal Achieved]

I’m pleased to post a proposed experiment sent to me by Alan Smith, the Managing Director of London-based startup Leap Forward Laboratory, Ltd. Leap Forward Lab will move into a permanent home in late summer, but meanwhile Alan has the space and facilities required for this in his own workshop. Alan has had a wideRead more

Idea: An E-Cat World H-Cat Challenge

There have been a lot of interesting reports and videos that show that HHO gas, when fed into a catalytic substrate, produce a spectacular reaction of light and heat. I am interested in seeing if we can get to the bottom of whether the H-Cat reaction that Justin Church and others are obtaining is anRead more

Preregistration Open for MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium, March 21-23, 2014

A web page has been set up to provide information about the upcoming 2014 Cold Fusion [Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction] Colloquium at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is being held on the 25th anniversary of the press conference at the University of Utah in which Pons and Fleischmann announced their discovery of cold fusion. ThisRead more

Will Government Regulations Speed Up E-Cat Adoption?

I thought Steven Karels made a very good point on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in response to a question I put to Andrea Rossi there. My question to Rossi was about how long he estimated it would take for a power plant to achieve a return on investment it switched from coal power toRead more

Rossi Hopes to Retrofit Coal Power Plants With E-Cats

Andrea Rossi gave an interesting short comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics when asked by Bernie Koppenhofer whether he agreed that with anticipated efficiencies, the hot cat would be suitable for retrofitting existing inefficient power plants. Rossi responded: “Yes, retrofitting coal plants in particular” I followed up with a comment about Industrial Heat visitingRead more

MFMP and Stoyan Sarg Team Up to Experiment with Nickel Powder

The Martin Fleischmann memorial project have announced on their blog that they have entered into a partnership with Canadian physicist Dr. Stoyan Sarg who has researched extensively in the field of cold fusion and who is one of the most prominent scientists in the world advocating for nickel-hydrogen LENR research. Dr. Sarg recently publishedRead more

Julia Greer on Super-Lightweight Nano Metamaterials

This is somewhat off-topic, but something I found so interesting I thought I’d share it here. I recently came across this video presentation via by Julia R. Greer, Professor of Materials Science at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), who gave a fascinating ‘Moonshot’ presentation as part of Google’s ‘Solve for X’ program which seeksRead more

Structural Impacts of LENR

I sometimes read comments that I consider worthy of being placed in a post of their own. Here’s a comment that has recently been submitted by ECW reader Oaklandthinktank, which sets forth an interesting analysis of how LENR could impact structural factors around the world. LENR impacts structural factors, which are the long-term determinants ofRead more

Mass Media Focuses on Hot Fusion Achievement

The news coming out of the National Ignition Facility at the Livermore National Laboratory regarding the achievement of fusion from almost 200 lasers blasting a tritium/deuterium (both isotopes of hydrogen) fuel pellet has really caught the attention of the national and international media. A search on Google news today brings up 288 articles from aRead more

A Vision of a Cold Fusion/LENR Future — How to Adapt to Abundance?

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to the ‘how big a deal’ thread. It’s gotten a ton of comments, and sometimes those threads become somewhat unweildy, so I thought I’d start a new one and use the following thought-provoking comment by ‘friendlyprogrammer’ as a starting point. His/her post describes many things that IRead more

How Big of a Deal is Cold Fusion/LENR?

Thanks to all the readers who have helped identify the various companies and organizations working in the cold fusion/LENR field. Some were new, others were familiar, and some just forgotten. When I put them all in a list, I was quite surprised with the number of groups involved. It shows that there is considerable interestRead more

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