Light on the Horizon for Cold Fusion? (CF features in Dutch Engineering Magazine)

The following post was submitted by Gerard McEk In the latest issue (number 6 of 2014) of the Dutch magazine “De Ingenieur” I found an article called “The mosaic of the future”. The “Foundation Technology Vision of the Future” (Dutch: “Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek”) selected six world wide community challenges for 2050: scarcity of naturalRead more

Empirically incontrovertible evidence for D-D “cold” fusion seen in accelerator experiments

The following was submitted by E-Cat World Reader Gordon Docherty I came across the following on the Cold Fusion Now website (via Alain Coetmeur ‘s LENR revolution in process, cold fusion website) — an interesting presentation from E. N. Tsyganov, Cold Fusion Power, International, OSNovation Systems, Inc., Santa Clara, CA : for a seminar,Read more

LENR Simplified: Pencils, Windmills and Super Mario

The following post was submitted by ECW reader Lilylover Often technical posts like the one about ‘Discrete Breathers’ may not generate a lot of interest. Sometimes they are important, sometimes they are trifling. So, today, I thought maybe I’ll interest some of the E-Catters into desiring to read a technical/dry post by providing a simplified version. This mightRead more

‘Discrete Breathers’ in LENR (New Paper)

Thanks to Andreas Moraitis for referencing a new paper published on written by Vladimir Dubinko of the NSC Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology,in Ukraine. The paper proposes a theoretical explanation for what is occurring in low energy nuclear reactions — and Dubinko introduces a term (new to me) of ‘discrete breathers’ (DBs) toRead more

Rossi Names Some Competitors: Shell, Mitsubishi, MIT, Volvo, ABB, NASA

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics today Andrea Rossi was asked about what he thought the effects of his work might be on competitors — and what kinds of progress might be made in the field LENR field by others. Rossi responded: Ville Kanninen: It is impossible to answer to your question, or, at least,Read more

Simeon Hein on Cold Fusion Being Real (Video)

Thanks to Pelgrim108 for bringing my attention to this newly produced video by Simeon Hein about cold fusion. I’ve actually never heard of Simeon Hein before, but he is apparently quiet well known in the field of what some might call ‘fringe’ science. He covers topics like crop circles, remote viewing, UFOs, the ‘Fractal Multiverse’,Read more

Rossi Prepares for 1MW Plant Visits

While we wait for the all-important 3rd party report to be published, there’s apparently a parallel track taking place which should help provide important information about the E-Cat to the world. I’m referring to the preparation by Andrea Rossi and Industrial heat for making a 1 MW plant available for observation and inspection by ‘allowedRead more

Veteran Energy Securities Analyst Sees LENR as Disruptive Energy Source

There’s a very interesting article posted on this week’s Energy Musings web site by G. Allen Brooks which deals with the investment implications of LENR. Mr. Brooks is managing editor of the web site and has been involved in the energy and investment industries as a securities analyst, consultant in the energy field, and anRead more

Chief Science Editor of Swedish Radio Defends E-Cat Programme

Ulrika Björkstén, chief science editor for Sveriges Radio has written an article in Ny Teknik which defends and explains the stance taken in the report recently aired about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. While Björkstén admits that there is no proof that the E-Cat does not work, and that scientists should have ‘open and inquisitive’Read more

Rossi on His Anxiety Over E-Cat Test Results

Here’s a comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics by Andrea Rossi that I found interesting — in response to a question by Giuliano Bettini who asked Rossi about the source of his anxiety regarding the upcoming tests. Giuliano asked Rossi whether he was nervous because a) he was afraid that negative test results wouldRead more

Swedish E-Cat Testers Issue Statement Defending their Work, Rossi

The following is a statement just released by five of the professors (all Swedish) who were involved in the 2012-2013 testing of the E-Cat, and who were listed as authors on the May 2013 report. This is an edited Google translation from the original Swedish which was published in Ny Teknik magazine today. Andrea Rossi,Read more

Rossi: ‘Please be Patient’

Since we are now in June, I decided I would take a chance on the Journal of Nuclear Physics and ask Andrea Rossi if he was still expecting the third party report to be published in the second or third week of June, as he had recently mentioned he had been told would be theRead more