Mills Comments on July 21st Blacklight Power Demonstration

E-Cat World readers may remember that on July 21st (yesterday) there was a demonstration scheduled by Blacklight Power showing the latest developments of their technologies to selected invitees. There was nothing posted yesterday that I could find, but ECW reader artefact has found some comments by BLP CEO Randell Mills on the Society for ClassicalRead more

John Maguire Interviews Edmund Storms about Recently Published Book on LENR

John Maguire of the Q-Niverse has conducted a very interesting interview with Dr. Edumund Storms, author of the recently published book The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: An Examination of the Relationship Between Observation and Explanation. It’s a wide ranging interview in which Storms explains his understanding of the conditions in which cold fusionRead more

German Ex-E-Cat Licensee Speaks [Updated -- More Translation]

I am not able to understand the German here unfortunately, but a video of former German E-Cat Licensee Hartmut Dobler, CEO of E-Cat Deutschland GmbH speaking about how he lost his licensee status. I am relying on a couple of posts here from German speaking ECW readers who have commented here today for my interpretation.Read more

When COP Really is Greater Than 1

This guest post was submitted by ECW reader Ancientukscientist In our quest for “free energy” and “over-unity” machines, it’s easy to get confused – especially in a sea of obfuscation and deceitful stuff which fills the Internet. So – I thought this little “reality reminder” might be useful for everyone… Probably, most scientifically-based people areRead more

MFMP Progress on New Powder Cell

I chatted with Bob Greenyer at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project just recently and he gave me an update about the work they are currently doing on their new powder cell. Below is a report and videos. We have some really nice videos of the New powder cell and work on the sparker.These really show people whatRead more

Blacklight Power’s Randell Mills Interview: Product Deployment ‘Very Quickly’

The following was sent by ECW reader optiongeek — edited and expanded by myself. Sterling Allan recently interviewed Blacklight Power founder Dr. Randall Mills for his Greater Things program on the Rense Radio network. Allan’s summarizing comment: “phenomenally exciting”. According Mills, rapid engineering advancements by multiple partners firms will allow him to deliver his 250kW to 10MW units inRead more

Trailer to “Andrea Rossi: Revolution” Film Released

For the last year or so Thomas Florek, a New Jersesy-based computer programmer, filmmaker, musician and radio host has been publishing video clips from a conversation he has had with Andrea Rossi. Now he has announced that he will be releasing a full-length film titled “Andrea Rossi: Revolution”, and has published a trailer for theRead more

Defkalion Update

I’d like to thank ECW reader Len Fusioneer for sharing this comment which I thought should be in its own post I wrote to Defkalion: Good day, I am interested in your company’s status and don’t trust the internet to provide accurate information. I am a LENR researcher and have recently learned of your possibleRead more

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