Rossi on Replication and Competition

It’s clear that Andrea Rossi is paying attention to what is going on with the attempts by some experimenters to replicate the effect. He has commented positively on the work of Dr. Alexander Parkhomov and seems to be pleased that the “Rossi effect” can be demonstrated to be real by others. I suppose that wouldRead more

Alexander Parkhomov Invites MFMP to Moscow

I think this is some good news for those of us who have been following the work of Dr. Alexander Parkhomov, and also the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. Both have been working in their own way to find a way to at least approximate the results of the Lugano E-Cat test — Dr. Parkhomov seemingRead more

MFMP Design New Dog Bone Core

It’s been interesting watching the progress of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Project Dogbone, especially with the last two live experiments showing their live open science approach. We haven’t yet seen the hoped-for unambiguous demonstration of excess heat from the MFMP yet, but the experiments have been valuable in showing some things that don’t work,Read more

Rossi: Domestic E-Cats Still a Priority for Industrial Heat

When Industrial Heat bought Rossi’s technology it seemed that the future for E-Cat technology would be in the industrial arena. Before the IH era, Andrea Rossi had talked enthusiastically about the mass creation of domestic E-Cats that could be used for home heating and, in time, electricity generation. He said the key for this toRead more

MFMP to Conduct Second Live Test Today, January 2 — Live Thread

I just heard from Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial project who told me that there will be another Project Dog Bone test today. He wrote at 1:00 p.m, US Central Time: “Live experiment to assess pressure changes from heated Nickel + LiAlH4 using steel sheath reactor core, hopefully within 2-3 hours from now.”Read more

Report of First MFMP Live Dog Bone Test — Null Result, but Success for Live Open Science [Update #2 MFMP Conclusions on Test Failure]

Last night I followed the first Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Live Dog Bone Test. For those who were not following closely, the procedure was basically this: An unfueled reactor was tested at various power levels, and temperature measurements (internal and external) were taken using thermocouples. Following this dummy run, the reactor was fueled and theRead more

MFMP Dog Bone Test (‘D B Day’) Live Thread

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Dog Bone Test is now being streamed live on the internet. I thought I would create a new post so we can keep track of this event in one place. It’s getting late in Europe, and it’s likely that the test will be going on for many hours, and itRead more

Andrea Rossi on the Parkhomov Report

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, AlainCo posted a link to the recent report by Alexander G Parkhomov who has described achieving excess heat from a reactor based on Rossi’s Hot Cat used in the Lugano test. This is Rossi’s comment AlainCo: Thank you for the important information. I do not know the particulars, therefore cannotRead more

Lugano Confirmed? Replication Report Published of Hot Cat Device by Russian Researcher Alexander G. Parkhomov

Many thanks to ECW reader satviewer for bringing this to our attention. A Russian physicist named Alexander G. Parkhomov of the People’s Friendship University in Moscow published a report, on December 25th in which he describes a replication attempt of a device modeled on the Hot Cat described in the Lugano E-Cat test report, and states thatRead more

MFMP to Work with Francesco Piantelli in Project Fedora [Update #4: Lab Revealed]

Yesterday the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project had been dropping hints about a Christmas present that they could share with the world, and today on their Facebook page and website they have announced ‘Prjoect Fedora’ which will involve working with Italian scientist Francesco Piantelli, a pioneer in the field of nickel-hydrogen LENR research, and formerRead more

Piantelli’s Nichenergy Joining LENR Cities Ecosystem

I just received this announcement from Michel Vandenberge of LENR-Cities. Nichenergy S.r.l Italy agreed with LENR-Cities SA, Switzerland, to joining the Ecosystem developed December the 22nd, 2014, Nichenergy S.r.l; Italy, has agreed with LENR-Cities SA, Switzerland, to joining the Ecosystem developed by LENR-Cities with scientists and industrialists in order to accelerate the development and theRead more

New Poll — What Motivates your Interest in LENR?

Operating this web site is a very interesting and enjoyable activity, and one of the main reasons I have found it to be so is that the community of people who are paying attention to LENR is a very diverse and interesting one. One thing that I have learned is that we are dealing with aRead more

Battery Powered E-Cats — Rossi asks for Help

Here’s an opportunity for the ECW crowd to maybe help Andrea Rossi out a little bit. I have been thinking about the natural gas powered E-Cat which Rossi has said they are pursuing because of its cost efficiency (natural gas being much cheaper than electricity at the moment), and started thinking about the possibility ofRead more