Shipping Information found for E-Cat Plant

Here’s something I never expected could be found: a poster going by the name of Nevanlinna on the Italian forum has done some amazing detective work, and somehow uncovered shipping data which confirms the shipping of the 1 MW E-Cat plant from Rossi’s Italian headquarters in Ferrara, Italy, to the United States. There wereRead more

Rossi Answers Questions on Independent Test

As we await the publication of the report from the long term testing of the E-Cat by a the third party group that Andrea Rossi has talked about for so long (hopefully to be concluded in the next few weeks), Rossi has answered a few questions about the testing on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:Read more

Rossi Working on E-Cat Jet Engine [Update: More AR Comments]

Here’s an interesting revelation from Andrea Rossi. It came about because I was confused about something that Rossi wrote on the JONP a few weeks ago, and I sent him an email asking a question. Rossi asked me to post it on the JONP. Here’s the exchange: My email: Dear Andrea, You mentioned on theRead more

GE Invests Big in Distributed Energy, Combined Heat and Power

Thanks to Greenwin for bringing the following development to my attention. At an event in Jakarta, Indonesia on February 25th General Electric Company recently announced a program to invest $1.4 billion over the next four years into on-site, or distributed power production, with a focus on the generation of electricity from natural gas power units,Read more

A Reason to Smile (Song)

ECW readers may not know that one of the things I enjoy doing most is creating music. So much of what I learn in the course of putting this website together I find inspirational, and I have attempted to reflect some of that inspiration in a song I’ve written which you can hear in theRead more

Italian LENR Open Power Association Claims Direct Electrical Production from Plasma

Thanks to Sanjeev for bringing this to my attention.This is a post that could use some help from our Italian speakers. There are a number of videos on the website for the Italian Open Power Association LENR project which purport to show direct electrical production from a plasma. The Open Power Association is anRead more

Update From Alan Smith on HHO Experiment

The following is an update from Alan Smith with regards to the HHO experiment E-Cat World has sponsored A little update on the HHO experiment. Parcels have started arriving (like a birthday) and I have been re-arranging the workshop in order to make space for the experimental equipment build program. So far the stainless steelRead more

Transmutation Revolution? Mitsubishi Granted Patent for ‘Nuclide Transmutation’ Process

Thanks to Cold Fusion Now and AlainCo at LENR Forum for picking up what seems to be a very important development — Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office for a “Nuclide transmutation device and nuclide transmutation method” which the introduction to the patent states could allow for theRead more

NASA LENR Aircraft Presentation Published [Updated: Rossi Comments and Hints]

The NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) held a ‘Seedling Seminar’ during the last week of February to consider ‘potentially revolutionary’ innovative ideas in aviation. One presentation was by Doug Wells, a systems analyst at the Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch, NASA Langley Research Center, and on February 25th he gave a presentation on ‘Low Energy NuclearRead more

E-Cat World HHO Experiment/Crowdfunding Proposal [Update: Fundraising Goal Achieved]

I’m pleased to post a proposed experiment sent to me by Alan Smith, the Managing Director of London-based startup Leap Forward Laboratory, Ltd. Leap Forward Lab will move into a permanent home in late summer, but meanwhile Alan has the space and facilities required for this in his own workshop. Alan has had a wideRead more

Idea: An E-Cat World H-Cat Challenge

There have been a lot of interesting reports and videos that show that HHO gas, when fed into a catalytic substrate, produce a spectacular reaction of light and heat. I am interested in seeing if we can get to the bottom of whether the H-Cat reaction that Justin Church and others are obtaining is anRead more

Preregistration Open for MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium, March 21-23, 2014

A web page has been set up to provide information about the upcoming 2014 Cold Fusion [Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction] Colloquium at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is being held on the 25th anniversary of the press conference at the University of Utah in which Pons and Fleischmann announced their discovery of cold fusion. ThisRead more

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