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Who is IPH International BV? (Listed as Applicant in E-Cat Patent Filing) [Update 2: NRG Connection?]

Thanks to Julian Becker, Mr. Moho and others for uncovering something quite surprising in the recent patent application for the E-Cat. I am not sure what this all means, but in the downloadable application data sheet filed along with the recently published E-Cat patent application, there is mention of a new entity. Here’s an imageRead more

Provisional Applications for E-Cat Patents Available at USPTO Site

Thanks to tlp and Andreas Moraitis for bringing this to our attention. Instructions how to see those three provisional applications have been posted on vortex-l: (Thanks Blaze)[email protected]/msg99635.html You can access them by going here: And then searching on the dependent patents in turn: 61818553 61819058 61821914 CLick on the image file wrapper andRead more

Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy Visits Finnish Officials and Statoil in Norway [Updated with Picture]

The following post was submitted by Patrik Wiksten I was in contact with Robert Godes today regarding a meeting he attended in Finland with an interesting group of people. Among those attending was Pekka Haavisto, minister of international development in Finland. I sent him an email and got a swift reply with some interesting names.Read more

Rossi on Heat, COP and Natural Gas

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Peter Fosberg made a comment regarding the COP measurements mentioned in terms of the E-Cat. He considers COP a misnomer since the E-Cat consumes electricity and produces heat — and if there is to be efficient electricity generation with an E-Cat, you will need 3 times the amountRead more

[]=Project Dog Bone=[] — Request for Help from the MFMP

This request for help with Project Dog Bone (E-Cat replication attempt) was posted in the Replication Thread by Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project We have just published the MFMP’s working consensus for the phase trigger angle and the resistance of the 3 heater coils. We have a challenge for you Is there anyoneRead more

Rossi Congratulates Carl-Oscar Gullström on Theoretical LENR Paper

A few days ago, Carl-Oscar Gullström, a doctoral student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University, Sweden submitted a paper to E-Cat World for publication here, titled ” “Low radiation fusion through bound neutron tunneling.” The paper can be read at this link: Today, I posted a link to the paper,Read more