Rossi on ‘Electrostatic’ Force from the E-Cat

Most people following the E-Cat story are aware that we’re in a lull in the action as we wait for the long anticipated report, and the unveiling of the first commercial plant. I hope this period won’t go on for too long, but it will take as long as it takes, and I’m certainly notRead more

The Death of Nuclear (Fission) Power?

I came across an interesting article on titled “The rise and fall of nuclear power in 6 charts”, which features some charts taken from the 2014 Nuclear Industry Status Report and give visual presentations which provide a quick look at the current status of nuclear power, and projections into the future. You can checkRead more

‘1 MW Plant will Close the Experimentalism Era and Open the Commercial Era

It seems that a great deal is resting on the performance of the 1 MW plant. In the post below from the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi emphasizes how important this plant will be to the future commercialization of Industrial Heat’s technology now and into the future.┬áToday he wrote: Gillana: It is extremely importantRead more

Rossi Provides More Details About First Commercial E-Cat Plant: Must Produce Steam 24h/day, 350 Days/year

There’s not a huge amount of detail provided here, but it’s always interesting for me to get any information about the first 1 MW plant which we suppose will be put into action, and made public, sometime this year. The following is an exchange between a reader and Andrea Rossi on the Journal of NuclearRead more

Peter Gluck on the Differences Between LENR and LENR+

Romanian technologist, chemical engineer and publisher of the Ego Out website, Peter Gluck, is a long-time supporter of cold fusion/LENR, and more recently of what he often refers to as LENR+ — the new generation of high-energy output LENR which has been pioneered by Andrea Rossi. Gluck has recently published a post on his siteRead more

Rossi: E-Cat Heat for Desalination is ‘Not Competitive’ — Electricity, Maybe

One of the hopes that many people have if the E-Cat becomes commercially available is that it could help with providing fresh water to many parts of the world that are now arid and unfit for agriculture. This topic came up on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today with a reader saying: All that isRead more

Brian Ahern Interview with John Maguire about LENR

John Maguire of the Q-Niverse web site has followed up his recent interview with Edmund Storms with a new interview with Dr. Brian Ahern, a long-time researcher in the LENR field, and a member of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project team. The interview covers a lot of interesting topics. Ahern describes some of the experimentalRead more

Cold Fusion Seminar at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Russia

Thanks to Pelgrim108 for finding a report of a seminar held at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia on July 7th, 2014 at which Edward Tsyganov gave a lecture where he presented his views on a theoretical basis for cold fusion. Here’s a description of his theoretical position from a (GoogleRead more

Mills Comments on July 21st Blacklight Power Demonstration

E-Cat World readers may remember that on July 21st (yesterday) there was a demonstration scheduled by Blacklight Power showing the latest developments of their technologies to selected invitees. There was nothing posted yesterday that I could find, but ECW reader artefact has found some comments by BLP CEO Randell Mills on the Society for ClassicalRead more

John Maguire Interviews Edmund Storms about Recently Published Book on LENR

John Maguire of the Q-Niverse has conducted a very interesting interview with Dr. Edumund Storms, author of the recently published book The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: An Examination of the Relationship Between Observation and Explanation. It’s a wide ranging interview in which Storms explains his understanding of the conditions in which cold fusionRead more

Rossi on 1MW E-Cat Plant: ‘We are Making a Masterpiece’

Andrea Rossi is effulgent with praise these days when talking about the work he is doing in getting a 1 MW E-Cat plant to be put to work at a customer’s industrial site. A big part of his enthusiasm for this plant seems to stem from the fact that he seems to be delighted withRead more

German Ex-E-Cat Licensee Speaks [Updated -- More Translation]

I am not able to understand the German here unfortunately, but a video of former German E-Cat Licensee Hartmut Dobler, CEO of E-Cat Deutschland GmbH speaking about how he lost his licensee status. I am relying on a couple of posts here from German speaking ECW readers who have commented here today for my interpretation.Read more