Interview With Mats Lewan, Author of ‘An Impossible Invention’ about Rossi and the E-Cat

The following is a transcript of an interview I conducted with Mats Lewans, Swedish journalist who writes for NyTeknik magazine, and author of the recently published book about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, An Impossible Invention. We spoke via Skype today. The book came out as quite a surprise? Did you intentionally keep it secret?Read more

Wild Speculation E-Cat Test Guessing Thread

I’m a little nervous to do this, because I think it’s wise not to expect too much of this current testing regimen — but since we are in the dark about so much, I thought it would be interesting and maybe entertaining to put a thread up where people can discuss their expectations about theRead more

Passerini: E-Cat Test Completed, Results ‘Remarkable’ [Update: Rossi Comments]

Thanks to Mr. Moho for finding this comment from Italian Blogger Daniele Passerini who posted the following message on his site. Sources that I used to draw are now depleted, new sources (Italian, Bolognese but not) tell me that the report is completed and the performance certificate cat Rossi is remarkable! Here’s the linkRead more

Mats Lewan Publishes ‘An Impossible Invention’ — Book about Rossi and the E-Cat

I was pleased to discover today that Mats Lewan, Swedish journalist for NyTeknik magazine and blogger, has now added to his repertoire by publishing a full length book titled ‘An Impossible Invention: The true story of the energy source that could change the world’. Mats Lewan is well known to people following the E-Cat story,Read more

An Open Letter to the IPCC — Cold Fusion is Fossil Fuel Alternative

The following open letter to the Third Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC WG III), which is due to report findings in Berlin later this month, has been submitted by ECW reader Gordon Docherty, who urges other cold fusion supporters to also contact the IPPC. Dear IPCC WG III, As the IPCC’s Working Group IIRead more

Slideshow of Mizuno-Yoshino Presentation at MIT Conference Published

Jed Rothwell has added the slideshow from the recent presentation by Hideki Yoshino and Tadahiko Mizuno at the cold fusion conference at MIT to his site. Below is one slide that provides summary information of the testing they reported on. The best results were obtained using nickel and deuterium. One interesting finding presented inRead more

E-Cat Patent Still Unapproved in US — Examiner States Process is ‘Inoperable’

Andrea Rossi’s attempt to get a US patent approved for his E-Cat continues without so far any sign of a conclusion. Thanks to Artefact for finding the latest action via the USPTO web site, which is a “non-final rejection” of the application. Patent examiner Sean Burke provides some reasoning behind this recent rejection, basically statingRead more

Co-Generation and Tri-Generation ‘More Immediate’ Priority for Rossi, Industrial Heat

Yesterday there were some interesting exchanges on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, and one that particularly caught my attention came from a reader who mentioned a number of companies that make gas turbines and jet engines, and explained that the biggest turbines are around 40 per cent efficient when generating electricity, while small jet enginesRead more

Clean Planet CEO Yoshino Makes Impact at MIT Conference Presenting Mizuno’s LENR Research

Clean Planet, a Japanese startup has emerged as a possible leading LENR company after a presentation by the company’s CEO Hideki Yoshino at the LENR Colloquium at MIT. Mr. Yoshino gave a presentation about the work of Tadahiko Mizuno titled “Replicable Model for Controlled Nuclear Reaction using Metal Nanoparticles”. Mizuno participated in the presentation viaRead more

Rossi Provides a Few Details of Industrial Heat’s Departments

Andrea Rossi is often quite opaque when it comes to revealing details about what’s going on in his work on the E-Cat, but sometimes he provides a glimpse about what is going on behind the scenes. Today he responded to a question about the state of the work in progress: Koen Vandewalle: We must putRead more

Rossi: Testing with Industry Specializing in Jet Engines

I thought this Q&A today between a reader and Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics was noteworthy: Q: How is going your research regarding the application of the E-Cat to jet engines? A: We are organizing tests with an industry specialized in Jet engines. I strongly believe in this application. When Rossi saysRead more

Report of Day Two at the Cold Fusion Colloquium at MIT

Many thanks to Barry Simon for submitting the following report of today’s proceedings at the cold fusion colloquium at MIT. The lectures started off with Arik El-Boher from Mizzou (University of Missouri). Sidney Kimmel donated $5.5 million for the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance there. With that money they have seven groups working onRead more

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