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John Maguire Interviews Andrea Rossi

John Maguire of Q-Niverse has conducted an interview with Andrea Rossi and the audio and a transcript has been posted at Cold Fusion Now. True to form, Rossi does not go into much detail about things that people want to know about the E-Cat. He won’t discuss the new design of the reactor, for example.Read more

Brillouin’s Robert Godes on the E-Cat Report

Here’s an interesting comment from Robert Godes, the inventor of the Brillouin LENR reactor. This was posted by Patrik Wiksten here at the LENR-Forum here “The before and after test results are consistent with the Brillouin Hypothesis. It is unfortunate that there equipment only reports the stable isotopes of Ni and they probably cut itRead more

Rossi Responds to Swedish Professors Critical of E-Cat Report

In the Swedish science and technology magazine Ny Teknik, four Swedish professors from the Universites of Uppsala and Lund (Sweden) authored an article titled “”Surprising that Elforsk is so uncritical” in which they expressed their surprise that the authors of the third party test could be so credulous about the things that they reported inRead more

Tom Darden of Industrial Heat Comments on E-Cat, Test — Has Had ‘Several High Level Conversations’

An article has been posted on the Triangle Business Journal in which Lauren Ohnsesorge talks with Tom Darden, Chairman of Industrial Heat LLC, and CEO of Cherokee Industrial Partners (both of Raleigh, North Carolina) about E-Cat technology and the recent test report that was just published. Darden states that his main concern with this technologyRead more

Elforsk CEO: Swedish Energy Institute to Build LENR Research Initiative

Elforsk is a cooperative research and development institute that is made up of utilities and other energy companies in operating in Sweden. Today  on Elforsk’s web site and in the Swedish science and technology magazine Nyteknik, Elforsk’s CEO Magnus Oloffsson has written an article responding to the  E-Cat testing report published yesterday by the independentRead more

E-Cat Report Released: ‘Not a Conventional Source of Energy’ (Cold Fusion/LENR Confirmed)

A copy of the 3rd Party Report has been released and is now posted at the web site Link: Key findings: COP of COP of 3.2-3.6 over a 32 day period and isotopic change in nickel and lithium was found to have changed substantially after run. The authors conclude, “Once again, even inRead more