Bill Nye on Cold Fusion

Thanks to Veblin for posting a link to a short video published on January 10, 2017 by well-known science television host Bill Nye who answers a question about whether cold fusion is really possible.

The video and a transcript can be seen at this link:

His answer seems to confuse hot fusion and cold fusion somewhat, as he mentions that an aircraft company has announced that they will be able to make fusion at room temperature. He says is McDonnell Douglas, (it was actually Lockheed Martin), and they do not claim to be working on cold fusion, but rather on a compact ‘hot’ fusion reactor that they hope will produce 100MW be able to fit on the back of a truck.

He talks about the Pons and Fleischmann announcement as an example of where the media became out of control because they were not scientifically literate enough to question the announced result.

However he’s not entirely negative about the subject, ending by saying, ” However, it is reasonable that you will be alive when people really do figure it out. It’s exciting. It’s a great question.”

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