New Paper By Rossi and Gullström Reports QuarkX Experiment — Calculated COP >22,000

A new paper has been published on titled “Nucleon polarizability and long range strong force from σI=2 meson exchange potential”. The authors listed are Carl-Oscar Gullström and Andrea Rossi; report available here:

The physics involved are very complicated, and I will not attempt to critique it. However there is a very interesting experimental report of a device tested in Doral, Florida, which from reading it would have to be the QuarkX that Rossi has been talking about for so long (although the name QuarkX is not used). Below is the section of the paper describing the experiment:


Address of the site: 7861 NW 46th St., Doral, Florida, 33139 USA Participants to the experiment: Carl-Oscar Gullström, Dr Andrea Rossi

Description of the apparatus The circuit of the apparatus is made by a power source to supply direct current, a load made a 1 Ohm resistance, a reactor containing two nickel rods with LiAlH4 separated by 1.5 cm of space.

Measurements: During the test a direct current was switched on and off. When the current was switched on a plasma was seen flowing between the two nickel rods. The current was running through the plasma but the plasma was found to be charge neutral from a Van Deer Graaf test. This implies that the plasma has an equal amount of positive ions flying in the direction of the current and negative ions(electrons) in the opposite direction.

Input: 0.105 V of direct current over a 1 Ohm resistance.

Energy output: The wavelength of the radiations out of the reactor has been measured by a spectrometer ( Stellar Net spectrometer 350-1150 nm ) and was integrated with the value of 1100 nm ( 1.1 microns ).

The temperature of the surface of the reactor ( a perfect black body ) has been calculated with Wien’s equation: 2900/λ (micron) = 2900/1.1 = 2636 K

By Boltzman Equation the effect is: W = σ × ǫ × T4 × A
A = 1.0 cm2
ǫ = 0.9
By substitution: W = 5,67 × 1012 × 0.9 × 4.8 × 1013 = 244.9

A simple calculation using Ohm’s Law (.105 V / 1 Ohm = .105 A) gives the input power of 0.01102 Watts (.105 x .105)
To calculate COP: 244.9 (W out) / 0.01102 (W in)
COP = 22,223.23049

If confirmed, this is much more impressive than any previously reported E-Cat test.

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