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  • Babble

    I think you should call attention to this article about e-cat even though it is negative about e-cat. I see time running out for Rossi if he doesn’t produce a viable product soon. I certainly hope he does because the world need this.

  • Bob

    Good morning (my time at least)

    I wondered if you have heard any news at all about Defkalion and might post an update. Thier website has had no updates for quite some time, almost like they have quit posting.

    The key element however, was that Defkalion stated themselves on thier site under (Third party testing), Sept. 24th :

    “An official announcement from our company within the next weeks will inform you the peer-reviewed journals where the results of all these tests so far will be published by the independent testers.
    Thank you for your attention

    I know some do not have high opinions of Defkalion, but they did present themselves fairly well at NI Week and ICCF. It seems odd to make public announcements such as above and fall so short. I realize that often the unexpected arise, but according to thier own words, the testing was complete. It was just a matter of getting the reports written. And more to the point, the announcement was just the name(s) of the journal, not even the published report. That would seem to be easy enough to announce.

    Just curious.

    Thanks for the good job you do.

    • admin

      Hi Bob,

      I have heard they are still in the process of moving business operations from Greece to Canada. I don’t think they are fully established there yet.

  • franco battaglia

    per vostra informazione

    cordiali saluti

    franco battaglia

  • Bob

    Popular Science, November issue has a fairly big story on LENR/Cold fusion, specifically about Rossi. Very unflattering report, especially on Rossi, ending with the words “until he disappears in a puff of smoke”!

    Casts a little more positive light on Celani, but not much. Only positive really, is that the author met with some skeptics and saw that they were as blinded by bias and said as much.

    Any way, a fairly main stream magazine with an “researched” article. The author actually traveled to Italy to meet and interview Rossi, so it was not just on “hear say”. There is some information in the article that was somewhat surprising if true, such as naming names of some skeptics and some other insights to Rossi.

    Again, worth a post on your site. November issue of Popular Science.

  • Bob

    I was wondering if you had information or could possibly follow up with a post regarding the public demonstrations by Celani in Texas and S. Korea? I am quite surprised that I have heard of no followup on these demo’s, especially the one during National Instruments event in Texas.

    At NI Week, you had many engineers, scientist and reporters that could not have missed the fact that a “cold fusion” reactor was up and running at the event for all to see! Surely that must have created some buzz among the “non-lenr” crowd?

    Yet I have heard nothing! Was the demo not very convincing or what was the environment like there? Perhaps an article calling for info on this or requesting a report written by someone that attended?

    I am quite interested in this on going story of LENR/Cold Fusion and find that this event in particlar should have brought about more stirrings in the “secular” LENR world!

    Thank you for your good job of being positive yet not “blind faith” in moderating.

    • AlainCo

      right, whether true of false it should have make noise like:

      “National instrument support Cold fusion revolution… hourahhhhhh”
      “”National instrument support Cold fusion scam… boss is crazy woooooohh”

      you ear nothing…

      This mean that corporate people, like me, don’t talk of that suicidal subject to their big boss, and data is leaking underground like a buzz…

      In fact I’ve talk to my local boss, and he simply smile at me without asking the least proof, nor fact-checking anything.
      We continue to invest billions in big holes. My job is to allow that to be done safely.

      the only people, I’ve talk to, who accept LENR are :
      – another fan of LENR that I joined
      – my MSc school best mate
      – my wife
      – a geek colleague
      – a corporate innovator in a non-energetic multinational.

      if it was uncertain or a scam, there would be public interest and question, or critics. there is just silence…

      It is only compatible with self-censorship.

      • Bob

        AlainCo –

        That is what I find so interesting about the NI Week demo. There were many engineers, scientist and some reporters attending. I see reports on very dubious energy methods all the time…(such as wind kite tether wires pulling on generators etc. etc.). Reporters often are not knowledgable enough to really separate the “real” story from the “fanciful”.

        Reporters DO want the BIG story, one that will bring controversy. Controversy sells! I find it hard to imagine that this story is getting deliberately buried by some diabolical coalition.

        While there probably are corporations that do not want to see this succeed, in the US there are hundreds of companies waiting to find that “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow to capitalize on. At an event such as NI Week, there would have been a representation from a wide range of companies. It is hard to think they all were to dense to see such revolutionary potential being demonstrated. Especially with National Instruments “backing” it as such. Very interesting indeed.

  • Matt

    More promising stuff of thermoelectric stuff. This could be a major breakthrough for LENR:

  • Matt

    An article about technology for converting waste heat in cars to electricity. Could be used to make LENR powered car.

  • Visitor

    Hi Admin,

    To tell you the truth, for the ones whom were not able to follow the Conference minute after minute and are trying to understand, from the posts, what had happened and what are the big news, it’s very very hard and frustrating.
    If you could post a “Zurich Conference summary and highlights” thread it would be great.

    By the name of the Confused ones,
    I Thank you!

  • Visitor

    I’m almost sure that you already know but I beleive it’s a very important news so to be sure:

    Brillouin Energy of Berkeley, California has been granted a patent for their hot-water boiler technology in China.

  • skeptic

    One piece about cold fusion which doesn’t claim to solve the worlds energy problem in 6 months, make a distinction between hot fusion and cold fusion, and sounds at least reasonable:

  • Julian Becker

    Dear Frank,

    I am a follower of your site for nearly a year by now and have never commented so far, but I would like to draw your attention to an article posted on one of the comments on the article about Rossi claiming that there is more than transmutation taking place inside the Ecat.

    This guy claims it is Hawking radiation that causes the effects mistaken as “Cold Fusion”. I post the link here again:

    I think it might be interesting to get an opinion of some of you guys on this who are definately more into the material and have a far better understanding of the underlying processes than me.

    Therefore I would suggest to post it in the news section so it can be reviewed by more people…

    Kind regards,

    Julian Becker

  • http://Google Brian

    Have you come across the item by Michael Mcubre relating to the recent death of Dr Fleishmann published in the popular UK magazine Newscientist dated 24th August page 29 ? The comment about ‘science advancing one funeral at a time’ Not intended to slight the great man, but a comment on the chained attitude ofthe scientific heirarchy.
    He was even allowed to mention the forbidden subject!!! Perhaps things are, at last showing signs of a possible acceptance-creeping in in a very obique manner.

  • Burt

    Did you notice that Defkalion is open its forum again on August 20th. Good news….

  • Jim Johnson

    Hi Frank,

    The DARPA report caused me to stop having any significant doubts about LENR. It was the last in a string of cumulative indirect evidence from credible sources.

    I suspect the veteran followers of this site have achieved the same credence of e-cat through an accumulated knowledge of AR’s statements, augmented by the statements of people who report having directly observed e-cat performance. Hence their investment of time and enthusiasm in considering engineering implications.

    Since the positive e-cat blog space might be contracting, I wonder if it would be helpful for new readers (or relatively new readers, like myself)to be able to see a summary of those people who have seen e-cat performance, their credentials, relationships with Rossi, and what they observed.


    • admin

      Hi Jim,

      I would suggest you look at the link at the top of page — Why I believe in the E-Cat — in which I have listed some of the people who have witnessed some of the demos.

      Hopefully that will provide some of the information you were asking about.



  • GreenWin

    Hi Frank, I had a post get marked SPAM – ’cause it has a couple links – one to a new LENR article in a magazine SPEARHEAD and another link to Infinite Energy. I tried to delete the first para of the quote – but it went to spam. They are both interesting articles!

    • admin

      Approved it, GW — thanks very much! Interesting links.

  • Jim Johnson

    Would this be of interest to the e-catworld community (Nanospire’s validation of the potential for cavitation fusion)? I would be interested in this group’s interpretations of the science. Plus, it seems that proof of high-energy nano-phenomena would help expand the “credibility space” for LENR.

  • Don B

    Hi Frank

    I have been a daily reader of your site for almost a year, and am patiently waiting for the “big day” when LENR/E-Cat technology is proven to the skeptics satisfaction.

    In the meantime, I tell a lot of people about this LENR/E-Cat work. Many of them are interested to find out more.

    My question to you and the others who read this, is – in addition to your WEB site, are there one or two articles/movies (URLs) which I can point people to, to give them the “LENR for Dummies” story or the “Cliffs Notes” version or a bibliography which can accomplish the same thing?

    I welcome your input.

    Don B, Doylestown, PA USA

    • admin

      Hi Don, you may want to direct people to the LENR/ web site run by Jed Rothwell. I wouldn’t say it is for dummies, however. It is essentially a bibliography and library of lots of research that has been done in the field of cold fusion over the years. You can also check out some of the links on the lower left hand column for some other sites that might be useful.



  • Joe Shea

    Frank, there is a story, “ECW Apparently Blocked in China,” that is not coming up through the link to your site on Was this story legit, so far as you know?

  • John L

    Hi Hank,

    I’ve been reading this blog for about a year now. Still waiting and hoping that it’s true. But one thing that hasn’t been address is how will Rossi market his E-cats to the masses? It may be the most important invention of the 21st century but you still need to market your products to get people to buy. It’s almost a fundamental rule in business and entrepreneurship. People can’t buy your product if they don’t know about it. Does Rossi have any ideas about this?

  • edog

    Hi Frank.

    Wondering if you had any follow ups to the articles on the
    Pirelli Athanor Cell??

    I cant find much online with my rudimentary searches so far but out of all the LENR hoo-har that has been going on the last few months.. sorry years, this is by far the most interesting and worthy of investigating.

    Someone out there must be having a go at building one? Have the teachers and students said anymore?? They are offering the technology to everyone!.. I cant believe it has gone off the radar so fast?


  • Mike Nielson

    I am not sure if anyone brought this up or not on this site but here is a link showing NASA officially confirming LENR works…

  • Davide Pincio

    Salve Prof. Andrea Rossi,
    sono molto interessato ad acquistare il suo prodotto E-CAT e a condividere molte delle risorse ecologiche da lei trovate.
    Non riesco, però, a contattarla direttamente o chi per lei allo scopo di mettermi in attesa della commercializzazione (o comunque restare aggiornato “realmente” sulla situazione).
    Prego di mandarmi una “soluzione”.
    Rispettosamente lieto di sapere che esistono persone come Lei, porgo i mieie più sinceri saluti.

    Davide Pincio
    Cesena – FC –

  • herwig schaffer

    Dear Prof. Rossi
    Great Invention!
    I’m interested in a wholesale bussines in Austria
    with your E-cat.
    Thank you for your answer.

    Herwig Schaffer
    8724 Spielberg

  • Julian Becker

    A humoristic video about the ecat I found on, the Chinese youtube.

    Not sure if it has been posted before….

  • Abynormal

    “Dr. George Miley to Present on LENR at March 23 Conference — Will Awareness of New Energy Source Spread?”
    Nobody covered what happened in Texas on March 23!!!
    What did I miss?

  • Mario Caruselli

    Dear prof. Rossi
    I’m interested in a wholesale business in Italy with your E-CAT.
    Thank you for your attention.

    Mario Caruselli
    Via Angelo Della Pergola 7
    20159 MILANO