MFMP Introduce Indian ECCO LENR Project with Claimed COP of 8 (Update: SEM Images of Suhas Fuel)

Update (Mar 29, 2017)

The MFMP Steemit page has added some images of “part processed fuel and foil” used by Suhas in his reactor. Some samples were sent to me356 who has a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and he processed the images, and made some comments on them. According to me356, it is important to process the fuel long enough to have “bubbles everywhere”. In another comment he states: “Sample it is more interesting, nickel/titanium is rather spherical which is not optimal. It may be less capable of Hydrogen loading. So replacing it with carbonyl nickel might give much better results.”

The images can be seen here: https:[email protected]/ecco-sem-images-of-part-processed-fuel-and-nickel-foil-samples


The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has posted new details about the ECCO project, built and operated by a team in India. The MFMP states that if confirmed through MFMP verification, ECCO will be the “the first fully described / open working New Fire technology in this epoch.”

More information can be found at this dedicated page on the Steemit site: https:[email protected][email protected]-fire-reactor

Here is a summary of the project from the site:

In brief

The “ECCO” reactor currently uses 8 alumina tube reactors driven independently to allow scaling of output power from around 1kW to over 8kW

  • Current fuel: Ultrasonically processing of powders in light water for about 200 hours is then finished by pyrolysis
  • 3 Ultrasonic transducers @ 19.4kHz & 1.5kW each for a total of 4.5kW
  • Elements in current fuel: Ti, TiH, Ni, Al, LiOH, C, K2CO3
  • Core reactor is standard extruded alumina cylinder
  • Reactors in second steel sheath
  • Starting status: Initial vacuum in cell
  • Through fuel discharge provided by thoriated tungsten welding electrodes
  • Fuel held in place by Nickel foil formed into a plug in to which the needle point of the electrodes passes
  • Pure nickel foil made by plating from Nickel Sulphate onto steel using hydrogen plasma and ultrasonically de-laminating it
  • Fuel not tightly packed, 22mm active zone in Al2O3 tube with 1.6g of fuel occupying <1/3 available space
  • 1 MHz non-symmetrical waveform (fast rise, slow fall) pulsed DC discharge provided by MOSFETs through fuel
  • 2000 – 2400V discharge potential set to prevent spark
  • Approximately 100W applied in non-spark discharge
  • Ultrasonic vibration at same 1MHz applied to fuelled zone in tube in order to fluidise the fuel components
  • Between 15-30W used for the ultrasonic fluidisation
  • Peak input power is approximately 1kW
  • Core temperature (external of ceramic) 1100ºC using S-type thermocouple
  • Tested for 3 months in accumulated on time, only 2-3% output variation during that time
  • Heat exchanger enables transfer of heat to water which is heated to 101ºC
  • Instantly stops reaction when turned off
  • Water heated to boiling inside 5 mins of turn on
  • Claimant used his, his partners and his teams expertise alongside publicly available discussions on the New Fire
  • Reactor was arrived at by informed trial and error without specific theory consideration
  • Many areas identified for improvement and now from a theoretical basis
  • Good fuel testing platform
  • Makes a lot of cups of tea

There are also a number of videos of the system including this one titled “Eight”, because the creator claims that this system runs with a COP of 8, and that it can reach full operating temperatures from a dead start to a COP of 8 in five minutes.

The MFMP is hoping to be able to raise funds to get a team to India to test out this system. Those interested in supporting the project are invited to make donations on their website here:

  • LION
  • georgehants

    With the donations we must all be sure to keep up our very small subscription to ECW, without which we would not have this peaceful forum to follow all over-unity subjects.

  • Bob Greenyer

    We are over half way to funding the two verifications! : $6305 in less than 48 hours

    And we have even had an offer of music composition!

    You guys ROCK!

  • bfast

    This thread is the first imminent excitement we have seen in LENR for a long time. Here’s hoping that the LENR logjam is broken within a couple of months.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I am hoping to re-engage my relationship with FEI Brno

    Perhaps they will do characterisation of fuel and ash for us.

  • Bob Greenyer

    A huge thankyou to the 23 people whose donations have cleared so far totalling $2995. We are already ordering fresh Bubbletech neutron detectors as these have the longest lead time. We are scheduled to have a planning meeting this evening.

    Suhas is aiming to come back with the cost of making a backup reactor Wednesday.

    The estimated costs of the tests at this stage are $8000 for ECCO and $4000 for me356 (name of reactor TBA). Buy doing them back to back we may be able to make some significant logistical savings.

    • What happened to the lab in (was it Denmark?) that offered to support MFMP once credible results were available?

      These 2 reactor tests would seem to meet that criterion, no? Perhaps they would opt back in if they could be THE LAB that finally confirmed LENR+.

      • georgehants

        I am sure Bill Gates or one of the many rich B—–s would read Bob’s comment above and send the $12000 dollars by return post.
        We all know how much they care for society

        • Bob Greenyer

          You know what’s funny, I use to earn nearly that much in 8 days before this. But I couldn’t think for myself

      • Bob Greenyer

        Firstly, they lost their available lab space as the chemistry lab was being re-fitted

        Secondly, nay sayers said “we don’t want this pseudoscience being done here”

        Thirdly, they have yet to agree with the Danish government how to enable open science

        Fourthly, I had to wait two weeks for the electrical departments director to get back to authorise me to turn on the “Model-T” – never was turned on.

        I intend to reach out to them this week as they had put a budget aside to help – that would go a long way to making these tests a success.

        • That’s a shame. Seems like you need an Angel interested in LENR for whom this amount of money would be a day’s interest earnings. What about contacting Carl Page or how about Brillouin’s angel investor, James Farrel?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Carl Page is a significant part of the $3245 donated thus far.

            • Interesting.

              Carl, if you read this, this is ball game. Jump in with both feet and let MFMP do this right.

    • Bruce Williams

      Bob, I read this blog at least once a day but comment rarely. I am a HUGE supporter of what you are trying to do and I sent my modest contribution to your latest effort 2 days ago. You state that 26 people have sent contributions : frankly I am shocked, there must be 100’s of people who comment on this blog and who should be supporting your efforts (Bravo to Husky BTW). Come on you others,PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT !

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thanks Bruce, and thanks for your contribution.

        Some people need more evidence to accept what is happening – and remember, we are asking for no-strings attached donations. I am thrilled with the money raised so far and also, 3 people have asked for the MFMP direct account and one has asked for the in-spirit 501c3 in the US details and I am not able to keep track of donations there without donors explicitly informing me.

        I think we will raise the funds to do both verifications – and it is humbling to think of that. We are not even 48 hours into the call for support. For some people – $10 is a lot – I know, I have had times in the past few years when I have had to choose between a bag of rice or nappies.

  • John Littlemist
  • Bob Greenyer

    Next technical call is to be at 7.00pm tomorrow.

    Need to collect questions.

    • georgehants

      Morning Bob, for us guys that avoid all the technical details only one most important question remains —-
      Does it work?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Well, as Suhas said below, we’ll let the technology speak for itself.

        The MFMP has no interest in saying something works if it doesn’t. Let’s see.

        • georgehants

          Like you I can taste the excitement, waiting was never one of my strong points, Ha

          • Bob Greenyer

            The time this has taken has made me quite poor and the knowledge I have gained a disconcerting clarity – but it is about time to show that humanity can do this – we have two shots at it which is comforting.

            • georgehants

              Some things are “meant” to be, let’s hope this is one of them but as you know disappointment is a part of this life.

              • Bob Greenyer

                Suhas and me356 have dedicated a large part of their resources and time over several years to get where they are – many $100,000s, I empathise with their commitment – they did not do that lightly and would have stopped had they seen nothing (as would I).

                I think there is a better than evens chance here

                • georgehants

                  With potentially millions of lives being saved and improved by their and your groups work while others just count their profits, once again one can only spiritually hope the “gods” smile.

  • Fibber McGourlic

    I’ve made a contribution, but I’d like to get some background on Suhas, his lab and his sponsor.

    • Bob Greenyer


      He is fully self funded – he answers to no one but, perhaps his family.

      He is 74 and an expert in ultrasonics for his entire working life it would seem.

      He prefers not to be doxxed at this stage – I would encourage people to not doxx him.

    • Zephir

      He leads the RubiItPower Company. Educated at West, returned to India & set up Ralsonics in1973 Over the Last Fortytwo Years Ralsonics has developed 38 RUBIIT (Ultrasonic) technologies and Manufactured Ultrasonic Eqpt for about 101 applications. One of them is Ultrasonic Plasma Processor (UPP) Technology For Processing And Industrial/Chemical/Manure Waste-Management. Recovery of Metals is achieved. There he started with the ECCO technology.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Ok – I asked for him to not be doxxed – this is doxxing – once doxxed, cannot be un-doxxed.

        Pressure to get this done fast is now very high.

      • radvar

        Zephir, please consider deleting this post, per Bob’s interest. It will get out soon enough, but no reason to add to the rush.

  • Bob Greenyer

    me356 is nearly ready to test, so we hope to coordinate testing of both technologies to be as efficient as possible.

    • SG

      Bob, I know you are passionate about many things, but if you can bring a me356 test into the open, even if it is in a blackbox configuration, and MFMP can confirm a high COP over a sufficient duration of time to rule out alternative explanations (i.e., chemical), then you will have succeeded in handing each of us a red pill, and most of us here, I would imagine, would gladly swallow it.

      • Axil Axil

        I have accepted the reality of LENR many years ago but LENR is near impossible to explain at a level of detail to where it is comprehensible. I have given up on that attempt at teaching even though I have suffered through an occasional relapse of explaining.

        Even if many LENR systems are shown to be functional in the near future, no one will understand how they can actually work. They will all remain unbelievable. There have been many LENR systems that have come and gone over these many years but none have made a lasting impression because they have come before their time. They have been rejected as frauds, works of mad men and bad science. There have been so many. Will these new systems be the same? Will they appear and then be forgotten again like so many other systems have gone before over the last century and more?

        • Bob Greenyer

          I think there is a distinct pattern emerging in the embodiments that are claimed to be most active.

          From that we get direction.

        • Good and reasonable question Axil. But it seems we’re getting closer to something that’s easily repeatable. And at that point there’s nothing stopping it.

        • Skip

          All it will take is one repeatable practical application…

      • Bob Greenyer

        It is always a personal choice, but thankyou for the sentiment – I am doing my best.

  • Jouni Tuomela

    In the 360-video the man holding the welding-rod seemed to have a very long one at hand. How long the rod might have been?
    All the best Bob, you a very brave man are.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Look at it in google chrome then you can look around. Even better, use a smart phone or tablet – then you can look around the room with the Gyroscope.

      What they were demonstrating there is the titanium rod treatment process where they first saw the glowing rod in the water – it didn’t happen for me in the short impromptu time I was there – but you get the idea.

      Most interesting to me is the wide plethora of test equipment they have on the shelves.

      You know what the really funny thing was – As we were walking down the corridors of the multi-story industrial building his facility is housed in – he said quite seriously “don’t touch anything metal” – as I had lived in India, he did not have to explain what he meant.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hydrino’s could actually be hydrogen with heavy electrons that loose a little energy as they sink closer. Of course we already know that Muons fly much closer to the Deuterium nucleus – why only a muons? Clean planet and Kenneth Shoulders seem to think you can create ‘heavy electrons’ of all kinds of sizes.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Fuel is prepared with X/Y ultrasonics
    Ultrasonics are key to the active reactor

    When I was thinking of a name for this nameless reactor, I thought that ECCO (phonetically the same as Echo) would be very appropriate and it would honour one of the MFMPs most prodigious citizen crowd researchers.

    I also have an animation scheme for it – with the phonon pulse from the E (for electric transducer pulse) on the left pushing the sound waves (mirrored C) to the revealed O that would squish and push the Cs to flip into position.

    I asked Suhas if he would be happy with the name, and to accept my graphics expertise for free, no strings attached and he agreed.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    I don’t think MFMP have failed by not being able to conclusively determine excess heat during their testing. No result is also a result.

    What you are proposing would be step two on my list. I have full confidence in MFMP seeing as they have no motives other than helping create a better world. Once they succeed, I would like to see more tests of the device and replications.

    Best of this device is that the COP is so high so it should be very easy to detract from the COP everything could cast a doubt on the results and still have a high COP left. That should generate some interest, especially since MFMP has full access to the device and the supporting environment. Also they can use their own measuring devices and with all the experience they gained in previous experiments I feel confident MFMP can confirm if the device works or not. With confirmation of the results by an independent group, universities will be much more interested in testing such a reactor.

  • bfast

    This is very exciting! I will be making a contribution, albeit I am not in position to make a significant one. Please confirm — these guys are committed to absolute openness. Correct?

    • Bob Greenyer

      That is what I was told for the ECCO reactor. One has to recognise that Suhas is one of the worlds leading experts in Ultrasonics – even with full disclosure, interested parties would be best placed to work with him on this and future iterations – it would literally take a lifetime to be able to do what he can do in an instant.

      Do not worry about the size of the contribution, it is the spirit behind it that matters. We need all the will we can get to push this through.

      I chose by myself to take extreme action to break the trance and despondency that had set in to the LENR community, due to legal nonsense going on.

      • bfast

        “I chose by myself to take extreme action to break the trance and despondency that had set in to the LENR community, due to legal nonsense going on.”

        I wholeheartedly recognize the “trance of despondency”. I feel it deeply. I do think, however that the “legal nonsense” is not at the heart of this “trance of despondency”, it is the fact that LENR is still not public. I also recognize and value that you have been determined to bring LENR out of the closet.

        Wikipedia still refers to LENR as “pathological science.” When this ends, when LENR is on the front of Time Magazine as a working breakthrough, then my despondency will end.

        I had a blog, It sought to look at LENR from the perspective of how the technology would affect everyday technologies. In my despondency I let it lapse. I hope that I will soon need to revive it, that there will be abundant R&D energy for LENR.

        I want to be the first on my block to heat my house with LENR. I want to be the first on my block with an LENR car. Here’s hopin’.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Sometimes you have to ignore what people think or say or write about you and just do. Suhas and me356 have seemingly proven (and we hope to settle the debate) that by just doing and ignoring all the naysayers and malcontents and distractorbots you can achieve great things.

          I hope you can heat your house soon with ‘impossible pseudoscience’ 😉

      • bfast

        Oh, and despite my “trance” state, I do check this site for news at least daily. I tell my kids that it is the most important site on the internet. When you and MFMP can declare unreserved success to the world, e-catworld will reveal it. The day Eng. Rossi opens his doors, it will be heard here. If brilliantlight come through we will find out here. Only after it is heard here will it be seen on the 6:00 news.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Frank has done a wonderful service to humanity.

  • Thomas Baccei

    I cannot believe that Bill Gates’s new energy taskforce, with billions behind it, wouldn’t happily fund this effort! Does anyone here know how to make a proposal to this fund? Or at least a way to get someone to read it? Twenty five large would see this through in style, and it would be a roundoff error for them. Has MFMP tried that avenue? Good luck in any event!

    • Bob Greenyer

      I have written to them before with no response before this – however, their whole structure is to tie things up… Bill Gates has been lobbying for longer patents for energy research based products.

      It is worth a try again. When I first went to Bangalore in 2002, I met the king there, 2 days previously he had been hosting Bill Gates in the most spectacular array of tents. Bill gates owes much of his wealth to Indian programmers – perhaps he would like the idea that an Indian could deliver this.

      The Breakthrough Energy Coalition has Ambani and Tata behind it. The problem is – many of these big names have other energy resource businesses and so one might imagine their thinking.

      One thing I can tell you, India needs this.

  • Zeddicus23

    I applaud the MFMP’s efforts and hope that they will continue and eventually lead to success. I’m would be happy to donate a small amount to assist with expenses so that the Indian ECCO technology can be tested in an open manner. Where do I go to donate?

  • hhiram

    This is very exciting, and the well-described specifics of the setup are a welcome change from the usual vague and evasive information we usually get.

    However, I am sorry to say that I cannot support anything Bob Greenyer is associated with at this time. I am happy to wait and see, but I lost all confidence in Bob after his recent episode of manic paranoia. I am happy to support this Indian team directly, with some additional independent verification, but I am not willing to donate funds to help Bob travel around the world developing his Red Pill conspiracy theories.

    I am sorry if this impacts MFMP’s genuine efforts negatively. But alas, you reap what you sow.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks hhiram, for recognising my work in putting the package of information together. Thanks must mostly go to Suhas however, for being so open and frank – it was a breath of fresh air to not have to suffer evasion, exaggeration and obfuscation in a discussion. I believe that even with the gaps, this is the most detailed end to end report on a claimed high COP New Fire embodiment. I will work to refine the detail and explain possible how I see it all working – opinions may vary.

      You have a valid position given my release strategy, of course, Suhas explicitly told me that he would not have shown the tech had I not said what I said and he specifically said he was glad that I was not brow beaten into stopping when it got very difficult to say the things I never thought I would find myself saying.

      I sowed the truth as I saw it and I reaped the most amazing meeting of my life. Thanks Suhas

      Chicken and egg.

      I set out to clear the names of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons – and right at the moment it all starts to be clear I find out that the exact same person that started the vote to destroy their careers is trying to discredit Dr. Judy Wood – what are the chances? What was I to do?

      Pons gave up his citizenship due to death threats and he and Fleischmann fled the US – bit extreme for someone that supposedly made some data acquisition errors don’t you think?

      George Egely told me how he was randomly beaten up and thinks he was lucky to get away with his life just after reporting very successful P&F replication way back when. More recently he had his whole lab stolen after showing that he could repeatedly produce gold in his dust fusion reactors – the Swiss ‘investors’ disappeared.

      You have not had to deal with the sustained attacks to divide and disrupt the progress of the MFMP since September 2015, I have.

      The “Shock” video I recorded just 40 mins after being in the Suhas’ lab, very calmly and methodically recording and interviewing. I had a pleasant chat on the way to the airport, hugged as kindred spirits and then, shortly after and before boarding my plane, I recorded the “shock” video. The video was a deliberate and calculated risk on my hard won credibility. My AMA was seeded with things that were fully true, but not something you would want to reveal normally. This was a sacrifice to show that I really was all-in to make this happen. I make no apologies for realising that this technology has been suppressed explicitly for many decades. Regardless of what you may think about other named events – the technology has been suppressed and I fully woke up to the tactics and the reality of where things stand.

      Only by using my eyes could I know what was possible and this allowed me to select elements that would be optimal and why. This then is reflected in the claims of those that have reported the highest excess. Suhas had by shear brilliance and will and trial and error and listening to the crowd arrived at where he stands – which was an embodiment that was in-line with my thinking.

      You may think that it is fun to fly on the cheapest flights possible, unpaid, utterly exhausted, conduct punishing experiments on the fringe, be mocked – even by those that are supposedly on your side, be away from your family, stay in the cheapest hotels and eat at cheap restaurants for years on end. You may think I am a fool to have gone backwards in my finances $15,000 a year since I started my volunteering – you may think I am a fool to have given up work that paid as much as $1500 / day to pursue this. However, I don’t regret it and I can’t imagine anything else I could have done that would have been more satisfying.

    • kenko1

      Sometimes in life ya gotta make choices. I choose to follow Bob. See ya round hhiram. go to another forum and spew your diss’s on somebody else. Anybody else? hhiram or Bob………

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thanks kenko1, as sure as I breathe, I will do what I can to see this through.

    • radvar

      Looks to me like Bob’s primary wave form has re-synchronized with the conventional space-time continuum. Speaking from personal experience, though, ya gotta watch those lobes…

    • hhiram—normally I’m very skeptic about theories and hypotheses that seem far fetched. However, I’m always open to evidence, especially if it’s based on experimental measurements. And honestly, so far I cannot immediately dismiss what Bob has presented. I’m also very curious to follow the experimental part of it, which, if successful, should increase our interest for what he suggests on top of that. Keep calm and carry on experimenting.

  • Rex

    Maybe I missed it, but who is the inventor and his team? What has Suhas been doing for 70 years? Need to understand the credibility of the project before donating, esp given recent MFMP claims that were the subject of much critical analysis here.

    • suhas R

      Dear BOB
      I am sorry to read communication by REX on the channel to you.
      I beg to confirm that I showed all that you saw and heard as somebody who respects the tech.
      Your Mumbai visit and our meeting was a chance which you know very well.
      While I must thank you that u cancelled your sight seeing and opted to meet me
      that was also fluke
      during our two hour discussion you mentioned of financial help requirement and I said no ,not required really
      I told u all that time allowed us
      I am sorry I did not give info and record as how I came to live each of my 74 years but ours wastechnicai chat and no planned interview and I am no dignitary

      I am really sorry that u have to put up with this type of remark but yes if somebody donates they have a right
      I dont want to hurt all yourLENR friendsand colleagues who are nice to you
      I did what I did purely as my personal interest and was trying to solve my tech puzzles
      My country needs this tech the MAXIMUM
      And I am sure if start begging at least 5 million(50 lakh) Indians out of 12 billion(125 crore) will give be 1.5 dollar(Rs one hundred) and that will be 7,5 millions dollars(Rs50crore) good enough to see me through my work.,,,,,,or ??????? what
      Sorry I am not hurt but I do not want that U digest these remarks and I do not look for the PUBLICITY
      The Reactor TECH has to prove itself

      • Bob Greenyer

        Suhas, you have nothing to apologise for. Haters are going to hate. You know how you have been ignored. Not any more.

        Remember there are a lot of NEVER LENRs who seam to enjoy never quite realising the technologies potential – and those that have fortune to get funded – get tied up in non-disclosure or legal battles.

        Full respect.

        We have the money for the verification.

        • Rex

          How is asking for the tiniest shred of verification being a ‘hater’? I guess I had missed the fact that Suhas is completely anonymous?

          I’m not the person asking for money. I’m also not the person posting very odd videos to YouTube where I ramble on for hours.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I was responding to Suhas comment in a general way I made no reference to your comment.

            The MFMP is a seperate legal entity – it is seeking the money. Someone has to write the appeal and provide the context – that fell to me as I captured the information to share it.

            My AMA was brutally honest, no one was required to watch it. It is very difficult to get over the summary of 4.5 years of intense research in the context of a life and events in even a few hours. I stand by everything.

            Suhas does not wish to be doxxed at this stage, nor should he be – no good could come of it.

      • Stephen

        Dear Suhas, what you are doing is truely remarkable thank you so much for getting in touch with Bob and MFMP and sharing this work with us. I’m amazed how global and international LENR is. It seams to me each place has an important part of the puzzle. The needs of those who most need it are resolved when the knowledge is shared.

        I can see there is a huge amount of work gone into designing understanding and making your device and what you have built is truely remarkable. A really flexible testing device to learn about the LENR process as well as a working prototype for real needs.

        I really look forward to the verification of tour technology by MFMP your future collaboration them and everything that can come from it.

        It is a device the world really needs.

      • Gerard McEk

        Dear Suhas,
        If MFMP can confirm your COP 8 claim, then you have made a remarkable step in LENR. I very much hope that MFMP can verify what you have measured. If it turns out that your approach can indeed produce significantly more energy than it uses, then you are my man and you will soon belong to the greatest in the LENR history.
        Please go on with your good LENR work!

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Could we learn something about the used instruments and the measurement setup? Among others, the electric measurements might be a critical component, due to the well known problems with high frequencies and irregular waveforms.

    • Bob Greenyer

      We would use our Tektronix 1000 Power Analyser and maybe our PCE-830 as backup.

      Bubble detectors for neutrons as a bare minimum. Our neutron detectors that Bob Higgins is in the process of characterising. Oscilloscopes. Our own TC DAQ

      • Andreas Moraitis

        OK, but my question was related to the original instrumentation. In case that it was low quality equipment, maybe you could send the PCE 830 to India for a cross-check before you make the long journey yourselves.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Good idea.

      • MyselfAndMe

        There’s a potentially much simpler and cheaper and MUCH harder to fake way to measure COP with good accuracy (few % – more than enough for a claimed COP of 8) – power and measure EVERYTHING using only OUTPUT of true double-conversion pure sinewave UPS (cheaper and more common UPS types wouldn’t do in this case) as a source of electricity. They are made and sold by APC, Tripp Lite and other enterprise vendors and some models have at least 2400W output per unit. Some of those models also have monitoring Ethernet interface for additional independent verification of the output voltage/amperes/power.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Hi MyselfAndMe

          I used to have many in India – in fact they are essential if you do not want your computers to die quickly from all the power outages.

          Never had one that large. Could you look into and try to find a source for a suitable one in Mumbai and get back with what you find.

          Much appreciated.

    • Gerard McEk

      Yes, good comment. Power at frequencies above 60 Hz require very expensive equipment to measure it reliably. Better not try to do this but measure the mains connection of the converter including the losses in the power converter.

  • Bob, this sounds great.

    How would such a “test out the system” look like?
    Would you be able to replicate it?
    Would you be able to run the reactor yourself and measure it as a blackbox?
    What can imagine or expect?

    • Bob Greenyer

      We want to raise the money for him to make a clone. Awaiting costing.

      He has given us fuel and foil as I said below and Alan and I already bought the exact same thoriated tungsten rods for GS 6 series – that is synchronicity for you. We had discussed ultrasonics years ago to fluidise the fuel but Suhas has added precise details from the point of view of one of the leading experts in the field. Alan would only need to have one tube and could leave it bare for observation by Optris and better radiation monitoring.

      We need to work together as a community to develop the test that would pass the strictest of criticism – and be there long enough to address critiques real time.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thankyou for the generosity of all those that have donated.

    We have already received $1220 in donations and this will get two people to Mumbai from Europe or one person from the US.

    • LilyLover

      You might as well ask IIT kids to do the groundwork for proof for the cost of a lunch. If they are convinced, you can relay the methodology and get the ground-work done before MFMP-Scientists arrive for validation.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Good idea! I shall see if Suhas is receptive to that.

        There are some basic tests – like lagging the pipe and putting a TC in the out vent

        • LilyLover

          SEM-EDAX for about $12!!
          At least call them to find out whether they have Ammonia/Hydrogen/whatever else for sample preservation.
          If they offer a confidant answer, and if the sample to be tested is stable/stabilizable, go for it!!

          As a last resort, let me know and I could arrange something at Caltech/JPL or UT or MIT for free (I will incur some cost, but that will be my honour to help’ but it will take plenty of shipping time.) or you could directly send them the samples.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Local test sounds a great first pass. I will discuss this with Suhas later – we need to ensure chain of custody.

            • LilyLover

              They seem to offer a range of services including thermal, RF, and mechanical calibration/ measurements.
              To my surprise-
              Range of Temperature Calibration capability: -50°C to +1000°C. Temperature measurements can be done with accuracy up to 0.03°C.

              I do not foresee any problems taking all the equipment there and get the test done.

              I am also sure that the lab technicians over there could provide you with PDF/verbal suggestions about how to get your project done. Just “pretend” to be a student to get plenty of time over the phone about their testing capabilities and processes and ask them to suggest how your team should go about this science-fair competition!! 🙂
              Things we do for truthful Science!!

              • Bob Greenyer

                Maybe one option for the clone – imagine their confusion should they observe 7-8 times more output steam than input electricity.

                • LilyLover

                  To avoid the FBI raids during the testing, just request them to lie about black-body radiation – 4th power – govts don’t understand that. I am sure, even if they notice 8X, they will probably think it’s a chemical powder burning.

                  Do you even think that – run of the mill technician knows “how much energy is beyond Chemical”? They’ll never know!! Or they’ll never bother to find out / calculate beyond the parameters you request of them!!

                • Bob Greenyer


                  yeh – good cover…

          • Bob Greenyer

            We will pay for it so that we get the results. I can ask me356 to do a processed fuel SEM (he does not have the EDX) attachment.

  • georgehants

    Morning Bob, great news, look forward to conformation and publication then the World can hopefully start benefiting from Cold Fusion and not just sad people keeping secrets and fighting and drooling over personal profit or our corrupt “leaders” doing nothing to advance the science except in their mad black projects.
    Donation on it’s way.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks George. Suhas has said he is all in, he is 74 and like most senior genius I have shared videos of recently, there is a certain pointlessness to holding things back when one is at that stage of life – there is also no point in lying – of course, one can still be misguided, me included, however, you can see in our exchanges his matter of fact, straight into the eyes honesty.

      Suhas has shared fuel and Ni foil with us and, other than the ultrasonics, the GS6 was going in the same direction. In fact, when I was with Alan in Santa Cruz for GS 5.4 – we bought the exact same thoriated tungsten welding rods as Suhas was using – attached is the photo I took at the time. There is a wonderful synchronicity with all of this!

      • georgehants

        You say “There is a wonderful synchronicity with all of this!”
        Jung was no fool, another genius ahead of his time.

        • Bob Greenyer

          for sure

  • Jonnyb

    Ultrasonic 1MHz are you sure? or did I misread?

  • Epi

    Is the hydrogen continously supplied to the reactor or is it “sealed” when the desired hydrogen pressure is reached, so that no new hydrogen can enter the reaction vessel?

    • Bob Greenyer

      answered on steemit

  • roseland67

    Does it run long enough to account for all of the energy to process the fuel?

  • Andreas Moraitis

    „Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.”

    Why that, and where does the money come from?

    • Bob Greenyer

      It is explained on steemit. Here is the briefest overview – it is brilliant.

      Essentially Steemit is to Facebook as AirBnB was to CouchSurfing.

      Rather than a coorporate owning your content and getting rich off it – you, the content creator and the commenters earn one of 3 types of reward for participating in creating Value in the network.

      Where does the value come from?

      2 paths, the main path is from steem crypto currency mining (now the 3rd most valuable with Bitcoin the first). People who used to mine Bitcoin are mining steem – when they find a block they are rewarded with 90% of the crypto currency – the balance goes to people adding or commenting on content in the network – yes – you earn value for asking or answering questions on steemit – not just the content creator.
      You can actually buy the crypto currency from that already mined and use that to trade in the network – there is a trading platform called set up to look at the same block chain that is the networks data.

      Steempower is your influence in the network – one currency type gives you a share in the value of the network.

      A new account holder gets something to start with.

      Because content is stored in the block chain, it cannot be censored without destroying the whole network. Unlike FB/Twitter/YT etc, that can cull your content if they don’t want it disseminated. Images are stored in IPFS (Inter planetary file system) so that they have localisation and redundancy and are outside the cloud.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Found it out myself meanwhile, but thanks anyway.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Oh – cool.

          It is a way that people can both earn and give by merely participating.

  • Bob Greenyer

    A pleasure

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah, 90 days is impressive but if they could retrofit a 68 Mustang 390 GT (325 hp = 242,352 watts) and run it for only seven minutes they’d get a lot more attention (but it may not sound as cool as Steve McQueen’s hydrocarbon powered version).

      • Alan DeAngelis

        How many times do they pass that green VW.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Think of it in an electric steam drive train

        The base Nissan leaf is 80kW

        Use 50% of the batteries to provide 40kW electricity to drive the ECCO and make space for the steam engine, remove the electric motors and use 320kW steam engine. Waste heat can be used to heat the car in the winter. Ideally some closed looping would recharge the battery pack – especially when idle.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Does the fuel get wet? Have chemical reactions been ruled out?
    2 Al + 2 KOH + 6 H2O > 2 K[Al(OH)4 + 3 H2 ?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Fuel is dry, 1.5g in each 22mm long small diameter core of 8. Tested for 90 days with approx. 8X gain.

  • Veblin

    Is it mist or steam?
    Ultrasonics easily make mist.
    I see a video where an electronic sensor shows a temperature of 101.
    I would rather see a thermometer in the steam show a temperature of 101.

    • Bob Greenyer

      It was steam for sure. very high exit velocity also, the misters just seem to drift.

      Good basic test. Exactly the kind of tests needed in verification.

      If you watch the summary video, he talks about how they verified it.

  • Axil Axil

    The cavitation in light water for 200 hours shoud produce water crystals as discovered by Mark LeClair. The water crystals survive the drying out process. This enables the dried fuel to immediately startup without concurrent ongoing production of nanoparticles.

    Cavitation continues to produce water crystals during ongoing reaction.

    The electrostatic appication of a high voltage stimulation is what Rossi also does. This will produce the TAO effect

    The TAO effect is an electrostatic stimulation that generates the plasmoid consolidation. That is the reference to the two electrodes that can produce an EMF potential of up to 100,000 volt and is defined in an update to the Rossi patent.

    See my post for theory:

    See the patent update here:

    If you read this patent update that references the NEW electrostatic stimulator which operates between 50 and 100 KV, Rossi says that the resistance heater is NO LONGER REQUIRED.

    • Bob Greenyer

      The active reactor is a dry plasma.

      In my technical interview I suggest use of a single electrode solid state 4Mhz Tesla coil (also very high voltage)

      • Axil Axil

        There seems to be both hydrogen and oxygen inside the fuel load. The SunCell uses HOH and the temperature of the SunCell plasma is 7000C. The continuing application of cavitation stimulation via the transducer could produce the HOH (AKA water crystal) on a continuous basis.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Suncell can just use H – and in the most recent embodiment it is 97% Argon and 3Hydrogen in the jacket – this diffuses in.

          ECCO question answered on steemit

          • Axil Axil

            R Mills says that the silver contains a secret oxygen based compound that acts as a catalyst when the oxygen combines with hydogen to form HOH.

            • Bob Greenyer

              Ok – well – it cannot be denied that there is Oxygen in this embodiment.

              • Axil Axil

                Solid Fuels that Form HOH Catalyst – R. Mills, J. Lotoski, W. Good, J. He, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 39 (2014), pp. 11930-11944 DOI: 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2014.05.170.

                • Zephir

                  So you’ll argue with hydrino technology in discussion about LENR reactor and with LENR in discussion about hydrino reactor or what? None of your comments adds something to subject of discussion here.

      • Axil Axil

        Because the reaction starts up instantly, this implies that the LENR active nanoparticles have already been formed in the fuel preparation process…that being 200 hours of cavitation in light water.

        I had alway thought that the water crystal could be used as a LENR active microparticle.

        • Bob Greenyer

          There was only 2-3% fluctuation over 3 months. Not likely persistent for that period. The cavitation in light water may be important though – a test with similar sized particles produced differently would clear this up.

          • Zephir

            I just saw the electrode gets dragged through reactor manually. I’d like to see the graphs of actual data before claims about 2-3% fluctuation over 3 months.

            • Bob Greenyer

              Of course not – approximate for sure. You can know that from the fact that each core is using between 115 and 135W so it is a little soft. It is a ball-park.

              We would take power analyser and compare against resistive heater they claimed to have used for verification for starters.

              more questions can be placed in another technical discussion asap.

          • Rene

            Did they examine the particles post cavitation? A micrograph before/after would be nice to see if the cavitation is creating microcracks.

            • Bob Greenyer

              They have no facility for that – that is one reason we are seeking a SEM/EDX

    • Zephir

      Just forget the water crystals, superconductivity, muons and another nonsense. You’re resembling a silly chat bot with databases of random LENR speculations.

      • Axil Axil

        Notice that I have not included the asstroblaster is my fine collection of speculations.

  • Gerard McEk

    Seems all extremely complex. I am sure much of it can be simplified, once they know how it works. I wonder how they could develop such a complex procedure. It looks like they have chosen to do everything that has been proposed on the Internet till now and put it in this single system. 😉
    Nevertheless I hope MFMP will be able to prove the COP of 8.
    Maybe MFMP will show a drawing of the reactor, a procedure to prepare the fuel and how exactly the reactor is started and stopped.
    Are any further initial steps needed to start?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Questions answered on Steemit blog.

      • artefact

        You said on Steemit that the device is switched on by applying the 1 Mhz frequency. Does that mean, that the reactor gets an input of ~1KW and the output is ~1KW and with the frequency it is ~1.015 KW in and ~8KW out?

        • Bob Greenyer

          This is answered in the technical interview on sound cloud.

          • artefact

            You got me. Still not finished with nr 2. Watched KONG at the cinema.
            Thought: I could have donated that money to MFMP. That would be more exciting. Not that the film was bad…

            • Bob Greenyer

              Nice thought – I have made a specific answer on Steemit

    • artefact

      At least it should be easier to have a working system with many details and simplify it than not having a working system and try how to make it work.

      • Bob Greenyer


        Moreover, has anyone seen the inside of a modern car engine??

    • Zephir

      IMO this type of fusion reactor could be replaced with plasma electrolysis, except that the cathode will be formed with ultrasound emitter. Once diluted solution of nickel sulfate will be used, then the nickel particles produced with electrolysis could be also utilized in fusion reaction. Except that the plasma fusion already reportedly runs with even higher COP ~ 11, it’s much simpler – and yet nobody of amateurs attempts for its replication it.

      Why to expect the amateur replication of plasma dust reactor, after then?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Difference here is the claimant is prepared to open tech. Having been a part of replicating technology – it is really difficult without full disclosure and cooperation.

        • Zephir

          These experiments are also very simple and fully disclosed. But people don’t like overly simple stuffs: the need to have some secrets.

          • Bob Greenyer

            They are, however, this is not a practical technology.

            • Zephir

              Why not? What makes addition of ultrasound and vacuum more practical?
              I just like, how every proponent of some alternative technology becomes a denier of the another ones. The technologies will indeed change soon or later – but the people and the ways of their thinking not 🙂

              • Bob Greenyer

                Sorry, perhaps I didn’t take the time to watch the video all the way through – from my skim, I did not see a ready to manufacture practical technology ready for verification – what did I miss?

                I am not sure I denied it, did I?

                • Zephir

                  Why do you think, the plain discharge in sodium hydroxide solution with usage of two wires and 40 V source is more difficult to verify than the ECCO reactor with vacuum, ultrasound, high voltage high frequency fields and complex preparation of active surface?

                  Your way of arguments seems quite similar to dismissal of LENR experiments on behalf of complex and expensive plasma fusion with lasers and tokamaks, as practiced with mainstream physicists.

                • Bob Greenyer

                  We did a very similar experiment in Switzerland early on. Additionally, Mathieu worked on ‘high pressure mizuno’ with Jean Paul Biberian. The problem with all these systems is that they typically cannot run for long periods of time because the electrodes erode or fur up or the water electrolyses and the temperature of the reactor is limited to around the boiling temperature of water.

                  I have reported on the Bazhutov/Parkhomov patent. Still, being a wet cell it has wet cell issues.

                  Suhas has a system with a dry core at 1100ºC that has accumulated 90days of run time – this allows a lot of derivative technology variations – mineral oil / molten salt can be used for higher temperature solutions or energy storage (in molten salt) solutions. Because there is no lithium, the degradation of reactor components is much less. Because there is essentially no deuterium there is no tritium. The ultrasonics keep the fuel core dynamic and prevent the agglomeration problems seen in Egely reactors.

                • Zephir

                  /* because the electrodes erode */

                  This is just an evasion – after all, the surface layer in ECCO reactor erodes even faster – try to realize, how this problem is solved there.

                  /* the degradation of reactor components is much less*/

                  Why the electrode gets dragged through vacuum, after then?

        • sam

          Suhas should patent his technology before someone else does.

          • Bob Greenyer

            In many jurisdictions, he has the right for a year after disclosure. In others it is pointless.

            Frankly, he has the expertise to build plants to make these – others would struggle and the market is immeasurably huge. At his age, patents would tie up a large proportion of his available time and may only cost money.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I will read questions here and answer them on Steemit – just so everything is in one place.

    Questions asked on steemit will keep things in context.

  • Max Temple

    I sure hope that the testing of this technology is put before the verification of Me356’s claims. His technology is likely far more powerful and far more power dense. And if you want excess heat from cavitation, we’ve known how to do that for a long time. There is a company near Atlanta that demonstrated excess heat can be produced by making half sphere holes in a metal disk and spinning it in water at high speed. The result are cavitation bubbles and excess heat. Jed Rothwell has spoken about this company on Vortex L.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Ultrasonic, discharge, cavitation, heat, vacuüm, all sorts of duel elements, waveforms… Sounds like every theory on LENR put together in one reactor.

    Kidding aside, this is a ready made reactor so testing for a claimed COP of 8 should be fairly easy. I really hope this will be the breakthrough most of us have been waiting for.

    • Zephir

      Actually it could be quite simple: the high voltage discharge implants hydrogen atoms into nickel particles, the particles colliding in ultrasound field make this hydrogen fuse. The shaking of sand in the box doesn’t concentrate energy very much due to low inertia of particles – once you replace them with pebbles, then the sparks emerge. No need to raise AxillAxill’s speculations here. These types of cold fusion reactors were here already

      • Bob Greenyer