MFMP Introduce Indian ECCO LENR Project with Claimed COP of 8 (Update: SEM Images of Suhas Fuel)

Update (Mar 29, 2017)

The MFMP Steemit page has added some images of “part processed fuel and foil” used by Suhas in his reactor. Some samples were sent to me356 who has a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and he processed the images, and made some comments on them. According to me356, it is important to process the fuel long enough to have “bubbles everywhere”. In another comment he states: “Sample it is more interesting, nickel/titanium is rather spherical which is not optimal. It may be less capable of Hydrogen loading. So replacing it with carbonyl nickel might give much better results.”

The images can be seen here: https:[email protected]/ecco-sem-images-of-part-processed-fuel-and-nickel-foil-samples


The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has posted new details about the ECCO project, built and operated by a team in India. The MFMP states that if confirmed through MFMP verification, ECCO will be the “the first fully described / open working New Fire technology in this epoch.”

More information can be found at this dedicated page on the Steemit site: https:[email protected][email protected]-fire-reactor

Here is a summary of the project from the site:

In brief

The “ECCO” reactor currently uses 8 alumina tube reactors driven independently to allow scaling of output power from around 1kW to over 8kW

  • Current fuel: Ultrasonically processing of powders in light water for about 200 hours is then finished by pyrolysis
  • 3 Ultrasonic transducers @ 19.4kHz & 1.5kW each for a total of 4.5kW
  • Elements in current fuel: Ti, TiH, Ni, Al, LiOH, C, K2CO3
  • Core reactor is standard extruded alumina cylinder
  • Reactors in second steel sheath
  • Starting status: Initial vacuum in cell
  • Through fuel discharge provided by thoriated tungsten welding electrodes
  • Fuel held in place by Nickel foil formed into a plug in to which the needle point of the electrodes passes
  • Pure nickel foil made by plating from Nickel Sulphate onto steel using hydrogen plasma and ultrasonically de-laminating it
  • Fuel not tightly packed, 22mm active zone in Al2O3 tube with 1.6g of fuel occupying <1/3 available space
  • 1 MHz non-symmetrical waveform (fast rise, slow fall) pulsed DC discharge provided by MOSFETs through fuel
  • 2000 – 2400V discharge potential set to prevent spark
  • Approximately 100W applied in non-spark discharge
  • Ultrasonic vibration at same 1MHz applied to fuelled zone in tube in order to fluidise the fuel components
  • Between 15-30W used for the ultrasonic fluidisation
  • Peak input power is approximately 1kW
  • Core temperature (external of ceramic) 1100ºC using S-type thermocouple
  • Tested for 3 months in accumulated on time, only 2-3% output variation during that time
  • Heat exchanger enables transfer of heat to water which is heated to 101ºC
  • Instantly stops reaction when turned off
  • Water heated to boiling inside 5 mins of turn on
  • Claimant used his, his partners and his teams expertise alongside publicly available discussions on the New Fire
  • Reactor was arrived at by informed trial and error without specific theory consideration
  • Many areas identified for improvement and now from a theoretical basis
  • Good fuel testing platform
  • Makes a lot of cups of tea

There are also a number of videos of the system including this one titled “Eight”, because the creator claims that this system runs with a COP of 8, and that it can reach full operating temperatures from a dead start to a COP of 8 in five minutes.

The MFMP is hoping to be able to raise funds to get a team to India to test out this system. Those interested in supporting the project are invited to make donations on their website here:

  • Bob Greenyer

    There will be no phase change – in fact – we will be targetting as near as possible 28 – 60ºC temperature rise.

    No steam – none of steams problems.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks so much.

  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO – Live collaboration documents developing the test protocol are available for crowd engagement

    Please contribute comments here:

    Or you can request to be a direct document editor.

    • Daniel G. Zavela

      MFMP (Bob), great work. I added a detailed comment at the MFMP website as regards the usefulness of creating a Test Case Matrix for planning, recording, and communicating the test results.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hi Daniel – thanks for this, I have replied. Perhaps you could assist in drafting one up as the plan evolves.

  • Bob Greenyer

    According to Shoulders the ovoid / spherical shape helps in the formation of charge clusters – in the parlance of Mizuno/Clean Planet – heavy electrons.

  • sam
  • DB

    There is a new open science team known as Orgon Industries that have posted an introductory video on youtube:

    I’d be interested to learn a bit more if anyone knows anything

  • Bob Greenyer

    Looks like we may get access to this SEM and SIMS with gold ions.

    Spec of SEM.
    Scanning electron microscope MIRA3 made by Tescan; SE, BSE; EDX, WDS, EBIC; 1 nm @ 30 kV, mag. 2x-1.000.000x; low-vacc. mode (500 Pa).

    Just 7 mins walk up the road from me!

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks, but if it is all the same to you – I’d rather get on with the job!

  • Andreas Moraitis

    I guess the ‘fuel’ is rather a conditio sine qua non. Stimulation (by HV, strong currents, ultrasound or whatever) might be the key to obtain a decent COP.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Fuel important
      State of fuel components
      Interaction of at least two forms of energy, say phonon and EM

      • Andreas Moraitis


        • Andreas Moraitis

          P.S.: I wonder if it would be possible to go without the „heat“ component – maybe by using materials with a low Curie temperature, such as gadolinium. That could open the path for a completely new set of applications (self-powering microchips etc).

          • Bob Greenyer

            With better understanding – many embodiments will become obvious.

            My understanding over these past months allowed me to predict what would be optimum alkaline metals, gas and transition metals to be used – and it so happened that these align with the best claimed materials used.

            Should we verify these claimed working embodiments in the coming months, when they are open – things will become car clearer.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Bob: How does this test fit with what Rossi is saying about the theory?

        • Bob Greenyer

          It is difficult to keep up with Rossi’s theories, he must be given full credit for keeping an open mind.

          Kenneth Shoulders followed the same theory for 33 years, was funded for a good amount of time for that by the CIA. Whilst he did not specify what was needed – if you join up the dots and accept his theory and assume the heavy electrons can conduct in conducting materials which he gave many hints of and there is a lot of evidence to suggest that they do… then if you look to what is important to make an element excited or conducting or in tune with the vacuum structure etc – and choose elements accordingly – boom… you get the elements found to work in claimed high performing LENR.

          • Axil Axil

            Rossi’s latest theory references mesons 19 times and pions 9 times. Can you see a pattern here?

            • Bob Greenyer

              There’s two 9’s in your sentence?

      • FC

        Hi Bob,

        Could this be related to LERN then?

        Keep up the good work!

        • FC

          Oops. I meant LENR.

        • Bob Greenyer


  • John Littlemist

    After reading Sifferkoll’s latest posting, one can only wonder how long does it take till Mr Suhas Ralkar and his team is lured in to IH’s realm.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Mr Suhas knows full well the path that it would lead to.

      I have said a number of times that the MFMP has had to fight since September 2015 to not be compromised – fortunately there are good men in this world who are not swayed by ‘useful idiots’ that act on behalf of those that would try to ensure that all of the research is diverted, discredited or held under lock and key.

      This is a war and it has been going on for a very long time.

      Suhas knows how key his openness is to seeing this delivered as does me356.

      Greed is mans biggest weakness – fortunately, when one is as wise and mature as Suhas, one understands the futility of personal enrichment at the expense of human and ecosystem degradation.

      Thanks to the folks at ECW and others and those willing philanthropists ready to step in to make this happen, Suhas and me356 do not have to choose the repeatedly failed approach for this science.

      We can not underestimate the forces aligned against this.

      • TomR

        Thank you Bob Greenyer, me358 and Mr Suhas for all you are doing for the advancement of LENR.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thankyou – and they both read here so will appreciate your comments.

          • lifeswhatyoumakeit

            Seems that in the field of LENR at this moment in history (not
            unlike in mainstream US politics) there are powerful forces arrayed against
            truth and openness. Well done to the shining light example of the MFMP. A very big thank-you to you all, especially to you Bob, for your work, your courage, your fortitude and your persistence.

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Never before in the field of science was so much owed by so many to so few.”

            • Bob Greenyer

              Thanks Brandon,

              This has been a joint effort – Suhas and me356 would not have been where they are had there not been open forums like ECW.

              We would have been able to do nothing like what we have done without the support from interested persons.

              The journey is not over, but it sure looks like we may be reaching a significant milestone.

        • LION

          Hi TomR, I thought you might like to see my latest post here,

          Thanks Tom.

      • sam

        Philanthropists made there money in the greed system.
        Good to hear one or more of them is smart enough to support MFMP.

      • georgehants

        Good to read

        • Bob Greenyer

          I think not having to go to war to secure food, fuel or security will help a lot.

          • Ophelia Rump

            That is not why we have war in the modern world.

            We now fight to consolidate the domination of those with far too many resources at their disposal.

            • Bob Greenyer

              I think many are radicalised by perceived injustice or imbalance or sanction their leaders to do so.

              Moreover, those that live high energy existence turn a blind eye to those that help to maintain that.

              In a world of plenty, that allowing of wars to secure or protect will diminish.

              • Omega Z

                I have to go with Ophelia on this.

                Ultimately, conflicts are about power. Money, religion, all resources etc, are just the tools they use for achieving power.

                Arguing greed, I can rouse the troops against the elite, religion to destroy the infidels . Once I gain power, I can determine what you will do for work, where you’ll live and what you’ll eat. I will not play a sim, I will control the real world. Worship me…

                Cheap plentiful energy will reduce the ease of these people obtaining said power. It will not stop it.

        • HAL9000

          “All the world’s a stage!” However, it may not be As You Like It.

    • Zeddicus23

      The Sifferkoll posting regarding IH’s (circa early 2015?) technology agreements is very interesting and also seems to reveal some aspects which are similar to the ECCO technology, in that electrical stimulation (via pyroelectric effects rather than spark discharge) and ultrasound are mentioned. The one thing that seems to be missing is fuel pre-treatment, which is discussed extensively by ECCO and was also mentioned by Rossi. Here are some notes that I took on some of the teams they were working with at the time (“Additional engagements”) and trying to recruit (“Under development”)

      “Additional engagements”:

      Cooper Core Tech – (Dennis Cravens & Chris Cooper [“Nano-man”]) – piezo and pyro resonance model

      Mizuno is mentioned as receiving support (is this before Clean Planet?)

      Hagelstein – has long been interested in Karabut experiment involving water-jet (ultrasound?) and X-ray emission. I’m not aware if his proposed experiment has been successful.

      “Under development”:

      Etiam Oy – I believe that their patent involves piezoelectric stimulation

      Roger Stringham – was doing ultrasound cavitation, apparently “morphed” to EM (piezo) triggering

      Also, interesting comment on Sifferkoll’s website by “FOJT David” (see agreeing with Sifferkoll’s analysis and stating that “Rossi/Piantelli were right” and that he should be ready for a technology demonstration in a few months.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      And enter the black hole for LENR science.

  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO – SEM images of part processed fuel and nickel foil samples

    Possibly the most beautiful New Fire fuel ever photographed?

    Huge thanks to me356 for doing this work

    • Zeddicus23

      These photos are fascinating. The bubbles look very self-similar, almost like the Mandelbrot set. I see 2D fractal, dendritic fern-like structures, spherical “bubbles”, elongated prismoidal “rods” and many cracks! All of which greatly enhance the surface area! In the photos with the dark “rods” (surrounded by “white” patches and/or white “bubbles”) can you tell us what is the composition of each, i.e. the “dark” area/rods and the “bubble” regions and/or white patches?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hi, sadly cannot tell you specifics – but the Nickel foil bubbles are self-similar and are the kind of structures both Mizuno (clean planet) and me356 are going for. me356 says more of these are better which is supported by Mizuno who says that the target is ‘ovoid’ shape.

        The prismoidal rods are also observed in me356 work which will be shared as part of the verification process (we’d like to see the samples tested live).

        Of course, many cracks – so there is a lot going on. Remember this is only part processed fuel – has not been made into fine particles again and not size graded.

        Since the foil is prepared in ultrasonic hydrogen plasma – it may well have transmutations in it from the get go!

        I am looking to arrange further testing which would encompass EDX of these samples before we get samples of fully processed fuel and ash.

      • LION
    • Zeddicus23

      There are also “snake-like ribbons”. All of this is also reminiscent of Rossi’s “microtubules”.

      • Bob Greenyer

        I think the fibres are carbon nano tubes which can have a length to diameter ratio of 132,000,000:1 kind of twisted to gather like hemp rope by the ultrasonics – in them is caught the particles. There also seams to be small particles of carbon on other particles. EDX would resolve this but sadly me356 does not have that attachment.

    • Stephen

      Wow really great pictures! Thanks to Me356.

      This is looking really good

      • Bob Greenyer

        Can’t wait to get a fully processed sample of fuel and some ash and run a full suite of tests.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Excellent! Many thanks to me356. Good to see some comments by him as well.

      • Bob Greenyer

        He’s gonna come through. Don’t worry.

  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO – Could it work like this?

    I have given a brief overview of how I think the ECCO reaction may be achieved.

  • Bob Greenyer
  • Bob Greenyer

    We already have relationships with universities – they don’t seam to want to know unless it is a guaranteed win. Even then they seam to not want to follow detailed protocol. The biggest challenge is the 9-5, 5 days a week and the bureaucracy – really not conducive to LENR research.

    Moreover, you have to explain 4.5 years of experience and research just to get them up to speed. Very inefficient.

    If ‘experts’ at universities or elsewhere have something valuable to add, then they can criticise the protocol plans we will publish before we conduct the experiments. If you have something valuable to add, then go for it. This the power of open research – it should be considered shameful to be wise after the fact.

    Since we will publish data, videos etc. as we go, people that claim to be competent can suggest things as we proceed so that all criticisms are dealt with.

    As it stands, in the case of both me356 and Suhas, we will be measuring flow rate and temperature rise – no steam.

  • Bob Greenyer

    first and/or second half of May is the current discussed time frame.

  • Bob Greenyer

    The team is coordinating and working in parallel well to bring things together. Of course the focus is on LOS.

    Expect a lot more in the coming days and weeks.

    Me356 has agreed to do the first SEM images of Suhas fuel – so looking forward to seeing what it looks like.

    • Eyedoc

      Hey Bob, just wanted to voice my agreement with your decision to go

      • Bob Greenyer

        Can’t take it out. Like that.

    • Eyedoc

      OK sorry glitched….. , just saying …good decision to go Steemit blockchain at this point ….. uncontrollable

  • Bob Greenyer

    So, with a tally standing at $24,635, we can afford to verify Suhas, me356 and build and test an Egely reactor.

    Also, if anyone can convince Rossi, we have a perfect and accurate mass flow calorimeter in France that would be perfect to verify Rossi’s latest claims.

    • sam

      What is an Egely Reactor?

    • psi2u2


    • LION

      Hi Bob, does that mean you would also be able to properly test and reveal the F/P wire that you were donated?

      • Bob Greenyer

        That was a commitment to donate on the understanding that certain players had no connection with the testing. The person then became ill but has made a partial recovery. That is still on the back burner. The wire still exists.

        • LION

          Hi Bob, thanks for the correction and clarification, I thought the wire was already in MFMP hands.

          • Bob Greenyer

            It was fully intended to be and the owner should already have travelled with it and conducted the experiment – however, as I said, Illness got in the way.

            There is an important lesson here – one must always try to seize the day as soon as an opportunity presents itself, Carpe dium.

  • suhas R

    Message to all
    I am not Dr Suhas Ralkar
    but Mr Suhas Ralkar
    I do hold Postgraduate degree in Physics-Electronics

    • bfast

      In my economy a person is judged more by their actions than by the paper hanging on their wall. You are performing the work of someone with a doctorate. In fact I wish a lot more with doctorates were performing the same work.

      When the dust settles, some smart university will give you the Doctorate for the work you are doing here.

      Oh, by the way Eng. Rossi is often referred to as Dr. Rossi by me and others. Same reason. He’s doing the work.

  • Bob Greenyer

    There are 2 parts to the second technical call – one is linked below

    here is the second

    • artefact

      Very encouraging and a good sound quality. I just need to get more used to the Indian English 🙂
      Thank you Suhas!

    • Charlie tapp

      Is celani going to be any part of this with u guys? Haven’t heard about him since he was corresponding with me356 on lenr forum. Seems appropriate to involve him if possible since he was the first replication. If not how is he doing with his stuff ? Just curious.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Much bigger excess since he added… xenon…

  • Bob Greenyer

    now now…

  • Bob Greenyer
  • Josh G

    I like your style. You motivated me to get a paypal account and make a donation.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks Husky again and thanks Josh G

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hi Guys – I am going to post the audio from the 2nd technical calls in a few mins.

    I am very tired and could do with some help transcribing the key points (there is lots of juicy stuff in there) If you can post it as steemit comments then I can cut and paste them into the main document.

    • artefact

      “Lots of detailed discussion on reasons for ultrasonics, pyrolysis, the history of his fuel development including the ‘hammer and anvil’. Grading the fuel.

      Discusses that he feels it is good enough to get out to start helping people before trying to make the next product.”

    • Rene

      Bob, are they able to chirp the ultrasonic drive? Suhas says the particles have a range of sizes, so broadening the range of frequencies might bring to resonance a greater number of them.

  • Adam Lepczak

    Ultrasonic pulses seem are to be the key. Perhaps a similar setup/experiment should be conducted by the “dog bone” reactor?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Planning is underway – we have much of what is needed in place.

      Look out for the second set of technical calls with Suhas I have just done – LOTs of juicy detail.

      • Adam Lepczak

        Thank you Bob .As far as the formal experiment goes perhaps consult with Mats Lewan. Could he possibly attend and consult re: measurements and calorimetry? He was a technical expert during Andrea Rossi’s first public demo.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Good nomination

          • sam

            I nominate Mary Yugo
            A World expert in measurements.

            • Bob Greenyer


              • sam

                Hi Bob
                I just hope you avoid did they do the tests right,
                are they qualified,or a buddy
                that came up with the Ecat.
                Would there be any harm in
                an Email to M.Y. to see if he
                could recommend someone
                to do tests at a good price.
                Anyway that’s my 2 cents
                worth for today and whatever you decide is
                good with me.


                • Bob Greenyer

                  Worth co-opting yes – but that is not how MY works.

                  Thing is, it is beyond that – when there are 100 units out there in independent labs – what is he going to do then?

                • sam

                  I don’t know what M.Y. will do but if the technology is
                  tested in a few labs that
                  will be convincing one way or the other.

  • Bob Greenyer

    You’re very lucky – when you know how to make high spin mono atomic gold, you will be glad you have it. It is much more valuable than the sticker price.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Adamenko made gold long before Egely using low pressure discharge copper to copper… some specs were over 70% gold.

    Egely’s is potentially much more efficient if tuned.

    And that is just two examples.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Just had second technical call with Suhas – Fantastic detail – preparing post over next few hours.

  • Bob Greenyer
    • Wishful Thinking Energy

      Maybe this has already been mentioned, but is there any reason the reactor has to produce steam versus heated water? It’s much easier to measure water delta T versus water delta T plus steam quality etc.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      If the expected output is not too high, you could use an isolated tank with a looped connection to the reactor. The flow should be fast enough to prevent boiling. For example, with 1 kW average power you could heat up 1 m^3 water in 24 hours by about 20 degrees. You would not even need to know the flow rate, and it should suffice to measure the water temperature (after stirring and at multiple locations) once before and once after the test.

      • Bob Greenyer

        it is 8kw+ output

        • Andreas Moraitis

          OK, that’s too much. But you could use only one of the eight modules.

    • Wishful Thinking Energy

      Sorry Bob, I just read the last sentence in your document. Good, I’m glad that mass flow versus heat of vaporization calorimetry is the hoped for plan.

  • Bingo

    Where can we read more about Dr Suhas Ralker. I am struggling to get any hits on Google.

    • Bob Greenyer

      At the moment he wants it that way. No good can come from doxxing right now.

      • Fibber McGourlic

        Gosh almighty! Wikipedia has gone and doxxed 2,834,612 people. And Oxford has done another 55,000. And all those darned phone books!

        • SG

          Some people don’t want to be doxxed on the Internet. Give him a break.