Documents in Rossi Case Reveal Correspondence Between Rossi and JM Products

New documents published in the Court docket of the Rossi v. IH case have shown some correspondence between Andrea Rossi and James A. Bass, who is associated with JM Products, the company formed by attorney Henry Johnson of Boca Raton which was formed to be a customer for the E-Cat plant Andrea Rossi ran in Florida.

In a document filed (document 118 here)by Industrial Heat’s legal team, they state that James Bass and Henry Johnson has so far provided 842 pages of documents and state:

Even though this is not a sizable production, the documents in the production have already clearly established important allegations in this case to the benefit of Defendants, including among other things that (a) Third Party Defendant J.M. Products (“JMP”) was not a “real Customer” (to use Rossi’s phrase) using power from Plaintiffs in a manufacturing process, (b) JMP was not associated with the wellknown British company of Johnson Matthey, and (c) Rossi was in control of JMP and paying for all JMP’s expenses, but in a manner to conceal this from others, including Defendants.

They provide some samples of emails in Exhibit A, which is Document 118-01 here.

In some of the email correspondence between Rossi and Bass, Rossi informs Bass of visitors that will be coming the plant, and that he needs to be there to meet them. In an email of Feb 15, 2016, Bass writes to Rossi:

“When we met with some people last year (I do not remember who it was), one of them asked me how does Johnson-Matthey heat their sponge in other plants. At the time I did not know you were cooking platinum, and I didn’t know what process they were using in other US operations, so I was very uncomfortable answering.

“My question is, will the people I meet tomorrow want to know anything technical?”

He also asks:

“Are they interested in the JM side only, or the Leonardo side (which I know nothing about!)?

“What do you want me to say about what we are doing on the JM side? For example will they ask me anything at all about the platinum?”

Rossi responds:

“Absolutely not, he will just ask you if you are satisfied with the plant. No thecnical [sic] questions will be put.”

Other emails included in the exhibit are from Andrea Rossi. In one, he makes requests of JM Products to make an invoice to Leonardo for $1050 for 4,000 grams of nickel powder 99.6 per cent purity. In another he notifies an assistant to Henry W. Johnson that he will transfer $500 from Leonardo Corporation to the JM products account.

In another email, Rossi states that name of the company should officially be “JM Products-Advanced derivatives of Johnson Matthey Platinum Sponge.”

So from what we read here, which is only a very small portion of the 842 pages that have been provided in the case, it sounds like Andrea Rossi was closely involved with the operations of JM Products, which was operating out of the Henry W. Johnson law office. This is apparently why IH does not consider them to be an independent company.

So what can we learn about what JM Products might have been doing at the plant? When we read about cooking platinum, ordering nickel, and advanced derivatives of Johnson Matthey Platinum, it makes me wonder whether the plant was actually involved in producing materials, perhaps fuel, use in E-Cats — and maybe this is why Rossi has been so secretive about what was going on there.

We know that Rossi uses nickel powder in his reactors, so having JM Products ordering 4 kg of it, so could have been processing it, using Rossi’s E-Cat plant as the power source?

There is still so much secrecy and mystery surrounding this whole story, and maybe this case will continue to shed more light.

UPDATE (January 14, 2015)

Andrea Rossi posted this comment related to the above on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Andrea Rossi
January 14, 2017 at 1:27 PM
1- the publication of the emails or the diffusion or of their content is in violation of the confidentiality put from the Court. The matter of the pre-trial research is strictly confidential and I cannot make any comment, while our Attorneys will take care of the matter.
2- in general, the publication of pieces of evidence abstract from the specific context is misleading and nonsensical: I cannot speak of the specifics of this case, because they have to be brought first in Court
3- I am more that convinced that we have all the necessary evidence to sustain our case and our evidence does not belong to the blogs, but to the due place
4- our Counterpart has asked for a delay of the term to present evidence against us, we do not need any delay because we have all the necessary evidence already.
Warm Regards,

  • Stephen

    I totally agree with you Clovis.

    Unfortunately the IH case seems to be largely based on discrediting The JMP operation behind the wall in attempt to discredit the character of Andrea Rossi.

    If the E-cat clearly didn’t work I’m not sure why they would need to do that.

    I’m also pretty sure JMP did have something behind the wall. I can think of a number of possibilities from something very simple to somethings more complex. But after following this story a while and seeing how Smart Rossi is I would bet it is something very useful. That would also explain why he was keen to have the E-Cat located there.

    Do you remember the old days back in the 70’s and 80’s. The concerns then were different than today. We were apparently going to run out of oil in a few decades. We were apparently due another ice age. Solar power was not viable, Nuclear power was quite unpopular and even it’s saftey was popularly a big concern. Even Hydropower was disrupting large communities. AR’s technology solution back in those days seem very smart to me for the concerns of the time to me too. And also provided useful recycled Hydrocarbons. Perhaps there were other issues for him with finance or disrupted project management, but I think even these issues were real they were likely were not purely of his making. But the technology idea was a very smart idea for the issues of the time. With out a doubt he is technologically very smart.

  • That may be true, but why did N.I. stick its neck out and publicly state that Rossi’s device had great promise? If they never tested it, why say something that controversial that could come back and haunt them? National Instruments produces control systems for nuclear reactors. They must know something about measuring heat. No? That said, I am now a Rossi skeptic and a LENR skeptic until someone actually proves something. A COP of 1.3 that you cannot even produce on a consistent basis is not proof of anything. The fact that even tiny results are not reliably reproducible is a giant red flag that shouts any positive results are just measuring errors. The Russian and Chinese “replications” have never convinced me because they are too weak and unreliable.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      NI CEO James Truchard is personally interested in LENR and they/he have also sponsored different LENR entities. This was discussed on ECW a few years back although I don’t remember the details by heart.

      • NI never supported Rossi. Rossai said much then admitted they he was just using tools from them. NI said nothing.

        Truched wupproted, like me, LENR since long, but he have a company to run.
        He pushed LENR few years ago, but with defkalion crash nothing more. Dennis Cravens was just theer last NiWeek I remember…

        I’m afraid Truchard is worried about the fraudsters now.

        • clovis ray

          Hi guys
          I remember those conversations ,n/i were consulted as to the best ways to measure heat and i have discovered over the years it is quite complicated to get an accorrate reading Dr. R was getting expert advice as which meters to use and how. I learned a few things i did not know about those things.

        • Omega Z

          Rossi said he was working with National Instruments.
          Rossi also said he was working with Siemens.

          All Rossi meant was he was in consultations with these companies. It was the blogs that construed this to mean more then what it was.

          I don’t hold Rossi responsible for what the blogs say nor is he responsible to monitor the blogs to correct them.

  • Brent Buckner

    I am open to the possibility that Rossi has a personality disorder.