Rossi Plans Two Presentations of QuarkX, Sweden and USA

Over the last few weeks Andrea Rossi has been mentioning that he plans to hold what he has described as both a ‘presentation’ and ‘demonstration’ of the QuarkX reactor next year. He says he hopes it will take place around February — providing that the 5 Sigma goal for the QuarkX’s performance has been reached in testing.

Today he has stated on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that there will be two separate presentations — one in Sweden and one in the USA.

I hope that these events are held — it has been a long time since we’ve had any public demonstrations from him and so far we have not seen any kind of image of the QuarkX, (except for a hazy blue light which really gave very little information).

Information about what we might expect at these demonstrations is very sketchy. So far, Rossi has only mentioned that some kind of dummy reactor could be involved as a control. With a lot of skepticism out there regarding Rossi’s claims it might be difficult to pull off something that is likely to sway the doubters, but we’ll have to see what he has planned. Probably these would be more of publicity events, rather than scientific tests. Perhaps he will be open to ideas of what might make an effective presentation.

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  1. What motivate Rossi to make a presentation?
    1. Raise funding? I think he would prefer connect with investors with more discretion.
    2. Marketing? Public marketing will create more problem than benefits. He could approach his specific customers in a more efficient way.
    Any better motives? I can’t see the point, unless he’s very short on cash.

    1. A presentation marks the end of the R&D phase and the beginning of the marketing/manufacturing phase. This much is what Rossi has stated in his blog.

    2. Public presentation will clear notice to thousands of old tech builders, that their capital expenditure into old tech will waste of capital. Every day of delay of such clear public notice is waste of 3 to 6 billion USD. Rossi know this.

    3. People are loosing interest due to lack of visible progress from Rossi, reference the size of the response here on e-catworld on this news. Perhaps Rossi thinks he need a little bit of interest out there from his “followers”. Time to pump up a bit more interest?

      1. Build,

        I think the interest is still there and may be greater as more people become aware of the potential.
        The problem comes from no one knowing if the tech works as stated

      2. Build,

        I think the interest is still there and may be greater as more people become aware of the potential.
        The problem comes from no one knowing if the tech works as stated

  2. It would be nice to be able to retire the tinfoil hat and feel respectable talking about Rossi an LENR, especially with family. 2017 cannot come soon enough.

    Enjoy your final fringe holiday season.

  3. I’ll take interest when he posts a date certain for his presentation and it is one that can be observed and measured by independent parties. If it’s not that, just another internal one, then my interest wanes until he sells a working product.

    1. Well, Rene, he’s stated the prototype will be completed AND SOLD this year- that may (or not) be coincident with the demonstration, so if you don’t consider the customer an independent party, that won’t satisfy your first demand- but why wouldn’t it satisfy your second? I can’t imagine any customer would spring for a bench prototype of something of this size, this would have to be commercial/industrial-duty capable. There’s only 50-odd days left this year, that’s a pretty

      short-term stall.
      MIT just got to 2 atm. pressure confinement at 35 million deg. for HF experiments, so now HF is LESS than 20 years “in the future”. I don’t think the first-world nations will sail along merrily long enough to solve those problems without LENR underpinning the decrepit and floundering world economies within the next few years, do you? The BRICKs, I think, will simply step back and let the first world dissolve.

      1. Words like “will be” are Rossi-says, not accomplishments. We also know ‘the customer’, in his last ‘industrial demo’ was far from independent. So, none of those satisfy my low bars of acceptance, hence what remains is as I stated. He has chosen the trade secret industrialist approach, and the bar for accomplishment is an actual working commercial product.

  4. A presentation of a new product along with (possibly) a new partner for the manufacturing and marketing? Now wouldn’t that be of interest to the whole world.

    1. Unfortunately, no. All the contrarians who still hold sway on the global scale will simply declare the demonstration a scam, and any “partner” a fraud

      like Defkalion. Just like today’s election, facts (especially the very solid, readily verified facts) don’t matter to a YUGE! number of people. An an even YUGER! number are swayed by the big lies (the ones based on fact, but twisted to become support for negating other facts), so every defect in the previous tests and Rossi’s past will have more bearing that any actual events.

      1. That really depends on the type of demonstration and who the partner is, boiling a pot of water with almost no power, while the partner explains the concept and manufacturing, may well be enough to open the eyes and wallets of a few, and that may be enough.

        I do totally understand your thinking and the process of repeating a lie to make it a truth and yet… and yet, I have some faith in the next demonstration, I have faith that a kettle will boil water or that a manufacturer will incorporate the Quark in a product.

        I have faith that Mr Rossi has a product and that he has an understanding of the basic theory of what is happening. But I am nobody, so what I think makes no difference.

        1. Swat,

          I think you have “Hope”, we all do,
          But not “Faith”.
          I have zero faith that Rossi actually brings to market a product where
          Energy Out > Energy In

          1. You may think whatever you want rosie69.

            That you have zero faith is pretty obvious in your negativity, but totally irrelevant to how I feel.

  5. Rossi have a strong competitor, Brillant Light Power, and these 2 are very near to produce, probably in 2017. BLP has started this race with theory, technology, planification of activities…
    If Rossi want strongly exist, he must run similar steps … or dead. But all his life shows his ability to fight to exist and build solutions. We can be confident.

  6. On JONP:

    Pun against BLP?
    “Koen Vandewalle November 7, 2016 at 3:23 PM
    Dear Svein Henrik,
    I fully agree with your vision on this item.
    Also there may be nonpublic limitations on energy densities for
    nonmilitary use. I really do not want homemade, jet powered drones in
    our sky. Dear Andrea Rossi, can you inform us on this please ?
    Kind regards, Koen

    Andrea Rossi November 7, 2016 at 3:29 PM
    Koen Vandewalle:
    This issue is resolved through the safety certification process, that also makes laws respected.
    Warm Regards, A.R.”

    1. My guesses (pardon the humor):
      Eng48 is working on his water purifier and waiting for delivery of a working e-cat to run it.
      BobG is busy on the new research facility & lacking any progress on it or Higgins’ clamshell since last vid, probably has nothing to say presently.
      356 is hunkering behind lead and wax walls trying to figure out how to de-muonize his experiment.
      axil is in a parallel universe harvesting new theories.
      The barrel is empty because there is no news presently.

    2. The pacermonitor is updated with a file. Another attorney is added to the Darden group. replies within 10 days.. Scraping, scraping…

      Quit for the storm, eventualy the Darde-Rossi case will give us something to discuss about. Good or Bad

  7. On JONP:

    “Andrea Rossi November 9, 2016 at 1:07 PM
    Good standing, but today goes all to study 1 000 pages that my Attorneys
    gave me yesterday to control . Must deliver by tomorrow. Getting fun.
    Warm Regards, A.R.”

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