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This is a post in response to an article titled “The Pied Piper of Bologna: Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat Con” which mentions E-Cat World by Steven B. Krivit posted on New Energy Times here: http://newenergytimes.com/v2/sr/RossiECat/Andrea-Rossi-Energy-Catalyzer-Investigation-Index.shtml

Steven Krivit writes “The Web site is maintained by Frank Ackland [sic], a man with no known affiliation or publicly available background, and whose business affiliation with Rossi is unknown.” Just to be clear, there is no business affiliation between myself and Andrea Rossi or Leonardo Corporation.

I started E-Cat World in April 2011 because I became convinced that Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi were demonstrating a valid technology back in their January 2011 news conference when they introduced the E-Cat, and I thought it was a topic worthy of attention and discussion. And we don’t just stick to covering the E-Cat here, either. We follow other LENR developments, along with related topics and technologies.

Of course I am very aware of the many unexpected twists and turns the story has taken since we started up here, and we are still waiting for a commercial E-Cat launch. I know some people have become frustrated, disillusioned and maybe bored along the way because of the waiting, and now the contentious legal case between Rossi and Industrial Heat — and that’s understandable. However, nearly 6 years after learning about the E-Cat, based on all I have learned so far, I still am convinced the technology is real and valid, and that it’s a topic worth taking seriously, especially when so few news sources are doing so.

I’ll continue to treat the E-Cat here as a serious new energy production technology with significant potential, however its success in the marketplace is yet to be determined. I’m also interested in the various E-Cat replication efforts that have been made, some of which have shown promising results — and I hope they continue. We will also continue to cover other interesting news and developments in related fields.

Frank Acland

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  1. You don’t have to answer to skeptopaths Frank. You are more fair to them than they deserve. And yet, every time your name is mentioned by them, implied libel follows.

    The fact that you support independent verification, speaks volumes. But from my point of view, the very people they would claim to be independent are the ones we should trust the least. People like you are our only hope for independence. Thanks for your effort and revealing that some people still have dignity.

  2. You do a great work. That’s a priceless for all of us to have this respectful place of knowledge and discussion.
    That is the only thing that really count, Frank you’re a real gentleman and you showed it once more today.

  3. I think Krivit is Jealous of E-cat World. Also, he is a special kind of snarky writer that you love to hate. Sometimes he publishes good stuff, hut he is like a Pit-bull he just won’t let anything go if he has been upset about it. His dislike of Rossi is clearly personal and he can’t seem to see past it.

  4. Frank, I am really appalled that anyone could have made such a nasty attack on you. As far as I am concerned you have been a very fair, well-balanced commentator on this topic for several years. Please ignore this ill-intentioned person and carry on as before !

      1. After reading the whole article, I retract the statement that Taubes was worse than Krivit. Krivit has succeeded in surpassing Taubes.

  5. E-Cat World – one of the beacons of hope. Keep up the great work, Frank! I, for one, am very thankful for E-Cat World – it’s also a great site to refer others to when talking about LENR (I also like these sites:

    http://www.brettholverstott.com/ (especially http://www.brettholverstott.com/annoucements/2016/7/21/accountability)

    amongst others, but E-Cat World provides a really useful centre of gravity for current LENR developments.

    1. Just followed your link to Brett’s blog. He writes there every bit as well as he wrote his excellent book.

      Very nice to see others who have liked Brett’s work.

      Doug Marker

  6. I check E-Cat World for updates at least twice a day. Please continue your good work Frank.

    However things turn out, we have been greatly blessed to have this site.

    1. I’m Agree Wiliam ….Frank….continue your great work with intellectual indipence and free thinking.
      Those who read are certainly many more than those who write here, and you know it well. Thank you for everything you spend on these pages

  7. E-Cat World is one of four or five places I go to on the internet everyday. Thank you Frank, for creating and maintaining E-Cat World.

  8. From the Wright Brothers Wikipedia page.


    The only photos of the flights of 1904–1905 were taken by the brothers. (A few photos were damaged in the Great Dayton Flood of 1913, but most survived intact.) In 1904 Ohio beekeeping businessman Amos Root,
    a technology enthusiast, saw a few flights including the first circle.
    Articles he wrote for his beekeeping magazine were the only published
    eyewitness reports of the Huffman Prairie flights, except for the
    unimpressive early hop local newsmen saw. Root offered a report to Scientific American
    magazine, but the editor turned it down. As a result, the news was not
    widely known outside of Ohio, and was often met with skepticism. The
    Paris edition of the Herald Tribune headlined a 1906 article on the Wrights “FLYERS OR LIARS?”

    In years to come Dayton newspapers would proudly celebrate the
    hometown Wright brothers as national heroes, but the local reporters
    somehow missed one of the most important stories in history as it was
    happening a few miles from their doorstep. James M. Cox, publisher at that time of the Dayton Daily News
    (later governor of Ohio and Democratic presidential nominee in 1920),
    expressed the attitude of newspapermen—and the public—in those days when
    he admitted years later, “Frankly, none of us believed it.”

    The Wright brothers were certainly complicit in the lack of attention
    they received. Fearful of competitors stealing their ideas, and still
    without a patent, they flew on only one more day after October 5. From
    then on, they refused to fly anywhere unless they had a firm contract to
    sell their aircraft. They wrote to the U.S. government, then to
    Britain, France and Germany with an offer to sell a flying machine, but
    were rebuffed because they insisted on a signed contract before giving a
    demonstration. They were unwilling even to show their photographs of
    the airborne Flyer. The American military, having recently spent $50,000
    on the Langley Aerodrome—a product of the nation’s foremost
    scientist—only to see it plunge twice into the Potomac River “like a
    handful of mortar”, was particularly unreceptive to the claims of two
    unknown bicycle makers from Ohio.[89]
    Thus, doubted or scorned, the Wright brothers continued their work in
    semi-obscurity, while other aviation pioneers like Santos-Dumont, Henri Farman, Léon Delagrange and American Glenn Curtiss entered the limelight.


    The parallels between the wright brothers and rossi are simply uncanny. They had a physical item to sell, not one of mathematics and theory in a black box. I bring this to your attention frank because i believe that if the powers that be fail to bring rossi to heel then they will begin to attack his supporters undermining their dedication and devotion to the larger picture at hand.

    The ecat is not a plane, It is substantially harder to grasp, than a guy you can physically see gliding through the air. Your predication of this website is based on the affirmation of the evidence as has been presented and judged in your eyes. Those of us who visit daily see that same predication as our view and support you and this site by continually returning to find timely updates and a fair but sometimes divided view in the threads we read nightly.

    Kravitz is entitled to his opinions and those who follow his line of thinking are welcome to visit his site and congratulate and support his view. I prefer the e-catworld as the divided nature of this conflict is normally resolved with logical discourse if not at least passionate belief in one side or the other on the given issue. Your moderation in keeping the more vapid and discordant dissident’s in line is most appreciated. We all appreciate opposing view points, but uncouth behavior and trolling is something i believe you have kept well in hand, while allowing those who speak for or against the subject to debate in a reasonable manner.

    I know that the E-cat will face many challenges, there will be gains and set backs that will whip our emotions from high to lows in the space of the time it takes someone to read the title of one of your threads.

    I thank you for the time, the devotion, and the dedication that you have put into providing the proving grounds for which most of us have stained with our own opinions right or wrong at some point over these past few years.

    Fight on brother, and never hang your head for daring to believe.

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”
    ― Noam Chomsky

    Thank You
    A Devoted Fan of the E-CatWorld
    Billy Jackson.

  9. Frank allows an even handed discussion of LENR, the Rossi E-Cat and related matters.

    I searched the internet, about 3 years back, for information on LENR and have settled on E-Cat World as my go-to place to check on the latest.
    From what I’ve see of Krivit, he is motivated negatively towards LENR, specifically against Rossi, for reasons that are unclear. Did something negative happen between Krivit and Rossi? Is Krivit being paid to be negative by those trying to prevent / delay the arrival of LENR?
    One thing is sure, Krivit is motivated negatively while, at the same time, knows LENR is real.
    All of the long term LENR naysayers know, by now, that LENR is a real phenomena, the evidence is undeniable. What are their motives for publicly and actively working against it?

    Regarding Rossi, I attended the most recent MFMP glowstick experiment and was there when some evidence of excess heat was showing up. It appears to be a lot harder than we had hoped to catch up to Rossi. The evidence for LENR is exceedingly strong, the only question is, has it reached useful commercial levels of power output. My guess is that Rossi has what he says, but feels that everyone else is a long way behind on some key secrets and he can comfortably keep on developing and marketing at his pace. If this is true, this leaves plenty of room for the naysayers, and those motivated to prevent the advent of LENR, to wax on about Rossi and LENR being a hoax. Interestingly, their efforts very likely are aiding Rossi in the long term, to become many times wealthier than anyone alive today.

    One could speculate that Krivit has invested with Rossi and is wanting to increase his (Krivit’s) long term financial gain, by helping Rossi to have the long term advantage.

  10. Good Job Frank
    Dont know what Krevit says but “The lion does generally not think much about what the goats think of him”
    Just stick to the truth

  11. I’ve been following E-Cat World since the start in 2011. Definitely the number one source of information regarding the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi. I want to express my compliments for the persistence and the diligence of the work of Frank, who have kept all of us informed about the latest developments. The fact that Frank is independent and not tied to an NDA has allowed him to be unbiased and able to make balanced assertions about the technology.

    Indeed, a lot of people have abandoned the ship, in frustration or in disillusionment. And I tend to agree that protecting your trade secrets is not the only recipe for a winning strategy. I think Rossi and the rest of humanity would benefit from disseminating some of the secrets to the scientific community. When you’re too paranoid about the competition, you forget about those who are willing to freely contribute to your cause.

  12. Dear Frank,
    I would like to express my support. You are doing a very important thing – giving the balanced information in a way similar to a standard scientific approach. I am following your site from its begging. Only one wish, please just continue!

  13. Frank, you are running a wonderful site and I know you are unbypassed in your opinions and your believe in the Ecat. It’s my number one site which I have been checking several times a day for LENR news for more than 5 years now. Maybe put your song you made years ago somewhere prominent, that convinces everyone of your good intentions (maybe with exception of Krivit).
    I hope that you will continue to run this site and that many more members will join and contribute to enable you doing it.

  14. Frank,

    It would seem you, ECW and your readers are having a positive effect on lifting the doubt that the very harsh critics aim at Rossi.

    That Krivit has you and ECW in his sights says he knows what is happening on ECW is causing a big dent in the anti Rossi champaign he and other are apparently engaged in.

  15. Frank,
    I have thought long and hard over making this post, and decided to do so even knowing there are people ‘out there’, some my friends, who will take issue with me for this post.

    You offer a very valuable service and while some people feel the policing at ecatworld is very ‘pro believer’ – I have come to regard that as a core asset you offer. The lack of policing at ‘pro skeptic’ sites, usually destroys them as any kind of vehicle for ‘general open discourse’.
    Time and again the septic sites turn into animal packs where groups of hangers on attach themselves in the most negative ways to a pack leader. Then seek to gain approval of their chosen ‘leader’ who more often than not is a left brain intellectual, with a high ‘ sensing’ score (Jungian psych), typically with a low emotion score, often a little intuition score, but show a high extrovert score. A pack leader.

    It is a fact of life well described in Jungian psychology literature, That those among us who are left brain users, tend to dislike and attack right brain users. But it is also a reality that in accepting this 1st premise, we have to accept another reality that right brain users so often tune into realities that left brain users (especially extroverted ones) just can’t see or grasp. In Jungian psych, a strong left brain exerts more control and thus too easily suppresses such creativity and intuition that right brain people are famous for.

    Without overdoing this topic, I will add that I regard Steven Krivit as a friend and a very talented left brain user. But, as good a friend as he is, you do not deserve to be pilloried in the way you have.

    So, keep up your efforts as they have a value way beyond the politics of left minded intellectuals and seeking to score intellectual points at the expense of those among (and of) us who dream the dreams, see a vision, and want to place faith the in hope and expectation.

    We all have to learn realities at our own pace and as befits our individual psyche and what keeps us motivated as the person we are.

    Frank you are valuable and so us this site.

    Doug Marker

    1. You are right that Krivit overly criticizes Andrea Rossi. On the other hand it might be that AR tried to convince Krivit of a not working Ecat in 2011 (when Krivit visited him), or that AR got angry when Krivit asked his questions not very politely and showed his disbelieve openly. They separated both extremely agitated,which resulted in an extremely negative article of Krivit. Maybe both are to blame for this.

      1. As I understand the event, Rossi threw Krivit out of his lab when he discovered Krivit had a concealed spectrum analyser.

        Plus when Krivit interviewed Focardi, he basically, to an Italian, totally disrespected Focardi. Maybe that is OK for a arrogant Yank, but it is not how Italians work.

        1. That may well be what happend. The most likely scenario in that light is that Krivit has/had another agenda. His view made him a paria in the LENR field and he is totally neglected now.

  16. Another day and here we all are on the BEST Website covering the Rossi saga and other most interesting attempts to discover over-unity energy.
    Frank has given over five years of constant work and effort to cover the story and I think like the rest of us waits excitedly for that first indisputable report showing repeatable, open excess energy.
    Rossi has certainly not helped the World in anyway while he sits in his position of the Wizard of OZ, while people wait and suffer for the discoveries, that he may or may not have made.
    Nobody with any sense cares about Krivit, maryyugo etc. etc. only Facts and solid Evidence are of any use, opinions just worthless fun or vindictiveness, much used by those that try to make out they know all the answers or control others.
    Every report on ECW is either reported as Fact or Frank states clearly, this is only hearsay etc.
    The most enjoyable Website on the most important subject in the World, Viva E-Cat World.
    Hope everybody is contributing their very small subscriptions to help keep this Wonderful community flowering.

  17. Frank,
    I felt much the same way as you, thinking the original 2011 demo and particularly Levi’s experiment a few days later offered hope of a new energy source.
    As you say, the bends and bumps in the road can be frustrating, but five years is not a long time to bring a new technology to commercial use – particularly when it is not understood.
    Your blog is easily best news source for following LENR.
    Thank you.

  18. Abd says — “and I think I’d probably know.”
    Well Abd, I for one am in awe of your self considered importance, every organization etc. that would like to stop or slow a new energy source informs you of their plans on how to do so before proceeding.
    It is a privilege to be in such illustrious company.

  19. I just wonder what motivates him if he is not being paid to be so persistent? Some sense of justice? If Rossi is a fraud it would have borne out by now. Most folks here that follow the E-cat and other developments understand that this type of development is precarious at best as there are many roadblocks to bring ANY product to market, let alone a new paradigm shifting energy source.

  20. A.R. Said he had to get in touch with Cook on Sept 20 Rossi blog.
    If I remember correctly he said N.C. Was to present a theory at
    ICCF in Japan .
    Maybe Norman is a part of A.R. Dream.
    Does anyone know anything about
    Norman Cook?

  21. I sent an inquiry to Norman Cook inquiring about his perspective on the significance of 5 sigma via email recently, and he did not reply back to me yet as of today. I seem to remember that Rossi and Cook took issue over some theory a few months ago, maybe somebody can fill in this history for us if they remember.

  22. Frank,

    Your E-Cat World reporting is an informative source of information for me to consider each day. THANK YOU! The alternative view of Steven Krivit (sic) reminds me of the the DSM IV diagnostic codes I used while writing software to assist 7 psychiatrists in grasping the nature of multiple facets to psychiatric disorders, as apposed to a one code fits all. Perhaps they would have discussed 317, 315, 315.1, 315.2, 315.31, 307.9 and 313.81 or 312.9.

    Please keep up the exciting challenge you have selected for your career, even if like me, your own family doesn’t really understand what you do for a living.

    God bless,

  23. Thanks to all for your supportive comments. I wasn’t really looking for validation with this post, I just wanted to make clear that I did not have any business relationship with Andrea Rossi or Leonardo Corp., as the article stated that this was ‘unknown’. I’m closing this thread now for new comments.

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