LENR Researcher Stanislaw Szpak Dies

Peter Gluck on his Ego Out website reported yesterday that Polish-American electrochemist Stanislaw Szpak, who worked at the US Navy’s SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific agency, has died at the age of 96. Szpak was a longtime researcher in the field of LENR/cold fusion, having become interested in the field following the Pons and Fleischmann announcement in 1989.

Szpak was credited as being largely responsible for the idea of using a palladium-deuterium co-deposition technique in LENR experiments, which apparently helped with reproducibilty of LENR effect. The recently released paper from the US Defense Threat Agency, “Investigation of Nano-Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter” by Mosier-Boss, Forsley and McDaniel states:

The lead scientist in those torpedo propulsion efforts, Stanislaw Szpak, was aware of the Fleischmann–Pons experiment prior to the press conference and knew about the long incubation times needed to fully load bulk Pd with D. To reduce the incubation time, he developed the Pd/D co-deposition process as a means to initiate low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) inside the Pd lattice. In this process, working and counter electrodes are immersed in a solution of palladium chloride and lithium chloride in deuterated water (p. 1).

[. . .]

“The Pd/D co-deposition process has been shown to provide a reproducible means of manufacturing Pd-D nano-alloys that induce low energy nuclear reactions (LENRs). Cyclic voltammetry (2,3) and galvanostatic pulsing (4) experiments indicate that, by using the co-deposition technique, a high degree of deuterium loading (with an atomic ratio D/Pd>1) is obtained within seconds.

Below is an interview with Stan Szpak by Ruby Carat conducted in January 2015, where he discusses his work.

A biographical sketch of Szpak has been written on the New Energy Times website here: http://news.newenergytimes.net/2016/10/13/u-s-navy-lenr-researcher-stanislaw-szpak-dies/

  • greggoble

    Pondering LENR Energy and the Global Energy Corporation GeNie Reactor

    Global Energy Corporation offers the LENR technology developed by the SPAWAR group with Szpak, Mosely-Boss, Forsley and F. Gordon.

    A few months ago Global Energy Corp. remodeled their website which now states…
    “GEC initial focus is the product development and commercialization of Small Modular Generators (SMG’s) using Hybrid Fusion technology. GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world”.

    For everyone who is following the E-Cat story and replications, and the recent Brillouin presentations, this is an interesting diversion, yet perhaps provides an even more intriguing mystery.

    Who are the Global Energy Corporation 250MWe to 5GWe SMG Hybrid LENR fusion fission GeNie reactor construction contracts with and where will they be built?

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    It is a tragedy for our planet that Stanislaw Szpak’s work has not been publicized. I smell OIL!

  • Zephir

    What Szpak achieved is not only codeposition process but also direct observation of nuclear reaction with thermocamera – it’s the best and most direct evidence of LENR we have so far. This observation belongs into iconic experiments in cold fusion research already. Note that this video is over twenty years old already and yet you can still see any attempt for its replication in mainstream physics – this is what the ignorance and Galileo effect is called.


  • MasterBlaster7

    Flights of angels Dr. Szpak.

  • Gerard McEk

    If you want to do similar approach but not in water then you should sputter nickel on a substrate in an hydrogen atmosphere. If the substrate is at a negative voltage and the voltage is high enough for a discharge then I believe LENR will take place very soon (and evaporate the substrate).

  • Warthog

    The SPAWAR group with Szpak, Mosely-Boss, and others has done some of the best science in LENR than probably any other single entity. Their approaches were innovative, soundly grounded, and thorough. Kudos to them, and God’s blessing on Dr. Szpak.

    • Gerard McEk

      Yes indeed, so why is it stopped? Didn’t see their boss the potential of this?

      • Jimr

        I think it may have been stopped due to other military black projects that had already developed the technology. Or other military organizations were developing the same technology and were further advanced. I can think of no other reason.

      • Warthog

        Their boss supported them at every turn, so he definitely saw the potential. My (unsupported by any evidence) take is they did the initial work and passed it on to other researchers for further development.

        • Gerard McEk

          So maybe the military are much further than we think… Than why is this information leaked out of SPAWAR? To put other nations on a dead end track?

          • Warthog

            The military is usually “much further than we think”.

            I don’t see the paper as a leak. It appears to me to be a “final summation of work performed” now that the project is officially closed (at SPAWAR), and written more for the bureaucrats so they can see what they got for their invested grant funds. Standard government contract requirement.

            • Gerard McEk

              I would assume that this SPAWAR project would be classified when it has lead to a positive conclusion.

  • Skip

    Bye Stan, and thanx…

    • Ged

      We all stand in the shoulders of giants…