Industrial Heat to Organize ICCF21 in Raleigh, NC

Thanks to Sam for pointing out this comment on Peter Gluck’s Ego Out website here:


At the gala dinner at Sendai it was announced that the next ICCF21 will take place in June 2018 at Raleigh (North Caroline) organized by Industrial Heat. In May 2017 it will be organized a workshop at Sienna in Italy.

Having Industrial heat organizing the conference certainly indicates that despite their conflicts with, and reservations about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, they are positive about the field of LENR and committed to operating in the field for quite some time to come.

I think we can safely guess that Rossi will not be attending, but then he never does go these meetings. If the E-Cat hits the market before the conference takes place then I would expect the flavor of the meeting would be quite different than ICCF meetings have been to date, and it would put IH in an interesting position. It would be hard to deny the reality of the E-Cat if it is obviously working in a commercial environment. On the other hand, if the E-Cat has still not emerged by then, Industrial Heat could be seen as a company to spearhead continued efforts in LENR.

We’ll have to see how things stand 20 months from now.

  • Omega Z

    If you study the Cherokee connections, you will find a who’s who of the energy industry from the companies who support them with hardware such as Seimens, GE to the major distributors. I find it highly probable that Darden is just the front man for these industries and not the power.

    As to the Cherokee brown field investors, I doubt many if any of them are involved. They do not fit the profile for this type of investment..

  • sam
  • Sam

    IH who never ever shares any (relevant) information unless there is a court order now wants to arrange the ICCF. As if they never had before…..

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Like asking a Fox to organize a chicken convention.

    • roseland67

      20 months?
      Once again, I’ll take the “over”

      • Bernie Koppenhofer


  • Freethinker

    Then to reiterate, as I am not really impressed by the decision made by ICCF:

    Why should IH host ICCF21?
    It will lend IH undeserved academic credibility, but will do the contrary to ICCF.

    • Gerard McEk

      Indeed, it is strategically a good move of IH, and the question is how ICCF will come out. In this time till june ’18 a lot can happen and I have to see what happens if Rossi wins the court case.

      • roseland67


        Maybe they will use this in court.
        “Look judge, we’re hosting ICCF”

        • Gerard McEk

          Exactly it may give them the aura of good-willingness towards LENR. It looks like: ‘Look here, we do everything to push LENR/CF forward, but this evil fraud cannot be trusted’.
          IH’s aims to monopolize LENR, but one (important) frog has jumped out of their bucket and must be neutralized.

    • roseland67


      Or maybe deserved credibility,
      Time will tell

  • barty

    2018 or 2017??

    • roseland67

      I think 2018 in Raleigh,
      2017 is workshops only in Sienna, Italy