MFMP Proposes Live Experiment to Prove Biological Transmutation

Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has produced a new video titled “Life Changing” in which he discusses the work of Ukranian scientist Vladimir Vysotskii, who has found that biological transmutations are able to take place with the help of bacteria. Vysotskii reports that certain bacteria, when exposed to an unstable element — Cesium 137 (which is well known to decay over 30.17 years) — were able to speed up the normal decay rate by 30 times, and decay in 310 days and create Barium 137, a stable element. Bob says that it appears that the bacteria are able to “push” a proton into the element and speed up the change.

Bob is proposing conducting a live experiment to show this phenomenon occuring. The experiment is outlined in the video below.

Today Bob wrote this in a commment:

A potential experiment to establish both LENR, biological transmutations and much more…

Vladimir Vysotskii has agreed a sum for us to replicate with assistance from his team over a few months. We will look to socially fundraise this, probably from KickStarter

Bob says that this experiment will be “indisputable” evidence of a naturally occurring LENR process — which physics says cannot happen — and if people doubt what they are seeing on a computer screen, they will be able to visit the location of the experiment and examine it out with their own instruments. I expect we’ll be hearing more about this very interesting proposal.

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  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks for looking.

  • Jimbobarang

    So I remember seeing this presented at ICF in Missouri and chatted with Vladimir about it afterwards. Have discussed it with a colleague we wondered what if the algae cytoplasm, with higher concentrations of the isotopes they put in, acts as an (inefficient) neutron moderator? That would encourage fission, and thus explain the faster decay.

    “metal hydrides are efficient moderators” :

    That would also explain why it works in the barium-lanthanum solution but not in the cobalt solution. One of the two, barium or lanthanum, acts preferentially as a moderator and the other acts preferentially as an absorber, while the cobalt would fulfil only one of those roles.

  • Many years ago, decades, ack time does fly, a very fine study was published by the US Geological Service. A researcher there had been studying placer gold. He collected samples from many locations and first did a morphological study with SEM. He discovered that placer gold is indeed made up of agglomerations of a gold coated bacterial carcass. The species of bacteria was identified. These rod shaped bacteria somehow decorated their surface with nano-gold particles. The researcher further did a thorough analysis of the waters from which said placer gold was found and could not find any dissolved gold in that water, aka no source of gold available to the bacteria. The obvious conclusion is that those bacteria convert some other handy atoms into gold. The pathway is an obvious one, to those knowledgeable of cold fusion. Gold by the way is a very desirable substance to decorate your surface with if you are a bacteria struggling to stay alive in a bath of competing bacteria as gold particles are a terrific anti-bacterial. Clearly evolution found that the handy services available to it of transmutation, aka cold fusion, could be selected for and utilized to great benefit. That we humans like to decorate ourselves with macro-gold bits is just an aside to the story of gold decoration on this blue planet.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Mitochondria are critical in cancer cells, even being responsible for apoptosis (cell suicide)

    One of the reports on electromagnetic therapy suggests that short treatments at therapeutic tuned frequencies/energies may be triggering apoptosis, why is not known.

    • Husky

      Bob – sorry for asking here since it is not the right place but I don’t know how to reach you otherwise. I donated 100$ via PayPal at quantumheat but my account was never approved and now it even seems to be deleted 🙁

      • Bob Greenyer

        Sorted – and THANKS!

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  • Jouni Tuomela

    Regarding bacteria, do we all know the mechanism they produce vitamins?

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is a real fear Bruce, however, we have potentially 3 venues for the experiment now – the most difficult part is getting the Cs137 and doing the handling.

  • Bob Greenyer

    We will do a lot of hard thinking before execution – like we normally do.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Well – I personally would reserve judgement until we have replicated – but if we do, the evidence would be compelling.


      I didnt realize you were talking about Vysotskii
      I thought you were talking about your experiments at MFMP showing gamma radiation. I dont know Vysotskii or his experiments.

  • georgehants

    A comment my wife has placed on Rossi’s JONP, will he answer, we will see.
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 7, 2016 at 8:18 AM
    Dear Mr. Rossi as the only person in the World claiming to have a functioning Cold Fusion device for the past five and a half years, would you be kind enough to give your response to the millions of men, women and children that have died and suffered in that time through need of a cheap energy source to produce clean water etc. etc.
    Is your delay in releasing details for others to follow to put right these evils of the World, purely on your part a desire for riches etc. or do you have another reason.
    With thanks

    • georgehants

      Just five minuets later and the Comment has dissapeared, I think that tells us a great deal about A Rossi Esq.

      • TheTruthIsOutThere

        We had enough from his bold claims.
        Your wife’s comment was spot on.
        My congrats.

    • sam

      A.R. is an entrepreneur. And thank God for that.

      Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced.

      An entrepreneur supplies risk capital as a risk taker, and monitors and controls the business activities. The entrepreneur is usually a sole proprietor, a partner, or the one who owns the majority of shares in an incorporated venture.

      According to economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883-1950), entrepreneurs are not necessarily motivated by profit but regard it as a standard for measuring achievement or success.

      • georgehants

        Sam, you cannot have it both ways, if Rossi was proud of the capitalist belief that greed is good, he would have answered the question proudly with for example, yes I hide Cold Fusion so that I can become filthy rich and that is more important than millions suffering.
        His refusal to answer implies possible, guilt, embarrassment, conscience, etc. etc.
        If Greed is good why would he not shout out to the World, I hide Cold Fusion because I am greedy

        • sam

          A.R has said he does not know if he can make
          his technology work properly.
          But he works hard trying.
          Say he did release it and Scientists messed it
          up like they did with F and P were would we be

          • georgehants

            sam, you are moving off topic and going in circles, Rossi has clearly stated that he can produce over-unity energy with Cold Fusion, that being so maybe he has problems with whatever, is it better he hides his knowledge hoping his small group can eventually solve them and he gains all the cash, or releases what he knows so that thousands of scientists Worldwide, especialy MFMP can bring the technology to those that most need it sooner.

            • sam

              I still think if he opens it up the technology to the world
              would be a gamble.
              Developing it in a small group is safer way to go.
              I could care less what he does with the money.
              I do think if A.R becomes
              filthy rich he would make a
              good philanthropist.


              • georgehants

                sam, good chat.
                Best wishes.

                • sam

                  Thanks George
                  I just want to add that A.R.
                  indirectly works with Scientists.
                  As they develop better materials,electronics,computers,etc that will help make his technology work.

  • Axil Axil

    There have been many world changing experiments performed clearly showing radioactive isotope stabilization published and available for public amazement. These dimensions have all been ignored. If the past is preview, MFMP will produce a world changing experiment that will again be roundly ignored by all and sundry. Such is life.

    Nuclear power was accepted as real after two cities were vaporized with it. For LENR, only the prospect of making lots of money with it will it be taken seriously. Open source methods do not support this method of LENR acceptance.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Whilst there is no guarantees that VVs tech will even work. Having the data Live and the nature of it starting from full on Cs137 gamma and hopefully decaying will be very compelling.

      Also, being recorded, it will be more visceral and easier to connect with time and again.

      We shall see what will be, but we must try.

      • Warthog

        “……..but we must try”

        Why? I frankly don’t understand your attachment to this approach. Positive result or negative result, it WILL be ignored. And it will damage MFMP’s reputation in the process, if not kill it outright. Axil is right. There is no upside to this.

        • Bob Greenyer

          You are entitled to your view.

          The purpose of the MFMP is to conduct unprejudiced research to test the claims of people in the LENR field. Funds for this would be raised specifically and the crowd will decide if testing these claims has merit.

          With so many nuclear reactors around the world and more being built in China, India and now another one in UK – the waste pile (regardless of accidents) will mount and a large proportion of the nastiest component is Cs137. If we NEVER see practical LENR, having a solution to one of the most difficult problems of ‘old nuclear’ will help us to more confidently ensure our energy supply.

          People can debate the value and the potential for damage to reputation, but with 2 major nuclear accidents in 30 years, should we wait until one of the 99 in US or one of the 58 in France has a ‘miss-hap’ before looking seriously at this research?

          Moreover, if this were to prove a valid claim, then a LOT of people will have to re-evaluate what is possible and a there will be a bonfire of theories inside the LENR community – even if no one else cares. This is a good thing.

          Here are just three of the potential ‘upside’ reasons why it is good to accept the collaboration offer from VV’s group regardless of any fears of being ‘ignored’.

          • Warthog

            Sorry, but this is (attempting) to solve the wrong societal problem.

            As bad as Chernobyl and Fukushima were, how many people actually died??? Compare that to the lives to be saved if LENR energy becomes available. The ratio is millions to one.

            Getting rid of radwaste is not a science problem, it is a political one. Step one in any solution (including yours) involves chemical reprocessing of spent fuel elements, which the anti-nuke movement absolutely will not allow.

            Once you get past that, there are any number of permanent ways to “get rid of it”. Even I came up with one.

            • Bob Greenyer

              Chernobyl was in a sparsely populated area, I have met people (and employed one) who have had family members die and they say that the real figure in Ukraine alone when accounting for increased cancer rates is more than 100,000. In the most comprehensive fact based study (conducted before Fukushima) based on available health data, radiological surveys and scientific reports — some 5,000 in all concludes

              “985,000 people died, mainly of cancer, as a result of the Chernobyl accident. That is between when the accident occurred in 1986 and 2004.”


              In this report from earlier this year they say

              “Lichens and mushrooms so thoroughly absorbed this radioactivity, in
              particular radioactive cesium, that reindeer over 1,000 miles away in
              Norway — where the meat is eaten — remain unfit for human consumption.”

              Fukushima, well – they were absurdly lucky – the winds were strong and blowing east, if the had been blowing SW, then the largest populated area on earth would have become uninhabitable – far more than 30 million people would have had to be evacuated and permanently re-housed, the Japanese government even had a contingency plan draw up for this during the early stages after the disaster. Fukushima has now contaminated the entire pacific with 100s tons od radioactive water washing into the ocean every day and no one even knows where the cores are and there is no way to get them if they did!

              So, I’ll spell it out for you.

              Institutions (actually gatekeeper individuals) refuse to conduct or allow low energy nuclear reaction research of any kind until they have seen proof that it can occur

              If this Bio work can show that LENR happens, then it will happen every time in the same biological system under broadly similar conditions (actually quite a bit more flexible than chemical systems) and this may be sufficient to open the door to wider research.

              I know this from first hand experience – it is much more serious and coordinated than you think – it’s like watching someone making themselves violently sick because they have mistakenly thought they ate something they psychologically have an aversion/allergy to.

              We are still pursuing *GlowStick* and Celani cell research as priority – these are unpredictable however and the data does not convince those who could upscale the research.

              Reducing gamma counts an average of 27% over 14 days repeatedly across multiple runs with or without other observable radiation would be compelling. All of the gatekeepers I have spoken to say this is impossible, therefore, demonstrating it would force them to change their opinion or risk being seen as a little unhinged.

              If it repeatedly does not work, then we are no worse off since most people would not see them as connected – but they are mostly because it would show that transmutation is possible.

              This is something that is in progress. I think you have made your opinion very clear and it has been noted. Continuing to present arguments against pursuing this research ‘just because’ would come across as defending a vested interest since there would be no other purpose to the action.

              • Warthog

                I present arguments because they make sense to me. Your proposal makes none.

                It won’t solve the existing problem of escaped radiation. It won’t put a single existing fission reactor out of operation, and it takes away from research on the ONE thing that would help….a non-fission form of nuclear power.

                Toyota and Mitsubishi have already proven that “transmutation is possible”.

                If mainstream science won’t accept their results, which use exactly the tools of mainstream science (replicated results, peer review published) why do you think they will accept yours, which addresses an area WAY, WAY WAY out from mainstream scientific thought??

                And what POSSIBLE “vested interest” could I be defending?

                • Bob Greenyer

                  You are still not getting it.

                  Capable research institutions will not allow LENR research because it is ‘impossible’

                  If this VV work is true, this would show it is possible to transmute elements via nature and so they could not continue to deny the possibility. And if it works once it is likely to work many times as there are degrees of freedom that do not exist in inorganic experiments.

                  I have seen this first hand. I have been told that a successful outcome in this experiment would lead to wider LENR research being undertaken. I see conducting this experiment as a possible enabler.

                  Is that clear?

                  Toyota and Mitsubishi have shown it to be possible, but not at all practical to date. This experiment would verify a REALLY practical and scaleable solution to the ridiculous quantities of bagged contaminated waste sat around in fields just 35 miles from where I am sat (now well over 10 million)



                  You may not be concerned about this, but there are many that are – it was very palpable how important it was to find a solution to the Japanese, believe me, if Mitsubishi had a practical process, it would be being used now.

                  Already today, I have re-iterated aspects of resetting the function of catalysts that may be critical to successful LENR on this and the MFMPs hope site, and other than debating the merits of the “Life Changing” experiment with you, I have been preparing the media for a short video on triggering waveform shapes that I am just about to record.

                  Lastly, I don’t know what your motives are – but you do seem to be very keen to not see this research take place – if you revealed who you were rather than hiding behind a pseudonym, I may better be able to answer your last question.

                • Warthog

                  I “get it” better than you do. The answer to the problem is to GENERATE ENERGY from LENR reactions, not do biochemical research.

                  The people who need to be working on this are the Japanese, as the SOLE area that this might be beneficial in is in bioremediation of already released radioactivity. Why are they not replicating it???

                  Radwaste in spent fuel can already be disposed of permanently by several means, easily available today, using pretty much off-the-shelf technology. The thing preventing this is political, not scientific.

                  I know the nuclear cycle from start to finish. In grad school, one of the profs in nuclear science I had was a designer of the NERVA nuclear rocket engine (the topic I had under him was shielding design).

                  As to the rest, I’m seventy years old, and retired. I was lucky enough to have a career (and life) that allowed me to work in many technical areas at a reasonably high level of expertise. And my wife is also a PhD chemist, with a different experience base, but which, of course, I also learned about from her.

                  And I’m opposed to this particular experiment because it is a digression and diversion of brainpower away from the real problem…..repeatable generation of POWER from LENR reactions.

                  I want humanity to have an energy-rich future, and solar cells ain’t gonna do it, unless the efforts of Musk and/or Bezos get us space-based ones. So that leaves either fission or fusion.

                  Hot fusion has already shown itself to be an expensive (but successful) fraud (people call Rossi a scam artist, but he is small potatoes by comparison to the HF scam artists).

                  So, it’s either fission or LENR. The problems of fission ARE solvable, but currently cannot be because of politics.

                • Bob Greenyer

                  But what if we can’t do the experiments you and I would like to do because we can’t get the right people on board.

                  There is never just one means to an end, wanting things alone does not make it happen. The MFMP is focussed on exploring the claims of researchers in the inorganic LENR research field and to that end we have

                  1. purchased some 62Ni to test claims and observations made by Focardi, Piantelli, Violante, Rossi. (Alan Goldwater)
                  2. Purchased some 18O in the form Al2 18O3 to test the claims principally of Piantelli and potentially Stoyan Sarg. (Several)
                  3. Have designed a *GlowStick* evolution to test the “through the fuel” electrical stimulation implied by the catalytic realities of Christian Amatore and the potential for needing high field or current. (Alan Goldwater)
                  4. Have a Tesla based HV discharge system to deploy (Stoyan Sarg)
                  5. Have designed a thermally insulated set-up based on apparent excess heat levels from GS 5.2 and 5.3 that, if real, would allow for far higher COP or even self sustain. (Bob Higgins)
                  6. Have developed Neutron detector to confirm low temp neutron production, possibly in relation to use of deuterium
                  7. have purchased a high purity H2 generator to create nascent H2 and D2.

                • Warthog

                  “The MFMP is focussed on exploring the claims of researchers in the inorganic LENR research field…..”

                  I should at this point say “I rest my case”, as biological transmutation certainly does NOT fit in the above charter.

                  The folks that should be replicating VV’s work are the Japanese. There are probably hundreds of labs in Japan who are capable of carrying out the necessary experimentation, and they have by far the biggest need.

                  If you want to do the BEST thing, get your Russian buddy together with any or all Japanese collaborators or potential collaborators you know or can get in touch with. One would think that they would jump at the chance.

                • TVulgaris

                  Since MFMP is engaged in research, ANYTHING they choose to research and people will contribute to makes perfect sense. At last to me, and virtually everyone who’s posted publicly to support (if not funded) them.
                  Do you think for a moment the multi-billion dollar nuclear industry will just stop even a single reactor because a better (even if only considering long-term indirect, rather than direct costs) COMPETING technology is developed? NOT A COMMERCIAL PRODUCT, a competing technology. MFMP is not going to develop any products (probably), they’re trying to develop the tech and at least some semblance of testable theory.
                  And maybe if you agitated others to simply make their (MFMP’s) stream viral to the same degree you’re obviously trying to steer their efforts away from an EXTREMELY promising

                  biotech development (and THAT’S completely different from Toyota and Mitsubishi), YOU, YOURSELF might contribute to changing some opinion somewhere that might make a difference.

              • this report about 1Mn deat is pure BS.
                even applying LLNT you don’t get that.

                there is a million death simply caused over all USSR because of healt system and economic collapse.

                applying LLNT you get 4000 death, and using real data you get few dozen of firemen exposed to heavy radiation, huge psychological impact of displacement leading to violence and depression (few thousands), and a handful of kids victim of thyroid cancer surgery that failed.

                there are massive urban myth like on cold fusion spread by good PR agencies.

                few articles

                I assume your estimation is the one cited there


                on evacuation tragedy

                on LLNT debunking

  • sam

    Comment from Lenr forum

    User Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:26pm
    So I guess this was the announcement of the “bullet proof” test for LENR?

    However, if I understand correctly, this is not really a planned test yet, but a video request from Bob Greenyer to
    Vladimir Vysotskii to allow the test?

    I do not know what to think about this. It has some conclusions that require a stretch of the imagination, but interesting none the less.
    I think it probably premature to be talking about “particle accelerators” inside mitochondria, but hey, I am not an expert!

    The proposed test does seem to have a simplicity that is very desirable. The big question is can Vysotskii duplicate the transmutation at
    will and will he allow the test to be performed?

    I also scratch my head a little about the core process! It seems to fly in the face of almost all current LENR theories

    1) NAE required? Bacterial are not metallic, so no NAE would seem likely.
    2) High temperature to initiate? No. This would incinerate the organism.
    3) EMF or magnetic component? One would not think so in a living organism. Video stated the
    opposite, that EMF / Magnetic fields could actually suppress the reaction.
    4) Production of excess heat? Perhaps, but not high temperature or volume.
    5) Hydrogen required? I saw nothing in the presentation about hydrogen.

    Evidently there is some proprietary “mechanical” device that Vysotskii uses and is required.
    However, some of the given evidence of bacteria found in the soil at Chernobyl would not have
    had this. It will be interesting to see what this device consists of that allows bacteria to
    conduct such reactions.

    So it would appear at first glance, if this is “LENR”, it must be a completely different process than the F&P electrolysis
    PD system or the Hydrogen / Nickel systems?

    Interesting indeed. Will we see anything come of this?

    • Axil Axil

      The mechanism that hides and thermalizes the energy from nuclear reactions and amplifies LENR power in microbes is Bose condinsation that the bugs maintain.

    • Axil Axil

      Application of Coherent Correlated States in LENR

      Vladimir I.Vysotskii believes in Coherent Correlated States as a fundamental driver of the LENR reaction.

    • Bob Greenyer

      1) VV believes it is in one of two places, the point of cell division or in the pores – he was not aware of the 1978 report until I showed it to him this week that proposes that the effect is due to MgATP.
      2) No – bio temperatures like 38 degrees
      3) There are strong electric fields set up in mitochondria/cell membrane pores
      4) Possibly – not significant
      5) Yes protium (H) is required and comes from ions in water

  • Warthog

    I hope you’re right and I’m wrong. But observations made over fifty years say otherwise.

  • Bruce__H

    Given this latest venture of the MFMP into the biological realm, I wonder if the Paul Allen Frontiers Group would be willing to fund the research. You should take a look.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Hi Bruce, can you make an approach on behalf of the project?