Conversations on LENR with John Maguire (Ed Storms and Frank Acland)

John Maguire is a journalist and interviewer who has been interested in the LENR/cold fusion field for some time, and he has conducted some interesting interviews with people in the field. He has recently published a couple of new interviews on his Pentamental show on Syncbook Radio,  with Edmund Storms and myself, Frank Acland.

Both interviews can be found here:

I would suggest that readers interested in the science of cold fusion would be much better off listening to the Ed Storms interview than the interview with myself. He has a wealth of experience in the field and has been participating as a researcher and experimenter for many years now, and knows many people in the field and knows the history very well. He is also an very clear communicator and this interview with him is another example of his expertise and experience in the field. As an example, Storms mentions in this interview how Johnson Matthey provided Pons and Fleischmann with palladium for their experiments that was specially prepared, and he says that even to this day we don’t know what was involved in that preparation. Storms has his own theories about what is needed for a Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) and he considers that microcavities or ‘cracks’ are very important for LENRs to take place.

Speaking for myself, I enjoyed very much talking with John, but also found being interviewed a bit uncomfortable, since I’m not an expert in the science of LENR, and also because I was pretty much thinking out loud in the interview. I am of course very interested in the LENR field and believe it has a vast potential for good in terms of science and technology. However, I still have questions and uncertainties and don’t consider myself an expert with all the answers at all. I also find writing about the topic easier than speaking about it, especially since there is a delete key! So if you think I don’t make sense here, that’s very understandable.

On a related subject (Speaking of Ed Storms and Pons and Fleischmann), I recently watched for the first time the documentary ‘The Believers’ on Amazon (it’s available for free viewing if you have a Prime account — see here: I found it interesting, particularly the coverage of the Pons and Fleischmann story. The filmmakers interviewed some of the key players involved, supporters and skeptics alike, and Ed Storms is one of the main interviewees in the film.


  • greggoble

    It is nice to see another LENR patent granted. More on that in a little bit.

    Ed storms is focused on cracks as an essential part of the Nuclear reactive environment of LENR, yet most housekeepers realize within cracks dust forms or is created, so to speak. In some material, as the crack is created, many nano-particles form (nickel is one of them). Hydrogen embrittlement (creating cracks) in materials can create nano-particles (iron is another example).

    Gold is one of the best insulators known to mankind.

    Consider that statement, most folks would label the person making it as absolutely ignorant of well known properties of gold. Yet nano physicists are certainly aware of the truth of the statement. Dig into (research) it a bit and you will find it to be so.

    Anyways here is the patent granted, LENR and nano science are (quote) “joined at the hip” and Ed Storms cracks are certainly a key to finding this itsy-bitsy piece of the puzzle. The problem is Ed Storms is not a nano-physicist.

    Priority date: 2014-09-23
    Filing date: 2014-09-23
    Publication date: 2016-07-28
    Grant date 2016-07-28

    Other languages German
    Other versions DE102014014209A1

    Inventor: Auf Teilnichtnennung Antrag Bernhard Krieg


    G21B3/002 Fusion by absorption in a matrix

    Method and Apparatus for Continuous Production of LENR Heat

    translated from German

    The invention relates to a LENR-based heat source based on the coupling of nanoparticles production in a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Hydrogen Plasma (DBD-WP) with simultaneous generation of heat by Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) on the generated nanoparticles and on the nano-structured base electrode, stimulated by a pressure-charged hydrogen plasma. The ongoing formation of nanoparticles are always energetic-highly active reaction surfaces on both the air-floating nanoparticles as well as on the surface of the metallic counter electrode available.

    The heat and the nanoparticles are removed with the hydrogen serving as a carrier gas from the reactor.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    The Behemoth Science bypass.

    We need to get young people interested in this. If anyone comes up will a safe reactor that could fit into a R/C turbo jet engine combustion chamber, I think that would do the trick. It could turn into a profitable niche market that would fund LENR.

    The Watts per pound of R/C model airplane rule.

    A small Lockheed rather than a big one.

  • greggoble

    Indian Head Division may surpass SPAWAR

    “Memorial and Thoughts of a Man with Great Ideas-Pharis Williams”


    Pharis Edward Williams was from Missouri. During his lifetime, he possessed an amazing ability to conceive original technical ideas. He raised questions that others would ignore. This created a ‘new’ perspective that would lead him to increasing knowledge and experience while in the Navy as well as in research laboratories. His Master of Nuclear Physics dissertation demonstrated this prevalent view. He proposed generalizations of the classical Thermodynamic Laws leading to the fundamental principles of what he termed ‘The Dynamic Theory’. In this theory, an important role is played by identifying an integrating factor that makes the energy exchange with the environment a total differential and leads to the definition of a mechanical entropy. Equilibrium and stability conditions for dynamic systems are derived and together with the principle of increasing entropy provide a geometrical structure from which the theories of relativity, Maxwell’s electromagnetism, and quantum effects may be derived. By applying simplifying or restrictive assumptions to the main body of the theory, Pharis shows that the major fields of physics are contained within the extensions of this theory. In these extensions, new field quantities appear to become important for systems and technical disciplines. Thus, the Dynamic Theory that he created would unify the various branches of physics into one theoretical structure. Only the future can tell what will be the impact of Pharis’ dynamic theory contributions and how engineers and scientists can gain and find new insights.

    Deuterium Reactor US 20130235963 A1

    Publication date Sep 12, 2013

    Filing date Mar 12, 2012

    Priority date Mar 12, 2012

    Inventors Pharis Edward Williams


    The Deuterium Reactor is a fusion reactor whose design is based upon a non-singular electrostatic required by the quantization of electric charge. This potential allows for a significant reduction in the fusion barrier of deuterium nuclei when these nuclei are held in close proximity, as within a crystal, and preconditioned using a magnetic field. This manner of fusion barrier reduction produces direct fusion of two deuterium nuclei into a helium nucleus without attendant hazardous radiation of classical fusion reactors. The energy released in the deuterium reactor may be used in different ways for different applications and its use will result in a significant reduction in fossil fuel use, a significant reduction in radioactive waste by replacing fission reactors, and a significant impact upon the world economy.




    $25,000 was received in 2008 from NSWC, Indian Head Division, to design experiments, review reports, and analyze data. The experiments verified heating using powered/granulated fuel.

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    Wonderful comment.

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    Great interview Frank. You do us a wonderful service keeping this site active for developing news. Dr. Storm’s was quite interesting as well as serving as an anchor of respectability in the field. The passion and perseverance in the face of adversity is an example for the millennials. You guys are pretty darn inspirational. Carry on regardless.

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    Frank is also right about Dr Storms interview that he is
    a Steady Eddy.

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    Nicely said. Truly an interesting, concise, up to date overview of LENR in the real world provided by the ever dependable Frank Acland.

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    Thanks for the hint with Amazon.