MFMP Provides Update About Me356

LENR replicator who goes by the name Me356 has garnered quite a bit of attention recently with claims that he has been able to see significant success in creating LENR systems that can produce significant levels of excess energy. He has also reported the production of nuclear markers such as neutrons from his systems, and has expressed the concern that he wants to find ways to ensure safety.

There is also much we do not know about Me356. We don’t know his identity, his location and the details of his LENR work. Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project does know him, however, and has worked personally with him and shared MFMP equipment with him, and is in contact with him. Today on the MFMP’s website, Bob provides a status report regarding Me356:

Some excerpts:

He said in communications made between the 9th and 12th September 2016 that he is satisfied with his research and development.

He states that his reactor can ‘work’ (whatever that means) “for a long time without interruption”. Which in this field is no small feat as some researchers, across a wide range of variants, continue to discover!

He believes that it is using a new approach, specifically he says that he has not seen his approach described in other patents. I cannot confirm if that is the case. He feels this is “very good” – read into that what you will.

He says he is “still trying to achieve SSM (self sustain mode/production of heat without input power) for longer periods and increase COP ([overall] coefficient of performance) without harmful radiation”. Like the MFMP, me356 claims to have observed photons in a range of energies and neutrons, though, he has indicated that the neutron flux is higher if the reaction is overdriven/incorrectly driven. Again, I cannot confirm his specific claims.

He feels that after “some tweaks” his work “will be done” and at that time it would be perfect to precisely measure the COP.


Bob is careful to say that there are no guarantees here, and he can’t confirm that Me356 has achieved what he claims. I hope that Bob is able to visit Me356 and make a much more detailed assessment of his work.

  • Axil Axil

    September 20, 2016 at 7:28 AM
    Dear Andrea Rossi:
    Update of the work on the QuarkX?

    Andrea Rossi
    September 20, 2016 at 8:29 AM
    Still in very good standing, but also still dangerous. Working mainly on safety issues now.
    Warm Regards,

    If seems that LENR reactors are not as inherently safe as we all once thought. But the safe deployment of LENR technology could still be accommodated into the current power infrastructure.

    The development of ocean deployment of huge wind turbines will serve LENR reactor deployment well. A safe method of LENR deployment will entail the use of those floating platforms located just off shore.

    The technical feasibility of deepwater floating LENR platforms will not be questioned, as the long-term survivability of floating structures has been successfully demonstrated by the marine and offshore oil industries over many decades. However, the economics that allowed the deployment of thousands of offshore oil rigs have yet to be demonstrated for floating LENR reactor platforms. For deepwater wind turbines, a floating structure will replace pile-driven monopoles or conventional concrete bases that are commonly used as foundations for shallow water and land-based reactors. The floating structure must provide enough buoyancy to support the weight of the reactor as a function of its size and power production rating and to restrain pitch, roll and heave motions within acceptable limits.

    The distance of LENR deployment offshore would be a function of the range of muon travel before decay and the inverse square law dilution of muon density together with safe muon exposure limits.

    The floating LENR reactor will be bigger than a sea buoy, but smaller than a floating wind turbine. Robotize remote controlled maintence could allow for human free maintenance of the LENR reactor such as refueling. The activated waste fuel could be dumped into the deep water or dissolved in acid.

    • Oaklandthinktank

      I apologize for camping on your comments. I have been the eccentric admirer you hope doesn’t come to your chess club… So, you are welcome to ignore my frivolous digressions 😉

      Perhaps a step up from floating ocean reactors, by stepping a few leagues down? At ocean floor, just off western coasts (yes, conflict of interest: I am native Californian), heat exhaust from reactors vents rapidly, powers lift of nutritious sediments that plankton desperately need… And, rising plumes, reactor, are transport and power on-site for strategic deep-matter? Heck, reactor surface might be excellent habitat for deep vent critters… I would use reactor power to split water, let O2 fizz with exhaust heat, for the sake of fish, and bottle h2 in cheap pressurized environment (deep sea)…. No wires to land, unless facilities were agglomerated enough to warrant a pipeline…

      Additional benefit of shleppt hydrogen from coastal deep: lay roots fast and cheap, not far from any country… They can’t claim “exclusive economic mineral zone” of 200mi for hydrogen, so you should be able to park twenty miles from anyone except China!

      • Axil Axil

        As background to this post see this

        I have narrowed down the LENR reaction to the surface of the metallic hydroxide. How that surface produces the stimulus that drives the LENR reaction in the nucleus is not yet possible for me to determine.

        But since SnCo5 magnets produce LENR effects, monopole magnetism might be involved. But how monopole magnetism effect activates CP violation is currently beyond both me and science.

        I also beleive that high flux muon generation that powerful LENR reactors are probably producing can cause health problems and these muons are near impossible to shield against and they could travel a long way before they decay. This might be caused by a entangled connection to the Bose condinsate on the surface of the metalized hydride.

        I wonder if Rossi knows what is producing the dangers that he is seeing in the Quark reactor? I am very interested in this.

        • Oaklandthinktank

          Moire via penrose:

          Notice, the moire magnifies the fine structure, forming a pattern at a scale which should not possess it. (In this way, fine-structure dynamics are able to interfere with larger-scale, AND visa versa – hagelstein points out that, if photon is absorbed by diffused and magnified ‘electron’, it is Partially Absorbed into the Oscillations of all electrons… Holographic equivalence between jittery ions and an induced ‘halo’… Sounds like penrose’ moire to me.)

          Also, be particularly scrupulous with this Timely Fact: the order of magnification increases via ROTATION of the relative frames, until a critical angle of dissolution, and reformation. Chiral time, your CP-resolving angle? I suspect slight complications: when one of the layers bows and bubbles, changing curvature compared to the other, they will generate a halo of oscillating displacement… Average is zero, technically entropic, but fine-grained structure is shells of oscillating ‘axion angle’, as you may say? Aligned and resonant materials with support for eddy currents = should observe bands of induced activity which cannot be shielded.

          My way of speaking about the elephant wearing your axions: Rossi and me356 are standing inside the collective interference-fringes of a diffused electron. Looks like muons, because it ghosts past – low profile. But, it should appear in shells like an onion, higher density layers of monopole sources, sandwiched between low density nodes… Maybe too small and scarce, tho? Another material, with conductive lattice resonant to shell separation length, could re-collect shell’s oscillations as visible current… Or, as a visible change in optical indices 🙂

          I don’t see a ‘particle and conserved field’ theory ever doing what a bent or twisting moire can do: create chiral magnification, dissolution, and thereby bridge fine-grain and macro dynamics, as a holographic crankshaft. (I am sitting next to hagelstein, whose lossy-spin bosons are my holographic moire halo…)

          If copper tubes give onion-shell regions of high and low excitation, it cannot be an ejected particle, must be tangent force of oscillating shells. I can’t disprove muons, but I know a moire when I see one. Your provable muon exclusion method, in vaguest and most fanciful terms, while we wait?

          • Axil Axil

            Your vision of the LENR world is a scary one but it may be on the mark. Rossi and ME356 are working inside a Bose condinsate where sub atomic particles are being disassembled and reformed in a superposition of extended suspended animation. Muons do not exist until their entanglement with the LENR reaction is broken. The muons are just waveforms that tunnel through shields in a ghost world of non reality. Inside the influence of the Bose condinsate, electrons are entangled with photons and don’t work like they usually do in the non LENR world. In the LENR world, electronic equipment: meters, detectors, clocks, radios, telephones, and nerve cells stop working as expected.

            If the zones of entanglement around the LENR reactions, overlap, the individual LENR reactions become interconnected, intercommunicate, share energy, and fall into an entangled amalgamation where entire neighborhoods are engulfed in the LENR world. Electricity no longer flows, water begins to decompose, people cannot think or feel anymore. A new universe, a LENR universe, a bubble in a new reality forms in which life is no longer possible and machines stop working.

            ME356, eros, and Rossi sense the danger around the reactors that they are building but they don’t understand the nature of the new reality that they are creating. They are working in a twilight zone like world where the rules of how things behave don’t apply while the LENR reaction is active, intercommunicating, sharing, storing, and, growing.

          • Axil Axil

            Like the specific shape of a key opens a lock, if the stimulus for the LENR reaction within the nucleon is a specific moire patterning of a monopole magnetic field, that would explain why certain crystal configurations induce the LENR reaction.


            Hexagonal Crystals and LENR (Axil Axil)


            Possibly, metalized hydrides produce the proper magnetic pattern without crystal based filtering, but other materials can produce the proper magnetic pattern through filtering through the appropriate crystal structure.

            • Oaklandthinktank

              *nod* the ‘Muonic wave’ that decays after traveling past (and, on surfaces of) shielding is a heterodyne… This arises from a moire sub-field, which declares the interaction strength of *particular* tunings, or ‘avenue angles’… I point to hagelstein’s lossy boson as a Magnification By Rotation; when a moire produces the magnified form – that magnified image is holographically composed of and transmitting force to the entire lattice field. So, under differing heterodynes, the induced rotation, and resultant magnification bands (onion of opposite shells composed of ribbons of ‘rotate left’ and ‘rotate right’) will create an ‘entangled Muonic shell’ of *tuned radius*! If we find a way to Compress the lattice (multi-nodal within molecular structures? Russian bacteria and kervran’s chickens didn’t suffer DGTitis…) and you might get away with a muon radius that is safe, not Lovecraftian? Also, deep ocean sounds safer, for similar dense-body shielding and ionization, diffusion, Etc…

              Also, while detection of moire shells may be expensively impossible, barring fancy colloidal actinides, it may be a path for rapid modeling of systemic behavior which pair-wise interactions miss – a similar utility-based argument as ellipses and amplitudehedron? (Fun to observe moire wobbling, at a vast zoom… Fringe-lines, like a halo, form around moire at Extreme Scales, because each *slight* tilt or clump in the fields’ orientation and skew causes swarms of lattice-points to nuzzle into Titus-Bode-esque harmonic rings…)

              Thank you for indulging my vague muttering 🙂 as math-guy, I am genuinely excited if something rises from theory to market in three decades… Maxwell had it worse! And, for the same reason, I gladly look yonder, because our fancies today may arrive soon… At least, math-world ‘soon’…

              (Oh, and if warped, monopolistic onions aren’t scary enough, what about three-ton osmium behemoths that breath fusion-fired plasma?)

              • Oaklandthinktank

                ^~ that last bit could be interpreted as the choice we face in November? Hillary *is* very oniony… And trump is definitely like inhaling molten plumbum…;)

  • Bob Greenyer

    (ClamShell) – A low input power, high temperature reactor

    Given our data from the *GlowStick* series of experiments, Bob Higgins has recognised the need to try and reduce the input power in experiments to achieve high temperatures in an affordable design. The purpose being to reduce the divisor to make what is currently indefensible apparent COP figures, potentially meaningful.

    In a test of the developing apparatus last week, he concluded this:

    “This design meets my objectives of being able to get to at least 1100°C using only 200W of input (actually it gets to 1200°C). That means that if I get 200W of excess heat, it would be self-sustaining. If I got 100W of XH, it would be a COP=2. If the temperature goes too high with no electrical input power, I will blow on it with a fan and/or open the top brick to let the heat out. I would lose calorimetry, but a meltdown could be avoided.”

    Please head over to our main site for comments, suggestions and questions and to see the live document which contains more photos and information.

    • Frank Acland

      Bob, I’m not able to see the google document — it says I need permission.

      • Bob Greenyer



        • Frank Acland

          Thanks Bob, I put up a new post about the clamshell

          • Bob Greenyer

            Thanks, I expect more calibration data in the coming days from BobH

  • James Andrew Rovnak

    Rossi utilizes LENR generated RF to generate electricity in new Quark X E-Cat module? 20% electrical & 80% thermal! Nice to hear more from me356 soon!

  • Axil Axil

    Dr Ravi Gooneratne (Lincoln University) measures the effects of soil pollutants on earthworms, which slow the rate signals travel along their nerves. When you touch a worm, a tiny electrical impulse travels along its nerves. These are picked up by a special plate and an oscilloscope amplifies the signal so the time the nerve impulse takes to travel along the worm can be measured.×288+%2816×9%29MASTER_576k.mp4

  • Axil Axil

    ME356: “Emissions (RF, electrons and UV) during the test were so strong that my control circuit was absolutely crazy even that it was 3 meters away – it is unusable.”

    DGT reported the same intractable EMF interference where this interference was so strong that it disabled all the phones in the building that they were using for experimentation. DGT was never able to overcome this difficult problem.

    It is becoming clear that when LENR researchers get the power density of their reactors beyond a given power production threshold, as ME356 reports, their experimental procedures, setups, control, and observations suffer greatly.

    This stubborn obstruction to successful LENR development must be causing Rossi much concern and many experimental problems. Why should Rossi be any different from everybody else. Could this EMF interference be at the root of all the problems Rossi has reported in the control of his reactors down through the years? As a straight laced adherent to the physics of the standard model Rossi must be in a denial mode that keeps him from addressing what this electrical interference is springing from.

    Unless this intractable EMF interference problem is solved, LENR will not become as ubiquitous and as democratic as most people had hoped with a privately owned LENR reactor producing heat and electrical power is every basement.

    • Obvious

      Excess Enthusiasm is perhaps a symptom…

  • Axil Axil

    LENR developers are the first people who have ever produced low energy muons and strange matter(Meson) before. Putting a thin copper cap on the front of a GM detector seems to make these particles detectable based on Holmlids work.

  • Axil Axil

    There have been at least three LENR developers who have noticed intense and widespread EMF interference generated from their experiments that in some cases have spanned a distance of influence of many tens of meters from the LENR reactor. All these LENR experimenters as well as myself all took this interference to be related to RF generation in the LENR reaction. But this assumption about RF might not be correct but instead be related to some form of sub-atomic particle generation via the LENR reaction.

    This interference could have a disruptive effect on the body, especially, the electrical nature and workings of the brain and nervous system. This EMF interference has been near impossible to shield against including mu metal and faraday screening. If the nature of this EMF interference can penetrate deeply and completely into the body and access all the electrical activity in the nerves cells throughout the body, unpredictable complications might be produced inside the body at a considerable distance from the LENR reactor and/or inactive stored used fuel.

    Different people might be more susceptible to this type of nerve activity interference than others based on the strength of the interference produced by any given reactor design. If you are a LENR experimenter, keep a lookout for abnormal neurological symptoms related to your LENR experiments.

    • Oaklandthinktank

      Mm… So, in a region exposed to oscillating monopoles, what do entropy equations look like? I keep staring at moire… Particle is a story you tell undergrads… And, time is somehow the chirality of this moire?

      • Axil Axil

        I thought that the interference was ftom RF, bit it might be caused by low energy muons. here is a post from eros, a replicator as follows:

        gameover wrote:

        “According to Holmlid and Olafsson this muon emission may be inherent in [working] LENR systems and not limited to their potassium-iron oxide catalysts. Since it is a relatively elusive emission it could be that others may have already experienced it without realizing it.”

        eros replied:

        Lot of muons may hit brains you feel it when got them enough.. Hope you got more positive muons than negative, negatives may give bad feeling 😉

        Rossi report strange electric radiation, Me365 report RF that go through 1cm Al, DGT have strange magnetic readings but no real field (hall sensor got muons and give crazy readings). Many RF noise detections from many experiments.

        What I can say there is not strong magnetic fields (with compass, it dosn’t suffer RF). There is not strong RF present either, some hundreds spikes (22-1750Mhz) but not giant ones.
        System gives low count rates for GM tube, maybe 2-3x BG, but when wrap GM tube with Cu tube it starts give more counts. It give lot of more counts outside ~10m reactor than BG should be.

        Muons or what?

        • Oaklandthinktank

          What :p
          I suggest a re-evaluation of supposed constants and coefficients… In a region generated by very thin shells of oscillating ‘monopole’ behavior.

          Consider: feynman’s integral of paths. If we take simplistic pairs, we get as expected in accelerators. Yet, in meta materials, odd spectra filter. LENR lattice waves electrons past, because each has spectra condensed to a few unusual interaction-paths… The smoodged and sticky ones, not billiardy ones. Fundamentally, the infinite set of feynnies is filtered; each path’s contribution to final probability is re-weighted, to fit coherent solutions of lattice…
          So, fusion happens more often!

          Those same big waves are doing something transverse… Imagine the ‘spectra’ that appear when you peer down the rows of an orchard… Discrete gaps, avenues, are visible from a single sighting point, depending upon angle of incidence, in planting. How does the spectrum shift, as you drive by a ‘pinching’ or ‘yawning’ of rows? Similarly, how do feynnies’ path probabilities filter, as local shells produce +/- mag sources? Macro space and time sees no net field… You who mentioned evanescence waves?
          I blithely suggest, at behest of rajmanajan, that entropy is tilted near your device, and it is inducing ‘Muonic waves’ as a broad field effect… Not an emanation from an interior; an arisen and encompassing effect.

          Or, it could be this:

          Or… Jan boeyens is right!

        • Oaklandthinktank

          To test difference between ejected muon and moire-like field induced interactions: does the effect of your copper shield change, depending upon its orientation and position in relation to lattice wave vector? If perpendicular or particular angles (or tube lengths, diameters?) result in rapid change of counts, it would seem to be a broad field’s accumulated effect, no?

        • Oaklandthinktank

          Oh! A good one: if copper shield or sheet, ring, etc. registers variation as any banding, or shell-radius? A humming reactor, with a Titus-bode style radius-depended interaction would absolutely nail moire… Tricky to even see, though…

          If a thick fluid has tilt between two equilibrium ionizations, (depending upon field, etc.) such that they have differing optical properties, then a mass of that fluid, subject to a smooth-ish field, would display standard optics… While, with molecule-scale shells of oscillating field, normally too small to register, shells of optical tilt would stack, form meta material tilt, visible? The experiment might be as simple as an array of jelly jars, surrounding the device, some of which generate new optical properties along certain directions and distances from device. I suck at experimental design, though, so that’s probably a hoax. 🙂

    • Ted-Z

      If the metal shielding does not work, than the emissions are not really an RF interference… it must be something else… Subtle energies of high power? After Einstein, subtle energies went into a sort of a black hole and are not seen in any publications. Could it be due to penetrating hydrinos decomposing after travelling for a few meters and causing the RF beyond the reactor? This effect is clearly far beyond classical physics.

      • Axil Axil

        I think that the interference is due to low energy muons. Nobody has produced muons in large amounts and there are no instances of these muons interfering with electronic equipment.

        I also beleive that these muons stay connected to the LENR reaction which keeps them from decaying.

        Consider how the cat and mouse reactor works where the mouse tickles the cat.

  • Axil Axil

    I understand that the “RF” interference is detected through the malfunctioning of electrical equipment such as telephones, radios, meters, and clocks. in the reactor zone. But when an RF test box is used, nothing shows up throughout its detection range.

  • Alain Samoun
  • Alain Samoun

    About one year ago: one of China’s worst industrial accidents: Two huge explosions in the port of Tianjin. Could be a Chinese’s LENR experiment run amock?

    • roseland67

      Why not,

  • Bob Greenyer

    The MFMP members have had to survive whilst doing research on the side and have had often no suitable space for the research. More productive members have actually often been retired.

    Me356 is self financed and has the right kind of space for a lab for this research

    Parkhomov is retired and supported – AND – experienced and care free because he is mature.

  • sam

    From Lenr forum
    User Avatar
    Tech-watcher, admin
    Ingenioren DK: Aarhus University connects to the controversial project on cold fusion
    Saturday, 11:53pm
    there is a Danish article on that…rojekt-kold-fusion-186662

    Google translated wrote:

    Aarhus University connects to the controversial project on cold fusion

    By Jens Ramskov 10th September 2016 at. 4:00 p.m.

    Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has previously analyzed the principles of this LENR cell designed by Francesco Celani from the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN). It contains a line with a nickel alloy in which hydrogen reportedly can be adsorbed and cause abnormal heat.

    Danish scientists will now help to determine whether energy can occur at nuclear processes that occur at low temperatures.

    Research on the core processes that occur at low temperatures, with the potential to produce cheap energy, has many places a bad reputation and is done today on the research side line decoupled from all other energy.

    Here you will find in addition to more serious scientists also people with a dubious reputation.

    It is therefore remarkable that Aarhus University will now participate in this research, which is popularly called cold fusion, but with a modern name is called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions ( LENR ) – even if it is modest resources allocated.

    Kim Daasbjerg professor of chemistry at the University of Aarhus with a background in organic electrochemistry. In recent years, he has thrown himself into polymer research, and for his collaboration with Danish companies in this field, he received in 2015 the Danish Academy of Natural Sciences Industry Award.

    On LENR project, one of his graduate students work full time, and a graduate student part time.

    Four years ago wrote engineer a series of articles on LENR based on the NASA Langley Research Center had a small project running, and described including the Italian engineer and inventor Andrea Rossi’sproject to develop and mass produce a LENR source called E-Cat .

    Read also: Italian engineer will mass produce cheap energy based on cold fusion

    The Italian engineer Andrea Rossi, here with one of his early experiments, the most significant person in cold fusion. He has for several years claimed to be almost ready with a commercial product, which does not currently exist.Since it has no shortage of calls from readers to write more about Rossi’s project.

    It has not been easy, although among others Swedish professors have sought to look Rossi in the cards and given him some kind of support, as is Andrea Rossi a very secretive and distrustful person who repeatedly exceeded its own deadlines for when he would bring a product to market.

    Furthermore, doubts have been raised about the contents of several of the experiments that Rossi has performed in the presence of the Swedish professors, and described in a document in LENR circles called for Lugano report from 2014.

    Recently, Andrea Rossi, who has a somewhat shady past with imprisonment of four years for tax and environmental crime, evenbrought an action against his former business partner, Industrial Heat in the United States, after three years of collaboration with Rossi claims his machine not works.

    Discredit or bullying

    Research on cold fusion was discredited, a few months after Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons in 1989 found a heat at low temperatures, which they felt could only be explained by nuclear processes, but other researchers are not subsequently be able to reproduce.

    Stanley Pons (TV.) And Martin Fleischmann at the announcement of their experiments with cold fusion March 23, 1989.

    Martin Fleischmann died in 2012, 85 years old. Stanley Pons, which is now 73 years old, now live in France.

    Many believe, however, that Fleischmann and Pons had got something right and that they were subjected to a form of research bullying.One of the projects that will seek to show this, aptly namedMartin Fleischmann Memorial Project , and it is this project with the British engineer Bob Greenyer as one of the main forces that Kim Daasbjerg now to connect.

    Bob Greenyer has a video presentation to potential American investors and donors explained that nanotechnology center at Aarhus University is highly suitable for studying LENR because here houses the chemistry, physics and nanotechnology at the same place and have equipment that can be used to characterize the materials which are included in the experiments

    He explains that the University of Aarhus in turn have the opportunity to attend a series of landmark experiments.

    Lots of theories

    There is no shortage of explanations or theories for how the core processes can take place at low temperatures, but none of these is widely recognized, and many are mutually incompatible.

    Also read: Here are the theories to explain cold fusion

    Generally it is believed that the development of heat in LENR not come from fusion, but the transmutation where you transform one isotope to another.

    Nickel-62 is the most stable isotope of all elements, i.e. it has the highest nuclear energy per. core particle. This means that other isotopes, which are converted to nickel-62 will deliver energy.

    Natural nickel consists of 68 per cent. Ni-58, 26 percent. Ni-60 and 3.6 per cent. Ni-62nd The conversion of the lighter isotopes of nickel to Ni-62 will release energy. It is the process by which virtually every field of LENR attempts to show can take place at low temperatures and provide an energy surplus.

    “Do we know the real explanation of LENR, we can accelerate research,” says Bob Greenyer in a presentation video about the project, which in his eyes – if successful – can give a Nobel Prize.

    When it comes LENR experiments, it may be added that reproducibility is generally a problem.

    About LENR research can ever win wide acceptance and from the sidelines get into the middle of the field, only time will show, however.

    The engineer has worked on this article spoken with both Kim Daasbjerg from Aarhus University and Bob Greenyer from Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. However, they have not wanted to appear with quotes from these interviews in this article, which is therefore based on information that can be found on the Internet.

  • Rossi thought he was going commercial in 2013 as we can see from his communications from that time. Industrial Heat has played a role in slowing him down, intentionally or not. For that reason, and a consistent track record of engineering advances, I give him some slack. From late 2012 onward it was not his call.

    His time with me is not unlimited.

  • sam

    Steven N. Karels
    September 15, 2016 at 10:16 AM
    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    You posted “our technology could retrofit efficiently the coal powered plants.”

    Can you provide any performance data on your current technology as to:

    a. How long in time from a cold start to full output power for such a plant?
    b. How long in time from 50% output to 100% output after initial startup for such a plant?
    c. How long in time from 100% output to 50% output after initial startup for such a plant?
    d. Do you believe that the units will run, without interruption, for months at a time?
    e. Do you envision a system design where individual units (or reactors) could be changed or maintained while the entire ensemble of reactors maintain maximum design output?

    Your proposed application, if implemented, would significantly reduce carbon emissions. China has built 1GW electrical generation systems. Even with a Carnot efficiency of 40%, you are looking at 2.5 GW of thermal output, unless your newer designs can produce electricity more efficiently.

    Andrea Rossi
    September 15, 2016 at 11:41 AM
    Steven N. Karels:
    a. we are working to make it very short. I am not yet able to give a number, because we have room to improve
    b. same as in a
    c. idem
    d. yes
    e. yes
    Thank you for your insight,
    Warm Regards,

  • Ciaranjay

    NewScientist article;
    Generally seems a positive article to me, while sticking to reporting key players.
    NRL and Hubler (now at University of Missouri). Also Nagel at LENRIA.
    Rossi and Darden.
    Mitsubishi and Iwamura.
    Clean Planet.
    Peter Hagelstein.
    Widom and Larsen at Lattice Energy.
    Zawodny at NASA Langley.
    George Miley of Universit of Illinois.

    Finishes with the rumour that the House Committee on Armed Services report is to be delayed. Disappointing if true.

    I think it would have been good if New Scientist had contacted MFMP.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I would not be surprised if they delay the report – in my mind – it was always a bit premature to have it before ICCF20

      • Ciaranjay

        I take the view that a delay is positive.
        If they were going to conclude LENR was a waste of time no delay would be needed.
        Is ICCF20 likely to be particularly noteworthy this time?

        • Bob Greenyer

          Can I tell you afterwards??

          • Mats002

            No, why wait – tell us now 😉

      • Builditnow

        Bob, the political theory for the delay is that the House Committee on Armed Services report on LENR could effect the US election, since the house is under republican control, then, a positive LENR report would be seen to help the democrats. Seems plausible. All speculation of course.

  • Omega Z

    All your power plants require an external power source(The Grid) for safety reasons. And not just the nuclear plants.

    The fact they require power for the controls alone prevent a direct loop to self power. The instant the reaction becomes unstable even for a second, you would no longer have control. Even should it shut down without self destructing, you will need power to bring it back on line.

    That said, Rossi has stated that you could use batteries, convertors etc to loop the power, but you quickly eliminate the cheap energy factor. All that extra hardware is expensive with a limited life cycle.

    There’s other advantages to being connected to a grid even if it’s merely a local micro grid verses a national grid. If 90% of the time, I need only 1 or 2 Kilowatts of energy, I can pull excess energy from the grid for the short periods of time I may need 10 to 15 kilowatts of energy. This is a huge reduction in upfront financial outlays.

    It’s like ride sharing. I’m not paying for a $30K car. I’m paying only for my share of it’s use.

  • GordonDocherty

    Possibly the rate of production of (fast) neutrons increases at the expense of ultra low momentum neutron production as the reaction heats up, so leading to radiation leakage and a meltdown – the sweet spot is then the production of ULM neutrons between no neutrons and fast neutrons… using an external field may slow / quench neutron production

  • Pietro F.
    • artefact

      I hate pay walls 🙁

      • Ciaranjay

        Speak to George, maybe he can get them to give all their articles away for free 🙂
        Otherwise I suppose I will just have to pay for it.

    • Frost*

      Great, even if most of the comments from NS readers are negative, LENR is getting noticed. I see this a positive step forward.

    • georgehants

      It was in New Scientist that I first read a report of a Mr. A Rossi claiming to have discovered a new energy source, here we are five + years later and still waiting for this man to show any acceptable Evidence that he has what he claims.
      If genuine, what a caring man he is for those needing and not just wanting the technology.

      • sam

        If you take him at his word then he has what he claims.
        Rome was not built in a day and A.R is perfecting his work.

        Some would say here we are 27
        years later and we are waiting for Goverments and Scientists
        to do something about LENR.

  • Bob Greenyer

    We have seen Neutrons, several Russian groups have, Piantelli, Mizuno/Clean Planet (controllable) etc. – not only is the observation of neutrons impossible to fake if the starting material is stable and the reactions purely chemical, it would also attract potentially huge unwanted attention from agencies that normally spend their time promoting the idea that LENR is ‘impossible’.

    If he says he has seen neutrons, then this does not mean he has seen excess heat, but given that he has bubble detectors and (apparently) 3He tubes, it is likely he has actually seen them – the evidence is getting stronger that this can be an observable. That in itself demonstrates LENR (even if not excess heat).

  • Stephen

    I think Me356 is still quite free thinking about his tests and is not looking for fame or fortune at all but just wants to do it well, unambiguously and safely.

    When it comes it will be just what we need.

    I think in a way he is like a master chef who discovered how to make an amazing health giving dish from ingredients that were hidden in his cupboard. He really wanted to publish his recipie and method but unfortunately one time he made it and it gave him a bad stomach ache. So he delayed his release tries to find out how to make it in a way that is consistent with out the side effects before he publishes it. But I hope he can share his idea with other trusted master chefs in MFMP to better evaluate and understand his recipie.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    “But when eros measures RF with a detector, he does not see any so the radiation he is seeing is not RF.”

    “For example, ME356 reports that he sees heavy RF production. But eros
    says that what is causing all his electronics to go crazy is not RF.
    DGT saw the same RF that disabled all the phones in the neighborhood and
    DGT could not shield that interference.That RF, if it really is RF, is an unknown.”

    So do we see *unexpected* radiation or *unknown* radiation?

  • Bob Greenyer

    I think me356s change of approach in the early part of this year needs context. And it is all to do with radiation.

    When Ecco alerted me on the Night of the 16th Feb, after the last files form GS5.2 had been saved, that he has spotted something highly unusual in the scintillator data from the first days in February, published nearly 2 weeks prior – there was no way to pull that information. It was only after Alan woke up and we later established that the “signal” corresponded to the period just before apparent excess heat and the bulk of the period with apparent excess heat had lower level photon emissions did we get excited. The problem was that the GQ GMC310+ Geiger counter did not see it, and it took two days before we had confirmed that it was useless – we did this by removing the cell carefully and placing a range of check sources in the centre axis of where it was, pointing in turn at the scintillator and the GM tube. the scintillator saw the spectrum, the GM tube did not. All of this was discussed openly but everyone was focussed on the end of the 1 year 1MW test and was not paying attention.

    Note, this was the second time we had seen high energy photons, we had seen them before – repeatedly and controllably in Celani wire cell in 2013, something that was replicated independently by Jean-Paul Biberian within 24 hours. This time however, the system was very different and we had a spectrum and some correlation / anti-correlation.

    As a result, we announced as immediately as possible, after we were sure, the finding, in a way that was deliberately designed to maximise attention since the actual data had implication for other players claims and also possibly other crowd researchers health.

    We immediately sought to improve our GM by swapping its tube with the most sensitive we could find – a LN 7317 – and got some Neutron bubble detectors – since, we could not rule anything out and we wanted to play safe.

    In the first attempt at exact replication, whilst there was no convincing repeat of “signal”, we did see apparent excess heat – this time supported by front and backside Optris PI160 thermal imaging in addition to thermocouples, all live. More importantly though, whilst we saw no fast neutrons above background – there was some small numbers of thermal Neutrons not during times of apparent excess heat with appearance of some recorded live on camera, one of which I saw with my own eyes directly.

    This meant we had to take a step back – again, do our best to be open and honest about it – something that was uncomfortable but we had to alert all replicators to the potential risk. Moreover, we decided better neutron detection was paramount moving forward and so Bob Higgins has gone to extreme lengths to create an open source neutron detection system and he, Alan Goldwater, Brian Albiston and Aarhus will all soon have at least one unit. Mathieu Valat has got his two neutron detectors functional also.

    We could not stop people learning about neutrons since it was live on camera as is our way. Since then, me356 made it known that he saw very large numbers of neutrons in some embodiments and this essentially is the reason he stopped putting stuff out as he was going and why we have urged people to not mess around with random fuel combinations and embodiments. Me356 is fortunate in that he has a remote location and his lab is located in a distant outbuilding with full start/stop remote control and means to kill switch the power – this has enabled him to me more bold in his experiments that we would recommend. But, according to his claims, some extreme events cause him to step back from being quite so open. Also, subsequently, Clean Planet have claimed in their patent that they can control neutron flux based on the tension on the high voltage drive. Neutrons are a possibility, though our data suggests that in our embodiment, they are anti-correlated with excess heat.

    As I made public in my rather hasty and terrible live hangout video before going to Aarhus – I have also suspected some kind of heavy electron to perhaps muonium involvement in some embodiments. Clean Planet have recently claimed heavy electron formation being key – but the Canadian research on muonium and muonium- stuck in my mind when thinking about the Hot Cat and then later with what I saw as the ECatX (I predicted it used sapphire, but I predicted it for a specific reason) – the key for me was the use in the German patent application, that is very similar to the Clean Planet patent application, of sapphire (Al2O3) as a dielectric barrier in their discharge. Of course, Holmlid / Olafsson claim to have observed muons.

    For this reason, we are now looking also to add open source muon detection to our tool chest – since this could again have health implications. Piantelli said it isn’t like you expect, it is “nuclear reorganisation” one can observe what appears to be fusion, fission, transmutation, isotopic shifts and nuclear synthesis, you can even do reaction tables, as I did for 3 weeks, that predict to a large degree the ash, however it isn’t quite that simple according to him. If heavy electrons, muonium or muonium- really is in play this could facilitate this spread of observed ash components.

    We are going to try an experiment thread to try to add robust data aimed at helping everyone to understand the underlying process. But, as our previous experiments have shown – the more emissions detection systems we have to hand, the better chance we all have of understanding what is going on a what states in the experiment.

    • Ged

      That was a very good summary of the context and history that has gotten us here many mighty have missed in the rush of things. It also puts me365’s quiet behavior much more in perspective for myself. Thank you, Bob. I appreciate the honesty and time taken to outline all this again in a summary and accessible manner.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      “ Neutrons could be generated by the following consecutive reactions.

      H(1) + Li(7) > 2He(4) 17.3 MeV

      8.7 MeV alphas, He(4) from the above known reaction would have enough energy to initiate the following known endothermic neutron forming reaction.

      He(4) + Al(27) > P(30) + n -2.6 MeV”

      And this known reaction.

      Li(7) + He(4) > B(10) + n -2.79

    • Rene

      I understand me356’s motivations for withdrawing form the open approach, especially with his concern of radiation, but the unavoidable consequence is that like Rossi, he’s is heading down the secrecy path where the consequence is people can’t verify hence believe he is doing anything meaningful until it is eventually shown.
      My hope is that he is willing to share results, including preliminary recipes, to people who are known to have decent protocols in place, like MFMP.

      • Axil Axil

        ME356 might not understand fully what he is dealing with. Should he release that unknown into general usage including not only the best but also the worst out there?

        For example, ME356 reports that he sees heavy RF production. But eros says that what is causing all his electronics to go crazy is not RF. DGT saw the same RF that disabled all the phones in the neighborhood and DGT could not shield that interference.

        That RF is an unknown. Should anybody be permitted to tinker with that unknown until it is identified?

        There are many more weird unknowns that ME356 has seen. He may need some more time to come to terms with them.

        • Rene

          Indeed, like I said, I understand his concerns. There are, however, people who understand safety protocols. He need not do this alone.

    • Axil Axil

      Source of the gamma rays found in segment 7 as follows:

      When “Hole” superconductivity is formed when metallization of a hydride begins, electons in orbit around the hydride is expelled from the center of the hydride and pushed to the surface by the meissner effect. During this process, a positively charged core is formed in the center of the crystal and the negatively charged electrons and photons are pushed to the outside of the crystal.

      When this process of charge separation occurs, electrons produce Bremsstrahlung on their path to the outside of the metalized hydride crystal. Metalization of the hydride marks the beginning of the LENR process when a monopole magnetic field is produced in the spin wave that has formed on the surface of the metalized hydride.

      When the LENR reaction is completed, a similar process of Bremsstrahlung radiation generation will occur when the electrons and photons on the exterior of the metalized hydride falls back to the positively charged center of the hydride.


      Ionizing radiation from superconductors in the theory of hole superconductivity

      “(Los Alamos), J. Phys. Condens. Matter 19 125217 (2007).We point out that large superconducting bodies described by the theory of hole superconductivity will emit ionizing radiation in non-equilibrium situations. This remarkable prediction, involving an energy scale a factor of 10e12 larger than the low energy scale usually associated with superconductivity, is unique to the theory of hole superconductivity. The phenomenon is a consequence of the macroscopic inhomogeneous charge distribution predicted to exist in superconducting bodies, and the resulting intrinsic macroscopic spin currents in the superconducting state in the absence of applied fields. For superconducting bodies of sufficiently large size, the speed of the spin current carriers approaches the speed of light, and in addition real electron positron pair production is expected to occur in the interior. When the superconducting state is destroyed, electromagnetic radiation with frequencies up to 0.511MeV/hbar should arise from bremsstrahlung and electron-positron annihilation. In support of this rather unconventional theory we point out that it is the only existing theory that proposes explanations for two fundamental universal effects associated with superconductivity: the Meissner effect and the Tao effect.”

      • Bob Greenyer

        interesting Axil


        How can there be hole superconductivity if the reactor is very hot?

  • Axil Axil

    In conversations with eros who who claims to have been mentally affected by the LENR reaction, at least he thinks he has, he has found a way to reveal hidden radiation from the LENR reaction.

    eros places a block of high Z material(iron or lead brick) in front of his reactor. then he covers the front of his GM counter with a copper shield(copper pipe?). This process seems to reveal LENR reactions taking place inside the copper shield. The GM counter seems to register counts due to secondary ionizing reactions in the copper shield.

    eros reports: “I found radios react, (to LENR radiation) but it is not for radio transmission but possible muon/betas that hit radio electronics (some clocks etc).”

    But when eros measures RF with a detector, he does not see any so the radiation he is seeing is not RF.

    ME356 says that he sees RF but maybe like eros, he is seeing something else.

    Before ME356 lets his tech out to the world, he should checkout these reports from eros to see if me356 can replicate them with his system.

    gameover states as follows:

    “3. As you say, others may be experiencing similar effects without being aware so it would help to confirm that methods exist for detecting such unknown radiation.
    4. This may sound harsh, but if a novel but potentially harmful effect is behind LENR disclosing it to the public will likely accelerate its scientific and public recognition. This will most certainly eventually result in bans of various kinds, but the end point is that law cannot render illegal something that “officially” does not exist or cannot work. “

  • Ophelia Rump

    Let me know when someone lands one in a town square and says take me to your leader. Until then these are just alien technology sightings.

    • So first astrology makes an appearance and now a reference to UFOs.

      Not fair I say.

      What we know is this: me356 is a highly skilled experimentalist who has been pursuing a working LENR reactor for many months in his spare time outside of running a business. me356 is a real person. me356 has conducted good experiments, shared online, in the past. me356 has no apparent monetary or personal motivation for conducting fraud. me356 has a loose affiliation with MFMP, sharing some information with them and promising full testing and disclosure when his criteria for doing so (safe, solid) are met (penciled in as late October). me356 has claimed progress in increments, starting with null results, then interesting phenomena, then neutrons, and then some ability to control the reactor.

      Associating LENR/cold fusion with other highly controversial and suspect pseudoscience is guilt by association.

      me356 is not a UFO. He may turn out to be a liar or badly mistaken, but there is no good reason at this juncture to think that he isn’t anything that we’re told he is or that his communications about his results are anything but genuine.

      • Ophelia Rump

        How about that demo then?

        • Greeyer:

          I have offerred to visit him at the earliest possible opportunity which is between 22-29th October with the intention to observe and to test/verify the system and me356 has said that he hopes he will have finished everything by then, he believes he is probably on the last iteration after which the “device will be ready for daily usage (heating/steam production).

          me356’s behavior for the remainder of the year will better inform us of his intentions and character.

          • Ophelia Rump

            Thank you. I look forward to hearing your observations.
            I would put great weight in your witness.

            • We don’t really want a &^^%#^ demo, right?

              What we want is for trusted proxies to verify with measurements. That can start with Bob, expand to MFMP and then perhaps to selected University or government labs.

              • Ophelia Rump

                LENR G, I would trust your witness more than my own, I just do not have the expertise.

                With that said, I live for the day someone shows the world this technology working, and walks away leaving it running for the experts to rummage around in.

                • Well, not me, OR. The quote is from Bob Greenyer. Bob is tentatively slated to visit me356 in late October to kick the tires, so to speak. If that actually happens and where it goes from there remains to be seen.

              • Bob Greenyer

                I’d like to see exactly that order, or better still full disclosure before I leave the test site so me356 can stake claim to origination and there is no issues for me.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Or his ability to meet his expectations… but you make a reasonable point

        • Karl Venter

          Hi Orphelia

          Are you talking about rossi or ME356 DEMO?

  • kenko1

    me356 and engineer48 ought to get together and do a Vulcan mind-meld!

    • Stephen

      Hehe now that would be something

      • kenko1

        Ewwwww. A Vulcan mind-meld orgy! Can mind-melds be done via Skype? If so, I could help set it up. LOL
        Seriously though, it would be great to get all of these individuals, with their special areas of expertise, together to replicate…and beyond!

        • Stephen

          Haha! Your right though !

    • TomR

      Another person that probably should be added to the group is Axil Axil, if he would be able to admit that some of his thoughts/theories might need some fine tuning and adjusting.

      • Stephen

        Yes for sure Axil! And Ecco and Ged and all those other who support MFMP too but I consider them part of MFMP in a way too.

  • Private Citizen

    Appears Rossi Says has a Mini-Me, for now.

    • Does the existence of this Mini-Me enhance or diminish your estimation of their claims?

      Seems to me that two scammers are less likely than one… Especially when the field is already littered with scamming entities and there would be intense competition for LENR-sucker money… if you believe Planet Zero’s take on things. What say you?

      • Private Citizen

        The number of people claiming astrology is a predictive science isn’t evidence astrology is valid.

        Adding an additional astrologer-says is unconvincing, without demonstrable proof.

        Will be delighted if me356 reverts to his old open-science ways and shows us the goods.

        • The science argument is accepted. You can’t have good science without replication and published procedures/results and peer review.

          But what I’m asking you about is evaluating someone’s word when proof is absent or pending. To pivot on your astrologer example, an astrologer writes a few paragraphs per day and sells that information to the gullible and romantic. me356 in contrast conducts many experiments and until he got pestered into the shadows on LENR Forum was sharing much information and videos about what he was seeing. Bob Greenyer vouched for him as a skilled experimentalist who operates a busy business as his main source of income. The point is that he doesn’t need the money nor have time or motivation to concoct a scam; he has actually been spending valuable time and money on this pursuit of a LENR reactor.

          Mini-Me was pretty spot on in some ways. Rossi and me356:

          * Do not need any money that would result from a successful scam (Rossi has $11M, me356 has a successful business)

          * Are spending valuable time and resources (Rossi living in a crate for a year, me356 taking time away from running his company)

          * Have shared engineering progress over an extended period of time and diligently moved the ball forward through trial and error

          me356 does not fit the profile of an opportunistic and lazy astrologer, looking for an easy buck. How do you evaluate his word? No better than an astrologer’s?

  • LuFong

    “I must also say that I cannot in any way at this stage confirm if me356 has what he claims, but I can say that he is a fast and insightful, multi-skilled experimentalist and I would suggest that if any other parties have working embodiments, they need to get them to market fast or run the risk of becoming irrelevant.”

    This would be nice.

    • Anticipating the Planet Zero spin… MFMP intentionally spun off me356 to be a forcing function… to claim imminent success when the time was right to flush out any real reactor developers. Fiction with a purpose.

      • Ged

        You’re good at this ;).

        • Gerald

          And its a countdown. Me356. +3 +2 +1.. 😂

          • SD


            See the symbolism there? There’s more to this story than we think.

            • SD

              And don’t get me started on the Golden Ratio…

    • LION

      Is that you BOB?

      • artefact

        It is in quotes.

        • LION

          Thanks for the correction artefact, all is now clear.

    • LION

      Apologies to you LuFong, I have been CARELESS in my reading and missed the “quotes” I was astonished to hear some of BOBS words ringing in my ears all over again, from the last time I saw him, even for an Old Man, such a verbal slap in the face was Sobering. Dear BOB has a very distinct ‘Handle’ when expressing himself, he is a good Bloke though, so I take no offence, valuing HONESTY above all else.

  • Jarea

    I prefer to not be teased in that way. We need a clear experiment. What is MFMP doing? MFMP is destroying his image if they support Me365 with not open science conditions, if all the work he does is not public.
    MFMP objective is to prove that cold fusion is real openly. Me365 used their resources and now has gone black. It would be good to have a roadmap and clear statement from Me365 he is doing that for open science and for the main objective of MFMP that is to prove that cold fusion is real.
    If we have another inventor, waiting for a patent or to raise money with these teasers then we are in the wrong path.
    In think we deserve this open science and not more greediness that was our hope with MFMP.

    • MFMP should not be faulted for sharing the information they receive openly. That is what we want from them. They are careful not to endorse me356’s claims.

    • LuFong

      Read the entire post (see link above). I think it addresses your concerns.

    • Omega Z

      MFMP has commited to being open with their work, but they have ZERO right to disclose other peoples work unless given permission to do so.

      There are some people who will help you out. They may help you avoid expensive pitfalls. However, should you start stabbing them in the back, they will shut you out. They will also spread the word. This person can not be trusted.

      There is much to be learned from others who will share, but you must respect their rights.

      • If you’re implying that MFMP betrayed me356 by sharing this info I do not think that’s the case. MFMP has maintained confidentiality on a number of occasions when requested to do so.

        • Omega Z

          No I’m not implying that.

          I was responding to Jarea’s post that seems to be of the opinion that MFMP should only work with people who are open source or share information that is not their’s to share.

      • gameover

        Except that the claims of transparency and openness are in full contradiction with the notion that the group may have confidential information that could potentially allow them to build a demonstrably working LENR device.

        This leads to interesting implications. When yet another experiment is shown to be inconclusive or negative, is it because they are not putting into use all the information they have at disposal? Do they pretend to not know? And should we pretend to not know either?

        Cannot you see how awkward their position would be here?

        • Omega Z

          MFMP can be as transparent as they choose to be with anything they develop or advice provided to them with that understanding.

          I’m also sure(at least I hope) the majority of people following MFMP would understand the need for some confidentiality in return for valuable insights from certain entities.

          There are those who will freely give you information(No strings attached) if they respect or like you. Info such as best equipment, materials and prices that you may not be aware of. But many of them will expect a certain confidentiality concerning certain matters. If you can’t do that, then let them know up front so they can avoid any and all contact with you.

          • gameover

            So you are a supporter of lies and deceit. Not that I expected anything else.

            • Omega Z

              So you approve of stealing. It doesn’t matter if you rob the guy of money or the knowledge he spent a year developing. Your stealing a portion of his life.(Time)

              Also, I stated that If MFMP can’t maintain a confidence, then they should say so and not associate with the person. To do otherwise would be deceitful on their part. I personally think Bob G. of MFMP is a person of integrity.

  • Reggie

    I don’t understand the point of his updates. Is this the early stages of his marketing plan? Is he seeking investors? Is he more or less bragging?

    • Last we were told, he wants to get to a point where his reactor is safe and produces unambiguous excess heat. Then he said he would share the information openly (presumably, MFMP would be invited to measure and report on one of his reactors).

      Sounds like he may be angling for a patent now though. The prospect of life-altering money may have seduced him. We’ll see.

      • Omega Z

        I have no issue with that. Also a person can actually control cost by owning IP. He can make a reasonable return for his efforts as well as limiting the profit margin on products as part of the license arrangement. Recall Elon Musk providing free access to his EV plug in technology IP. All they have to do is keep it all compatible.

        I notice 1 of IH/Dardens complaints was the competing clause. Should Rossi offer a license to manufacture in the un-designated areas, IH was to have 1st right to purchase. There is a loophole there. It doesn’t include Rossi himself manufacturing product. This obviously would have a major impact on IH/Darden and friends pricing scheme.

        Darden is like- How we supposed to rip people off if Rossi is going to sell product to cheap to compete against???
        We’ll just have to not pay up so Rossi can’t start up his own manufacturing…

  • Ged

    Hm. We really need more substance to these teasers. Back in the day, me356 ran some nice, live experiments, and that is the sort we need to see again. Alternatively, he could hand a reactor he made to MFMP for testing. Either way, a lot of time has passed with the teasings and we should get back to the live science business. His reactors and designs do not (and will not) have to be perfect to be useful to show.

    • So what we have here is either (another?) expertly executed scam, with a long lead-in time, public videos and earning the confidence of a trusted third party (Greenyer)… or VICTORY.

      From the history and from what BG has told us, I think it’s very unlikely that me356 is just performing tons of experiments and taking time away from his real business (he runs a small company apparently) just so he can set try to fool us all. To what end? He’s not getting any money from us. If he’s angling for Angel investors or VC capital he’s going to have to be as good as Team Rossi supposedly is at faking demos and playing a long con.

      Smells like the real deal to me!

      Crossing fingers that BG gets to poke and prod in the near future.

      • Ged

        I am just impatient for more fun live streaming goodness like the “Good Ol’ Days”(tm). He says he is almost done tweaking, but maybe Bob can prod him to divulge more, because it doesn’t have to be fully done or perfect to be amazing and useful to the wider community. Gotta be careful not to get sucked into that tinkerer’s paradox!

        • Having claimed what he has, if he remains secretive or cryptic for much longer then we will have to write him off. The next few months will be telling.

        • Obvious

          I watched his live data stream yesterday. Very interesting thermal behaviour was shown. Without a better idea of his apparatus, it is hard to say what was happening for certain. But it did seem like the outside T was following the inside T, and the two temperatures frequently were uncoupled.

          • Interesting, I’d like to take a look. Is there a video link for this or is it lost to history?

            • Obvious

              It was live on plotly. Probably gone forever, but I don’t know that for sure. I wasn’t able to change any settings, or go back in time. The “watts” trace was off the visible scale for almost the whole thing, so it was hard to judge what was happening exactly. But it did not look “normal” to me, based on the temperature behaviour. At least in parts. Sometimes it looked normal, and other times the internal T had a “mind of its own”, or was controlled by something separate from the main heat. I have done lots of hot tube tests, and this was weird to watch compared to anything I have done. Fascinating.

            • Obvious

              Seems to be another test going on now. Not much happening, but maybe something will. Sitting at around 500C currently.


              • Thanks!

              • Ged

                Wait, so Me365 is sharing live test data, and this is his going on right now? Then I must take back my impatience, as it has been mostly answered (just missing necessary details on methods and build). Much more exciting in that case. Thank you for the link, Obvious!

                • Seems to be in the hydrogen loading phase. I wish there was a related chat, video or some kind of context for the plot!

                  I guess at this point we just get to eavesdrop on the data, which is not nothing.

  • georgehants

    After years of following Mr. Rossi’s circus, as I make clear elsewhere on occasion, I will be very satisfied for another Researcher to be the first to confirm repeatable Cold Fusion.
    Viva Cold Fusion, not anybody in particular

    • Buck


      your words speak towards an agenda rather than to common facts. You say “I will be very satisfied for other Researchers to be the first to confirm repeatable Cold Fusion”, and thereby simply ignore reported stories that fulfill this request. For example, just look at the recent report released by the DTRA. It not only confirms the LENR reaction, it also highlights the advancement of knowledge on how to get repeatable LENR reactions.

      You are agenda driven and the facts get in the way of venting your spleen. And that makes you who you are in this LENR community . . . . something to start one’s day with one’s cup of tea.

      • georgehants

        Buck, please stick to the Facts I have written above.
        There are since P&F thousands of “reports” and writings on Cold Fusion.
        I am discussing clearly and unmistakably a report that publishes open, repeatable details of a method for anybody skilled in the art such as MFMP to replicate.
        All other opinion, talk etc is irrelevant.
        There is no such open report in existence.
        Yes “agenda driven” but please do not distort that agenda away from the clear Facts I have written.

    • builditnow

      Send buckets of money to MFMP and you might have your wish.
      I’ve visited the Santa Cruz research setup. It’s mostly home funded retired people doing excellent work with insufficient space and equipment.
      It would make a huge difference to have a lab and some millions of funding.
      Georgehants, can you make it happen?