Daily Caller on US Defense Threat Reduction Agency Cold Fusion Report

Thanks to Mats Lewan for pointing out the following article

The Daily Caller news and political website has an article titled “Feds May Have Made a Huge Breakthrough in Cold Fusion.” (http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/11/feds-may-have-made-a-huge-breakthrough-in-cold-fusion/) The article, by energy and science reporter Andrew Follett is in reference to the report we cited here last week released by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

The report, authored by Pamela Mosier-Boss, Lawrence Forsley and Patrick McDaniel is titled Investigation of Nano-Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter. The authors propose that the Pons and Fleischmann ‘cold fusion’ effect is a real low energy nuclear reaction and can be reproduced when a certain kind of Pd/D co-deposition process is used.

Andrew Follett has done some follow-up with the DTRA who told him that they couldn’t immediately confirm or deny the authenticity of the document since some staff members were away from work. Follett also contacted Dr. Jeffrey Eldred, a particle accelerator physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Illinois, who said he suspected that the effect described in the report by Pamela Mosier-Boss, was caused by cosmic ray deuterons interacting with the palladium deuteride.

There is some debate regarding the authenticity of the document. Some observers have noted that the report does not appear on any website published by the DTRA, and therefore could be spurious. The last page of the document, however, does provide a Scientific and Technical Review Information form which appears to show that the document had been through a review process at the DTRA and has been cleared for public release.

  • Warthog

    The initiator is an LENR skeptic “TractorEngineer” posting comments on the original “DailyCaller” article.

  • Buck

    Interesting piece from Reuters today which adds to the national security context of the upcoming 9/22 report by the DoD to Congress regarding LENR. Here is the lead paragraph that is further fleshed out in the reportage.

    “The effects of climate change endanger U.S. military operations and
    could increase the danger of international conflict, according to three
    new documents endorsed by retired top U.S. military officers and former
    national security officials.”


  • Observer

    This report is 4 years old. It represents the last work done on LENR at SPAWAR.


    • And work circa 1850 by James Clerk Maxwell is still cited today … the point being, it is basic, replicable research that others may build on. This is very important in science and engineering.

  • William D. Fleming

    I am confused. Are you the person who provided the report to the Daily Caller?

  • MorganMck


  • bachcole

    I would be delighted to compare your IQ with mine any time that you like. Your use of the word “idiot” is merely a vehicle for delivering your resentment to people who do not agree with you. If it bothers you that so many of us do not agree with you, then why come here and burden yourself and us with your resentment? Life is so much better without resentment. To me, the name “Jed Rothwell” used to have credibility, but your malicious attitude has caused me to no longer respect you.

    • psi2u2

      Really. Jed, where do you get off with “Judging by the inane comments here, it might be some of the House Idiots here”?

      The document was vetted thoroughly here and found to be authentic. Get over yourself.

  • Ged

    “It is a little unclear to me which idiots are speculating that the document might not be real. It might be the author of the article at the Daily Caller. Judging by the inane comments here, it might be some of the House Idiots here. Either way, this is a particularly inane conspiracy theory.”

    It sounds like you have some issues with reading. You could read the original thread where two people with access to DTRA could not find the document within those releases when it first was posted. Then the Daily Caller could not get a confirmation or denial when the journalists tried to contact the authors. No one here seriously doubted the document, but no logical mind could ignore the caveat of ambiguity from DTRA, and now it is confirmed.

    But instead of reading or checking the facts, or even reading the article here completely, you create a false reality in your head and go off insulting everyone–and then admit you have no idea if anyone here actually said the things you are insulting or doubted the article or not. You simply wanted to insult people. So very unprofessional.

    Like Gerald, your objection made so little sense, and was so divorced from reality, it seemed you were trying to claim the document was false. That is how completely absurd your assumptions and insults here have been.

    • JedRothwell

      To summarize: the person at the Daily Caller plus some of you people think that I upload fake documents. Got it.

      And you wonder why I am pissed off. Uh, huh.

      • Ged

        That is some absurd ego. Narcissistic even? No one ever said anything about you! Your name never came up, and no one cares–you are beneath the Daily Caller’s notice, and they simply reported what they got from the source, that is DTRA. But coming in and insulting the community when you know nothing because you can’t bother to check facts, but rather make believe some scenario to insult, is pathetic behavior.

        Tell me, who were the two posters who could not find the document in the DTRA archive? Anyone in Disqus can post, after all, so who are they and did they say anything about you? Did they claim -you- uploaded fake documents as you feign insult over? Let’s see if your faux indignation has any basis in reality :).

  • Gerald

    I have to apologise, reading your previous comment above I was thinking you said the document was false, I was a nut to believe it. Why so much hard words and curse? Sane people see the effects are real, if Rossi is right or not will not put back Cold fusion to the stone age. Maybe see us as a son who you lose controle of, the son returns or gets losed or the his dad must dig deep and say your were right son. The best thing just let it happen and don’t get angry.

  • MorganMck

    This is really getting sad. He is becoming Steven Krivit before our very eyes. And all because of his own pride.

  • malkom700

    We see that the representatives of the scientific world do not want to comment on issues that are important to human survival as LENR and GW. I suggest by the government to force their expression, then after three years to evaluate who was right and decide on consequences regarding their careers. I know human rights, I apologize.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    “Follett also contacted Dr. Jeffrey Eldred, a particle accelerator physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Illinois, who said he suspected that the effect described in the report by Pamela Mosier-Boss, was caused by cosmic ray deuterons interacting
    with the palladium deuteride.”

    I’m wondering what’s that supposed to mean, is he saying that DD fusion occurs at low rate, caused by cosmic ray deuterons, whenever there is bulk of deuterium (like in PdD). To me, reference to cosmic ray deuterons looks a bit odd. Such things exist because cosmic rays contain all possible nuclei, but they should be rare, much rarer than e.g. cosmic ray protons.

    • It seems rather inevitable that a number of agendas will play into this phase of LENR development, i.e., increasing public awareness. Many of these agendas will of course be inimical to the free and open discussion of cold fusion, in one way or another.

      It’s difficult to ‘unpack’ this one brief comment from a representative of establishment physics, but it seems to me that this may be an attempt to belittle Mosier-Boss and her associates by using the word ‘effect’ to portray their work as an investigation of a weak natural phenomenon, rather than as the discovery of a new nuclear reaction process with enormous potential.

      I doubt that the ‘suggestion’ is expected to stand up to close scientific scrutiny, but rather to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of casual readers that this story is something that needs to be followed up carefully.

      • georgehants

        Morning Peter, as GreenWin is absent and I hope all is well with him, I will just say that the guys running the SIM are still having a great laugh at the entangled webs we weave down here.

  • JedRothwell

    “There is some debate regarding the authenticity of the document.”

    You people are nuts. Ask the authors whether the document is authentic!

    As long last, have some common sense.

    • Ophelia Rump

      They did ask and were told that people are “away”.

      Did you look at how many names are on the doc, are they all away, do they not recognize their own documents? Do they not keep records of their own reports?

      From the look of that the govt has been sitting on Fleischmann Ponns validity from the beginning. That document is an embarrassment.

      Someone needs to submit an FOIA request for an official copy.

      • Frank Acland

        From the DC article:

        ‘DTRA staff would not confirm or deny the authenticity of the report to The Daily Caller News Foundation, saying, “a couple of the individuals involved in the process are off station/ on vacation leave.”’

        On the last page of the document there are signatures of seven people who have given it some kind of clearance. The last date was Jun 7 2016 with the stamp of “cleared for public release”

      • SG

        FOIA is definitely the way to go. The executive branch tends to cringe with FOIA requests, but such requests do have teeth. The legislative branch has always supported the FOIA concept, and for good reasons.

        • Omega Z

          FOIA?, There is no, nor has there ever been any such document that you request. Now prove otherwise.

          Also, ANY documents kept at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex is exempt from FOIA. I believe Groom lake is also exempt as are any documents held by private contractors. Climate controlled storage facility contracting is huge in the U.S. and Growing.

          Push hard enough, they may create fake documents Letterhead included with 98% of the pages blacked out under National Security claims. They may also do that with factual documents as well.

          FOIA’s are basically for the naive and should they provide real info, they likely intended to release it soon anyway.

          • Steve Swatman

            Sounds like you really don’t want anyone to make an FOIA request sir.

            • Omega Z

              “Sounds like you really don’t want anyone to make an FOIA request”

              Not at all.
              Just pointing out the reality of such requests. FOIA was primarily created to appease the naive. You can’t force them to give info if they really want to withhold it.

              As Eyedoc points out. You need to depend on leakers. But then you wonder what is their agenda and are they legit. And they can easily be labeled conspiracists.

              • Steve Swatman

                “But then you wonder what is their agenda and are they legit. And they can easily be labeled conspiracists.” (and or shills and trolls)

                This can and should be one’s first thought for every comment/commentor on the internet and especially on a subject such as LENR and Dr Rossi. 😉

          • Frechette

            You forgot to mention Area 51.

            • Omega Z

              Groom lake i.e redirects on wiki to Area 51.
              Where discussions of Groom lake are acceptable, Area 51 does not exist. LOL

          • Eyedoc

            Sad but true ?? so inside ‘leakers’ are the only hope for truth anymore ??

    • Ged

      Do you even bother to read, or are you too excited to give juvenile insults to the community to actually pay attention?

    • Buck

      The article has been updated to answer your question:

      “DTRA has confirmed the documents are authentic.”

      • bachcole

        The Daily Caller confirms it. Is there any way that we can confirm it also?

  • Buck

    IMO, another small step on the path for the public and governmental acceptance of something we hold to be a proven fact.

    It leads me to wonder who and what will come forward on 9/22 when the DOD is expected to layout their understanding of LENR to Congress.

    • Those are old figures. As I mentioned when I first posted the link to The Daily Caller, the website has 16.5 million unique visitors per month (which was why I found the Daily Caller story interesting, even if the piece was poorly investigated and a bit confused):

      The Daily Caller readership has grown to more than 16.5 million unique visitors per month and draws more than 59 million monthly page views.