Brilliant Light Power Releases New SunCell Video, Reports Technical Progress

There’s a page on the Brilliant Light Power website where the company is uploading a series of videos of their plasma SunCell in operation. The most recent video includes this caption:

“Controllable high power density events were achieved while avoiding electrode melting and vaporization. Video shows over two minutes out of a one-hour run.”

They had previously reported that in earlier demonstrations, their molybdenum-lined cell and tungsten electrodes had melted and vaporized in a few seconds. As far as I can find, however, they have not yet published reports providing calculations of energy in vs. energy out (COP) of the cells we are seeing in these videos, which would be important information to know as BLP is claiming their technology is a revolutionary new energy production technology.


Videos can be seen at this link:

  • US_Citizen71

    He needs to build one and have it operate as designed before you start counting the billions.

  • tlp

    New information also here:

    Big event is coming Oct 26th:

    “The presentation on Oct 26th will be focus on commercial systems, timeline, and go to market. At least one validator will be a speaker to cover the power balance measurements. There will be a live demonstration of the commercial design of the SunCell and possibly some power measurements of a non-commercial system setup for thermal or optical power balance measurements. The power balance of the commercial design will require the integration of the PV converter which is scheduled to be initially delivered in January 2017. The engineering firm and PV manufacturer representatives will be speakers as well to cover the respective timelines.”

    • tlp

      Also on the home page


      Invitational Public Presentation by Noted Speakers from Telecomm, Climate Change, Academic, and Market Strategy Fields with SunCell® Demonstration October 26th at BrLP’s Facility [reservations, prior presentations available]

  • pelgrim108

    This one is from 16 september. Enjoy 🙂

    • tlp

      A new video every Friday! The process seems to get smoother every week.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hi Hhiram,

    I have communicated with me356, most recently 2 days ago.

  • tlp

    Mills just hinted that they are getting 5 MW power with under 1V input. He didn’t say what current, but typically it has been about 10 kA, so around 10 kW input power.

    • artefact

      Randy Mills Today at 6:41 AM
      “I was referring to the EUV spectroscopic measurements corresponding to
      the current state of ignition using ~1 V versus the high voltage arc
      plasma discharge previously measured by Bykanov and
      spectroscopists at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics. We measure the
      ignition energy and power of single shot ignition using the exponential
      decaying current and measure the power and energy of the continuum EUV
      light having a cutoff at 10.1 nm (122.4 eV)
      using absolute spectroscopy. The power balance is typically 25 kW input
      and 2 to 5 MW EUV optical output.”

      • tlp

        Ok, so the COP is “only” about 100-200, but that is plenty enough fo closing the loop, and after that the COP in in practice infinite, as input power is no more needed because it can be extracted from the output electrical power.

  • tlp

    “Controllable” and “high power density” are the key things here. Earlier they have measured COP > 100 for those short duration tests, and this is essentially the same but longer duration. They may soon release some energy measurements for these tests also, but what is really going to convince people (I don’t know about skeptics) is closing the loop. Those CPV panels are probably quite soon ready (end of June estimation was 3 months) so integration of those could happen soon, and then it is possible to show a machine that generates all its input electricity and some (or lots of) more. Could be demonstrated by putting it in some flying drone that flies indefinitely.

    • tlp

      First, no one’s heard of you.
      Then they’ve heard of you but think you’re nuts.
      Then they understand your product, but think it has no opportunity.
      Then they view your product as a toy.
      Then they see it as an amazing toy.
      Then they start using it.
      Then they couldn’t imagine life without it.

      • Michael W Wolf

        Then there are wars over it.

        • Bob Greenyer

          more than often, wars are waged or stopped with step changes in tech.

          • tlp

            Hydrino power could stop wars, as we are no more dependent on some small areas for energy supply.
            Lenr maybe also, but there might be some shortage of lithium.