Unboxing and Assembly Video of LookingForHeat Model T LENR Test System (Russ Gries)

Thanks to Pelgrim for posting about this video made by Russ Greis of RWResearch who has been sent a Model T test kit by LookingForHeat, the startup that is building LENR test bed systems and other supplies for replicators to use for experimentaion.

Russ is a well known figure in the exotic energy replication world. He is an accomplished builder of all kinds of devices that have been claimed to create anomalous forms of energy, and tester of these systems — and is committed to openly sharing his work with the world.

In the video below, Russ unpacks a Model T, showing what comes in the package, and also shows its assembly. So far he does not show any testing of the system, but this is a part 1 video, so I hope a future release will show some experiments with the system.

  • Sam
  • Alan DeAngelis

    Could the reactor power something as simple (and dirt cheap) as a pulse jet with a reed valve? Is a chemical explosion needed to run the jet or is the incoming cold air hitting the hot reactor sufficient?
    Looks like fun.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Thank you Alix,
    In the long run, it’s probably better to have devil’s advocates within the LENR community than Johnny-come-latelies to LENR with axes to grind discover some sort of emission that can be managed.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      dyslexia and senility
      Thank you Axil

  • Alan DeAngelis

    “I hope a future release will show some experiments with the system.”
    Yeah! Maybe retrofit this.
    To look something like this.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    • As Carl-Oscar Gullström just pointed out, it’s not for your pocket. Would radiation dosimeter badges placed near a running reactor (with people far away) give us an idea of how safe it is? https://www.google.com/search?q=radiation+exposure+badges&rlz=1C1AOHY_enUS708US708&espv=2&biw=1024&bih=677&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwia6bWWoIXPAhWK5iYKHbBMDQgQ_AUICCgB

  • Bob Greenyer

    Good Job Russ, we have a related announcement from this week and we will also be highlighting a whole range of possible fuels to be tested.

  • artefact

    Frank, either my browser has a problem or this thread is not linked to on the first page.

    • Axil Axil

      Yes, there is a problem. I got here from another site.

    • Frank Acland

      Thanks artefact, it was nothing wrong with your browser, a mistake on my end.

  • Axil Axil

    In a recent post here, MFMP states that muons are produced in the LENR reaction. Experimenters are experiencing neurological problems ( “sand in eyes”, headache etc) when close to the reactor. In the face of the unknown, caution is advised.

    Nobody anywhere has produced muons outside of a particle accelerator. There is no experts in muon production in the home.

    Some rules of the road experimental speculation involving subatomic particle production is now offered as follows:

    Pions are unstable, with the charged pions π+ and π− decaying with a mean lifetime of 26 nanoseconds (2.6×10e−8 seconds), and the neutral pion π0 decaying with a much shorter lifetime of 8.4×10e−17 seconds.

    If pions speed equals the speed of light 26 Nm means that pions will travel 26 feet before decay on the average. For slower speeds, divide that 26′ distange by the fraction of light speed the pions are traveling.

    However, from Holmlid’s experiments, it looks like the pions are not going that fast. Any type of shielding catalyzed muon production from pion decay inside the mass of the shielding.

    A safe way to avoid exposure from pions and muons is to put distance between experimenter and the reactor. If the experimenter lives alone and he want to use his house to do his LENR experiments, use a remote camera to see what is going on with the reactor from a distance. For example, if the reactor is in the basement, use the remote camera to look at the reactor from the second floor of the house. The mass of floors, walls, air, and ceilings will cut down on muon intensity.

    But most importantly due to the spherical radiation patterns of muon random flight of like charged particles, the inverse square law cuts exposure down for every meter that the experimenter is removed from the reactor. If you live with other people, It might not be prudent to expose the others to muons in your home.

    Use a remote camera to do remote experimentation as recommended by ME356.

    A product suggestion as follows:



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    Quite baby monitor / nanny camera, Having a option to turn off sound alerts. Support SD card and smartphone recording, never miss any important steps with the one you matters most.

    720p HD and Wider angle with Pan 350 degrees (Horizontal) and Tilt 100 degrees (Vertical) and 4x digital zoom through APP remote control:nds.

    Motion detection function and remote real-time live voice & video: Receive alerts when the camera detects motion and remote real-time live video stream straight from your home to your smartphone, perfect to be as home security camera.

    Night Vision:Built-in IR LEDs allow you viewing and recording live video even in complete darkness,Easy set-up with simple steps under 60 seconds.

    • Axil Axil

      I am curious. Rossi said that his time in the shipping containers affected his health. I wonder if his symptoms were neurological in nature : headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, sand in the eyes and difficulty in sleeping. Did Rossi ever talk about his 1 year test health hit?

    • Rene

      “Experimenters are experiencing neurological problems ( “sand in eyes”, headache etc) when close to the reactor”-Axil
      Where has this been reported. I do hope this is not a Madam Curie incident.

      • Axil Axil

        eros has been complaining for some time now about mental problems when he get near his test reactor. He has been asking for some way to shield the effect and nothing seems to work. Is his problem real or is it imagined?

        To be safe, I told eros to use remote control as ME356 strongly suggests. We will need to wait for a pattern of similar reports to develop as more people get into replication.

        If LENR is nuclear, then the radiation byproducts might exist be might not have been encountered before. When Rossi got sick, he was worried, I could tell, and maybe he still is.

    • Stephen

      I think this is very sound and good advice from Axil to new and established experimenters alike. Especially while we are still learning more about the nature of LENR and still need to better understand the process.

      Maybe it would be good idea for a LENR health, safety and security thread that could collect these ideas and be updated and modified with lessons learnt by the experimenters.

    • LION

      Hi Axil Axil it could simply be ,
      due to UV and the headaches too, however the headaches could also be a result of being too close to spinning magnetic fields,but they normally produce disturbed sleep patterns too.

  • Axil Axil

    This video is great. It provides some feedback from lookingforheat based on the suggested changes that I have made to them for upgrades in their baseline distribution package. Those changes are as follows.

    Replace current large cavity carbonyl nickel powder with small dimensioned high porosity powder where the cavity size is less than 10 nanometers. It has a hydrogen absorption increase of 100 X over the old powder hydrogen absorption capacity.

    Based on Rossi’s patent upgate, replace the stimulus with the 50 KeV to 100 KeV electrostatic electrodes and supply. This is dangerous DC voltage levels. LookingForHeat should try to make this new Rossi patent based LENR stimulator both safe as well as effective.

  • Alan Smith

    Russ’s next video will be about calibration of the Model T system I think- he’s a busy guy so it may be a few weeks.

    • Ged

      Looking forward to it! It is a nice little test device.

    • clovis ray

      looking, good Alan, will you use learning e modules, like some ones we know, used,
      I found them very helpful in learning different things, and very useful and useable as reference,material, . i’ll be very interested to watch the video.