LENR Cities — Company in Liquidation

Thanks to georgehants for sharing a link regarding LENR Cities which appears to confirm that the startup which has tried to build an ecosystem that will help commercialize LENR, is now in bankruptcy and that the company is dissolved.

The link his here: https://www.shabex.ch/en/co/lenr-cities_sa_en_liquidation_CH-645.4.111.722-2.htm

The information here does look very final; a Google translation of the page states that court action has been taken to dissolve the company and it’s status is listed as bankrupt. Officially the name of the company is now: “LENR Cities in Liquidation”.

I’m sorry to see this development, as LENR Cities was making a serious attempt to bring LENR into the commercial domain. LENR Cities was not in the business of developing LENR technology, and so far commercial-grade LENR is not available in the marketplace and it’s hard to build an actual commercial ecosystem around just the hope and promise of LENR. I don’t know how you can get buy-in from clients in this situation.

I hope that the people involved are somehow able to keep involved in the field and somehow help with its emergence and development.

  • georgehants

    Morning, in answer to all the happy people who have replied to me below, not one has in any way disputed the Facts that I produced.
    Silly attacks avoiding the topic seems very common.
    Would anybody like to put up Evidence, of the most basic of Rossi’s claims being openly, repeatably and competently published for others to follow in five + years.
    If I am wrong then show your Evidence that MFMP and many others can follow and Cold Fusion should be proven beyond doubt very shortly.
    If not then my point is indisputably made and the sad people that simply cannot except Facts and resort to childish attacks of opinion when, if I give an opinion in my comment it is clearly marked and the opinions of others is fair but in no way invalidates mine.
    Yes I am very open-minded on every subject, who, instead of blindly attacking would like to check with me the Truth of my statement, choose your subject.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      You’ve convinced me comrade. He’s a shameless capitalist.


      • georgehants

        Alan, that is certainly one of the possible answers that fits his actions.
        Would you agree with that opinion, or have you another possible reason that fits all the Facts

    • BillH

      A company that built its image on a fanciful projection of the development of LENR. It’s often nice to speculate on the future but it’s no a reliable foundation to build a company on. It’s not surprising that it’s attempts to garner support has run out of steam( steam, geddit?)

      George, I tend to tune your comments out when you keep revisiting the same themes. You can’t blame individuals for all the World’s ills, or you can, but only if you blame everyone….

      Children dying is a sad thing, adults dying is almost as bad, putting all the blame on a somewhat eccentric scientist is hardly fair. Blame people for pollution the water, blame parents for not finding their children clean water, blame governments for not providing for their countries, blame the World for not being how you would want it to be. Take it as given that we are all in some way to blame and move on. Try a new more positive approach?

  • sam
  • US_Citizen71

    Completely OT

    Peer-Reviewed Paper On EmDrive To Be Published In December


  • georgehants

    Time that it is clearly stated that if the anti-Cold Fusion brigade had to choose somebody to impede and delay utilisation of the technology (if genuine) they could not have chosen better than Mr. Rossi.
    After five and a half years of fumbling and claims, this man has still not in any indisputable way demonstrated a device consistently and openly capable of producing a COP above 1.
    One can list all the possible reasons and excuses why this man has allowed this situation, his powerful desire to “protect” IP and dreams of becoming a fabulously rich capitalist, controlling all of Cold Fusion, to make up for his disappointments in earlier life, seem favorite and even supported by many.
    The court case is not destined to confirm Rossi’s claims, only if the letter of the law concerning contracts have been fulfilled in legal terms, decided by a jury and not scientific experimentation.
    I am one of the most open-minded people possible, but still live in a World of Truth where, when possible, Facts rule over everything.
    This man (I think) needs to get himself sorted out.

    • Observer

      This is the real world, not a Disney movie.

      Actually it is more like the movie “Joy”.
      The reward for approaching success is knives in the back.

      • georgehants

        Observer, sorry, your comment does not seem to have any point consistent with my plain Facts.

        • Observer

          Your “plain facts” are not facts to me.

          I have observed the E-Cat work.

          • georgehants

            Observer, sorry, would you like to point out one of my Facts that you disagree with.
            You are in no way an independent third party producing an open, repeatable report on a claimed scientific discovery acceptable to science.

            • Observer

              Facts known first hand can not be shared. Communal knowledge, like cummunal interests only go so far.

              • georgehants

                Observer, are we talking in code to try and hide your inability to find fault with my Facts.
                Which clear Facts in my comment to you find un-intepretable in the real World.
                Fun this, is it not, how to avoid talking about Truth.
                Some politicians, I hear, try that game all the time to try and hide the Truth

                • Observer

                  My “fact” is it has been demonstrated to me to work.

                  Your “fact” is that has not been demonstrated to you that it works.

                  Given my fact, to me your fact is irrelivant.

                • georgehants

                  Observer, would you agree ——-
                  “You are in no way an independent third party producing an open, repeatable report on a claimed scientific discovery acceptable to science.”
                  Or do you think that you alone can be more important than a peer reviewed, open, repeatable test.
                  A simple yes or no will give the answer with no need to continue further.
                  If you simply state clearly that my Facts are correct but you care only about your “opinion” then that also is fine.
                  I have in no way commented that Mr. Rossi is not genuine, just the Facts of the situation to date.

                • Observer

                  Do you understand what the phrase “to me” means?

                • georgehants

                  Observer, many thanks for good laugh, Ha.

            • psi2u2

              George, you are out of line here.

    • Mark Underwood

      George please be reminded that facts are contextual. A fact of chemistry can be valid in one environment and not another. Also, facts can be cherry picked. I could cherry pick facts from your life and come away with a less than truthful or flattering picture. And to what end? To what purpose?

      Personally, I try to put dead little scattered ‘facts’ in their place, subservient to greater things like goodness and beauty. It is our framework of meanings, and our values, which interpret the little facts we come across. Ironically how we interpret so called facts may say more about us than anything!

    • Jimr

      “Desire to protect his IP and dream of becoming a fabulously rich capitalist, controlling all of cold fusion, to make up for his disappointents in earlier life” , do consider all of that as fact or could there be just a little bit of opinion involved?

    • Alan DeAngelis
    • Ophelia Rump

      I begin to wonder if he is not an Avatar.

      Do you remember the time traveler?

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Help is on the way. Use the QuarkX as the target for this laser and then reduce the power of the laser to let’s say……. zero.

    • LarryJ

      “I am one of the most open-minded people possible”

      Your words always ring hollow and your constant and unrelenting attack on the people of the world who truly need this tech are a little more than irritating. Your goal appears to be, remove cold fusion from the realm of the commercially possible and the world be damned.

      “I am one of the most desperately seeking attention for my mean spirited agenda people” might be a more apt self description.

      Maybe it’s time you came out of the closet and proclaimed for the “Anti Cold Fusion Brigade”. That’s where you would be happiest. Your friends there are applauding and waiting with open arms.

      If I’m wrong then maybe it’s time you got yourself sorted out.

  • hunfgerh

    There was/is a connection to CNP in Lugano.

    Does anybody know what happens with that Company.


  • Ged

    I guess they were just a little premature, and not too surprising in this current economic climate. But they worked hard for everyone, and it is sad to see this happen.

    • I agree Ged. They had an inventive offering with a creatively crafted business model, although somewhat difficult to communicate.

      In general terms I saw them as an interesting, but difficult, middle-way between:
      – open source/open science, such as MFMP, on one side, and
      – traditionally closed business models based on private ownership and protected IP by a single organisation on the other.

      It could be described as a fairly large walled garden, giving protection and business opportunities for everyone inside, and some benefits for those outside.

      Who knows, maybe it could be re-proposed further ahead.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        Their model would make much more sense when working products are available – even in kit form.

        Look at the rise of the computer shops.

        While “most” computer shops thrived when Apple II, Radio Shack TR80 and the Commodore PET computer came along, some existed BEFORE such consumer products existed.

        Just before those “consumer” ready products hit the market, a GOOD number of computer hobby shops sprung up. Such shops tended to be electronic hobby shops – and they started selling computer kits. The most famous was the Altair 8800. And even the electronics “kit” suppler Heath Kit also entered this market.

        At one time a popular street (124th) in my city sported about 4 or 5 computer shops – all on just one street!

        And after all those shops closed – one actually grew into a rather large store and the owners became rather wealthy. (CompuSmart).

        And a good number of mail order shops also sprang up selling computer peripherals, parts, power supplies, cables, manuals and kits to assemble.

        While such hobby type shops are long gone, we tend to see the rise of such shops and business when a new technology comes along. Same goes for video rental stores – there was one every street corner. Then the larger companies came in like Blockbuster etc. And now they all gone!

        So the whole idea of a “shop” selling bits and parts into a new and emerging industry is common and a “normal” occurrence for early adopters of new technologies..

        I thus think such a business model could and would work great for early adopters – however the main missing ingredient was no working LENR kits are available at this time.

        Had hobby LENR kits been available, or even rough working devices were available for sell? – then yes, LENR Cities could likely flourished just like those early computer shops.

        Who knows, maybe it could be re-proposed further ahead.
        Yes – with hobby kits etc., then such a idea makes great sense. And some of those tiny video rental stores blossomed into Blockbuster. Same goes for some of those small computer shops – they become the large “big box” retailers of computers. So not only does such a business idea make sense – but such a site can grow into a larger suppier and “go to” place for all things LENR.

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

        • Hobby kit shops — such as http://www.lookingforheat.com
          It all just started…

          • Mats002

            To be fair Mats, I don’t know anyone claiming COP > 1 from those kits. Alan says his customers work in the shadows, so it is possible someone made it.

            But until LFH eat their own bread in the meaning they find that anomalous heat, I am not ready to compare them to the early computer kits vendors. Because they really did the magic in front of the customers eyes.

            • Fair enough. But the intention is there. And if we believe Me356, he’s aiming at some sort of reactor kit. And Engineer48 too.
              So I wouldn’t be surprised if we would see something similar to the early computer days within a year or two.

              • Albert D. Kallal

                Much agree! = the instant working “kits” are
                available, then this will do INCREDIBLE things to promote LENR.

                Someone might even assemble the LENR device in their garage, and who knows what that could grow into!

                Gosh, remember how fat BYTE magazine was? The stampede of small companies and entrepreneurs advertising in the back pages of that magazine was amazing. Some of my friends started taking out small ads. In fact several I know reached the point of taking out full pages ads in BYTE. And some reached the point in which the ad produced more then what the ad costs.

                This “magic” Rosetta stone moment is a HUGE day for any business. For any business when you reach the point of advertising creating more revenue than advertising costs then your ship has arrived. This simply means you can INCREASE advertising in other magazines and make even more money
                for that act!

                My friend made great money selling his software in BYTE magazine – eventually reaching full page ads that produced more revenue than what the full page ad cost.

                Albert D. Kallal
                Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Gerard McEk

      Yes I agree Ged. Would they have had any business relationship with the Leonardo Company?

      • Ged

        Not to my knowledge, but I don’t know that much about LENR Cities. Mats would be able to answer you definitively, I think.

        • Gerard McEk

          AR did not know about LENR Cities, as AR replied to me. Unfortunately he did not comment on it further.