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OK time to come clean

Don’t really know why but until today I had never read Mat’s book. More fool I.

Can tell you there are pure GOLD nuggets in that book, so much so that I have decided to toss my hat into the ring.

Have started to design a hot water heater pre heater and a HVAC pre heater that both add significant heat into the supplied product, being cold water or return air/water that should vastly reduce the running cost associated with any form of domestic heating of air or water.

OK some may say that is putting the cart before the horse but you see I think I have figured out how to make the Rossi Effect work and why others have so far, well publicly at least, failed to see excess heat.

I have spoken at length with the various standards and radiation safety bodies in Australia and there seems to be no real issue with a DIY experimental kit as neither the fuel, the reactor nor the spent fuel are radioactive. There are safety standards involved but they are easily complied with.

No way can I fund building massive plants nor production lines. I’ll leave that for Leonardo, plus I have seen personally and from the various details in Mat’s book read what happens when you expose financial types to the opportunity to CONTROL a new multi trillion dollar market. I have personally seen what unrestrained greed does to the best of people and it is not nice.

What I can do is to supply DIY kits, plus a really good and interactive chat support forum as you have seen I can do, and to use existing distribution channels via sites such as LookingForHeat and others that will allow pioneer DIYers to experiment with a proven LENR reactor that can, if they so desire, be incorporated to heat the water and air in their homes.

So yes Mats, there are nuggets of pure GOLD in your book, that when combined with current events and gained knowledge, paints a very clear pathway as to how to make the reaction have a very high COP and respond to input stimulation VERY quickly.

I can share that what I have seen of other DIY replicators, well they are trying to push shite up hill and while they may succeed to some extent in doing that, their efforts are really going, in my opinion, the wrong way.

If I sell 1,000 kits at $1,000 each, well I’ll be very happy that I made a good return and that LENR will never be suppressed. BTW these kit will be fully functional black boxes that deliver reliable excess heat output. So not a DIY bunch of parts but a fully functional black box that generates very significant excess heat the DIY integrators can apply to water and air heating as they desire.

And yes they will be certified as to the excess heat generated by authoritative independent certifiers.

I have no plans to patent anything as patents are only worth having if you have the mega bucks and time to defend transgressors in court.

Comments most welcome.

  • Engineer48

    To help to understand the different stages of Ni hydrogenation or the creation of beta stage Nickel Hydride I have modified this diagram to add state c1 that shows the H2 hammering the alpha stage surface H atoms into the Ni lattice to create beta stage Nickel Hydride that we need to create hydrogenated Ni.

    This process is not as simple as the diagram.

    I and others agree that the main reason that DIYers fail to achieve excess heat is probably their Ni is not fully saturated beta stage Ni.

  • wizkid

    Elements composing fuel are minimized for surface contact. Provision is made for H to transfer in gaseous form through the cell. Fuel cell updated per comments. Special attention was given to the comment made by E regarding “Interesting details in the Rossi patent update: linked below”

    These details show that Ni + LiAIH4 are used in one embodiment of the invention. Ni and LiAlH4 are used in the fuel of at least one working embodiment that works.

    See the NEW reactor design below:

  • Rene

    I too have similar concerns. What has been missing in the MFMP experiments is the total lack of feedback mechanisms in their reactor. Now granted the last experiments were performed to determine if the first step reaction, NiH, generates LENR. The apparatus, being completely dissipative, means the results would be small. The next step is getting the Li7 reaction set up in an experimental run to see how the results of that dual pump LENR effect will fare.
    I think knowing more about the patents and other prior knowledge, especially the fuel preparation processes will help ignite a strong LENR effect outside of just Rossi’s claims, which being secretive are easily challenged claims. Even COP 2-3 for 30 minutes would be outstanding.
    So the question, whether E48, et-al can do better than MFMP or Piantelli, is not quite the proper ask. Rather, a better ask is if any of them have found the recipe that achieves strong LENR as Rossi has said he can do. These recent discussions seem to be going that way.
    And again, although it is extremely important to develop decent control methods to deliver sustained linear strong LENR (I have been critical this need), getting to strong LENR replication is the critical first goal.

  • cashmemorz

    A while back I was asking for a “LENR for Dummies”. Ok, so I am a dummy. What Chapman just did was answer my question about LENR process in a way that I can understand. It makes sense of all those other statements made by all of those other physicists that were using esoteric language. It all fits and fits nicely. Thank you Mr. Chapman. Also I should add, this is the kind of “putting it all together nicely” that Albert Einstein did that made him recognized in the new field of cosmology. He took all of the earlier work done by the likes of Lorentz, added a bit of his own insights and simply restated it all in a neat concise way to the point that his paper showed irrefutably to be comprehensive and accurate as to what had been stated by others at earlier times but in somewhat disjointed ways.

    Thank you again. I’m not sure if you qualify for a Noble prize but you’re close in a way that Einstein was in his ability to describe the process or mechanics of cosmology. Piantelli, Rossi and others have stated the process of LENR in also esoteric or disjointed ways. It’s just that you have put it in a nice and, may I say simple stupid enough way so that I and many others can easily understand the process of the machine.

    • Chapman

      That means a great deal to me, coming from you. I mean that seriously.

      I am humbled.

      I am very happy my ramblings helped in some way.

      • cashmemorz

        You have a separate topic on ECW based on that “rambling”. I for one will be quoting that if you don’t mind. I try to promote LENR at least Rossi’s E-Cat and the way you describe it may be used to enlighten those interested.

  • you make a point.
    a real independent client ca be a solid evidence.

    the city of Hiroshima were indépendant clients, clearly not accomplice with US labs. It is not fair to say they were satisfied but they were not in mood to reverse the US claim that it worked as designed. (sorry for the dark humor reading Nankin funny groupthink story make it more bearable)

    If Rossi can prove he have a real and happy client, who is not his attorney, who have a real product line, I will be convinced.

    for now he rather raise red flags.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Perhaps the lithium hydride, LiH that is trapped in a nickel cavity has some covalent bond character. Maybe the infrared stretching oscillations of that covalent bond might bring the nuclei close enough together to tunnel. Li~~H Li~H Li~~H Li~H

    • Alan DeAngelis

      OK, I put you all to sleep with the molecular spectroscopy video. I’ll have to pull out all the stops. This video will help you more fully appreciate oscillating systems in nature.

      • Jouni Tuomela

        Finding the effective frequency from the crowd could be the key??

        • Alan DeAngelis

          It needs some DoE funding.

  • sam
    • Frost*

      Just for the record that’s from 2011. Sadly, Prof Kullander passed away in 2014.

    • LION

      sam, thanks for posting,… a very interesting read.

    • Sam, it’s all in my book An Impossible Invention.

      • LION

        Mats, it was great to SEE the video interview. The magic of sound and vision. e books can add a certain dimension but being OLD the pleasure of a real book in the hands will always be tops for me.

        • Thanks Lion. Actually, I had almost forgot about the video interview. Time flies…

  • georgehants

    Morning, as you guys continue to deeply analyze every scrap of information available and seem to feel you are getting somewhere, would anybody like to take a chance and forecast when it will all fall together and the first openly, repeatable, report confirming useful Cold Fusion will appear on these pages.