ECW Poll: Your Thoughts on the E-Cat as a Commercially Viable Technology

Some people have asked for this, so I though it might be interesting to put a poll out regarding readers’ current thoughts on the E-Cat as a commercially viable technology. For myself, the whole reason for following this story along its many twists and turns is because if real, the E-Cat would represent a very important technological breakthrough that could bring many benefits to the world.

So this poll is focused on the technology itself, not the parties or personalities involved. Basically what I’m interested in finding out is what readers’ current thoughts are about the E-Cat itself. How confident are you that it is a real and valuable technology?

Whether it will emerge into the marketplace is for me a separate issue, as it could indeed be a real and viable but for possible business, legal or political reasons it might not make it to market. So this poll is about your thoughts on the technology itself.

The poll is posted on the right side of the site, below the headlines on the right column

  • roseland67


    I guess they’re spending, building, processing and distributing now and are preparing to increase all above, to be that is not theoretical.

    Rossi? Well not so much

  • sam

    If I.H. Took millions from Chinese and British investors
    and get out of paying $89
    million is a good one to.
    I wonder what they think of
    the situation.

    • Mats002

      I bought into Woodford which ended up investing in IH/Darden more than E-Cat :/

      I am probably fooled, but who fooled me the most?

      We’ll see in a year…

  • jimbo92107

    Can’t wait to see it… the products, of course. Meanwhile, I’ve seen about enough ill-focused pics of jars, boxes and tubes. I’ve seen plenty of flowcharts showing how stuff goes from tubes to other tubes. And the charts? Love ’em, but they don’t prove anything other than people can make charts. Don’t we all love wiggly lines that go up…

  • Omega Z

    ->(Assuming the Ecat works as stated,
    ->(Why do you think Andrea will only make
    ->(1 MW units?

    Where did you get this misinformation?
    I have Never seen any reactor larger then 5 KW.

    In the early Bologna, Italy 1MW plant demo, the 10KW units appeared to be made up of 2 or 3 smaller cores of 3 KW to 5 KW cores. The latest appears to have been made of 15/20KW cores configured to be of 250 KW reactor tho we can’t be sure of that..

    The Hot cat reactors that we’ve seen including the Lugano Dog bone are 3.5 KW cores. The Quark is 100 watts. However, by adding or subtracting cores, you can build about any size that is practical.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Pardon the double post and typo.
    W(184) + 2d > Os(188) 21.69 MeV

  • Omega Z

    Articles like that mean absolutely nothing.

    Should tomorrow come and MIT, Cal tech and a dozen other world renowned Universities pronounce Rossi’s E-cat real and viable, it will take years to have an impact on energy needs.

    As to Oil, At least 20 and likely 30 years to replace the worlds existing auto fleet. This would require a couple thousand new wells a month for a long time and only gradually declining. A new power plant commissioned during the MIT, Cal tech public announcement will likely be near end of life cycle before replaced by LENR. The task is that huge. And Imagine had they stopped with the conventional after Rossi’s 1st public demo. Everyone was certain all Fossil energy would be replaced in 2 years. The world would be in dire straits.

    Never count you chicks before they hatch…

    • roseland67


      Well, I disagree, I think articles like above do mean something, and I think it would NOT take years to impact current energy markets, I think “futures markets” would react immediately to MIT/NASA/Cal Tech etc news that indicated a new, non carbon based LENR form of energy.
      If I am on the board of an oil company or a nuke based utility, and KNEW, LENR based energy was inevitable, I would prepare by weaning my energy investments accordingly, NOT, by spending billions and maybe trillions of dollars on investments that may be worth very little in the event that Ecat is in fact ready for production.

      And I suggest the same to you about counting your Ecat chickens before they hatch. I believe these incubations will take many, many years and may not “hatch” in your lifetime.

      We’ll see

  • nietsnie

    LOL! So you can be trusted because you trust non-skeptics?

  • Mats002

    What if?

    What if Rossi is a big lier on internet? Is it plausible he would get away with it for more than 5 years?

    This is a subject of it’s own worth to dig into. See this article:

    In this context I found this list; top 15 liers in history:

    If IH/Darden and Swedish Public Service Radio are right – would Rossi qualify to the list? What psychological profile fit in his case?

    • sam

      I think A.R. is steady and honest enough.
      I wish he was stronger at thinking
      outside of the box in business disputes.

      • Mats002

        Hi Sam, what data say that A.R. is steady and honest? He seams to become ‘hot’ sometimes and he has spent time in prison.

        • sam

          I use my analysis of all the data to come up with my opinion.
          A.R. came from the tail end
          of a generation that had some awful tempers.
          He spent time in prison for
          tax evasion when thousands
          of God fearing men got away
          with it.
          But God was watching over
          him and put it in A.R. mind
          to study C.F. In Prison.

      • sam

        A.R. & T.D might have a better chance of settling with these people.

    • Gerald

      To fool technical people(lugano) that are in my opinion skeptic by nature would make him a genius. For me he has the benifit of doubt, the Petrol dragon saga I don’t count. His idea’s were good and in that time in Italie mafia controlled the waste disposal and were tied with politics. I’m not well enough educated to know his proces was commercial viable but it wasn’t for sure the best time to introduce back then. I can’t help it, but when I see Rossi in interviews I see a very a guy with a goal not a scam artist.

  • HS61AF91

    enthusiasm for LENR, vit C, DHEA, Melatonin, and exercise help!