Enigmatic E-Cat of Andrea Rossi and The Unitary Quantum Theory (L.G. Sapogin, V.A. Dzhanibekov, Y.A. Ryabov)

The following paper, titled “Enigmatic E-Cat of Andrea Rossi and The Unitary Quantum Theory” has been submitted.

The authors are: Leo G. Sapogin, Department of Physics, Technical University (MADI), Moscow; V.A. Dzhanibekov, Department of Cosmophysics, Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia; Yu.A.Ryabov Department of Mathematics, Technical University (MADI), Moscow.

Here’s the abstract of the paper:

In this article we are discussing the nature and mechanism of the huge amount of heat generation in Megawatts Energy Catalyzers (E-cat) of Andrea Rossi that are able to change the energetics of our civilization in general. These processes are new effects of Unitary Quantum Theory and do not relate to either chemical or nuclear reactions or phase transfer.

The full text can be read here: http://www.e-catworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/EcatWorldSite.pdf

  • kenko1

    Copious amounts of heat can be generated by neither nuclear nor chemical processes. It is explained by what we call

    Unitary Quantum Theory. UQT aka energy catalysis or e-cat.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Has it just become a positive to reference Rossi in physics papers?
    They did not hide the reference, they put Rossi right in the title.

    • Buck

      Good Point . . . I wonder if the theory Rossi and Cook are developing align with this new perspective of quantum theory?

    • Buck

      Here is another piece published on JONP coming out of India’s by U.V.S.Seshavatharam and S. Lakshminarayana with a strong focus on Rossi and the E-Cat results:

      “Nickel – the ultimate substitute of coal, oil and uranium” LINK: http://www.journal-of-nuclear-physics.com/files/Nickel%20-%20The%20ultimate%20substitute%20of%20coal,%20oil%20and%20uranium.pdf

      Very interesting that the authors share the following in the introduction:
      ” Very interesting information is that Mr and Mrs Bill Gates are planning to fund Italy’s ENEA for LENR/Cold fusion technology.”

  • Zephir

    My explanation of cold fusion is here https://www.reddit.com/r/Physics_AWT/comments/4rzwp4/the_general_cold_fusion_theory_aka_the_broad_view

    The very basis of my theory is, the atoms don’t collide in omnidirectional way in metals, their collisions remains constrained to 1D due to regular arangement of atoms within atom lattice.

    • cashmemorz

      I wish you luck with your theory. My take is to wait until some proof which theory of many coming out of the woodwork actually is the one that works. Who knows, maybe there are more than one way to do LENR and there may be more than one actual viable theory, yours may be in there.

      • Zephir

        The experimental motivation/confirmation for the above theory is rather straightforward and it follows the recent experiments
        consisting of shotting of deuterons into a surface of molten lithium,
        during which the huge evolution of heat and stream of deuterons is
        generated – i.e. the classical fusion apparently runs there…


        What makes these experiments spectacular isn’t just the fact, that
        the accelerating voltage bellow 4 kV is able to initiate the cold fusion
        in high yield, because the calculations show, that due to halo
        character of deuterium nuclei the activation energy of deuterium fusion
        (~ 2 MeV) can be effectively lowered to few hundreds kVolts. But what is
        really fascinating is the observation, that the fusion runs only in
        very narrow range of temperature few dozen degrees above melting point
        of lithium (which would indeed make the practical utilization of such
        reaction a bit problematic). Which is really something: we can control
        the nuclear reaction releasing 20 MeV just be temperature changes in few
        milielectronvolt regime. Who would think of that?!

        Under such a flagrant situation is not already difficult to realize,
        what is going on: the surface of molten lithium is composed of lattice
        of lithium semicrystalline phase of atoms arranged by surface tension (a
        very similar effect is responsible for many water surface anomalies as
        studied by Dr. Gerald Pollack from Washington University), which enables
        the linear collisions of lithium atoms under impact of deuterons, which
        are followed by astroblaster effect and momentum magnification. Once
        this lattice gets destroyed by heating or by contamination of surface by
        lithium deuteride crust, then this mechanism cannot apply furthermore
        and the whole cold fusion reaction stops.

        But this is not the only analogy of cold fusion with water physics,
        as it has its rather straightforward counterpart in famous experiments
        of John Kanzius with radiolysis of water with polarized radiowaves. The
        ratio of activation of energy to energy introduced here is in range 108:1,
        i.e. nearly as high as the cold fusion initiated by electrolysis or
        heating – which also implies that a very similar underlying physical
        mechanism is in work there.

      • Zephir

        /* My take is to wait until some proof which theory of many coming out of the woodwork actually is the one that works */

        This is actually the take of the whole scientific community, but you should be warned – without sufficiently pro-active attitude you could wait easily another twenty-fifty years without absolutely no problem and many ideas will get even forgotten faster, than these new ones will emerge – so you will not make any progress at the end.

    • Fedir Mykhaylov

      In the first part of his theory you postulliruete channeling particles in motion in layered systems. I think it makes sense for the accelerated particles.

  • Zephir

    article citation

    /* The thermal cell CETI (created by James Patterson in 1995), using electrolyze of specially manufactured nickel bolls in common water, had shocked scientists in USA. American newspaper «Fortean Times» No 85, 1995, wrote about it: “December the 4th, 1995 will go down to history!” At that day the group of independent experts from five American Universities tested the work of new energy source with stable output heat rating 1.3 KWatt. The electric energy input was 960 times less.” */

    Apparently absolutely nothing happened with science after this shock, even the amateurs don’t bother to replicate the Patterson cells by now, despite these experiments are way simpler and cheaper, that the hot reactors of Parkhomov and Andrea Rossi.

  • Ted-Z

    If the Laws of conservation do not apply at the quantum level then there are two options:
    1. Particles are getting their energy from the zero point energy (via Casimir force?) or
    2. The energy is just created, not even from the vacuum energy.
    I think that the first option is more likely.
    In any case, the authors (Sapogin, Dzhanibekov and Ryabov) are presenting as facts or private findings some information which appears to be incorrect: the Pons and Fleischman experiment would not work with regular water, as I remember. And the powdering of the metal at the end of the experiment (of P&F) is something I would also questioned. The powdering would be hard to reconcile with Rossi’s reactors lasting for about one year.

  • Ophelia Rump

    I was able to understand enough to know that comprehension is beginning to coalesce about LENR coming from a deeper well spring than nuclear.

    It is most interesting that the source of the effect is already theoretically acknowledged to support the potential for the reality which we have been seeing and turning away from for many decades. Modern science seems unable to politically manage the existence of anything which their theory has not yet caught up with. Once upon a time a new effect would be studied to determine how it worked. Now there is no interest except to stay on the highway paved with gold. An effect without a funded theory is a dead end.

    • cashmemorz

      Which is why LENR will succeed in places other than the financially corrupted nations such as USA with it’s particular slant in economy, science establishment and political structure.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer


        • Ophelia Rump

          Italy small and poor enough to care about those trifling little things which might be within their reach. Like the ocean of quantum energy we are surrounded by.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            Yes, Italy could introduce the new tech, but China has the market clout.

            • Zephir

              China is also very collectivist – while it has capacity for development and introduction of breakthrough technologies at the market, it’s also quite conservative and focused on conservative technologies.

  • DrD

    Interesting, despite my poor comprehension (of the Russian English).
    I wonder how it will compare with AR/Norman Cook’s explanation when it comes out.
    All the more pity those leaked composition % didn’t include the elemental mass changes.
    Time will tell!

  • HS61AF91

    bol’shoe spasibo that is. I love the way this is written, the enthusiasm and clarity of thought, though dealing with items beyond my layman comprehension, is a preview of the reception this article will receive, and generate. There are horizons yet to be seen, and gifts of generosity yet to be made available, but it is coming. The free energy and the freedom that will provide the world, will prevail, before the other side has an opportunity to blow everything up! Heartfelt thanks.

  • Mats002