Rossi on New Reports from New Plant Tests

As mentioned in another thread, Andrea Rossi does not seem to be upset about the projected time of the IH trial being moved to September of 2017. Leonardo has unilaterally revoked the license with Industrial Heat (I am sure this can be challenged legally), and is acting under the assumption that Leonardo has sole rights to commercialize the E-Cats anywhere in the world — which seems to have given him a sense of freedom in his work.

We are led to understand that Leonardo is working on two main fronts now: 1) The building of low temperature of E-Cat plants that have been ordered by the parent company of JM Chemicals; 2) Working on the development of the QuarkX reactor. I also believe the quest for certification is still underway.

Peter Gluck on this edition of his Ego Out website posted this “mini-interview” Rossi about the current state of his work.

Andrea Rossi: Leonardo Corp has everything it needs to win the Trial, when it wil be..

and: 442 days to wait? No problem at all, since my work proceeds independently from the Trial. Nobody has to wait for anything., the license to IH has been revoked, we are working at full power.

also:  The ERV Report? But you will see the reports from the plants we aredoing soon

Peter: the Quark X is marvelous and opens a new front..

Andrea Rossi: exactly and this is arriving before any verdict should have been set


I have given up hope of seeing the ERV report any time soon — not until next year at the earliest, perhaps forever, since the recent documents talked about documents being put under certain privacy protection in the trial. That’s a big shame for us outsiders, for sure — as it would be very interesting. However, Rossi here talks about seeing new reports soon. When he says they are “from the plants we are doing”, I presume he is referring the 1MW plants that Rossi said the parent company of JM Chemicals ordered.

If we see products operating in the market, then the need for reports to help us know if the E-Cat is all it is claimed to be will greatly diminish. I’m hoping that products make it out of hiding.

  • Engineer48
    • Anon2012_2014

      “Agreed with who? [not to discuss trial details]

      Probably with the lawyers from either IH or Leonardo. The trial just went into “discovery” phase, so all connected parties are in a quiet period. This will make it harder to follow what is happening for a period of time. I hope (but don’t know) that the discovery depositions and other evidence will be made public. My recollection from this type of civil proceeding is that it becomes public unless one party’s lawyer files to keep it private, or in certain cases, redacts information from the evidence that is going to the other party’s lawyer or the public.

      I watched a public trial like this (or set of trials) when IBM, Novell, Red Hat, and SCO went after each other. I learned a lot from observing. These trials are kind of interesting, but in the end create a lot of unnecessary entropy for the trial lawyers who are paid to participate. Honestly, it would be better for both parties if they could come to an agreement. However, both parties have to be “ready” and I am fairly sure that Rossi is too angry to agree to a settlement because he thinks he is “right” and wants “justice”. Waste of potential energy.

      • Engineer48

        Hi Anon,

        Which might suggest Jed is an agent of IH?

        • Thomas Kaminski

          Or IH is trying to rein in loose cannons that are hurting their case….

          • Engineer48

            Hi Thomas,

            Which would imply IH have some element of control over those loose cannons.

            • Pweet

              It is normal procedure that information relating to an upcoming court case is not blathered all over the newspapers or internet. It always has been. That does not stop either party from getting advice or instruction from other parties, but in doing so, it is usually the understanding that the other parties do not publish far and wide the matters discussed with them. It’s not a matter of reigning in loose canons or any other hyperbolic descriptions. It’s a matter of common courtesy and normal procedure.
              What Mr Rossi is doing by way of publishing his case and point of view on his web blog is totally not normal procedure. His publication of everything on the internet regarding the case is a good indication that he does not intend to see it be dealt with by the courts.
              The silence of IH is completely normal. They will be talking to whoever they need to talk to in order to help substantiate their side of the argument, but it would be understood that any details of any discussions would not be made public. People should not regard this silence as some sort of IH conspiracy.

              • Roland

                I see; so APCO was hired at great expense to say and do nothing?

                • Roland

                  P.S. You continue to misapprehend Rossi as, apparently, do IH et al. Fortunately this is probably a permanent condition.

                • Pweet

                  Obviously not. I think APCO has been hired (agreed, at great expense) for the purpose of smoothing over the inevitable bad publicity resulting from IH’s decision to invest 11 million dollars in what they now recognize is a bottle of snake oil. Plus, they will also have to come up with a strategy for smoothing things over with the parties who IH persuaded to invest even more millions in IH on the basis that IH had claimed access to a big bottle of what has now turned out to be snake oil.
                  Similar to the fuel oil market at the moment, it seems snake oil is currently experiencing a bit of a glut, and the price has slumped.
                  These two jobs should keep them well and truly busy without taking on any side issues.

              • Michael W Wolf

                Rossi is pleading his case. IH is taking the fifth. Publicly speaking.

            • Anon2012_2014

              “Which would imply IH have some element of control over those loose cannons.”

              IH has the NDA (which as a well funded entity they undoubtedly they had Rothwell sign) plus moral suasion as a company that did Rothwell a favor in letting him see the information.

        • Anon2012_2014

          @engineer: “Which might suggest Jed is an agent of IH”

          I doubt it. I think Rothwell is just someone that IH let see the data because of his long standing involvement in LENR. He probably saw it under NDA and because of the trial, IH’s lawyers suggested he not disclose anything that is under that NDA. Which is all a PITA when it comes to free transfer of information…

          You and I (and the rest of the world) don’t have the need to know as far as Leonardo and IH are concerned. So we wait for what seems like forever for the ERV report.

    • Roland

      If the librarian won’t discuss it he can’t be pressed to demonstrate the veracity of a single thing he has had to say.

      ‘Librarian says’ will just have to suffice us peasants…

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Jed Rothwell should stop talking about “details” if he cannot supply the source of his information. I once had respect for this man, but going on and on about information he has obtained from a source he will not reveal is intellectually dishonest.

  • Omega Z

    David Kidwell(NRL) is a person with his VERY strong opinion of what is taking place. Any results that deviates from his view must be mistaken.

    He is not the only LENR supporter who is of this nature.

    • Engineer48

      Hi Omega Z,

      Interesting the claim that contamination in the Japanese lab occured after he visited it and it was clean before plus how his unproven contamination claim was used by the USPTO to deny the Japanese patents.

      • Roland

        Quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck and smells like a duck.

        All the classic signs of an inept intelligence operation; is this the same Navy that ‘can’t’ replicate the early 1990s SPAWAR experiments?

  • Fedir Mykhaylov

    Do not be surprised if these bacteria human consumption promises eternal life – this is an analogue of the philosopher’s stone

  • Omega Z

    ->”There are net metering laws in Florida which means the utilities have to buy back electricity produced by consumers.”

    This only works as long as the Utilities can force your neighbors to buy the excess energy at a premium. Once the neighbor disconnects or refuses to pay the price, it all comes to a halt.

    The only way this could ever work in the long term is,

    #1 Utility buys your excess at wholesale.
    #2 Utility sells back at retail.
    #3 Utility has the ability to refuse excess when demand is less then supply.

    Anything else leaves those who can least afford their utilities paying the highest prices.

  • Pweet

    Except IH has since said not to take as fact any announcement by other parties unless it is verified by IH. I know that was some time after the above announcement but it falls into the same category of not taking everything Mr Rossi says as fact. Keep in mind that all along, IH made almost no public comment about anything, so it’s hardly likely they would have made public comment about this, be it true or false.

    It’s also possible they said nothing because at that early stage they either still believed it could work, or more probably, Mr Rossi ‘supervised’ the test and as we all should know by now, when Mr Rossi supervises a test, it appears to work very well.
    However, they will have to explain how that announcement could go unchallenged at the time because on face value, it does contradict their statement that they never managed to substantiate the claims of Rossi. But my guess is, the test was conducted by Mr Rossi and on that basis, it appeared to work. It probably still would because on the most recent test, it showed a COP of 50. That result indicates how good it can work when ‘supervised’ day and night.

    • A public statement is not what’s at issue here, Pweet. There would have been a conversation of the WTF variety between Darden and Rossi if Rossi’s statement was fabricated. Keep in mind that even in the scam scenario, Rossi is not trying to fool us; he’d be trying to coax Darden et. al. to part with more and more of their money after they signed in October 2012.

      Your scenario would be the equivalent of a fisherman letting the big one off his hook just so he could try a new lure.

      • cashmemorz

        As far as I know IH/Darden have not said anything after their announcement “to not take any announcements unless it comes from IH”. If IH actually has not made any more statements regarding developments in the E-Cat saga, then how can IH expect any one to listen to them. How long can anyone wait for them to say anything more. Taking into account what is known IH does not have anything to say for themselves or more likely what IH can say is held back so as not to say too much before the court proceedings allow that into the public.

    • Obvious

      IH would make just over 1/3 of a million dollars by allowing the test to continue. As long as they were not paying for the shortfall to the customer, Why would they want to inferefere?

      • Engineer48

        Hi Obvious,

        Yup. IH collected $350, 000 from a test they now claim can’t be “Substantiated”.

        • Obvious

          Probably covered IH’s share of Penon, West, and Fabiani’s fees, with some cash to spare. Maybe the other un-named helpers too. What luck!