Is Today the DAY? (Tom Conover)

The following image was sent by Tom Conover who writes: “A tribute to Andrea Rossi for his passion to help mankind.”


  • Paul Smith

    Quella pagina è uno speranzoso fotomontaggio. In quanto ad essere scettico, ognuno ha il diritto di pensarla come vuole. Dal mio punto di vista, io sono invece molto fiducioso.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Oh no, that thing actually works! What do we do now?

    Got it. We have to burn more carbon to save the earth. Don’t
    worry. It was a smooth transition from “global warming” to “climate change”. They’ll buy it.,204,203,200_.jpg

    • Barbara Samson


  • cashmemorz

    Hail Caesar Rossi !?! If only Rossi could make himself Caesar of the energy world as easily as I can fudge an extra day via Microsoft Paint.

  • cashmemorz

    Those Roman Caesars were the precursors of Italians, no? And Rossi being Italian, if Rossi gets his way then it is “Caesar Rossi” and he can take another day from February and stick it on the end of June and make it the month of Rossi.

    • cashmemorz

      Edit: Month of Caesar Rossi. All hail…

  • sam

    I hope a small picture of Sven Kullander is also on the cover.
    A.R. gives him a lot of credit for his success.

  • Zephir

    /*A tribute to Andrea Rossi for his passion to help mankind*/

    Practical results first, celebrations later. So far it just seems for me, Andrea Rossi guard his(?) findings way to closely for being celebrated for the passion in helping mankind.

  • fusionrudy

    Great vision, Paul. I hope it materialises.

  • Thomas Baccei

    This basically describes the fantasy world LENR has become. Make believe power, make believe press coverage. What is the point? Might be part of a campaign to discredit LENR: it will work unless we all disown it, so PLEASE STOP WITH THE CRAP!

  • Paul Smith

    That image insn’t really real…