Seven Days of Hell for the E-Cat QuarkX (Hank Mills)

The following post has been submitted by Hank Mills

Andrea Rossi is about to initiate a seven day long test of the E-Cat Quark X, the allegedly most advanced version of his Energy Catalyzer technology. He has said that the purpose of the test is to demonstrate the performance, dependability, and safety of the QuarkX to a potential customer and partner. Three of the small reactors will be operated for a week — each producing one hundred total watts of power. With a claimed operating temperature on the outer surface of 1470 C, periods of self sustained operation for a half hour at a time or longer, and high COP even when external power is provided, the trio of nuclear reactors may yield a level of performance that dwarfs all other LENR technologies, including earlier versions of the E-Cat. Even the survival of the reactors for a week in such nightmarish conditions will be a significant accomplishment — the QuarkX will be hotter than hell! Furthermore, if the alleged direct production of electricity from the reactors are verified, the results may extend Leonardo Corporation’s lead over all competitors in the LENR (Cold Fusion) field.

From many of Andrea Rossi’s posts on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, a rough description of the QuarkX can be gathered. The technology is small and has been described both as cigarette sized to pencil sized. To withstand the ultra high temperatures involved that could severely damage other materials over time, custom alloys were produced for both the reactor shell and electrical resistors. Although not specified on the JONP, such an allow may also allow the device to withstand the corrosive properties of lithium vapor for an extended period of time. On at least one occasion, Tungsten was mentioned as being utilized. This means it is probably a component in the reactor shell and resistors.

A few bits of information about the performance characteristics of the E-Cat X are also known: the elevated operating temperature allows for higher COP when external power is provided, the unit can operate for periods of time in self sustain mode with no input power, the outer reactor shell can exceed the melting temperature of nickel because of “eddy currents” that are generated, and somehow electricity is being produced directly in addition to light and heat.  Moreover, Andrea Rossi has declared that the electricity is not produced via the conversion of heat, and that he thinks once the technology is further developed fifty percent of the output may be in the form of electricity.

Although there are apparent differences between the QuarkX and previous incarnations of the E-Cat, the same core technology is alleged to be utilized. The inner workings of this nuclear reactor are claimed to abide by his patent, “Fluid Heater.” When asked about the ingredients of the fuel mix, he claims they are the same — which would mean some ratio of nickel, lithium aluminum hydride, and elemental lithium all in the form of powder. Extremely high temperatures have already been produced with this fuel mixture by Andrea Rossi in previous tests, which led to “runaway” events that were sometimes witnessed by third parties. In one test, a reactor surged from a thousand degrees to two thousand degrees in Celsius in ten seconds, resulting in the steel of the reactor vaporizing and the ceramic melting. As one witness described, the ceramic flowed like hot wax. The technological improvements utilized in the E-Cat X seem to allow for higher performance but in a stable manner.

Evidence from Rossi’s own tests/demos and third party replications tend to strongly reveal that the Ni-LiAlH4-Li technology works — producing high temperatures, high COP, and periods of self sustained operation that can last from minutes to several hours. All of this seems to show a power density that can exceed 1000 watts per gram of fuel — a power density no other publicly disclosed LENR technology can match during non-destructive operation. But when it comes to the QuarkX specifically, we have zero evidence of Andrea Rossi’s claims. As of yet, no test data or reports have been shared, and there have been no public demonstrations. The week long test is also going to be completely private: no live feed, no live blogging, no pictures, and no report being released immediately afterwards.

When a report is eventually released — if the test parameters and protocols were rigorous — we may be provided with confirmation that the QuarkX is indeed the revolutionary technology Andrea Rossi has proclaimed it may represent. But until such documentation and hard data is provided, the week long test is largely meaningless to the LENR community. What we need is documented hard evidence we can share with the world that incontrovertibly shows to reasonable individuals — even honest skeptics — that the Ni-LiAlH4-Li formula produces copious quantities of anomalous heat. The report that might one day be published from this week long test could provide such evidence. But we shouldn’t wait for it to be published. Simply put, we’re on the verge of not needing reports from Andrea Rossi to confirm the awesome potential of the E-Cat technology.

The current delay of the ERV (Expert Responsible for Validation) report of the year long test of the one megawatt plant is an example of why we should not depend on Andrea Rossi or Industrial Heat (Cherokee) to provide the evidence we need to validate LENR. After a year of waiting, a lawsuit has halted the dissemination of information from that test. Now, all we have to look forward to is a potentially long, dragged out lawsuit that might go on for years if a settlement is not reached. When or if the ERV report will be published is unknown. We should learn from this and assume that the report from the upcoming week long test of the Quark may not be revealed soon, if ever. Due to the positive results of replicators such as Songsheng Jiang, A Parkhomov, N. Stepanov, and others, it seems like building working Rossi Effect reactors ourselves is very doable. With our own working reactors, we can design whatever tests we want, utilizing whatever measurement techniques we desire, and incorporating whatever forms of calorimetry (phase change, flow, induction, etc) we think are optimal.

The only obstacle we have now is figuring out the critical parameters that allow for a small minority of replication attempts to be successful. Me356, a replicator who frequently posts on the LENR Forum’s website, has shared many clues that could be useful. Some of them were very common sense, and others were already suggested by individuals such as Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischman Memorial Project. If these principles are utilized, I think the success rate could go up dramatically. Once a “guaranteed to work” formula is spread on the internet, hundreds or thousands of replications will be posted to YouTube in a short period of time. With so many people demonstrating repeated hour long periods of self sustain (glowing white hot reactors that should have dropped hundreds of degrees in seconds) there will be no denying the reality of Rossi Effect.

While replicators work towards figuring out how to duplicate the Rossi Effect consistently, a statement from Andrea Rossi that the seven day test was successful would be morale boosting. We can only hope that his customer and possible partner might be one of the big names that have been discussed on internet forums. Andrea Rossi has already stated that the customer that utilized the heat from the one megawatt plant for a manufacturing process had multiple manufacturing plants in Europe. After the test was complete, he stated that the customer had ordered three additional one megawatt plants. If the customer witnessing the test of the QuarkX is the same as the one who used the heat from the one megawatt plant, then they could have the resources to bring the QuarkX into mass production.

A mass production of the QuarkX utilizing modern technology, including robotics, would be of a massive benefit to the world. Just imagine billions of pencil sized reactors that could be utilized for any application that required heat or electricity. Every house could have a small window unit producing several kilowatts of power leading to the elimination of the grid; electric cars could use Quark’s instead of batteries for infinite range; space craft utilizing alternative propulsion technologies such as the EM Drive could explore the solar system without solar panels.

The coming months should be exciting. If we stay focused on replication of the Rossi Effect instead of the court battle between Industrial Heat and Leonardo Corporation, anything is possible.

  • sam

    Tom Conover
    June 6, 2016 at 9:32 PM
    Dear Andrea,

    Today was an important day in the testing for you, and we all are hoping that things went smoothly. Did the QuarkX(3) perform carefree for you today?

    Thank you,


    Andrea Rossi
    June 6, 2016 at 10:19 PM
    Tom Conover:
    Still very promising.
    We are working very hard and very well.
    Still F8.
    Warm Regards

  • sam

    Andrea Rossi | 4 hours ago
    Peter Metz:
    It is a joint effort, so far.
    Warm Regards,
    Peter Metz | 4 hours ago
    Dear Andrea Rossi,
    Based on some of your other answers, I’m wondering is the ongoing QuarkX test executed by the your new potential customer/partner or is this a joint effort? That is, is the test a “hands-off” test being performed entirely by them?
    Wishing you positive F8,
    Peter Metz

  • sam

    Gerard McEk
    June 6, 2016 at 4:14 AM
    Dear Andrea,
    The tests on the QuarkX’s are probably finished now.
    1. Are you pleased about how it went?
    2. You tested three of them. Were they the same?
    3. Or were they ‘tuned’ to optimize for Light, Heat and Electrical energy?
    4. Did you also test it in combination with a jet?
    You told us that this week will be of utmost importance. I wish you all the fortune in your new partnering effort and that it will be the right choice for a long and fruitful future!
    Kind regards, Gerard

    Andrea Rossi
    June 6, 2016 at 6:14 AM
    Gerard McEk:
    The test is not yet finished, but I can anticipate as follows:
    1- F8
    2- so far moreless yes
    3- no
    4- no
    Thank you for your sympathy,
    Warm Regards,

  • Omega Z

    And you would Win that bet. But that’s the temperature of the flame with draft induced combustion. However, the heat exchanger will not be higher then about 800`F on older furnaces with large heat exchanger chamber. Exchanger surface temps are controlled by airflow. The blower motor kicks in around 140`F on high efficiency furnaces. A little higher on the old systems

    If the heat exchanger operated at very high temps, they would need to use a nickel/steal alloy which is quite expensive and in addition they would need to be larger or they would expel that heat out the flue. In high efficiency furnaces, that would not be good as the flue pipe is schedule 40 PVC pipe as can be seen in the right image that would catch fire. The flue exhaust temp isn’t supposed to exceed 105`F.

    Note the heat exchanger setup on the right is the type in my furnace. Just 3.5 inches above the flame jets sets a plastic composite drip pan on the bottom of the AC evaporator coils not to exceed 200`F.

    As to safety, Today’s furnace is designed with failsafe components and are in multiples in a loop. If any single switch fails, the system shuts everything down even if nothing is wrong otherwise.

    I’ll be the 1st to tell you they are safer then they have ever been. That said, I will argue with the designers to never say never. I have personally witnessed the supposedly imposible.

    As to my previous post, Just pointing out there are answers to any problem that others use as an excuse to say they shouldn’t be allowed in the home.

    Some LENR appears to give off dangerous radiation etc. Key word being “some”. That doesn’t exclude the others that don’t. Someone may build a bomb. Whether available to the consumer or not, the cat is out of the bag so to speak. Not a reason to keep the safe ones off the market. It’s a nonsense argument of skeptics.

    Note E-cats will have their own safety issues, but with that in mind, you can build them to be safe (Something to catch the molten reactor after a runaway.) If all else fails, put it in a box and pipe in the heat. It would be no different then a split AC system where the evaporator sets above the furnace and the condenser sets out by the side of the house.

    If someone develops an economical heat absorption chiller for residential cooling, an outside system is ideal and more economical.

  • sam

    Dear Andrea
    Can you tell if the ‘European partner’ with whom you do the test have seen the light?
    Kind regards, Gerard

    Gerard McEk:
    Warm Regards

  • Steve Swatman

    I didnt hear of anywhere burning down yet, did I miss something?

    • Jacques

      I was trying to be amusing — although I imagine a house full of pencil-sized 1400-degree C devices might give insurance companies pause.

      • Steve Swatman

        Thats what all the testing is about, insurance just looks at the risk, so you might be right for home units.

      • Omega Z

        ->”house full of pencil-sized 1400-degree C devices might give insurance companies pause”

        I agree about 1400-degree C devices…

        Insurance has a growing concern about home installed Solar panels.
        Solar panels can not be turned off should the home catch fire. Even at night, the ambient light from emergency vehicles produce enough electricity that it creates the hold on effect.(Can’t let go of) Fire departments are of the thought that these homes should be left to burn and to protect only nearby structures.

        Aside from the other issues of rural areas of fire protection costs itself, without actually having fire protection, fire insurance is god awful expensive greatly out wieghing any energy $ savings. You may not even be able to get fire protection insurance.
        The Answer is to isolate the problem.

        Years ago when heating costs spiked, people built outdoor hausa’s- a steel wood burning furnace contained in an insulated block building with the space between filled with sand & rock(heat sink) with duct or plumbing to pipe the heat into their homes. This solved all safety issues of obtaining fire insurance.

        From a purely economic view, I think LENR will be used in home heating, but electrical will still be provided by grid tho likely a localized micro grid system.

        • Rene

          The hold effect is an AC effect, not DC.
          PV panels are fused specifically to deal with overloads,
          and no, there is not a fire insurance problem with them.

          • Omega Z

            Hold on is caused from muscle contraction from electrical shock. Tho some will tell you otherwise, I can tell you 1st hand that DC can cause this as well. As more people install panels, it takes on more emphasis.

            The fire insurance problem is being discussed in the western part of the U.S.. They want to have regulations in place before it becomes a wide spread issue and a political hot subject.

            Considering the political goals, they will likely require the Insurance to cover the homes with panels. It will be reflected in higher premium costs.

            • Rene

              Once again, it is not a problem because the issues have been dealt with:
              I can tell you first hand I’ve survived 80VDC and even 300VDC. Granted I wasn’t watered down to 300ohms.
              Second, it’s let-go current, and it takes 5x the amps DC to prevent let-go as compared to AC, which is why DC is not considered more unsafe as you intimate. Besides, the solution, as I mentioned previously, is fusing the arrays. My system has fuses on each panel set. I can crowbar the entire array to blow all the fuses. Meets California safety regulations.
              Third, mains power or backup generator power (which is what happens when the mains power cuts out will kill you faster because it’s AC. It’s all a matter of setting up the systems to have disconnects, whether mains, backup generator, or PV panels, and the procedures have been in place for years.
              Fourth, there is no insurance problem, not more than the issue of backup generators.
              You are just fear mongering the issue. Get over it.

  • Omega Z

    Cherokee “Manages” $2 Billion in Investors assets distributed throughout multiple LLC’s. This is not the same as Tom Darden or Cherokee having $2 billion to do with as they please.

    I doubt Darden had the means to come up with $89M. I also don’t think it mattered as it was not his intent to pay. It’s possible they thought they could roll an old man out of the way. He’s old. A few million should make him happy having more then enough to live out the few years he has left. If it weren’t Darden, it would be someone else doing this. It’s a common practice among VC’s.

    When working for the Government, Universities and Corporate R&D, they also snag all the IP. Even a Factory worker who comes up with an Idea they’ll lay claim to it.

    Keep in mind. SOciety rewards those who steel and lay claim to others ideas. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc, etc, etc…

    I do give Steve Jobs props. He at least admitted it.

  • sam

    Tom Conover
    June 4, 2016 at 3:26 PM
    Hello Andrea,

    How does your work go today? Would you describe your QuarkX(3) as troublesome, carefree, playful, or amazing today?


    Andrea Rossi
    June 4, 2016 at 5:06 PM
    Tom Conover:
    Warm Regards,

  • sam

    Gerard McEk
    June 3, 2016 at 2:04 PM
    Dear Andrea,
    Happy birthday!
    I hope things are progressing on to your satisfaction, especially this day.
    Kind regards, Gerard

    Andrea Rossi | 39 minutes ago
    Gerard McEk:
    Thank you; yes, we are going on well.
    Warm Regards,

  • kdk

    It isn’t too hard to flush a system if runaway temps are detected. A random guess would be that Rossi’s system already uses fluid/gas mixing/flushing to control the reaction on the fly and that’s what the control computers are about.

  • Albert D. Kallal

    Your explanations for
    Seimens etc. are as valid as my questions about them walking away are

    What is valid or the problem here? You saying that telling everyone here is the sky is blue is a valid point? As I stated this is common in business. What is WRONG is an attempt to point out this is some warning flag or big deal – it is not and amounts to NO MORE than telling everyone the sky is blue. The Wright Brothers also had a hard time making deals with perspective companies also.

    Rossi also walked away from Musk (brother of Tesla motors) – Rossi stated the offers and terms of what he had to give up were not to his liking.

    However, what is more significantly here is Rossi dropping big industrial names in an attempt to gain credibility – this is a warning flag and a common ploy by people attempting to gain credibility when they have little. So in past business dealings, those dropping “names” to achieve credibility also tend to be the kind of people you don’t want to do business with.

    In fact Rossi did sign and make a deal with IH – so you can’t make the point Rossi never signs a deal. The fact that the IH deal gone sideways is a different pattern and issue. However, is this lack of deals a warning flag? Sure, absolutely!

    As for the factories? One can look at :

    Where does the above first link suggest, hint or state or imply that some factory exists? After all, if you going to up-hold everyone else to your high standards, then should not such up-holding apply to you?

    Nowhere in above is some kind of automated production factory mentioned. A capacity of 30 to 100 plants is not ANY kind of automated factory, but is clearly a piece meal assembly operation in a warehouse. After all, who built the existing plants we know about? The early model was VERY crude, but the 1MW plant from the yearlong test looks VERY nice. So someone had to build this plant and thus LOGICALLY Rossi has the ability to produce such plants. I would not call this a “factory”, but I suppose one could. The irony here is since you assume that 30 units a year is some factory, then it is VERY reasonable that Rossi can deliver that many units per year – after all who build the existing plant for Rossi? Why not
    use the same people – I sure they can ramp up to 30 units with ease.

    And as for a sale, sure – just after that 2011 demo Rossi stated another party showed interest and offered to purchase an ecat. So he sold a unit.

    However, a sale does not mean a delivery or that requirements of that signed deal ever occurs. Surely you purchased things that require a contract in life, right? I hope you purchasing things beyond a bottle of pop.

    I mean, in real estate we see this all the time. An offer is made, and accepted. (a sale). However in the meantime, either financing fails, the inspection from the bank (who making the loan) fails, or a zillion things can occur. Don’t know of any kind of business deal that does not have some kind of “subject to”.

    For example, you are at the car dealer. And the sales guy offers you a great deal on a car. You can sign, but what happens when you go home and your hot super model girlfriend does not like the car and threatens to leave you? Or what happens if on the way home you see the same
    car for half the price?

    So while many people sign such deals, you simply scribble on the side “subject to” financing, or in this case subject to my hot super model (or the nagging wife) not liking the car. Now you have an easy way out and you don’t have to accept the deal.

    That way I not stuck. But a sale was made, they rang the “gong” bell at the car dealer! However that “sale” has many conditions and subject to. So anytime I buy a car, I write down several subject to’s that allow me to back out of that deal or “sale”.

    So saying one sold a unit is spectacular different then saying one delivered to a customer – a grand canyon of difference. Given after that 2011 demo Rossi found IH as a partner and designed and built a new plant, it made little sense to spend time building and selling that older crude 1MW plant demoed in 2011 that resulted in that sale.

    So in the above, was a sale made? Most likely, but Rossi then moved to the USA and a sale of a car or anything without the terms being met (such as something as simple as delivery!), then that sale and deal not going to occur, is it?

    And Rossi stated that the deal with IH and the yearlong test is what changed his focus from production to that of testing. (and 89 million does change most people’s minds quite fast).

    So the above first link says nothing about a factory, and yet you providing a link a proof of some factory. And the fact that several plats have been built, then clearly some kind of production ability MUST exist to have built the existing plants.

    I don’t see why such VERY LOW delivery rates could not be achieved by Rossi using the SAME people who built the existing 1MW plant he has. So based on your definition of a factory productions say 30 units a year, that’s perfectly reasonable.

    However NEVER at any point did I assume or think or accept that production possibilities of 30 units is a factory by any stretch of my imagination.

    However, do we “mostly” have conjecture on Rossi claims? Absolutely! I never thought otherwise. We don’t have solid validations of his technology and how well it performs.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • More court cases to come then, if IH disputes the termination or refuses (as it probably will) to reassign the patents it holds. The confidence that Rossi (through Leonardo) displays when up against IH and its backers, APCO, Jones Day et al. is impressive. Another indication that he has secured the backing of some powerful player?

    • Omega Z

      Legally, I’m pretty certain Rossi has the upperhand in the IP War.

      Any Lawyer who see’s it that way won’t hesitate to take this on. If the Lawyer wins, Industrial heat would have to pay the legal fees as per current U.S. Patent Law.

  • Oaklandthinktank

    I ask nicely!

  • sam

    Italo R. | 6 hours ago
    Dear Dr. Rossi, I know that it is premature, but can you tell us if you are satisfied about how the test is going till now?
    Kind Regards,
    Italo R.
    Andrea Rossi | 6 hours ago
    Italo R.:
    So far so good.
    Warm Regards,

  • Albert D. Kallal

    Actually, I quite much agree with what Bob is stating in regards to page views origination from such organizations.

    The simple matter is hits from DoD does not mean that in some official capacity these organisations are watching this site. So in this light, what Bob states is perfectly logical and makes sense. You can’t conclude that these organizations are monitoring ECW in some official capacity based on such information.

    The idea that you want to turn a blind eye to clear logic and reason and ignore someone pointing out the weakness of the given conclusion is NOT a reason to say someone is negative. In fact this shows rather clear thought. And it also shows someone has some awareness as to how the internet works (again, are we to embrace ignorance is

    However, it ALSO important to note and point out that this evidence does mean employes etc. are not keeping up on the ecat story within those organizations. And even MORE important is while such page views don’t mean official capacity, the REVERSE is also true! It could very well mean such acts ARE an official capacity.

    I would think the DoD uses proxies and thus their page views are obfuscated. However, DoE, or “most” government organizations would not use nor need some type of proxy to browse the web anonymously. (and since they are public funded, then this is MORE so – in fact I suspect they not allowed to do so!).

    Most important here is **if** readers were to walk away concluding that page views don’t mean anything would be a wrong conclusion.

    So it is VERY reasonable to accept that at higher levels of government they are VERY aware of the ecat. There is credible evince that higher levels of overnment are aware of this site and are following the LENR story. The geo-political ramifications of this technology are MASSIVE and anyone with a brain would conclude as a result the LENR story is an important one not to be ignored by any government (or industrial entity).

    So while defense and security page views likely are obfuscated, the rest would not be. (so unfair to lump all government into one basket – it simply not the case).

    And evidence exists that shows governments are taking note of LENR and even ECW.

    It was rather recent on ECW that a reader sent an inquiry to their government in the UK and they confirmed they are aware of Rossi.

    The other is the recent call by the US Secretary of Defense being directed to provide a briefing to the US House Armed Services committee on LENR. In fact I am willing to MUCH entertain that this announcement is likely VERY much the result of sites like ECW.

    People will cry out when LENR hits the market as to where the government was in all of this. Why public fund these institutions when they not doing their job? Huge egg will appear and MUCH finger pointing between and to these institutions will occur if LENR hits the market big time.

    So the PRIME motivation for the government to at least pay some lip service to LENR is very likely due to sites like ECW and the rising awareness of LENR.

    Clear evidence exists that such organizations are watching the LENR story. And again Bob pointing out that intelligence organizations would most certainly use a proxy to obfuscate their page views makes perfect sense, but does not invalidate the conclusion being made from such page views.

    So DoE, NASA or any major company has little reason to “hide” this fact and I much suspect they don’t use obfuscate their IP address – I suspect most government organizations are not even allowed to do so.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada