Rossi: Public Demonstration of E-Cat QuarkX Planned for Europe (Live on Internet, Self-Sustain)

Thanks again to Gerard McEk for posting some question for Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics have gotten some interesting responses from Andrea Rossi. Here are the questions and his answers:

Dear Andrea,
Recently you said the QuarkX will be demonstrated when it is ‘ready’, which you hope is within months.
It will underpin the details of the ‘Tremendous Surprise’ that will be revealed then.

Some questions if I may:

1. To whom will it be demonstrated? (I hope it will be open to public or us, you followers). 1- to our partners in a first stage, to the public in a second
2. Where will it be demonstrated? (I assume Europe, Sweden?) 2- Europe
3. Is it right to assume that ‘ready’ means ready for sales, so the QuarkX factory is ready and fully equipped, and test runs were successfull? 3- not yet, but close

In a response to an earlier question about when we might see photos of the QuarkX, Rossi responded: “As soon as we will present the products. I hope it’s matter of months.”

So we don’t have a definite time commitment here, but he has gone on record committing to a public demonstration of the latest E-Cat, which of course will be very interesting to anyone who has been following the story, and could be a surprise to people who haven’t. As far as the location goes, my guess would be Sweden, since Rossi had previously said he would do a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden at the same time as Mats Lewan’s now cancelled symposium which was tentatively scheduled for June 21.

UPDATE: (May 6: 2016)

I asked Andrea Rossi a few more question about what a possible E-Cat QuarkX Demo might be like. See below:

Frank Acland
May 6, 2016 at 12:37 PM
Dear Andrea,

You can imagine that many followers of the E-Cat are interested in the idea of a public demonstration of the E-Cat QuarkX. A few questions on the matter, if I may:

1. Will the public demonstration be held only if the R&D on course is successful, and the factory is ready to produce E-Cat QuarkX reactors? 1- yes
2. Will it be a scientific presentation, or a commercial presentation? 2- a commercial presentation
3. Will it be broadcast live over the Internet? 3- yes
4. Will it be minutes, hours or days long? 4- will be long enough to interest the audience, not enough to make them fall asleep
5. Will it show the E-Cat QuarkX operating in self sustained mode? 5- yes, F8.

It’s not finalized — it all depends on whether the R&D is successful and production gets organized, but I would say if he can pull this demonstration off it would be a major milestone in the history of the E-Cat.

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  • ivanc

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  • greggoble


    Cosmic rays and other radiation in space is a problem, Liviu proposes metallic thin layer ‘active’ radiation shielding. Interesting that he states LENR phenomenon in this proposal, similar to one by Widom Larson.

    His is LENR hybrid fission/fusion similar to Navy / JWK GEC GeNie reactor. Transmutes nuclear waste to benign elements.

    Most likely working with a group… he solicited such.


    “Liviu Popa Simil LENR Nuclear Battery Roadmap” 27 Jan. 2014

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