Mats Lewan Receives an Electricity Bill for 1MW Test Customer

Mats Lewan is continuing to try and find evidence about the 1MW Plant test, and has turned up some interesting information about an electricity bill for the customer JM Products at the address 7861 NW 4th St, Doral, FL.

Mats update from this post:

April 24, 2016

I have received a copy of an electricity statement, from Florida Power & Light Company, issued on JM Chemical Products Corp., for the period February 2 until March 2, 2015. The total amount of energy consumed is 7,251 kWh. Depending on when the plant was put in operation for the one-year test (assuming at the latest February 16) this indicates an average consumption of about 10 to 20 kWh per hour. The Service Address on the statement is 7861 NW 46th Street, Doral, FL 33166-5470, which is the same as the official address listed for JM Products, and also where photos were taken that according to visitors to the plant looked like the place they visited. The amount charged is $1,266, while the amount for the previous month was $309, which is about a quarter, possibly indicating some early test activity.

This statement proves that electricity corresponding to what the 1MW plant should have consumed at a successful COP of about 50 has been consumed at the address reportedly being where the test was undertaken. It doesn’t prove any production by the customer, nor anything about the amount of energy produced by the MW plant, and consequently nothing about the COP. My source is not Rossi.

So some great sleuthing by Mats Lewan! Hard numbers from independent sources are not easy to come by in this contentious environment. Rossi’s Complaint in his lawsuit against IH et al. states that the test began “on or about February 19 2015,” so only part of this electricity bill would be for while the test was taking place, and we can’t tell from this bill what the average electricity usage was during the period before or after testing.

In this 30 day period, there are 720 hours. If my calculations are correct, if the amount of energy consumed is 7,251 kWh in that period, the amount of power generated during this billing period would be very close to 10 kW on average. Being conservative, let’s assume the test started on February 20th, and that very little energy was used prior to the official start of the test. 12 days (Feb 20-Mar 2) = 288 hours. If we assume 6500 kWh were used during that 12 day period; this would give an average power consumption of 22.57 kW (6500/288) during the testing period. If Andrea Rossi is correct about the average output of the plant during the test being 1MW, then this would give close to the 50+ COP claimed by Rossi in the report; (1000/22.57 = 44.31 COP)

This has been very useful information regarding the energy input side of things (power bills for the entire duration of the test would be better). It would be nice if we could get confirmation of some kind that the output of the plant was 1MW, as Rossi has stated.

  • Ged

    No, we are not guessing. This information comes from the legal documents submitted by Rossi and contract with IH, and from Rossi himself. If this information is false, then Rossi has committed perjury among other things; so for the purposes of the discussion it is vital to assume the legal details are accurate–as a benchmark to evaluate against.

  • Ged

    The reactor runs 24/7, so the split between night and day is meaningless. You also fail in that night and day cost differences won’t change -per month-. Cost is how much energy was truly used, and we have a before and after. You are simply digging yourself deeper here.

    What we don’t have and still need is the production–then we can finally compare production output with consumption for a COP.

  • Engineer48

    Rossi told me the 1MW customer was still at 7861 46th Doral and the warehouse unit was not for rent.

  • Zack Iszard

    This facility is a small commercial/industrial spot. I work in a similar space with 16-foot ceilings, multiple offices, and 9000 sq feet. We could easily fit two shipping containers within the facility, and our garage dock would fit them too.

    As far as the energetics go, 1,000 kW is an aweful lot of power. I’m too lazy to math how much that would heat the interior of this facility that JM appears to occupy.

  • radius11

    Took the pictures on April 28th, 2016. The time was around 4:40PM. I was in the neighborhood. 🙂
    I wonder if this will be the new Kittyhawk. Enjoy 🙂

    • Frank Acland

      Thanks very much Raidius — I’ve started a new thread with these photos on it, I would think probably there will be some questions for you there.

  • builditnow

    Interesting address:
    Google has the same address with 2 different zip codes
    7861 NW 46th St, Doral, Florida 33166 . A business / light industrial building divided about 4 businesses in early 2014 according to google street view (some question as to the accuracy of the date of google photo.)
    7861 NW 46th St, Doral, Florida 33178 A condo in “Valencia Condominiums”

    An ideal address to create confusion so we don’t find the real location?

  • Frank Acland

    Please post those questions on the JONP here:

  • psi2u2

    I think the main point of the survey is to determine whether opinions have been changed on Rossi as a result of the lawsuit. So far it looks like most Rossi “believers” who have taken the survey still believe in him despite the lawsuit. Maybe Patrick can clarify this. He was not trying to establish whether the e-cat works or some such nonsense — which, as you say, would be ridiculous — but to measure the “before” and “after” lawsuit attitudes of e-cat world readers.

  • Engineer48

    Mats has electricity supply bills for JM Chemical Products Inc, at 7861 46th street Doral and a Google Street view shows a JM logo on the front door.

    Additionally as an engineer I can say there is no way IH would have installed a dual 1MW ECat reactor at that address and not involved the customer’s engineers in doing the interfacing of 1MW of steam to their production requirements and in running trials before going live.

    Any statement from IH or IH people that they had no knowledge of what the customer was doing with the 1MW of stream as just beyond belief. OK many here are not engineers or have experience with such installation and commissioning processes but to those who are, the IH statements can not be correct as the engineering involved in the installation and commissioning just doesn’t work that way.

    PLUS the Customer paid IH $1,000 per week for the 1MW of heat.

    • Zack Iszard

      Agreed, interfacing any mechanized system to 1000 kW of continuous steam flow would be quite an involved process. Of course, the details here would be contingent on the purchase agreement that JM made with IH for the 1 MW container.

      No phone answers is not surprising. If JM is aware of the internet, they are likely trying to keep their feet out of the fire. Caller ID has been around for decades!

      What does JM produce and who buys it?

  • Patrick Ellul

    New 10 second survey. Anonymous but requires you to log in to block spammers from multiple responses:

    • Patrick Ellul
      • Timar

        I think there should be a middle-ground between “a good chance” and “very little chance”. Such as “a moderate chance”. For those people like me who like sitting on a fence 😉

        • psi2u2

          Agreed. I find myself in this position also. Since the IH partnership was for me a major factor in Rossi’s continued credibility, I have gone from “a good chance” to “a moderate chance.”

  • wpj

    Rossi says it isn’t and is still in use by the client. See “Enginer 48″‘s posts as he is in direct contact with Rossi.

    • MisterMittens

      I guess I don’t understand, If Rossi say the location is still in use by his client, than why is showing up as available for rent:

      Did I get the address wrong? Is the web listing wrong? Or is Rossi wrong?

      Does anyone here live within driving range, if so they could visit the location and that would end much of the speculation.

      • Engineer48

        You really believe what you read from the net?

        Some sites are generated by bots that search for rentals to drag you in and get you to contact the agent so he can “talk” to you.

  • rd
  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Very interesting discussion on LENR Forum, go to the subject “Lugano performance recalculated – the baseline for replications”. They are questioning Thomas Clarke’s calculations regarding Lugano report.

    • SG

      And quite telling that Mr. Ekstrom’s sole hypothesis for the Li isotopic shifts is “planting.” In other words, slight of hand.

  • I’m in the UK – it would seem a bit odd if I enquired I think. The time difference might also be inconvenient, depending on Wright’s office hours.

  • Engineer48

    Someone living in Miami or nearby needs to visit the building and check it out.

  • wpj

    See update #40

    Rossi speak says the unit is being recharged and Frank speculated that “production” would continue. Seems a bit stupid to continue with it if it is a scam.

    Maybe the “client”, if they are purchasing more units, wants information with the correct charge (update #41) and with their own people operating it rather than it being baby sat by the inventor.

  • Engineer48

    One point to consider with the 1MWt ECat plant is the primary coolant flowing through the reactors is probably not water / steam. More than likely it is a heat exchanger fluid that stays liquid over the operational range and warms the primary circuit of a heat exchanger designed to generate steam in the secondary circuit at the temp and pressure required by the customer.

    If a non boiling primary circuit fluid is used, then doing the flow measurements and coolant temp rise from input to ECat to input to heat exchanger should be fairly simple as the issue of dry versus wet stream does not factor into the thermal gain versus electrical input to the ECat measurements.

    Of course the ERV could also monitor the thermal content in the steam, giving him 4 data streams. MWe input to the reactor, MWt out from ECat (input into heat exchanger) – MWt into ECat from returned coolant from the heat exchanger & MWt steam output from the heat exchanger’s secondary circuit.

    There are much better fluids than water to act as coolant and drive a heat exchanger. As example cars gave away water as their coolant a long time ago.

  • SG

    I really hope this case does not settle any time soon. That would be a near tragedy. Okay, maybe not a tragedy, but it would be bad for the LENR+ community in my opinion.

    • We’re not doing too well on optimum outcomes just now.

  • Engineer48

    I believe the 2 x 1MW plants (prime and backup) installed at the customer’s site were both built by IH. Which would suggest IH owns them.

    Rossi did indicate the plants would be refueled.

    In reality I doubt the UK customer behind JM Chemical Products Inc, would continue to run production in the US, over the long term and on a very small scale.

  • Engineer48
  • Engineer48

    Got it.
    JM logo is clearly seen on the door.

  • Engineer48

    Front door at 7861 46th Street Doral Florida.

    Just a few locks on that front door plus all the windows are blacked out. Some sort of logo on the front door.

  • Patrick Ellul

    The address, from google, clearly has back access as well. Someone should really investigate.

    • Engineer48

      Not the correct location.
      7861 46th street Doral Florida
      Try the images I have attached.

      Ledakon Americas appears to be the last tenant before JM Chemical Products Inc. Note in one of the images, the front sign is blank while the back sign shows Ledakon.

      Try Google Maps and Google Earth in 3D mode.

      • Patrick Ellul

        Yes thats the address i had. Unfortunately the shared google link was a link to 3d rendering and it failed. but if you click “more” on my post there are some snapshots of that place.

      • Ged

        Looks like Ledakon Americans was involved in printing ink:

    • Stephen

      Ummm Does the place next door at 7859 really say Rossini?

      • artefact

        Yes. It is a known brand.

        • Stephen

          Ahh I can see why he liked the place. Looks to me like a kind of providence or serendipity.

          I would also feel welcome next to a town called Stephen 😉

    • Nice big roof vents that might have been used to dump 1MW of hot air continuously.

  • Engineer48

    My clients need 600C steam, to drive 750MWe of subcritical steam turbines, which is not yet available.

    They are very experienced in dealing with high temp and high pressure steam and to them building a trial 10MWt system is not a biggie.

    As an interim, they are investigating ways they can use 10MWt of 105C steam as a learning pathway to fully understand the dynamics of the ECat black box as to how to control the reactors when dynamically changing loads are placed on them.

  • Engineer48

    I sent a private email to Andrea Rossi and asked him if it was true the warehouse unit occupied by his 1MW customer JM Chemical Products Inc was available for lease as the internet seems to indicate. His reply was very clear:


    Thank you Andrea Rossi for your very clear reply.

    • psi2u2

      This is easily confirmed or contradicted I would think through a local real estate agent.

  • At the delicate stage of the game maybe Rossi prefers that his clients sign an NDA before he releases details about what he can offer and when. And maybe Engineer48 complied as he’s serious about placing this order.