This is What I Know for Sure (Roger Bird)

The following post has been submitted by Roger Bird

The following is what I am certain of with regard to cold fusion:

LENR is real:

Mike McKubre observed real LENR repeatedly at SRI:

Pam Mosier-Boss observed real LENR repeatedly:

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is sufficient for me to be certain that LENR exists.

As far as LENR+ and the E-Cat is concerned, the following 2 links gives me certainty:

The 2013 Ferrara report:

The 2014 Lugano report:

Beyond that, there are greater or lesser degrees of uncertainty, but no absolute certainty.

Did Darden and Vaughn observe excess heat? Probably.

Did the 1 year 1 MW plant fail? I don’t know, and this is the really big uncertainty.

Is Darden and Vaughn stabbing Rossi in the back? I don’t know.

Is Rossi difficult to work with? Almost certainly.

Is the value and certainty of Fabiano Fulvio’s testimony trashed? For me, thanks to this E-Cat bickering, certainly. Hopefully this is only temporary, but for now I cannot believe what he had to say.

I invite people to present links that show certainty or at least greater certainty on various aspects of the LENR and LENR+ than I have presented I am sure that I have failed to list many certainties. We need to keep track of these certainties and bring them to mind every now and then so as to not become discouraged. I will copy and save any links that improve certainty, and I will appreciate anyone giving us those links.

Respectfully submitted,

Roger Bird, aka bachcole

  • “individuals who work for governments, corporations, businesses who “decide” to choose their beloved paradigm over the observations of many people, most of whom are reliable witnesses and observers. And these people choose their beloved paradigm often because they fail to self-examine their own motivations, many of which are greed, some of which are an unwillingness to change, fear of losing prestige, etc., etc.”
    But corp take just the backseat, and don’t forget corps are just people tied by common resources.

  • bkrharold

    Of course there are many individuals who are either uninformed or have their own selfish reasons, but I blame corporations most of all for the suppression of LENR research and development. They hold the purse strings over most research funds, and have intimidated all but the boldest researchers from entering the field. Their iron grip on the media and its message has served them well to marginalize LENR, and discourage coverage. Of course they control many other aspects of our society not just LENR. My theory on why they hate LENR so much is because it has the potential to be truly democratizing, allowing the little guy to compete with the big corporations, and win. It could also make us all less dependent on those large conglomerates

  • bkrharold

    This is the most unusual periodic in the history of scientific inquiry since the Renaissance and the birth of the age of reason. For 35 years established science has steadfastly refused to examine a new phenomenon LENR, due to the aggressive suppression by special interests. We have entered a new dark age, ruled not by theocratic ideologues, but corporations, where logic and reason take a back seat to profits at any cost.

    • I would correct it that way:

      We have entered a new dark age, ruled BY theocratic ideologues, without logic and reason, with corporations, taking a back seat to profits at any cost.

      never forget that it is APS , Ivy league, governments and media who killed LENR and F&P ideas, not oil industry and nuclear industry engineers who experimented and kept the fire alive.

      Problem is ideologies, not money, even if money follow where the public money is, and where the media define the popularity.