E-Cat 1MW Plant Test Results Watch Thread (Update #6 — AR: Report 26 Pages Long, Hopes For Release “As Soon as Possible”)

We had a LONG thread dedicated to the 1MW E-Cat plant results thread, which we were finally able to put to bed when the test was announced to be completed on February 17th, 2016.

I hope now we can have a much shorter thread as we now wait for the results of the test. It’s a high-stakes time, and I would imagine quite high pressure for all involved, as E-Cat technology could prove to be revolutionary, and disruptive in many ways to the existing order of things throughout the world in terms of energy production.

UPDATE #6 (April 20th, 2016)

Andrea Rossi was asked today on the JONP how many pages long the ERV report is. Here is his response:

Andrea Rossi
April 20, 2016 at 7:30 AM
Stefania Conti:
1- the report has been written by the ERV accepted and paid both by IH and Leonardo Corp
2- the ERV is a nuclear engineer (doctorate obtained from the Unoversity of Bologna with 110/110 summa cum laude)
3- the ERV has experience of nuclear power plants and of certifications and validations; has worked with Bureau Veritas and CGS
4- the report is the synopsis of 12 600 000 data: to have an idea of what this means, printing these data on paper it would need 66 000 pages
The whole has been resumed in 26 pages of report. I hope my attorney will give me green light as soon as possible
Warm Regards,


While we wait for something official to be published, I guess we’ll have to take any scrap of information we can get. Here’s a Q&A from the JONP today:

Dear Andrea:
Can you say, at least, if the COP measured in the Report is higher than 1.5 ?

Andrea Rossi
April 3, 2016 at 10:40 PM
Yes, I can say that.
Warm Regards,

Even if the very lowest overall COP achieved was 1.51 (1.51 times more energy output than input over the course of a 352 day test), it would make this test a massive success if we compare it to any hot fusion test that has been carried out so far, where the best result been able to achieve more energy output than input for a fraction of a second.


Andrea Rossi has provided a bit of a profile of the ERV:

March 29, 2016 at 10:58 PM
Dr Andrea Rossi:
Can you give us the characteristics of the ERV ?
1- age AR: around 50- 55
2- education: AR: Doctorate in Nuclear Engineering
3- professional experience AR: Nuclear Power Plants
4- has also due experience in certification of plants? AR: yes
5- who paid his work and all his expenses ? AR: fifty-fifty Leonardo Corporation and Industrial Heat
Thank you if you can answer,


Andrea Rossi made this announcement on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Today:

Andrea Rossi
March 29, 2016 at 1:44 PM
While I cannot release the report publicaly at this time, I can state that I am very pleased with the results.
I hope that Industrial Heat and I will be able to release the report publicaly in the near future.
May God help us for the hard work waiting for us all.
Warm Regards,
Dr Andrea Rossi, CEO of Leonardo Corporation

We’ll only have to wait 10 days max according to Andrea Rossi on the JONP:

March 29, 2016 at 2:18 PM
If not a full release of the ERV report, how about a synopsis?

Andrea Rossi
March 29, 2016 at 4:12 PM
Yes, I will publish it within a tenth of days, anyway.
Warm Regards,

UPDATE #2 (March 19, 2016)

This email came to me from Mats Lewan today, because I had pre-registered for the New Energy World Symposium:

– “The final decision to hold the symposium has not yet been taken—official results of the one-year test of a 1-MW heat plant based on the new energy technology have not yet been reported but are expected at the latest at mid-April.”

“About 220 individuals have pre-registered, among them several who asked if it could be extended into a two-day event. Therefore, plans are now being made for a two-day event on June 21-22, with additional speakers and more opportunities to network with other attendeees. However, there will still be an option to attend the first day only.”

I’m not sure where Mats is getting his information about when the official results are to be expected — I wonder if he has heard something.

UPDATE — Mats Lewan wrote below: “Rossi told me what he also wrote at JoNP, that the ERV had committed to deliver the report within two months, which would be mid-April since the test was concluded on February 17.”

UPDATE #1 (March 16, 2016)

Mats Lewan posted this on the LENR-Forum here:

“Ok, I can now confirm that Rossi will attend the New Energy World Symposium, not as a speaker but interviewed by me on stage. In connection to the symposium, at a separate event, he says he will have some important announcements to make. No date defined. The decision to hold the symposium, however, still depends on the result of the one-year 1MW test being released and positive. Plans are proceeding meanwhile and there are now more than 200 attendees pre-registered. I’m also considering making it a two-day event, June 21-22, with an option to attend one day only”


I’ll kick off the thread with an exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics between Peter Gluck and Andrea Rossi:

Peter Gluck
March 14, 2016 at 11:14 AM
Dear Andrea,

Please think about the possibility to help the LENR World to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the field (March 23) with a decisive victory. You could do this by publication of the Executive Summary of the ERV Report or even better the balance energy bought vs energy sold made by the accountant of the Customer during the 350 days of the experiment as I have asked on my blog yesterday.
Wishing you a long triumphal technology march,


Andrea Rossi
March 14, 2016 at 12:44 PM
Peter Gluck:
Thank you for your kind suggestion, I will see what I can do with the agreement of all the involved parties.
Warm Regards,

I assume that “all the involved parties” would include Leonardo Corp., Industrial Heat, the customer who was using the energy from the 1MW plant, and the ERV (the independent expert responsible for validation). Rossi sounds quite positive to Peter’s suggestion here.

  • jousterusa

    The better thing to do is to visit the trash bins of the folks who have copies and find the ones they tossed out…

  • jousterusa

    And where would the evidence of who leaked it come from, if four parties – IH, AR and their separate lawyers – all have a copy?

    • peacelovewoodstock

      Evidence would come from investigation, from forensics, etc. If you are suggesting that Rossi can “leak” the report with impunity as long as he does it surreptitiously, I think that would be a huge risk for him with zero upside.

  • jousterusa

    Perhaps not when they are trying to preserve some issue of self-interest. But they are frequently ethical on behalf of clients, who sometimes wish they were not, and never tire of pointing out their ethical decision-making in a given matter, often amid great tedium on the listener’s part..

  • Engineer48

    Interesting photos that seems to show Darden and Vaughn working in Rossi’s Italian factory and testing a early 1 MW plant. I say early as note the ECat blue modules on the roof.

    • Ged

      What a great find. Thank you.

  • US_Citizen71

    Rossi delayed it for them by adding on to the suit, they have until June 6 now.

  • Mike Rion

    Amen to that!

  • radvar

    Nothing but heartbreak expecting young’uns to follow in our footsteps. I know this first hand. They are their own selves from the day they are born, and they absorbed what we demonstrated for better or worse. Best we can do at this point, I figure, is model compassion. Anything else they might pickup is just luck.

  • jousterusa

    I’m sorry that AR is allowing his attorney to make a decision about publishing this document. Attorneys are famously reluctant to disclose anything they are not forced by ethics or court order to disclose. Forget about seeing the report!

    • Omega Z


      All NDA’s and agreements are still enforceable until the court rules on the beach of contract question. Thus niether IH or Rossi will release the ERV report. The alternative is if it is exposed in the court.

      • jousterusa

        Enforceability is the fundamental nexus of the phenomenon known in journalism as a “leak.” I think AR would be wise to leak the report if it establishes a COP of 50. Upon seeing that, the world may grow tired of waiting and seize on it ferociously to save itself from climate change, NDAs be damned!

        • Omega Z

          I’m sorry jouster, I need to reread what was published.
          However, If my Recall isn’t failing me, I think it stated COP>50 a substantial portion of time. What is substantial (40% 50%, 75%).

          This does not say that the average COP=50. It could just as easily be COP=10. We really need to know what percentage of time was in SSM as that will give us a much clearer picture of the COP. Note even in SSM, Rossi said it requires about 14KW of power.

          If Rossi were to leak the report and discovered, That could be considered a breach of the agreement by Rossi and no 89 M$ payment required.

          As to the agreement, what COP is required to be acceptable. Is it the always stated guarantee of COP>6. If so, then COP>50 is not necessary. Also, any COP>20 is negligible. That is already a 95% savings in input. Infinite COP would only save an additional 5%.

          As SSM still requires input and controls also need power, Infinite COP isn’t possible.

          • Frank Acland

            “71. … By all accounts, the amount of energy produced by the E-Cat Unit during the Guaranteed Performance Test was substantially greater than fifty (50) times the amount of energy consumed by the E-Cat Unit during the same period.” http://www.e-catworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Leonardosuit01-main.pdf

            OZ, It doesn’t say COP 50 for a substantial period of time, it says during the test.

            • DrD

              Going from memeory, the document states the average was over 50.
              I think average must mean over the full 352 days of the test.
              The contract requirement was COP > 6 for $89k reducing linearly to $0 for COP=2.6. So even just under 3 was a technically a pass.
              It’s all in the documents posted here, or linked to.

  • Ged

    Yes indeed. Seems they’ve already gotten an extension to June 12th.

    • Mike Henderson

      I am not a lawyer, but I believe the procedure is that the respondents respond with fairly perfunctory “deny” or “agree” responses to each of the petitioner’s claims. They also may contest the court’s jurisdiction in the matter. If they file counterclaims immediately, then there will be some real information coming to support their case.

  • US_Citizen71

    IH has 7 days left to file their response with the court, just a little more patience.

  • MasterBlaster7

    That doesn’t seem likely. All along Rossi et. all have been talking about releasing the report without reservation. If there was a non-disclosure section, it is likely we would have heard about it.

    • Omega Z

      Legally, all their agreements and NDA’s are still in effect until the court rules one way or the other.
      Rossi has said all along that it could be released only when all parties agreed.

      As “peacelovewoodstock” says, it is still under NDA until it is exposed in court or the court rules there has already been a breach of contract.

  • Bob

    Better yet…
    Go to the address of the “secret customer” that was listed in the lawsuit. See if there is any activity whatsoever. If the 1 year test was on an actual production line and the customer was happy that they purchased 3 more units, the test unit should still be running. At least the factory should be. That would be really convincing, either way!
    If I lived within 200 miles, I would drive there and check it out. Unfortunately, it is more like 1500 miles. 🙁

    • wpj

      Artefact on another post states that the unit is now up for rent, so it appears to have been vacated.

  • psi2u2

    I wouldn’t assume that all of those people work in the same location, and some may not be full time employees. We don’t know.

    • Rip Kirbyian

      You are right about that. But at least a couple of these persons would work regularly together with Rossi. If this is just a scam it would be very hard to involve and fool them over an extended period of time even if it just five people or so…

  • MasterBlaster7

    Ok, IH Has a copy. Rossi has a copy. The lawyers have a copy. Exactly what is it about the ERV that would postpone its release? I don’t see how releasing a copy to the public could hinder or help a case on either side.

  • LuFong

    Mats Lewan has taken up the task of trying to get to the truth of this matter: https://animpossibleinvention.com/2016/04/20/lets-join-forces-to-bring-out-the-truth-on-rossi-ih-affair/

    Note that the emphasis here is what we actually know (versus conjecture).

    • wpj

      I found reading it a bit disturbing; he does not mention many of the counter arguments that have also come from his contacts (producing sponge metal catalysts, 10-20 power savings), plus supposed 2 years due diligence from Woodford.

      • LuFong

        Mat as a journalist has to walk a fine line. He’s really sticking his neck out here, IMO, with Rossi. IH obviously doesn’t want to try this situation on the Internet and perhaps even in court as it’s not going to help them much–I think they may have written the $11M off or have asked for it back, who knows. It’s Rossi who file the civil suit and has been doing most of the chattering.

  • Veblin

    David Hambling Apr 20, 2016
    Popular Mechanics
    In Cold Fusion 2.0, Who’s Scamming Whom?
    The researcher claiming a cold fusion breakthrough is in the midst of a $100 million lawsuit, all while others race to duplicate his efforts, trying to prove that this time it’s not all smoke and mirrors.

  • LCD

    There are several “guests” so I’d probably change your handle if you can.

    Yeah my head is spinning at this point. I have my own problems to worry about but from what I’ve seen and heard I do believe the LENR+ effect is real. Radiation-less is another matter.

    I’ve spent a considerable amount of time reviewing all the theories and none of them yet fit the bill for me. If Rossi doesn’t have the theory, then he’s playing, and if he’s playing it’s very possible he’s got an inconsistent thing, and that’s my worry.

  • LCD

    Well given what’s happened lately it’s worrisome. I do think LENR is real enough. Whether it is commercially viable at this point is another matter. This latest fiasco may suggest it is not and Rossi is deluding himself.

  • US_Citizen71

    LENR heat would likely make ethanol and bio-diesel more competitive as the largest single piece of energy consumption for them is the heat used to make them.

    Ethanol, methanol and butanol all can be made from agricultural waste/cellulose through heating and application of the right catalysts. This method of fuel production could kill oil and still allow liquid fuel for ICE if you have a cheap energy efficient method of producing high temperatures. It also would be carbon neutral if no carbon energy is used to produce the heat.

  • SD

    They were supposed to start a new experiment around today or yesterday. I suppose they are just a little late and are busy prepping the experiment.

  • Warthog

    It’s not just Rossi. He has had vendettas against other LENR researchers. If it was limited to Rossi, I could cut him some slack……but in my mind he is far more like Gary Taubes (who did for Bockris what Krivit is doing for Rossi).

    • bachcole

      What other LENR researchers/developers does he rip?

      • Warthog

        Miles or Miley…don’t recall exactly which of the two. And I long ago swore off of ever visiting Krivit’s website.

  • Allan Kiik

    Whatever happened to them (Bob G, Alan G), it apparently took data.hugnetlab.com away too…

    • US_Citizen71

      Maybe that is the delay.

  • psi2u2

    This is a common occurrence, unfortunately.

  • Right, his problem is that he have tendencies, even when supporting LENR like he did courageously since long, to see conspiracy everywhere.
    worst problem is that he is very good, like many journalist, to transform lack of data into conspiracy evidences.

    in fact if you read precisely what he says, he does not lie, he state facts, and INTERPRET.

    I’ve been trained to process-comm psychology framework, and his main personality facet seems to be “perseverant”, which when pushed to the expreme is paranoid.
    He have values, and interpret anything in term of intent and values. things does not happen by accident, but because of intent of the actors for him.

    Funnily Rossi is about the same facet of personality ( he sees snakes, clown…).

    • Omega Z

      SK is also good at name dropping in mid sentence or paragraph leading the reader to think that person is in agreement with his view. I recall 1 of his reports including a name drop, “He’d had a converstion with Robert Duncan” while calling Rossi a fraud.

      In reality, He’d had a converstion with Robert Duncan discussing the ICCF event at University of Missouri. It had nothing to do about Rossi at all. But if you just skimmed the article, you would have missed that and assume Duncan was in agreement with SK’s views of Rossi. Thus giving credibility to SK by way of the prestige of Robert Duncan.

  • vrlenr

    MFMP being silent might mean they are preparing for a bigger announcement. The comments on Brian Albiston’s latest replication attempt were fairly promising.

  • Mats002

    Yes as said below this is an interesting question, COP is all about from where do you start counting. Economically I would say start with human labour. Do not include the work of the sun or birth of the universe. If so, what is the numbers?

    • Ged

      If one counts the entire universe, all COPs are less than 1, no matter the source. That’s the law of Entropy. Unless one can find out how to reverse entropy, the universe is fated to fade away into darkness.

      Edit: More directly related to your question, starting just with Human labor and capital and calculating from there, I found this paper http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0301421513003856

  • Byron McDonald

    And, why is Mats Lewan so quiet now? Very curious about the results of his efforts to get corroboration (as any journalist would seek) regarding completion of the ERV Report. Would love to see a new report from his Blog – I mean JT is a dashing fellow but I would rather see something else pop up when I got to Mats’ blog 🙂

    • Ged

      Hrm, there has been an odd amount of silence in all the usual channels the past couple days. Nothing new on quantumheat.org, or the MFMP Facebook the past few days. I suppose everyone is busy with something.