New Energy World Symposium Cancelled

Mats Lewan has announced that he has cancelled the New Energy World Symposium that was provisionally scheduled to be held in Stockholm Sweden in June. He said he would hold it on the condition that the report ERV report would bes “clearly positive,” and since we haven’t seen the report at this point — plus the news of the Rossi suit against Industrial Heat — I think this was the logical decision to make.

Mats explains more here:

  • Omega Z


    And now the knowledge that you own a copy of

    “Impossible Invention”

    Will forever be recorded on the Internet.
    Didn’t your daddy tell you not to pizz into the wind…

  • Omega Z

    If those who follow move on, It doesn’t matter. If Rossi gets just a few E-cat plants into the hands of a few businesses, then nothing else matters. Words and speculation are nothing but words and speculation. They will have zero effect on Rossi’s plans. Never have…

  • Mats002

    Thanks for trying Mats, next time!

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    Sad, but safe decision.

  • pg

    That is a wise decision.

  • Sanjeev

    Good decision, even if unfortunate.

  • sam

    Good decision Mats.
    There will be another time.