Ryan Hunt of MFMP to Speak on LENR in Rochester MN on April 24th

On April 24th, Ryan Hunt will speak at the EarthFest Expo at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota. Ryan will be speaking at 12:00 p.m. on the subject of “Crowdsourcing Scientific Breakthroughs in Clean, Reliable Energy”. Admission is free.

Ryan Hunt has been engineering energy efficiency and resilient living solutions for the last 15 years. His organization, The Hunt Utility Group (HUG), is located in Pine River, MN. Ryan and his team have been an important part of the MFMP initiative and his HUGNET digitizer devices are still an important part of the experiments today.

For more information about the HUG visit https://www.hugllc.com/

The 2016 Earthfest Expo will feature green building and sustainable living commercial booths, an Electric Vehicle show, educational classes, children’ s activities, non-profit environmental group displays, and keynote speakers. The theme will be “100% Renewable Energy by 2031”.

For more information about the event visit http://www.earthfestrochestermn.org/

Thanks, Ivan

  • Mats002

    The speak was yesterday, hope the audience liked it! Any feedback?

    • Ivan Idso

      Unfortunately, there were only a few in the class. A good thing for Rochester is that one of those was a city councilman and member of our municipal utility board, so hopefully we converted him! I was only able to sit through half of Ryan’s presentation because I had other duties to attend to as chair of the event. I really appreciate Ryan coming down and presenting. He had a nice PowerPoint put together so maybe he would share that, I will email him in case he isn’t monitoring this page?

  • Ivan Idso


    Thanks for posting! We did move the time to 12:00 since I had sent you the original notification. Are you coming up by any chance?

    Ryan will also be in booth #29 promoting one of his recent innovations “Garden Circles”.

    Ivan Idso

    • Frank Acland

      Thanks Ivan — I changed the time. I’m sorry but I won’t be able to make it. Maybe someone from the Energy 2.0 Society will be there, though. We will talk about it.