Mats Lewan Expects ERV Report Publication Soon, Close to Making Decision on Symposium (Update: Rossi “100% Sure Report Will be Published”)

Mats Lewan has posted a new article on his An Impossible Invention website where he reviews the latest news about the E-Cat.

His article is here:

Mats is positive about the developments. He states “The good part is that all this info now is public, that the one-year 1MW was successful, and that commercially viable LENR is here to stay, and that it will change the world.”

In addition to reviewing the news we discovered from the court case documents and the Leonardo press release, he adds a few interesting points:

He says that he has heard independent information (not from Rossi) about people connected to IH “actively trying to engage experts in the field to work on replication of Rossi’s effect, while telling various stories about Rossi”

He also writes:

“We will probably soon see the full report that was delivered to Rossi and Darden on March 29.”

“As for the New Energy World Symposium, I’m very close to take the final decision to hold the event now.”

Mats has always said that he won’t hold the symposium unless the ERV report is ‘clearly positive.’ So from what Mats is saying he expects the report to be published openly.

UPDATE: Andrea Rossi on the JONP responded to this question: ” Dear Dr. Rossi, What’s going to happen to the pubblication of the report, with the recent litigation on course ?”

Andrea Rossi
April 7, 2016 at 9:20 AM
We are going to publish it as soon as my attorney gives me green light. I am sure 100% it will be published.
Warm Regards,

  • Eyedoc

    I think you have nailed it….especially if the contract says “current” IP (which will include the EcatX) and also AR was under contract at the time of the X development.

  • Jonnyb

    Hi Guest, Yeh Andrea mentions this also in his reply posted on E-Cat world today. IH have made units independently. Personally I believe him.

    • Eyedoc

      But the EcatX is might be the problem….developed while under contract

  • Omega Z

    DGT arrangement fell apart because they couldn’t come up with the money.
    Possibly IH is also short of the $89 Million…

    • Jonnyb

      Does the £50 million Woodford gave not equate roughly to $89m? O.K. a bit short but close.

      • Omega Z

        I believe it was $50 Million or a little more.
        A few years ago, Darden had trouble coming up with $20 million in an ongoing project. He was bailed out by Donald Trump. That’s the problem with brown field projects. You can sink a ton of money in them real quick and take many years to get any back out. Many are at risk of negative returns.

        Back in time I looked this up because the buzz about $2 Billion in Cherokee assets. Assets being the key word. Not cash

  • Julio Ruben Vazquez Turnes

    I see something fishy here and we are with two options. It works – then IH lies. It doesnt work – then Rossi lies.

    According to all the data, to me, see that Rossi lies is doubtful. No one would pay 10 million without proper research. Also the fundings from Cherokee support my theory.

    But there is something that came to my mind if we add all the facts.
    IH filled a patent – No one would fill a patent of something that doesnt work.
    Rossi said that they broke the License Agreement giving info to a rival and as far as we know that could be true.

    So, i want to add one thing . Just a few days after the test finished, Arabia Saudi, wrote that they would create a fund for their oil.
    What if IH received a big sum from a petrol company to stall the process until they get rid of their oil.

    The easiest way to do that is what they did if we trust Rossi. Transfer the information to another company. Claim that it doesnt work. Then after the fund is created and sold the oil company would give them a huge sum of money to be the Licensess of the technology to start to use it.

    It may be a single coincidence but yesterday I talk with a cousin of mine wich works in forex and told me that they are all aware of this technology since months ago even they didnt have so much info. So it seems that the market is really reflecting the result of a viable technology.

    To me there are too much hints to point that way, and to stall the technology they need Rossi out of the game because he wants to launch the technology right now..

    • Omega Z

      “and we are with two options. It works – then IH lies. It doesnt work – then Rossi lies.”

      Option 3 to include with your 2nd option.
      It doesn’t work – then IH also lied to Woodford Investment funds to obtain $50/$60 million in investments..

    • Anon2012_2014

      Third option:

      It works, just the COP is too low to be firmly above the payoff threshold which I believe was reduced to 2.6x in the third amendment to the agreement (for a proportional payout). If IH measured a COP of 1.7 but the ERV measured 2.7, there would be enough cause for IH to challenge the ERVs reading and get a better ERV (i.e. a national lab) to do the testing. This would be particularly true if IH was given restricted access to the Doral warehouse. A lot of money is at stake so why should IH go with a Lugano level measurement that is not incontrovertible.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Basically, there are two possibilities: Either Rossi’s plant worked as defined in the contract, or it didn’t. In the first case, IH could claim that Rossi withheld information which would have been necessary to replicate the effect in their own laboratories. However, in the second case they might have problems to defend their position. According to #65 of the suit IH agreed with the test protocol. Provided that this information is correct and the protocol was erroneous, it would have been their mistake to accept it. I guess they had only a chance if they prove that the test was not carried out exactly as described, or that the report has been manipulated. So we have the paradoxical situation that Rossi could lose the litigation if his technology works, but succeed in the opposite case.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Wrong thread, sorry.

  • Josh G

    Well, IH and Rossi hired him to do the 24-hour validation prior to IH’s investment in Rossi’s technology. So they appear to have as much of a prior relationship with IH as they do with Rossi, and that relationship is a business one. But the way you state it makes it sound like he and Rossi are old buddies or something. Very misleading.

  • sam

    I will tune in tomorrow for the next
    episode of this soap opera Frank.
    At least your ratings should increase
    because of all of this.

  • Jonnyb

    I’m sure we were told that E-Cat units were made independent of Rossi, so they must of had the knowledge?

  • Fibber McGourlick

    notice they didn’t countersue for fraud.

    • SG

      I don’t think they have filed their response yet. My guess is that IH will allege fraud, breach, possibly even defamation.

      • Omega Z

        I don’t think filling a lawsuit in itself can be claimed as defamation.
        Up until filling this suit, Rossi has said nothing derogatory about any of those involved.

  • Reminder: when IH bought the E-Cat IP license they said this: “6. In addition, performance validation tests were conducted in the presence of IH personnel and certified by an independent expert.”

    So that’s one gate. That was Jan 2014. Shortly after positive results from ITR.

    Then they had someone (ERV Penon, assumed) test for 24 hours. Got a thumbs up and forked over $10M. That was early 2015 at the start of the test.

    Then they had Fabiani sittting in there with Rossi all day and giving glowing interviews about performance.

    Then they received a report that told them COP of 50 as a result of year long careful videotaped measurements.

    Then they refused to pay, got sued and just claimed it never worked at all.

    W…….. T……… F………

    • Ged

      When you put it that way, it is curiouser and curiouser. The 3 year statement really sticks out the most to me, as well as the nonspecific nature of their rebuttle. It seems a standard “nuh uh!” response, along with the obligatory “they were the ones who breached contract!” quip despite being the defendant.

      I hope IH files a defense soon. Then we’ll know all they have. But yes, their previous statements are clearly contradictory to there little press release.

    • Omega Z

      Then they had someone (ERV Penon, assumed) test for 24 hours. Got a thumbs up and forked over $10M.

      The test was in 2013.

  • Barbierir

    Is any journalist going to find and interview the owner of the factory where the test took place? A comment about his energy bill would be very welcome now

    • Michael W Wolf

      Yea, where is said reactor? Surely IH would not take a reactor that didn’t work. And it could be considered tampering with the evidence. Where that reactor is now is key. Will it disappear?

      • SG

        It is a fair point. Probably one of the reasons why Leonardo moved so quickly to file the suit. Tampering with evidence is a big no no.

      • Barbierir

        According to Rossi it’s still doing its work in the customer factory

        • NT

          Lets hope so as any judge would want the court to see that in real life operation doing what Rossi claims it does – proving LC and Rossi’s case…

    • Bob Tivnan

      The customer will likely be subpoenad to testify in the lawsuit. I doubt we will hear from them before then.