New LENR Company: Lux Energy — An Industrial Heat Affiliate (Update: Site Now Hidden)

luxenergyUPDATE: The Lux Energy site is no longer publicly accessible — now it requires a password to access.

Thanks to Sam for posting a link to the website of a new company called LUX Energy Ltd.

Just browsing around the site brings up some interesting information. The leadership team are:

Alexander Rios — Founder and CEO
Victoria Stephens — Founder and CTO
JT Vaughn — Vice President
Sean Weaver — Senior Designer

Most of us are familiar with JT Vaughn, of course, who is one of the directors of Industrial Heat, LLC, the exclusive licensee in North and S America, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates for Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat.

Some key quotes from the site:

Our Challenge: “We’re determined to help reverse the negative environmental and socio-economic impacts of unclean, unsafe, unaffordable energy.”

Our Vision: “We’re inspired by advances in LENR and ‘new paradigm’ alternatives to energy production and believe a tipping point is near.”

IP Identification: “We identify LENR technologies to license, acquire or invest in from around the world.”

The address for the company is P.O. Box 1171 Cary, North Carolina 27512 United States: this is the city next to Raleigh, NC where it was reported that Industrial Heat would be building a 20,000 square foot laboratory. The website features Tom Darden’s speech at the ICCF19 in Padua, so it all makes me think that Lux Energy is closely aligned with Industrial Heat — perhaps it is even an IH Subsidiary.

Interestingly, the site includes the text of the recent statement that Industrial Heat delivered, but begins with this paragraph:

The objective of LUX Energy, Ltd. is to make clean, safe and affordable energy available everywhere, and in doing this we want to build a company that demonstrates respect for all. LENR is a key focus of Industrial Heat and we believe multiple technologies in this sector warrant further investigation and development.

Is it possible that Lux Energy and Industrial Heat are one and the same?

  • jousterusa

    The post below is a little prescient, if I may say so! But reading this post the night after the suit appeared, I’m also finding it noteworthy that the crooks were trying to rip off Rossi’s IP.

  • jousterusa

    I think what we are looking at is a significant crack in the rocky relationship between IH and AR. This is understandable, given the great promise and high expectations all of us have for a significantly profitable rollout, particularly of the Hot Cat X, a product that good p.r. support should rocket into public consciousness and sell millions of units. But the fact is that all of us are disappointed by the very slow, and frequently revised launch date for this product, which undoubtedly has caused recriminations between the parties who expect to benefit most. I would remind all sides that enormous patience brought important advances into our lives, not a fierce internecine battle of the progenitors. Be calm, be patient, and wait for the right time to launch successfully.

    • HS61AF91

      also developments can be so instantaneous, as to compel delay, rather than introducing an already obsolete product.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I agree there has been a fundamental split between Rossi and IH. We must not forget IH and all their affiliates have not created anything. They are simply investors, fundamentally interested in making money. There is a possibility, in my opinion, that Rossi is so far ahead in LENR research, that IH has formed a strategy to invest in Rossi competitors, possibly trying to create their own IP, making themselves the “white knight” of this new energy source, thereby controlling as much of this new huge market as possible. IH has created nothing, they are an investment firm.

  • Alan Smith

    A UK Companies House check on Lux Energy Ltd shows it to be a parked/dormant company registered in 2014. Head office is an apartment in London.The named director is currently a director of 45 different companies, most of them dormant but at least one connected with tax avoidance via the movie business. This one will presumably have changed hands too recently for Companies House to have registered the fact.
    Parked companies with no trading history ‘ready to sell’ like this are the pre-interned version of domain-squatting, and it looks like the current owner may (just possibly) have been lucky in his choices -or (more likely) was invited to set them up against the day. Which in turn indicates that the connection between LENR and lighting is older than we knew.

  • Yet another ‘Lux Energy’ co:

    No content as yet (blank pages)

    Updated : 2016-02-28

    Technicals Datas

    IP :

    IP-based Geolocation of : flag US United States | Arizona | Scottsdale

    DNS Status : Online

    Whois Name Servers History

    Domain Name:

    Registrar URL:

    Registrant Name: Amy Biggers

    Registrant Organization: Cherokee



    DNSSEC: unsigned

    • TPaign

      The Scottsdale location is for the godaddy server… means nothing for the location of the company

    • Ged

      Gees, they are busy buying up domains lately. But why would they need so many? Regionalization?

      • Sanjeev

        Usually companies buy up all the related domains to keep others from getting them and using/misusing them on their behalf. They even register common spelling mistake versions too.(try eg)

        To me it indicates that IH have a good consultant and they are really serious.

  • wpj

    Saw this on Peter Gluck’s site

    Looks like the Australians are getting geared up.

    • Seems to be a bit out of date, unless the 4 x 250kW design has reverted to the 106 sub-unit type – but I suppose the details don’t matter.

      • NCkhawk

        Rossi is a fool for associating with this guy. No Tritium generating unit, if I understood the brochure from the website correctly and if true, will ever by allowed to leave the US if it is manufactured here. Another indication of complete BS by Rossi and / or those hanging on to his latest efforts. My guess is that Rossi may be heading into an entirely new level of trouble with clowns like Green trying to drum up deposits on his behalf.

        • Ged

          We should ask Rossi if he is associating with this guy again. As far as I know, he isn’t, and completely opposes the guy, but one question on JONP should clear this up.

          • Alan Smith

            See above. I am expecting IH to jump on him from a very great height.

    • NCkhawk

      Lord help us! That guy should have been charged with securities law violations the last time around. Looks like Rossi and Green have made up from their previous unpleasantness though. They may end up deserving each other.

      • Ged

        Rossi did disavow this guy back in the day, if I remember right, and most of this information just looks like this guy’s old site, but spruced up a bit. Hm. I wonder if Rossi is aware of him? I agree, this guy is shady has heck, and no one should send in money to any outfit, or Rossi himself, asking for a product that does not yet exist and can’t be reasonably assured to exist any time soon (pending whatever it is IH is doing).

        • Alan Smith

          Rossi is aware now. I think Mr. Green is trolling for cash without consent.

          • Ged

            Same that happened last time too. Guy doesn’t learn, I guess.

  • Brokeeper

    Will this energy prognosis change following the coming announcements?:
    ‘A reality check for renewable energy’
    “Wind, solar, and geothermal energy are growing rapidly. Yet the world’s reliance on fossil fuels isn’t changing any time soon. The clean- and safe-energy revolution is not imminent.”

    If F9, F8, what E-Cat X manufacturing capacity will be required to not just replace but overtake growing fossil fuel energy requirements? Are we talking about hundreds of gigafactories?

    Referenced “Looking Ahead: The 50 Trends That Matter ” book. (Can look inside)

    • Omega Z

      It’s not just how fast you can build them, It’s also how fast can society absorb. Thus why I always say this will take several decades to transition.

      • Brokeeper

        If driven by profit and increase margins, I think faster than most realize.

        • Brent Buckner

          And on the buyer side of the fence, driven by lower costs (and/or new capabilities/form factors).