Industrial Heat Makes Statement Regarding LENR Industry Developments

Thanks to Jed Rothwell for posting this statement on the Vortex-l. It came to him from Marianne Macy of Infinite Energy magazine.

Statement of Industrial Heat Regarding LENR Industry Developments

March 10, 2016

Industrial Heat’s objective is to make clean, safe and affordable energy available everywhere, and in doing this we want to build a company that demonstrates respect for all. LENR is a key focus of Industrial Heat and we believe multiple technologies in this sector warrant further investigation and development.

Industrial Heat has licensed, acquired or invested in several LENR technologies from around the world. We have developed a group of LENR thought leaders, and we have built a world-class engineering team. We are pleased with the technologies we have assembled and with the group of scientists and engineers working on them. Presently, the Industrial Heat team is in the midst of assessing and prioritizing the technologies in our portfolio.

Our operating philosophy is to foster scientific and engineering rigor in the development of LENR. We will thoroughly assess data derived from sound experiments which we design, control and monitor.

Embracing failure as well as success is important, because we learn from both. Unfortunately, there is a long and continuing pattern of premature proclamations in the LENR sector.

Because of this, we encourage open-minded skepticism. We believe society suffers when technological advances and innovative experimentation are stifled; likewise, society and the industry suffer when results are promoted and claims are made without rigorous verification and precise measurement.

We value credibility through sound LENR research. That’s why any claims made about technologies in our portfolio should only be relied upon if affirmed by Industrial Heat and backed by reputable third parties who have verified our results in repeated experiments.

Our portfolio of work has never been stronger and we remain excited about the potential we see. This optimism is grounded in more than just hope, yet a great deal of work remains. The energy challenges of today must be met with viable, clean, safe and affordable solutions.

  • Alan Smith

    Astroturf is my conclusion
    Trolls who love to spread confusion
    While right now they’re easy meat
    APCO’s lot will be more discreet
    Sneaking round the E-cat blogs
    Like a pack of mangy dogs
    They’re well trained in crafty tricks
    What a bunch of clever Dicks

    It seems to us there’s been collusion
    A plot to buy up all cold fusion
    But secrets cannot be contained
    Wrapped in patents, all constrained
    The truth will out, and Darden’s boys
    Will have to share their shiny toys

    For though the thought makes bankers weep
    Some secrets really are too big to keep.

  • Mats002

    More from about APCO.

    Is Tom Darden’s passion about a quick LENR fix chilled by Washington power people?

  • Allan Shura

    I feared Rossi might slip in to the zone of time and money after the IH offer and there are competitive forces for technologies other than LENR likely to gain a foothold in the market beforehand.

  • PappyYokum

    The New Energy Times – a site hostile to the Ecat and Rossi – claims the
    IH statement is in response to a set of questions NET sent to IH
    concerning IH’s involvement with the 1MW plant test.

    • Michael W Wolf

      IH can’t comment on Rossi because of their non disclosure agreement. Right?

  • Bob Greenyer

    Got a radio mic now!

  • Fedir Mykhaylov

    Perhaps this is due to the expansion of technology fronts : in addition to the low-temperature reactors direction adapting e – Cat X to work with aviation gas turbine engines , machineless production of electricity, hydrogen production technologies for the chemical , isotopic vetta manufacture batteries for gadgets , and more. To do this, connect the large research group .

  • Bob Greenyer

    Exactly Byron, we need more minds on this – and it is happening.

    I hope to add a video today that will help with understanding both signal and the correlation between Mills and the other branches of the technology.

  • jousterusa

    Tp me. it sounds like they are trying to diminish expectations. It suggests they may feel that Rossi has been talking without their approval about the long-awaited Hot Cat results..

    • Mats002

      I respect your thoughts about this, you’re in the trade 🙂

  • Brent Buckner

    My point is that IH may not want to possibly be seen as lending its imprimatur to Rossi’s statements about the E-cat X. IH holds licensing rights to the E-cat X, so it is within IH’s technology portfolio, but IH may not even have seen one as yet.

    • clovis ray

      good point. but would they have to test it at all, if the l/t cats passed it’s test

      • Brent Buckner

        Rossi has made all sorts of statements about the E-cat X that I’m sure IH would want to test (e.g. direct electricity generation) before affirming.

        • clovis ray

          True, the best i can make of this is, and this is only a guess, but Dr.R
          said that I/H had bought the IP to the L/Tcat, but i suspect that was all, and the e-cat x is Dr. R’s, and I/H is only a licensee to leo, along with others.

          • Michael W Wolf

            Yea, I remember Rossi saying e-cat x was his baby not IH.

    • Michael W Wolf


  • Karl Venter

    Tell us how many clients they have sold to
    Tell us when they are going to start installing plants that they are making
    tell us Clovis share your insights and wisdom with us that know less than
    I am so glad you know more than me?

    • clovis ray

      1. one or two for sure, aka the customer. and U.S. navy.
      2. They will not install, I would expect that would be contracted out wouldn’t you . and Dr. R said there would be products on the market this year.
      .3 if i told you everything i knew ,then you would know as much as i do. this is not my first rodeo, been here a long while, if you would have put in the time i have, then you would’n be so ign_rant about this subject.

    • Michael W Wolf

      yea man, we know of two prototypes. One ran for a year. I remember a fusion technology was announced and they said it would be ready in 15-20 years. Publicly funded with billions of dollars. How do you think privately funded technology needs your skepticism, but the publicly funded fraud doesn’t deserve any of your attention?

  • Karl Venter

    And you do?

  • e-dog

    well at least is sounds like they are never going to give it up!

  • Bob Greenyer

    On the contrary, since the middle of 2014 we have been very much focused on mustering the majority of our resources in exploring Rossi’s claims and to date – we are the only truly independent (of Rossi/IH/Government/Private institution) body to do so – not only that, and without intention to, we have replicated for the first time in a way that fully corroborates many of the statements Rossi has made in the past.

    What we did – at the end of a very hard and long road, through application of knowledge, much of which came from Piantelli, is lend immense credibility to what Rossi has claimed, done and achieved in the past. We have taken a Lot of flack from many people in and out of the field – I would have thought people on this site more than any other would have supported the outcome of our data.

    Please can you clarify the very broad statement that seriously misrepresents my work when you say “you are constantly putting Dr. R down”. Drawing attention to prior art – especially prior art that Rossi would have had intimate knowledge of is just stating facts it is not personal – Rossi still put the pieces together, at the very least in a functional sense and that is why we are all here.

    If you think Piantelli has no relation to the E-Cat – ask if the affect is achievable without specifically Hydrogen and a transition/lanthanoid or Actinoid in play. If it was the case, then Piantelli has no place here.

    I think at heart the site is based on the theme of New Energy. There is room given to the ORBO, SunCell – oh, it would be seriously boring to list all the things that are not E-Cat. The ORBO has nothing at all to do with the E-Cat or even LENR – do you chastise all of the other Non-E-Cat threads as much as you appear to uniquely have a go at me?

    You may not like it, but Piantelli is at the foundation of the Ni+H and so the E-Cat and it is therefore totally consistent with your sole claim of the purpose of this site. The site, after all, is not called Rossi’s World or Rossi says.

    I will continue to volunteer my time to explain how it works to the best of my ability for those that are interested, please ignore my work if it upsets you.

  • These are the parts that worry me.

    1) “Embracing failure as well as success is important, because we learn from both. Unfortunately, there is a long and continuing pattern of premature proclamations in the LENR sector.” – Does that mean the 350 day test failed? Why else would they say that?

    2) “society and the industry suffer when results are promoted and claims are made without rigorous verification and precise measurement.” – “Unfortunately, there is a long and continuing pattern of premature proclamations in the LENR sector.” – Are they calling Rossi a long standing serial liar?

    3) “Presently, the Industrial Heat team is in the midst of assessing and prioritizing the technologies in our portfolio.” – Does this mean they are going to dump Rossi and go with other scientists?

    I hope those dark and pessimistic interpretations are incorrect, but you could make a reasonable case for them if you wished. If they wanted to clear the waters they have failed miserably. They have made everything murky by not talking in specifics.

    • Gerard McEk

      I had similar thoughts when I read it first but now, after reading many comments, I do not think they are directed towards AR, but to replicators elsewhere.

      • I would like to believe that, but they specifically state as follow.

        “That’s why any claims made about *technologies in our portfolio* should only be relied upon if affirmed by Industrial Heat and backed by reputable third parties who have verified our results in repeated experiments.”

        • Matt Sevrens

          Probably has to do with peter gluck’s claim of COP of 21.

          • Brent Buckner

            May also have to do with Rossi’s claims about the E-cat X, to which we are told IH has licensing rights.

          • It will be a while before I forgive Peter for that irresponsible post.

            • Michael W Wolf

              You don’t know it is irresponsible yet.

              • If someone told him the secret, he should have kept it secret and waited in patience with his mouth closed. To post a statement like that without saying that it is just a guess is a lie and is unforgivable.

        • I think it is a little bit of both. Every sentence has it’s anti-sentence … Rossi is one of the recievers, pathoskeptics another and the optimistic a third. Although I dont think IH worry too much about us. I covered it here

          • Industrial Heat’s statement is so confused, mushy, and contradictory that you can make a case for a thousand and one interpretations. We need a statement that is so crystal clear there can only be ONE interpretation. It’s just like politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths.

            • I guess that is exactly what APCO normally do for a living … The important stuff are in the tiny nuances. Key phrases: multiple technologies, credibility, never been stronger, more than just hope … Problem is not mentioning Rossi or the test, which is what we (and their investors) are waiting for. That is why I believe the aim is Rossi and maybe general credibility boost.

              • “That is why I believe the aim is Rossi and maybe general credibility boost.”

                What do you mean “the aim is Rossi”. Do you mean to hurt Rossi or help Rossi.

                “general credibility boost”? – I don’t think they have shot themselves in the foot. I think they have shot themselves in the head.

                • I wrote a longer analysis here att about the Rossi “aim” Neither help or hurt, but negotiate.

                  Agree about the foot. At least considering most of us as an audience. That is why I believe that the credibility talk is aimed partly towards Rossi; to tell him that they are more credible, which is true for the world at large.

            • psi2u2

              I disagree strongly. This is, imho, an extremely professional, well crafted statement given all circumstances. It was not written to answer the questions we want answers to, but to set the stage for answers to those questions.

          • Josh Guetzkow

            I’m think I’m missing something: IH hired APCO to write that letter (and presumably handle their PR)?

            • Frank Acland

              We don’t know who wrote it. We just know that APCO people were cc’d in the emails that Mats and I received from Industrial Heat when they sent that statement out.

              • Josh Guetzkow

                OK, thanks Frank!

        • Omega Z

          Rumors of reports and results floating around since a few days after the test completed “technologies in IH portfolio” even proclaiming success before IH has released any report or data..

    • Michael W Wolf

      ” As well as success”. They speak of more than 1 lenr technology. So Rossi would fit into the success part, some of the others they mention are the failure part. Seems to me they would only invest 350 days to the most promising. They do have a non disclosure with Rossi, so I think it would make sense that Rossi is part of their success comment.

  • Buck

    I may be making too much of the following, but who else sees the implications of the difference between the first and last paragraph?

    For me, the first paragraph provides a summary of IH objectives. The important issue is the outlined characteristics of a LENR product: clean, safe, affordable

    The last paragraph describes IH’s outlook. The important difference is again the outlined characteristics of a LENR product: viable, clean, safe, affordable

    There are many interpretations; too many actually. At the least, if this is a purposeful difference constructed by APCO to highlight a point, then this points to an effort to set expectations on what the results of the Pilot Plant trial and ERV report actually mean regarding the timing of large scale product roll-outs.


    • Michael W Wolf

      Well IH paid a million dollars for Rossi to build the prototype. Plus what they paid Rossi. plus the people they had to pay to keep it running for a year. It adds up to millions. If they saved a couple hundred thousand in electric, that would not be viable or affordable. But still, if that couple hundred thousand was saved by a non polluting energy source, it is a new form of energy and deserves ground breaking attention.

  • Observer

    Darden has already expressed his dislike for operating in “the fish bowl” of public scrutiny. Their (lack of a) website expresses their philosophy regarding publicity. However, when there is a lack of information on a topic of interest, speculation can run wild. I think the purpose of this letter is to maintain some control over their own narrative without having one.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I think the purpose of this letter is to educate APCO copywriters using the comments of the people that most know the subject as guidance on the range of opinions and justifications they need to have answers for.

      We are the unpaid Guinea pigs

      • Obsever

        So, the question becomes: How long is a standard APCO contract? If you are paying a public relations firm, I would expect, at some time, some kind of interaction with the public.

        • Bob Greenyer

          I used to work for one of the worlds leading advertising agencies – they would often get a brief, work on it for a good few months – consulting all of the experts they could reach (preferably they would go to a raft of self employed creatives and ask them to come up with ideas, never intending to employ them, just to mind strip) and then they would put forward a number of strategies to their client.

    • georgehants

      Observer, what is he frightened of, a “fishbowl ” is the guardian of democracy and honesty.
      There is no “lack of information” on this topic, the test is finished, Mr. Rossi has confirmed one month to be ready for publication.
      Then publish. and stop putting out pointless communications as if he is important in comparison to the release of Cols Fusion.

      • Observer

        In a corporation, the duty of democracy and honesty first and foremost is given to the investors, and then to the customers. Both vote with their money and have the rule of law protecting honest disclosure. Since IH’s current customer list is rather short, they are only beholden to their investors.

        • georgehants

          Observer, I fully understood capitalism , I have no interest in living in a country ruled by the rich, therefore I have no interest in the corruption involved in such a oligarchy.
          I simply give my view of the faults of such a system such as hiding and delaying the possible lifesaving Cold Fusion for profit.
          One I think can only agree or disagree with me.

          • Observer

            Do you object to the powerful being rich or the rich being powerful?

            • georgehants

              Observer, thank you for a good question, makes a pleasant change from the abuse I often receive from those unwilling or unable to go against the establishment brain-washing and at least look at possible improvements.
              I think, there should be a basic income from the age of about 16, complete with a one bed-roomed flat, fully fitted etc. if they wish to move from home.
              From there one’s progress in helping society leads to a higher standard of living.
              One who achieves the most, say like Mr Rossi (possibly) a sportsperson, very caring nurse, scientist, writer, pop singer, etc. etc. become the most rewarded with say in today’s terms one million dollars a year for life.
              Nobody needs or deserves more than that top amount of money
              absolutely no inheritance beyond personal possessions, every young person starts anew with equal chance to progress.
              No schools for the rich, no hospitals for the rich etc. etc.
              Leave it there. please do not come back with the usual communist dictatorship, etc.
              There has never been an experiment in total democratic communism and equality of chance to use potential.

              • Observer

                What if I possess something that suddenly becomes very valuable. Are you going to take it away from me? What If I object?

                What you propose as a utopia is actually a recipe for conflict and war.

                You need to think about what it means to possess something, what the costs of ownership are (and who pays them), and who really owns (and controls) things when possessions are outlawed.

                • georgehants

                  Observer, I have put up my clear position, you can go on forever finding petty faults.
                  You either agree that society should become more fair or you do not.

                • NCkhawk

                  Georgehants – I see that you are unable to answer some valid questions which is not a surprise. Where do the resources come from for your world? Who creates the assets that generate the wealth for people to pay your athletes, entertainers and researchers?

                • georgehants

                  NCkhawk, I will show you the respect of your answers will come from a little logical thinking and commonsense.

                • NCkhawk

                  Huh? Where does the money come from Georgehants? Someone has to make the money for starters – it doesn’t grow on trees. What is the predicate for your plan?

                  If LENR is ready to move beyond R&D (a big if) then billions of dollars are going to be needed for engineering, productization and monetization. So far, for whatever reason, the brilliant govts of the world have refused to step up and thank God that brave successful entrepreneurs such as Tom Darden and his backers have dared to start filling the gap.

                  By the way, investors require a return on invested capital as well. Please don’t let that blow your circuit beyond repair.

                • georgehants

                  You are being fooled by capitalist economics, only production and manpower are of importance.
                  Once again I do not wish to cover the page in basic economic discussion.
                  I suggest as above, that you use the Web to Research your questions.

                • NCkhawk

                  Georgehants – Such a typical answer but lets work thru this if you are capable. What funds an emerging technology to the point where it is ready for production and where does the money come from to pay for the manpower? Further, who then purchases the tickets and makes your high value sports personalities and entertainers, from the earlier glimpse into your brain, rich? LENR was not going to have a chance of happening in our lifetime without private capital. That comes from hard work and wise investments. Next challenge, name a breakthrough innovation from a communist country besides warfare, oppression and misery.

                • georgehants

                  I think I have made things clear, I am not an elementary school teacher. do your own Research.
                  Good bye

                • NCkhawk

                  Georgehants – another case book example of a cornered socialist (or beyond). Case closed. Happiest of trails.

                • Michael W Wolf

                  Wow, you have failed to answer justifiable questions. I guess you must ignore them or utopian dream becomes the world’s nightmare.

                • Michael W Wolf

                  No, you are proposing something that is about as unfair as you can get. Petty faults? The system you promote is responsible for more than one hundred million murders on a scale the world has never seen. Unless you have your way, then a new standard of carnage would ensue.

              • Michael W Wolf

                Democratic communism? That is an oxymoron. People are given houses, food, bills paid already. Those places are called the ghetto. Statistically there are five people out of a hundred that are able to build companies and create employment. The more you penalize those people, the less they can create. That is the problem in capitalism. The more you try and control it, the less the poor will have. So the reason you see injustice is not because of capitalism, it is because of the socialization of capitalism. That is why communism doesn’t work. It kills motivation and innovation. You must let the 5% who can create free to do so. These socialists made laws in America that stunted the growth of our society, creating the need for jobs and welfare. Then when socialism caused our problems, it was blamed on capitalism, and in turn brought us more socialism. We are at the point of insolvency and people that are affected most still want to socialize us into a third world nation. I can’t believe people as smart as you can’t see the scam.

                • psi2u2

                  Michael, you may want to check out predictions of the rate of job loss from computerization in coming decades. No political philosophy that does not consider the long range social implications of this trend is worth much going forward. That’s why quite a few countries are now discussing already the idea George proposes, of a guaranteed minimal national wage.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Right, it is all about the money, control, and power.

    • clovis ray

      Hi guys,
      we all know, that Dr R doesn’t take direction well, he likes to be director, it’s my guess everything is going just as he has planed, he has always has had a plan, and he seldom deviates from that plan, he may get distracted, but soon he will be back on track, as i believe he is now back on track, ku,dos Dr R.

  • Karl Venter

    We all know it by now even Rossi says it
    “You have to sell it before people will believe it”
    So if you are sitting on the best technology of the last 20 centuries
    How long do you sit on it before your PR firm starts to PR process
    How long before you make an announcement
    Once you make the announcement what do you do then. Do you need money – Thought they got billions already – so your announcement is not for investors.For who is it. Are you trying to sell something or announce something. I think investors will want you to sell something asap to see if it sinks or swims (F9 hahahaha)
    You need to make products people can sell
    Some say you have a lots of clients waiting to buy — Then whats stopping you from selling – a PR announcement – I hope not?
    You already know the thing works – why would you employ one of the biggest PR firms in the world to handle the fact that you have something great but not sure how to roll it out and all the drama that goes with it.
    So to APCO – Sell the units and your job will be a breeze. but I am sure you will overthink this and come to the same conclusion we have come too
    And apco this info is for free

  • JDM

    IH is not marketing any product right now.
    Why push out the testimonials with nothing to sell?
    Save it for an ad campaign when sales actually start.

    • georgehants

      JDM, you seem to be saying that “sales” are more important than the availability of the technology to those that most need it.
      I would be interested in your reasoning for that view.

      • Michael W Wolf

        Because your socialized world establishment refuses to recognize a technology that would render all their funding obsolete. Sales is the only path to halt their power over society. Sales are our only hope at this point. Mills has given a theory that is not accepted and yet not one of the establishment critics have been able to prove his formulas inaccurate. But don’t worry, LENR will get to the world. It will get there by capitalists, no matter how much the socialists try to stop it. Such an irony, aye? The most who need it? When the tsunami hit south east asia, who provided the most money/bodies to help? Another irony. When it comes to society, socialism is a cancer, slow agonizing death.

  • georgehants

    While I am taking plain English, I am fed up to the back teeth of listening to five years of Rossi says, if he gave a damn about Humanity he would have been releasing full details about every advance he as made from the beginning.
    Cold Fusion is not for riches, secret bombs, power or Ego but it belongs to every Man, Women, Child and Organism on this Planet.

    • Toussaint françois

      I think the matter is too important for Industrial Heat to make a premature annoucement of the results .

      I think a strong communication strategy is buiding up via APCO.

      • Bob Greenyer

        I love it when an Agency gets paid shed loads to frame politically correct / ambiguously defensible arguments about something they know nothing about!

        They clearly are qualified in the role of managing challenging news – but much of the delay may actually be partially due to them having to be educated about what this all means and the implications of it – let alone the communicators coming to terms personally with the reality of the enormity of the change. Nothing they will ever announce in their future could be more significant (except possibly that we have contact with Aliens or teleportation has been invented – and I am reasonably confident that neither will occur in APCOs current employees future existence)

        The fact is – this is NOTHING like anything they could have handled before. Humanity and the biosphere did not sit suffering when they thought the earth was flat and the planets revolved around it (strangely mutually exclusive concepts). No one really suffered because winged flight was denied for a few years… But the suffering and environmental degradation that could be alleviated by solving energy is immense. The biggest crime in history was conducted by those that crushed the credibility of Pons & Fleischmann – and their families deserve to be exonerated and the fruits of their sacrificial seed, be available for the eating.

        Frankly, from a getting up to speed point of view – they would do well to employ someone like Jed Rothwell – who has been thinking on the implications of this technology for around 2 decades from an informed position – without that level of pre-thought – they’ll be floundering with “mumbojumbo tango” and likely to get it wrong.

        • Toussaint françois

          Yes you are dead right !

        • Toussaint françois

          I still remember this video

          • Michael W Wolf

            The same title can be used in a video about this guy and his ilk. Along with prison terms.

        • NT

          You hit the nail squarly on its head with your statement…
          “The biggest crime in history was conducted by those that crushed the credibility of Pons & Fleischmann – and their families deserve to be exonerated and the fruits of their sacrificial seed, be available for the eating.”

    • Omega Z

      “he would have been releasing full details about every advance he as made from the beginning.”

      With no opportunity for an IP patent, there would have been no financial help, no DGT induced Bologna 1MW Demo. Rossi would have been financially finished in early 2011. There would have been no Hot cat, No Industrial heat & Tom Darden, no Lugano test. No Woodford Investment. No Parkhomov or China replications, and likely nothing of importance coming from MFMP.

      Who would listen to a crazy old man talking about some exotic process to harvest energy. Especially if he was giving away his knowledge for free. A clear sign he had nothing of value. There would be no LENR awareness as there is today.

      Let Rossi be Rossi. He’s brought more awareness and money to LENR research and provided more information then all others combined over 25 years.

    • Michael W Wolf

      He did. He filed patents and was called a fraud by the socialists who control the cogs of society. Those very socialists say LENR is impossible. They won’t accept any theories. They refused to acknowledge excess heat because their formulas which gives them billions of dollars says it can’t happen. What a coincidence. You are a walking contradiction. You support the philosophy that has kept LENR from the masses, and yet rail against the philosophy that will bring the world LENR. So you really don’t care about the poor or you are seriously misguided. Rethink your world view brother.

  • georgehants

    Well Morning all, as e-dog says below it is a long thread showing, I think rightly, a lot of frustration as to just when IH are going to come across with the report.
    At the end of the test Mr. Rossi said two weeks or whatever, which is due in three days, now he has changed and is trying to justify another month, year, decade.
    It does not appear that he is making any decisions in the whole affair, just following the dictates of IH.
    I will again put up the below link that is my justification to argue that every day that passes while IH etc. cry about patents and profit people are dying. If they care about that, then stop giving out ridiculous statements and ordering their new stretched limos and publish.
    Release the report now, so that thousands of clever people around the World, knowing that Cold Fusion is real, will begin to Research and advance the subject for the benefit of all.
    Dirty water kills 5,000 children a day

    • NCkhawk

      And then there is the other very real possibility that IH has caught Rossi in some form of deception.

      • georgehants

        Yes possible, but then the responsibility is completely on IH to immediately expose him or else they become criminals to keep the fraud going.

        • NCkhawk

          Georgehants – it is my opinion that IH doesn’t owe anything immediate to anybody – maybe they let Rossi hang himself. He has a pattern as the runaway inventor with the stakes getting higher every time. My gut feeling is that Rossi has run out of runway and is moving too fast to do anything but to try and pull off his next gig. I really want to be wrong about that but you don’t mess with honest folks who operate in the public markets and, once $$$ amounts get over a certain threshold, continue to get away with it if you’re a deceiver. If Rossi is in a deceptive state then he should think long and hard about attempting to go away quietly. If Rossi has attempted to deceive IH then It may be too late for that as well.

          • georgehants

            NCkhawk, well as you say it is your opinion and like all opinions only time will tell if you are correct.

            • NCkhawk


          • Omega Z

            It’s obvious you’re only here to stir the pot or you would know that there are many people involved.
            “We are pleased with the technologies we have assembled and with the group of scientists and engineers working on them. Presently, the Industrial Heat team is in the midst of assessing and prioritizing the technologies in our portfolio.” (This would include Rossi)

            “Our operating philosophy is to foster scientific and engineering rigor in the development of LENR. We will thoroughly assess data derived from sound experiments which we design, control and monitor.”

            “Our portfolio of work has never been stronger and we remain excited about the potential we see. ->This optimism is grounded in more than just hope, yet a great deal of work remains.”
            Industrial heat has their own experts building reactors and running tests other then just Rossi. They been doing this for a couple years now.

            IH->”experiments which we design, control and monitor.

            • NCkhawk

              Omega Z – you seem like a reasonable person so If you call suggesting an alternate viewpoint that Rossi may be a deceiver who has been caught as stirring the pot then so be it. A dose of reality is needed as many of the active posters on this board are so deluded and / or mentally invested into Rossi that they instantly believe everything that he says. He is clearly a very smart, driven and hard-working man but to what cause? He has a clear history of using misinformation as a strategy but now there are accountable grown-ups involved. Large sums of $$ have been exchanged and Rossi has to function and perform in the real world now. We have to read between the lines for now but I don’t think that will be for very much longer. How can anyone still firmly believe that the “ERV” comes from a large acceptable organization and that the “customer” is even genuine?. It is my opinion that everything that Rossi has said since the start of the 1MW test needs to be questioned after the IH statement.

              • Omega Z

                Note there have been rumors of a report and it’s results circulating since a few days after the test conclude. Dardens statement is don’t believe it unless you hear it from Industrial heat.

                IH/Darden paid for the Certification companies work. Whether he has already recieved the offical report or not. It will be their decision if/when to public release it. From a business perspective, there is no reason to do that. It’s available to all the parties of financial concern.

                You imply this has to do with failure of the 1MW pilot plant. Ok, This has all been on IH/Dardens dime. The cost of the plant, all the employees and the certification contract. How long would you finance a test if daily results were negative. A few months to provide certainty for sure. Possibly even 6 months, but I doubt that and definitely not a year.

                Then you imply the Certification company may be phony or fake. Yes, Industrial heat and others are piling on millions of dollar$. Their going to screw themselves by not doing their due diligence. Just not realistic.

                My opinion is that the report is probably a mixed bag. Positive with caveates. These are engineering problems to overcome that those trained by Rossi can deal with. The core technology R&D for the low temp E-cat is mostly done.

                Now, Rossi has said it’s “possible” production on these Lt plants could start before years end. Probably he shouldn’t have said that because many people will take that as fact. I don’t expect anything that soon

    • I agree Gergehants, but I don’t think it’s Rossi who is changing his mind. It’s more about IH’s having less interest in publishing the results for now than Rossi would have. Check Torkel Nyberg/Sifferkoll’s analysis here below. Very reasonable, I think.

      • georgehants

        Thanks Mats, I did say that (in effect) Mr. Rossi now seems to be nothing but a puppet of IH, When he said the report in a couple of weeks that was him giving his honest opinion, but IH for some, probably money induced reason, have overridden his Truth and now we wait while capitalism raises it’s ugly head yet again.

        • wpj

          I think that it is more a case of reining in his excitement/enthusiasm/positivity which, in the past, has lead to unrealistic time lines.

          Unfortunately, we scientists are prone to that!

          • georgehants

            wpj, again you could be right, but there is no doubt that the test has ended, equally no doubt that the result is known.
            Except as has been mentioned a compete ash analysis that is purely academic as regards the simple test of energy in energy out.

    • Bob Greenyer

      George, I could not agree with you more about potable water. Having lived and employed people in India over 8 years and having the fortune to travel to Africa 3 times, it is one of my main drivers.

      It isn’t just the deaths, they are the headline statistics and the tip of the icebergs – it is the incredible number of days of ill-health suffered across all ages. Even my then staff, who got a very high relative salary, could not avoid poor drinking/preparation water in restaurants and suffered needless sickness and diarrhea – this drags the effectiveness of a society down and lowers the gross national happiness.

      • Omega Z

        Standard water filtration is the cheapest option for potable water.

        However, if you had cheap energy produced with LENR to power the pumps & UV lights, it would be cheaper yet, but you would still need a sanitary distribution system.

        • Bob Greenyer

          One effective approach is to get the ubiquitous PET bottle, fill it 2/3rds with water, put lid on, shake a lot and then leave in sun. Of course, you will need to have a PET bottle and sufficient sun. The UV in the sun directly sterilises the water and also converts the dissolved air into ozone which kills organisms also.

          With versions of the New Fire technology – as I say in the SISOSIG video, you could use the ionising radiation directly from the reactor to sterilise water.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      I don’t believe Rossi EVER stated WHEN the results
      would be released at the end of the test. No timeline was EVER given to my knowledge.

      The simple matter is it not the responsibility
      of one lone man in some shipping container to get this word out. Unless you
      offering to sell your house and work 15 hours a day knocking on doors and
      emailing your government to get on this stuff?

      The simple matter is the Department of Energy,
      and your government has billions of dollars available, and yet they remain silent.

      Rossi did the 3d party report. Rossi did
      the 1MW public demonstration. He done everything he could.

      The simply matter is your throwing rocks
      at Rossi when there are many other companies that are aware of and have spent
      money on LENR. I mean, how come it not Toyota’s responsibility to release the
      8+ years of money when they funded Pons & Fleishman?

      Rossi made and makes public announcements nearly every day. Why
      single out Rossi unless you willing to sell your house and belongings to
      promote LENR?

      The simple fact is we would not be writing
      on this blog if not for Rossi.

      If you believe so strongly in this technology,
      then do something about it! Suggesting somehow this is Rossi’s fault is laughable.
      Typical feeble response of people that never do anything, never take action, yet come here to complain above everyone else’s lack of action.

      So – it is everyone else’s fault, or you single out Rossi. What about you, and your government? Cleary the department of Energy is dropping the ball here. Such departments are well aware of LENR and remain silent – that is the HUGE crime here!

      Rossi talks and speaks about LENR nearly
      everyday – it time your DOE of your country does the same. And it time you take
      action in place of blaming Rossi.

      Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hitachi have all
      spend sums of money on LENR, and they have HUGE industrial resources amounting
      to BILLIONS of dollars (compared to Rossi who hawked his home to keep his
      research going). So why such companies or your government not making announcements about LENR? So why are these companies with far more ability and resources then Rossi not the responsible parties here?

      Rossi already stated he has a promising technology,
      and Rossi done public demos.

      And to my knowledge, Rossi NEVER EVER
      stated when the results of the yearlong test would be made public.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • georgehants

        Albert, your reply is in no way an answer to the very clear points I have raised, simply a monologue avoiding the points made.
        Your comment would be better placed in it’s own slot giving your own opinion of the situation.
        It contains very low quality arguments of an irrelevant nature.
        I think somebody could confirm that Mr. Rossi gave a guesstimate of the release date that Admin has used for his countdown clock above.

        • Albert D. Kallal

          Right, the above comment says it will take about a month to know the results of the test – where does it state that such results will be made public, and when? Rossi then goes on to say that he not going to give anymore information about the 1MW plant until the publication of results will be allowed (but NEVER hints, or even by omission states when that time frame is, or will occur).

          So yes, I have directly answered your points. Yes, it is direct answer to your points. You saying that Rossi is holding back LENR and promoting LENR to the world when THE FACTS (not opinion) show he done more than anyone else to promote and bring LENR TO the world. This point of mine is a BASIC fact that you can ONLY refute by pointing out someone else who done more of late to promote and bring LENR to the world?

          >I think somebody could confirm that
          Mr. Rossi gave a guesstimate of the release date

          Oh, so now it is a guess! Wow! – dogs barking
          here and thank you kindly for confirm my point!

          >that Admin has used for his
          countdown clock above.

          11:28 a.m., Monday March 14 | Other
          comments by georgehants

          Yes, and I stated MANY times here that such a clock was complete misleading since Rossi never stated or confirmed any kind of date for PUBLIC release of such information. Once again, you trying to blame everyone else for your own shortcomings and inability to comprehend simple statements. And the clock was not (originally) for the release of the year report – only the countdown to the end of the yearlong test – a massive difference (again a point and fact you’re ignoring). So we had “reasonable” good idea when the year-long test was to be completed – we ONLY have speculation as to when the results will be released. But LENR does not need such results, and the results will not do much more then the 3rd party test that Rossi’s done (unless IH makes a public statement about the performance of the reactor when the results are released).

          So clearly YOU are the one ignoring
          basic facts and points I make here. Somehow along the way in the interest of promoting ECW , the clock changed over to when the report was to be released when NEVER EVER we had ANY confirmation of ANY KIND of time line when the 1 year long test results would be released (never, ever! – again you fail to read and refute my facts).

          The fact that others are being irresponsible
          on this issue means you should gather and read the facts yourself, else you
          just become a floating paper bag in the wind subject to what everyone else is

          The real lesson here is to learn to take
          action, learn to think for yourself and take responsibility for your life in
          place of blaming everyone else and looking at some silly countdown clock as something being based on some facts!

          So yes, I did address your issues directly:
          the FACTS SHOW that Rossi has in public made more public statements and
          done more to bring the LENR message to the world than anyone else.

          You better now talk to your DOE and your
          governments that holds all the purse strings and holds the cards in bringing LENR
          to the world. The idea that Rossi is to blame for slow progress of LENR is laughable, and the facts CLEARY show otherwise. Without Rossi, we would not be posting on this blog right now.

          Albert D. Kallal
          Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • georgehants

            Albert, I think I owe you an apology for overestimating your abilities, I will try and explain in fewer syllables.
            Mr. Rossi above confirms that the ERV has completed his tests.
            He says it will take about a month to write the report.
            I in my original comment, that you are responding to, state clearly that in my opinion the results should be published now.
            That is my point, not what Mr. Rossi (IH) says or thinks.
            If your whole point is that you do not think they should publish now then you could have said that in one sentence.
            Thank you for the entertaining chat, Goodbye.

          • Michael W Wolf

            albert owned you in that exchange george.

      • BillH

        I think we can assume that as IH’s Chief Scientific Officer AR has at least a six figure salary. If he’s billing for all those hours you can easily double that.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I agree this is really getting stupid, a ten minute conversation with the customers accountant and we would have the answer.

  • LarryJ

    From comments made by Rossi (please don’t ask me to look them up) near the start of the test I understood that the contract between IH/Leonardo and the customer laid out the terms under which the reactor would be paid for. The ERV would perform the role of referee and evaluate whether the contract terms had been met. Those terms called for delivery of 1 MW of power at some unstated COP for 24/7 for 350 out of 400 days following the start of the test. If the terms were met the customer would pay for the reactor. If the terms were not met, IH would reclaim its reactor.

    The customer would have no claim on the IP and since IH/Leonardo probably paid for the ERV, the detailed contents of that report would belong to them. The customer would be entitled to know the specific details related to their contract. There would be many details in the report that IH/Leonardo would want to remain private for competitive reasons so I think at best we would see the executive summary or the portion of the report that the customer will receive proving the contract terms were met.

    • BillH

      This is the information I was also aware of, it having been stated several times on this site. I would point out that the COP is of little consequence
      to the customer if it receives it’s 1MW of thermal power at the correct temperature, pressure and mass flow rate, with no interruptions in supply. However if the COP was lower than expected IH/AR might have to foot the bill and this would effect the overall profitability of the project. Because there have been no comments on the current status of the plant the negative inference is that it’s either shut down or in process of being removed.

      The customer is in a unique position, they don’t need a report, they can tell from the reliability figures and their reduction in energy cost whether they should renew a contract or in the best case place contracts for more plant, their existing contract would surely cover this possibility.

      I’m not sure that maintaining secrecy over a positive test would be a credible way to proceed. Get the report out and it’s full speed ahead with mass production leaving all their competitors in the dust and gobbling up all investment dollars beating a path to their door.

  • Bob Greenyer

    We did, the GS5.2 Recipe draws extensively from our learning from Piantelli – which we as ever have made open – and at the fundamental core level – that of treating the Nickel so that it contains NO oxygen and is pre-saturated with H2.

    This is clearly stated in the Letter sent out in advance of the announcement.

    Since Rossi has not said much precise about processing and activation – all we could really do is take a fuel mix similar to that in his patent – but the underlying understanding of how it works and what to do at what temperatures was developed by us with hard work and learning from Celani, Parkhomov – but principally Piantelli.

    I am not sure why I have deserved this tirade from you Clovis, I am doing this for my children generation, I have absolutely nothing to gain from talking about Piantelli. It is all in his patent and as I volunteer my time, I shall explain it and with the help of the rest of the team – continue to demonstrate it.

    If you have a better, clearer explanation of how it all works and fits together, I’d prefer it if you tell everyone, it’d save me a job.

  • e-dog

    Greetings people.
    This thread is approaching 1000 posts… have I missed anything important?
    Yep, IH released a statement, not saying much at all..but it was nice of them to say something.. whats all the buzz about???

    • Alan DeAngelis

      You missed the Ronettes serenading Rossi.

      • e-dog

        ….. 🙂

        • e-dog

          thanks for the link.
          I loved it.

          • Veblin

            You also missed the discussion between Ronnie and Eddie.
            Ronnie gave a Condensed Matter Nuclear Science demonstration.
            Eddie talked of his hunger and appetite to take an E-Cat report home tonight.

      • clovis ray

        now, that’s old school.