Rossi Addresses Health Concerns (Update: After “Hundreds of Measurement Campaigns, No Ionizing Radiation Outside E-Cats”)

In recent photos of Andrea Rossi some have mentioned that he is looking leaner than usual, and have expressed concern over his health, especially since he has been working a grueling schedule of 16-18 hour days inside a shipping container for the last year without a break. Rossi has mentioned that since the ending of the test he has been getting some health check-ups, and today a question on the JONP today was posted asking Rossi about his health:

How are going your clinic check ups ? We need you. If something goes wrong, is there people able to go on without you?

Andrea responded in a candid way:

Jed Orwell:
I continue to lose weight and we do not understand why. As I said, the 16 -18 hours per day for 352 days and nights in the plant came at a price. I am going to make a lot of “scopies” you name one, I scope it, but I feel well and work my 12 hours per day on my E-Cats; today another important loophole with the E-Cat quark-X.
Anyway: yes, I am ready to pass to my Team all the skills necessary to make without me, just in case. But I never in my life worked as well as I am doing during these days. Obviously, the faster we go, the better. Until the horse is good, better ride him.
Warm Regards,

That he continues to lose weight does sound like some cause for concern, but it sounds like Rossi feels welll and continues to work at a hectic pace, and it sounds like important progress is being made. It is hard to even think of the E-Cat without its inventor in the picture. Rossi seems to be the kind of person who will work as long as he possibly can, but of course he knows, and we know, that he cannot be there forever, and making plans to pass on his knowledge is a critically important thing to do.

I hope and pray that any health issues Andrea may have can be treated successfully, and that he can continue to do the work he lives for, and that can bring important benefits to all of us.

UPDATE: (Mar 8, 2016)

Today Andrea Rossi wrote this:

Andrea Rossi

Dorthey Kasky:
I am very happy to answer, because today arrived all the results of the analysis and I made two very important visits to see carefully through the critical issues: the results are totally good. I have nothing SERIOUS. As I was convinced of, I am perfectly healthy and now that I work normally I will recover my weight too.
I was worried, so today has been a good day.
Thank you for your concern,
Warm Regards,

UPDATE: (Mar 9, 2016)

Rossi responded to a question about whether he was a ‘Guinea pig’ in these tests:

Andrea Rossi
March 8, 2016 at 11:01 PM
Blake Woge:
The E-Cats are safe and I have not been a Guinea pig.
Since the beginning of the collaboration with Prof. Sergio Focardi, he teached to me how to work safe with this matter, and I never exposed myself, let alone my teams, to any risk. Not a single person of my teams in all these years had any problem to his health due to our work. All the measurements made to our plants have always confirmed that we do not have ionizing radiations outside the E-Cats and in the environment around above the background; we made hundreds of measurement campaigns on the E-Cats.
The problems to my health turned out to be due by the tremendous stress I passed through, working day and night and now I am rapidly recovering my normal status.

  • GreenWin

    your personal success is good evidence. And you are passionate and honest – as is the Dottorre. I believe in you Rog.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Yes, I agree. With modern agriculture we probably don’t get all the trace elements we need to stay healthy.

    • Alan DeAngelis
    • Owen Geiger

      Yes, I think the topsoil has been depleted of minerals in many cases. I heard of a study about nutrients in vegetables from 50-75 years ago. The same vegetables grown today have far fewer nutrients.

  • Mark Underwood

    I’ve heard some scientists expecting mortality to continue to decline into the near future, and others expecting it to soon increase. I tend to agree with Omega Z, that mortality rates for older people might be on their way up for various reasons.
    The following link shows mortality rates for older UK women is beginning to increase, and men it is now only holding steady.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    I’m not a physician but I remember reading something about
    weight loss being associated with a zinc deficiency. I wonder if stress could create a zinc deficiency. For example, zinc has been used to treat anorexia nervosa.

    • Omega Z

      Weight loss or weight gain is associated with stressful conditions. Some people eat everything in sight while others suffer a lack of appetite.

      Sadly, some people can gain 10 pounds and become stressed. They will then set in front of the TV obsessing over this while consuming a gallon of ice cream and a 5 pound box of chocolates.

  • Bob Matulis

    Very happy to hear about his good heath.

  • Mike

    I cannot remember any shielding in the images from the high temperature(?) ecat testing. Any explanation?

  • Alain Samoun

    E-Cat vs fission:
    A 1GW fission nuclear reactor uses 100.000 Kg d’uranium in about 5 years or 20.000Kg per year. So to produce 1MW the same reactor will use 20 Kg of uranium in a year, and produces then half of the radioactive waste of the Hiroshima bomb.

  • GreenWin

    Some time ago Rossi announced a partner had built an entire reactor without his intervention. Some speculate that partner is Segway inventor Dean Kamen of DEKA Research, Bedford NH.

  • GreenWin

    Rog, you might offer your health consulting services to the Dottore – and then we’ll have a ECW insider… a double WIN since LENR requires its inventors to live a healthful lifestyle.

  • GreenWin

    PIP PIP and all that rot! (Limey expression of congratulations, 1940s)

  • Axil Axil

    In the age when Marie Curie absorbed all that radiation, doctors could not help her because radiation sickness had not occurred before.

    Today, the same is true, doctors don’t see radiation sickness and they don’t understand the symptoms. Does Rossi’s doctor recognize the systems of radiation poisoning when he sees it?

    • Winebuff67

      What this tells me is he better stop fiddling around or he won’t see the fruits of his labor which would be a shame. My fear is he is so skittish that he will take his secrets to the grave. It’s happenend many times with inventors that are so secretive.

    • Omega Z

      Some people tend to disassociate themselves from a task & the stress and suffer no effects from a situation while others will obsess and eat everything in sight. And then the other that reduces their food intake and suffer weight loss.

      Rossi’s weight loss would only be of concern if it effected all involved with the 1 year container living. Rossi will recover now that the task is complete.

  • Lars

    so this confirmes there is x rays inside

    • Mats002

      He says “ionizing radiation” – Gamma rays, X-rays, and the higher ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum are ionizing, whereas the lower ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and also the lower part of the spectrum below UV, including visible light (including nearly all types of laser light), infrared, microwaves, and radio waves are all considered non-ionizing radiation.

      • LindbergofSwed

        judy Werth

        March 9, 2016 at 6:43 PM

        Dear Andrea Rossi:

        What is that makes the difference between X-Rays and Gamma Rays ?


        Andrea Rossi

        March 10, 2016 at 9:21 AM

        Judy Werth:

        The wavelength and, consequently, the energy: the shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy. X-Rays have an energy up to 50 keV, Gamma-Rays above 50 keV; around the border of 50 keV the distinction between the two is not precisely defined.

        Warm Regards,


  • GreenWin

    I just got me a giant bottle of NB probiotic 10 caps – due to gut pain. So far so good. But there is another avenue being pursued – life extension. Aubrey de Grey PHd argues that the prepoderance of suffering on Earth is due to the aging process. His approach is to extend healthy biological function so as to slow the aging process and thereby ward off disease enabled by slow cellular division; specifically he is targeting the teleomearase failure that inhibits healthy cellular division. Already there are human trials underway which use a vaccine to prevent the failure of cellular division in ageing humans. It works in lab mice (living 40% longer than controls) IF he succeeds in this pursuit, we all might live longer and healthier as normal cellular division continues even into old age. Hallelujah! God dpeed Dr. De Grey!

  • Anon2012_2014

    He needs to eat more calories. Typical absent minded professor who forgets he has a body when he is distracted by work.

  • Zavod

    Yes, it was Dr. Greger’s presentation of the facts that just recently convinced me to move in that direction. It has only been a couple of weeks but I think I feel better. I doubt that I will totally go vegan but will eat enough cheese and eggs to get the b12 I need, which is not much. Jobs was a vegan due to his Zen beliefs and probably lived as long as he did due to that diet. Search and find the vid from Dr. MacDougall about that.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Great!!! Good news!!!

  • William D. Fleming

    Good point. Let’s hope the apparent decline is not really serious. That’s what he’s telling us.

  • William D. Fleming

    66 ain’t old.

    • GreenWin

      It is if you’re 15.

  • clovis ray

    GOOD SHOW,as the Brit’s would say, and here in Oklahoma, we just say, yahooo,
    this should answer any question, about his E-kitty’s emitting bad, radiation,
    Good going Dr. R.

  • Mark Underwood

    According to
    the average 60 year old (averaged between male and female) in the US can expect to live to 83, given things continue as they are.

    • Bruce__H

      Great link. Thanks!

      I recently attended a retirement seminar and was told that for planning purposes the actuarians are using 88 years for males and just over 90 for females. This may include some extrapolation as opposed to actual observations. Also, I live in Canada so there may be a difference there too.

      Of course if you are wandering around exposing yourself to excess radiation I don’t know what will happen.

      • Mark Underwood

        Interesting. Perhaps that 88 year old estimate was somewhat qualified. For instance it may have been based on 60 year old men who were not suffering from any preexisting potentially life threatening conditions.

        • Omega Z

          All things staying the same, Life expectancy of next generation is expected to decrease by about 10 years and continue decreasing with additional generations.

          Where previous generations use to work themselves into an early grave, next generations will leisure themselves into an early grave. While medical advances will be used to belay this, it will be cost prohibitive.

          That said, the blood lines that find balance will continue to extend life spans, but the majority will not. The average life span will decline. This is just nature at work. Survival of the fittest.

          • Mark Underwood

            I think in the long term life expectancy will increase, but in the short term there might be a dip. The availability of poor quality food and high quality television 🙂 as well as bacterial resistance to antibiotics, among other things, may drive a temporary decrease in longevity. But in the long term things we’ll adjust to those things and live longer, especially with medical breakthroughs like widespread personalized medicine.

            About survival of the fittest, that applied to previous generations perhaps but hardly to this one. One only has to survive long enough to bear and raise children, and that’s it. Survival into old age hardly matters anymore, since grandparents are not actively involved in increasing the survivability chances of their young grandchildren as they once were in more tribal like societies.

            • GreenWin

              …high quality television” has an opportunity to educate viewers, better than conventional education – reason for writers guild people to be informed either by personal interest or union programs to raise awareness. There is a new Golden Age of Television underway and IT can have remarkable influence on the average viewer (4-6 hours TV/day) here in the West. Just as the conversation on ECW can raise awareness of healthful diet – by concern for our key man Dottore Rossi.

              GreenWin’s motto: Change the world one excellent script at a time!

              • Mark Underwood

                I agree, TV presents an excellent opportunity for the advancement and elevation of our culture through education. The potential risk of couch potatoes syndrome comes with it so it will require some self discipline.

      • LilyLover

        Ironically, those planning their deaths, tend to live longer for natural irony that the death will avoid them. Plus, they are rich and can afford such luxuries after having everything else taken care of in their lives. So, 88 & 90 are not average numbers, they are average numbers for upper middle class onwards.
        Fortune favours the bravest! + Parasites tend to be the bravest! -> I.e. Mother nature doesn’t always side with justice.
        Thus the families of thugs and goons have riches and live longer and happier life while the rest of the world slaves for survival.
        Moral of the story: Children – be parasite. Hard work is laughed at.
        I disagree but that’s what supported by the evidence.

  • Gerard McEk

    Very good! I am happy for Andrea and hope he will start to live a bit more healthy.

  • radvar


    Chicken soup.

  • Jonnyb

    Great News!