“Why 62Ni? The Complete Justification” (New MFMP Video in Series Posted)

The following video has been posted by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project today. While the focus of the video is on Bob Greenyer’s thoughts on the role that 62 Nickel plays in the E-Cat/New Fire, it also more broadly includes an update on the activities of the MFMP.


A second video, titled “Should I Stay or Should I Go” has been posted by the MFMP


  • Karl Venter

    Hi All
    Please advise the significance of trace 7
    Is it the 7th probe of many probes or has it some other nuclear specific explanation

    • Bob Greenyer

      It is to do with the initial bulk transition in the fuel. I will attempt to explain to the best of my ability, knowledge and insight in a future video.

  • R101

    Great video series Bob, thanks for doing this!

    • Bob Greenyer

      A pleasure, I hope to get onto some of the real meat this week.

  • Teemu Soilamo

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_92zc-rDXGw New video from MFMP — “Pre-Processing fuel for low emissions”

  • Mats002
  • Ecco

    If Piantelli says that Mills is the closest to being right, does this mean he believes that a shrunken form of Hydrogen exists? Is Piantelli’s H- a shrunken Hydrogen atom?

    • Mats002

      Good question, I can’t see how those two theories can be the same at the level of detail they are described.

      It could though be one common underlying phenomena like Axils monopole that is the root to LENR, but neither Mills nor Piantelli talk about that.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I will come to that.

  • Stephen

    I just found a very good document on SPP. I like it a lot and highly recommend taking a look.


    Maybe Axil has already posted it here and knows it already? It covers a lot of the points he mentions here sometimes.

  • e-dog
  • Bob Greenyer

    Rossi used “Gamma Scout” radiation detector in 2011 which me356 and Free Phases has shown to be near useless for detecting emissions from Ni+H reaction.


    Immediately following he says “the gamma rays are thermalised in the reactor and for this reason we have energy production”

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Useless in what sense, insensitive to “low” energy quanta?

      If Rossi had some shielding around his reactor, he knew that low energy quanta could not escape but high energy ones could, so it was sufficient to measure only the high energy ones. Could it be so?

      • Bob Greenyer

        But when in operation shielding or no shielding, the GS has been shown to be not effective at measuring expected emissions.

        • Pekka Janhunen

          And you tested it with known radioactive source?

  • Stephen

    Hi Bob, I like Piantellis theory, I still need to read it more to understand fully but I can see it is very rich and developed and seems to work well.

    I’m curious about a couple of points?

    Is his theory consistent with the ideas of high density Hydrogen expressed elsewhere? If so wouldn’t the H- anions repel each other making the formation of these high density hydrogen more difficult? Or are the H- anions somehow more likely to produce rydbergmatter and dense hydrogen somehow? Or is his theory not using dense hydrogen?

    Is it your opinion that the “Beta Radiation we are seeing is infact coming some how from the Auger electrons that are emitted? If so I wonder how the Auger electrons could reach such high energy that they have such a high Q value of near 1.5 MeV? Would this be by absorbtion of UV emission accelerating the electrons near to plasma frequency of the nickel maybe? Or is the X Ray emmission only looking like Bremstrahlung but is somehow generated from the high energy of H- absorption and associated Auger electron emmission directly? Or maybe it is “bremsstrahlung” from the H- anion interaction with the nuclei itself?

    I must admit I have previously been wondering about stimulated beta and other particle emmission from excited states in normally stable nuclei, and was wondering if evanescence in materials of particular plasma frequency could prevent emissions of propagating waves from nuclei below that frequency. perhaps resulting in a reverse cascade resonance or resonance with other nuclei stimulating them to higher levels of excitation in steps and maintaining these levels with positive Q values long enough for beta decay or other particle emission to take place. I had speculated that perhaps if sufficiently high excitation from successive 10s keV stimulation was achieved it could even stimulate a pion, kaon or phi meson production perhaps with resonance of a nucleon. I think only UDH or UDD however could potentially have an electron density sufficiently dense for the plasma frequency to reach several 10s of KeV though.

    After reading Piantellis patent I think your ideas will probably make more sense. I’m looking forward to seeing this develop.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Good show Stephen – you are getting close.

      • Stephen

        Thanks Bob the more I look the more coherent Piantellis theory looks especially with the addition of your insights.

        So I suppose it is the acceleration and deceleration of the Hydrogen anion/ proton along with the accelerated emission of the proton and auger electrons that might account for the Bremsstrahlung like signal?

        I wonder how the lack of characteristic X-rays is accounted for are these all of low enough frequency that they are absorbed by the charged particles?

        I wonder if nucleus excitation along the lines i mentioned is still occurring though. If so could an excited neutron in a nucleus more easily pair with a proton I wonder making proton capture more easy?

        I wonder of a bound Neutron near its maximum excitement energy can more easily tunnel to other nuclei or decay via beta emission.

        I had the following thoughts when looking at Holmlids results a while back but probably its a bit too way out there to be significant:

        There is something else that is interesting about Nickel and Iron if nucleus excitation is implicated. I’m not sure what the highest excitation energy is in these nuclei but if the total binding energy is relevant there is an interesting coincidence.

        Nickel 62 and Iron 56 and 58 have higher binding energy per nucleon than average about 8.79 MeV per nucleon. If we multiply this by the number of nucleons we get the total binding energy for the nucleus:

        Ni 62 binding energy = 62 * 8.7945 = 545 MeV
        Fe 58 binding energy = 58 * 8.7922 = 509 MeV
        Fe 56 binding energy = 56 * 8.7903 = 492 MeV

        Interestingly a neutral Kaon has a mass 496 MeV (K0 is a neutral meson made up of oscillating states of down and strange quarks)

        The total binding energy of Ni 62 and Fe 58 would both therefore be sufficient for containing a K0 Meson 496 MeV

        Fe 56 on the other hand would just fall short.

        The following is a bit speculative but interesting I think:

        I wonder if a Ni 62 and Fe 58 was sufficiently excited to near its maximum total binding energy if it could trigger a resonance in one of its nucleons to generate a K0 Meson

        Lighter elements or isotopes on the other hand would not have enough binding energy to contain the mass energy required for a Kaon. So if present and absorbing radiation perhaps they inhibit to some extent the Kaon production and generate free neutrons or other emissions instead.

        Perhaps this is another reason for enriched Ni 62 and Ni 64.

        Ok I admit that concept is probably far fetched but its an interesting coincidence in energies nevertheless.

  • Stephen

    Does anyone know roughly how much Hydrogen was loaded into the Nickel at various stages during GS5.2 experiment? The ratio of hydrogen atoms to nickel atoms in the product could be interesting to know. Or is this still too uncertain to calculate due to certain factors such as vacuuming, leakage and absorption by other materials?

    If not could this be made more quantifiable in future experiments or is that too difficult or constraining for the test.?

  • Bob Greenyer

    Rossi is using higher bulk temperature to “open the door” rather than energy localisation like Piantelli / Celani. Piantelli is employing a complex set of parameters to create H-, Rossi’s major contribution is employing an Alkaline metal hydride which is an ionic solution when molten – Li+ H- and consequently provides the H- by the bucket load.

    • Fedir Mykhaylov

      The difference in temperature to a higher E- Cat Х. The hydrogen in nickel is in the protonated form of the transfer of most of the electron charge in the metal conduction band . In what form is the hydrogen in the gas phase reactor is not essential .

  • Axil Axil

    What makes me believe that the Mills SunCell is a cavitation based system is the degree that his electrodes were pitted, Mills had to go with a liquid electrode system to get around the solid electrode degradation problem.

    His system also requires water to work.

    • Bob Greenyer

      It is basically an arc – you’ll get pits

      • Axil Axil

        Piantelli does not get pits in his nickel bars. Why not. Those Mills electrodes is very tough tungsten. If the two reactions were the same, then the Mills system would not need an electric arc to work.

        • Mats002

          I just saw your theory ‘all info about LENR is true’ go out the window!

          • Axil Axil

            I suspect that Mills is hiding some experimental data that undercuts his hydrino theory.

            • Bob Greenyer

              It is not a conspiracy – Piantelli theory is based on known and accepted physics – that is why he got it passed in his patent.

              Piantellis active zone is a complete mess – totally fragmented and fractured, at least the ones he let us handle.

              I have used a welding plant, low voltage ultra high current arcs cause pits, they do, and that is what happens.

              • Mats002

                Mills active zone maybe?

                • Axil Axil

                  Mills active zone is a plasma. But that is another reason why the Mills system is different from the Piantelli system.

                • Mats002

                  TWO wonders, Ms and Ps? You have invested heavily in ONE!

                • Bob Greenyer

                  Axil, if you write a million posts, it still does not change the fact that Mills’ own claimed mechanism (at least the part he makes clear) – that is in the recent technical presentation IS basically the same as an aspect of Piantelli’s which you don’t even know – it is bizarre that you could search for literally anything to push them apart – we started with fictitious extra sapphire and fluorine based crystals – then it was tungsten pitting – then water… which has Hydrogen, then Plasma – look at slide 12 in Mills’ presentation and then wait until I can find time to adequately explain that aspect of Piantelli’s experimentally derived understanding.

                  It is not personal – I have literally nothing to gain from sharing the understanding… when it is out there, and people are able to make informed decisions on the basis of it – propose an alternative that makes their life easier right, because no one enjoys wasting life and living a lie.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Mills needs to open the door in a slightly different way to Rossi which is different to Piantelli – but it is all the same door.

          Mills is using brute force to open the door that brute force is an arc. The choice of a higher mass number transition metal than Nickel (Ag) will skew his output to more high energy photons from one part of the process.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            „Mills needs to open the door in a slightly different way to Rossi which is different to Piantelli – but it is all the same door.“

            I am sure that Mills would disagree, at least as long as you uphold Piantelli’s claims. The type of reactions that Mills postulates is not nuclear. However, speculating about a connection between Mills’ and Piantelli’s theories may lead to interesting questions. For example: Imagine a hydride ion that forms a quasi-atomic system together with a proton – in what way would that system resemble a hydrino?

            • psi2u2

              There’s a thought.

  • Axil Axil

    Just like Mills does in the the SunCell, Rossi may be using tungsten to convert XUV produced by the LENR reaction into visible Black Body radiation including infrared(Sunlight).

  • Sanjeev

    Some good news:
    Jeff C Morriss is reporting significant radiation from his Celani-type of experiment. 7x above background.


    • Bob Greenyer

      Brilliant… and the Key – removing Oxygen – just like Piantelli says. With oxygen – NO EFFECT – looking forward to precisely explaining why.

      • Ecco

        The wire was first oxidized on purpose in air at elevated temperature, then reduced in hydrogen using the method described in this paper: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b04313

        According to which, if the reduction process takes place at a high enough temperature (> 900°C, although Jeff did it at ~800°C) it leaves an oxide-free, finely porous structure with features of less than 10nm in size.

        The finely porous structure obtained this way should be important.

        • Sanjeev

          So Celani’s process is no more a secret now.
          Hopefully others will try replications of Celani wire too, now that there is no limitation on availability of it. Moreover its simpler than the E-Cat.

          • Bob Greenyer

            No secret – we made the process open last year – 1st September 2015.


            Essentially – you heat cycle in Air to deliberately grow oxides. These modify the structure of the wire to create a spongy coating after subsequent reduction in a Hydrogen atmosphere.

            • Mats002

              Yes, but did you see any clear signal? I recall not and therefore no attempt to replicate, or…

              • Bob Greenyer

                Yes – we saw 12.5% on Dec 12 2012 – we saw similar results in the S&G which was isothermal and in other experiments.

                In 2013 – we could, at will, create up to 3X background when we added H2. I flew to france to see with my own eyes and recorded it – it is all part of the Gamma blog.


                • Mats002


            • Sanjeev

              Great !
              A third party replication makes all the difference.

              • Bob Greenyer

                Well – JPB did that within 24 hours – but he is a seasoned LENR guy – I think Jeffs replication means that Celani is vindicated.

                So far we have Pons and Fleischmann, Piantelli/Focardi, Rossi and Celani.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Essentially the same as Celani wire preparation. Oxidisation on purpose is key to creating the spongy nano structures after reduction.


          • Ecco

            The critical detail that is a bit vague from Celani’s patent application is the temperature at which the reduction step occurs. According to claim 32 in the patent:

            32. A process according to claim 31, wherein said treatment in a hydrogen atmosphere is carried out at temperatures between 120 and 900° and for a time of between 50 and 1200 seconds.

            From the previously linked paper it’s apparent that only if this step is performed at high enough temperatures the finely porous structures are created.

  • Bob Greenyer

    They all unlock a door to a specific aspect of transition metals that I have now added two more videos to “The Symphony of the New Fire” document for pre-learning before I put out a video that will join the dots.


    Look at section 3.

    Piantelli is massaging, Rossi is coaxing and Mills is punching the door open – but they are all opening the same door. Once that door is open, the rest happens auto magically.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks David, people much smarter than I can debate the minutia – we need more heads further down the road now.

  • Hhiram

    I have to say, I’m discouraged with where this entire project is headed.

    It’s fine if MFMP is focused on experiments and demonstrating replication of E-cat or other technology. That’s is wonderful, and they have done a great job already. The most important thing (maybe in the world) right now is to provide an absolutely compelling demonstration that LENR results in overunity energy production. A simple, highly-detailed procedure with a near-100% success rate that can be replicated all over the world is what is needed.

    Instead, Bob Greenyer’s videos are now focused on making hackneyed guessplanations about the underlying physics of LENR.

    This is a potentially disastrous distraction. It is virtually guaranteed that these explanations will be wrong. Moreover, it does absolutely no favors for the effort to achieve wider LENR acceptance that non-experts are dabbling in theoretical physics. The confusion created by Bob’s “simplified” “explanations” is a perfect example. And this is among LENR enthusiasts. Imagine the scorn that the rest of the scientific community would give to Bob about this. And then his response is, “well I’m just a graphic designer”.

    This is just disastrous PR for LENR.

    Please guys, stay focused on what matters: produce incontrovertible experimental results, and provide the *exact* procedure and materials so that dozens of other teams around the world can replicate it. And please stop with the amateur conjecture about the underlying physics. It cannot help our cause in any way.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Hi Hhiram

      Firstly, we did publish an EXACT procedure and we are the first organisation to ever do so. Every single component of the apparatus, fuel aspects, processing procedures and the full (recorded live) downloadable data for power, temperature a pressure, radiation. Given that no detail is left out, and we are answering questions where there is any doubt, what more do you think can be reasonably done?

      I think a project that has 3 internal replications in the works (obviously only 1 exact), is assisting universities, individual replicators and government bodies is not a bad thing. If you can point to a better approach, please do. I have worked extremely hard to put together these presentations, coordinate the team etc. and we have manage to raise more funds in the last week than in the previous 9 months – the kind of things you demand we volunteers focus on has ONLY been made possible by messaging and in the modern world, people get videos. As a result of the donations, we are attempting to cover all basis of criticism for the exact replication in Santa Cruz by having a wide array of radiation detection, which these funds have allowed.

      Secondly, If you have some specific issue with what I am saying then why not offer a better explanation. I am an amateur, and that’s just a fact based on my lack of salary, however, what I am saying is not conjecture. Which video are you referring to that you think contains conjecture. My understanding is that conjecture is something that has no basis in fact, on the contrary, what I am putting across is based on scores of accounts of radiation measurements across the history of LENR research including our own. We have repeatedly and to order, witnessed emissions in Celani wire, did you read the Gamma blog from 2013?


      I can guarantee you 100% that Piantelli said what he said and I have every reason to believe him now. Plus, on of the core aspect of Piantelli theory, it is very similar to that shown in the Brilliant Light Power technical presentation from their most recent public demonstration (see attached image).

      In our video descriptions there are links to text and websites and calculators etc for further learning and verification.

      I am passing on a theory that was explained in detail to us – works within the standard model and all accepted physics and moreover was fully included in a patent that passed.

      In the 3.5 years we have been volunteering – nearly every player wanted us to sign an NDA before they said anything – even when they had patent protection… we did not sign the NDAs because it is a BIG RED FLAG!

      Not so with Piantelli, he personally took us through coherent steps that were backed up by empirical data and we did not sign an NDA. We did not know if he was correct then, but what he said does look like it may be the way now.

      You can see the “BlackLight Process” on page 11 here:


      When I come to going over Piantellis theory, you will see where similarity lies.

      Here we have two commercial companies, Brilliant Light Power and Leonardo both with seemingly working devices and both that, at a base level, are explainable by Piantelli’s theory. Knowing that gives us a lot of insight as to what is possible.

      Do you have an alternative theory that works and is testable?

      • e-dog

        Live open entertaining non-profit SCIENCE!! GO TEAM.
        keep up the fantastic work,
        can you keep us up to date how the experiments are going?

        • Bob Greenyer

          I will give an update in next videos. Mostly they are in preparation, as you may understand we are very keen to get it right.

          SKINNER (University of Missouri) may be first to go. They have been processing some nickel to our protocol (I hope) and on Monday, they should receive some of the exact same passivated Nanoshell Lithium from Brian Albiston – coming from the very same batch which was used in GS 5.2. We have been working closely with them to help them seal their reactors properly and other processing matters.

          • e-dog

            awesome! excited!

      • Axil Axil

        The alternate theory to this one is that photons are confined in the nano-pits in the nickel where they accumulate and form a soliton, Electrons are not involved at least in terms of location; however the electrons are entangled with the photons. The pits are required on the surface of the nickel to confine infrared photons. These photons form a quasiparticle called a Surface Plasmon Polariton(SPP). SPP formation is why heat pumping is required for the LENR reaction to go.

        • Fedir Mykhaylov

          The entanglement between the photons and E- conductivity nickel is I can not imagine. Transmission and storage of energy protons located in the octahedral voids of nickel using surface plasmon here agree with you completely .

      • Josh G

        Ignore the haters and peanut gallery hecklers, Bob. You folks at MFMP restore faith in humanity. Just keep doing what you’re doing!

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thanks – I hope to put a good few more Ah hah! videos this week.

          I’d like to try and keep them simple so that more replicators can be effective – I’ll then come behind at some point in the future and do them “correctly”.

    • EEStorFanFibb

      I disagree.

    • Sanjeev

      There is a procedure. The experimenters can simply ignore the theory stuff for now. An experiment speaks a 1000 words.
      I’ve heard of only 1 team going ahead with this procedure (skinner) so far. Where are the others? We are waiting….

      • Bob Greenyer

        Here is a few:

        me356, Brian Albiston, Free Phases

        Alan Goldwater (straight replication), Bob Higgins, Matheiu Valet

        Ryan Hunt – waiting in the wings.

        • Sanjeev

          Thanks for the info Bob.
          Looking forward to this.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Implications of Signal 2, Seeing into the SunCell with X-Ray Eyes


    • e-dog


      • Bob Greenyer

        No real fusion here in suncell… more like capture/conversion of mass/momentum from electrons

    • Axil Axil

      You might need to view the SunCell demo again a time or two and pay attention.

      When I viewed to the SenCell presentation, it surprised me that a chemical in crystal form was used to downshift the XUV into the visible range using a sapphire or similar window. The SunCell must produce XUV as the primary EMF emission. See demo at 47:00. This optical conversion crystal might have been coated on the doom. silver does not down convert the XUV. Mills can use copper, tungsten instead of silver.

      The SunCell is a cavitation system that requires water. Hydrogen is optional in addition to water. The water crystal is formed that produces the LENR effect.

      There is no SunCell theory connection to the piantelli theory.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Axil Axil, I am unsure what you are referring to, at one point Mills is talking about equipment limitations for measuring photon energies – at that point he refers to “Sapphire or fluoride compound window” – but this is NOTHING whatsoever to do with the reaction. For your own sake, you should probably retract this incorrect statement presented as fact.

        Given that you got you understanding of the presentation wrong – on what basis can you make such a certain statement as “There is no SunCell theory connection to the piantelli theory, IMHO.” – and what do you know of the part of Piantelli theory that is close to Mills description of his process?

        This is not about opinions, it is about Nature and what it does.

        • Axil Axil

          The SunCell uses the tungsten dome to downshift the XUV produced by the Mills reaction to black body radiation of 3500C, The PV is covered with a sapphire window.

          The SunCell requires water to work. It is a cavitation system. Piantelli’s system is not a cavitation system. Hydrogen is supplemental to water only.

          • Bob Greenyer

            As I say in my video – any residual high energy photons are caught by the Tungsten and converted to BB.

            Earlier in the presentation – he plays a gravity fed reactor and there is a live demo – in both cases there is no tungsten between the reactants and the camera and in both cases mills says that the reactants get hot enough and then they start converting the high energy photons to lower, more numerous, visible ones, and the only thing in there is H2 and Ag.

            • Axil Axil

              He uses silver because water covers molten silver ideally. Mills found that water works far better they solid hydrides.

              The SunCell looks like a sonoluminescence based plasma system.


              • Bob Greenyer

                Mills says it is a change in the state of Hydrogen, so does Piantelli (at least in part) no fusion.

                • Axil Axil

                  Piantelli does not use water in his reaction.

                • Bob Greenyer

                  What has that got to do with Mills energy coming only from interaction of Hydrogen with a transition metal?

                • Axil Axil

                  Piantelli must remove all oxygen from his transition metal before his reaction will work.

                  Mills needs oxygen for his reaction to work.

                  That is one difference.

          • Bob Greenyer

            So why does Mills say it can use H2O or H2 ?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Where in the “BlackLight Process” on page 12 in this document is there H2O


            I ONLY see water

            • Axil Axil

              The Mills theory requires that hydrogen is used in all his systems but hydrogen will not work in the SunCell. If it did work, he would use it because using hydrogen is far easier to use than to use water.

              • Bob Greenyer

                But in the presentation he shows the attached image and says it can run on Hydrogen – from the Hydrogen tank. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2fbd6971f497efd5665782e0815f79f3188f434c654e21c4ad3f380347678af4.png

                • Axil Axil

                  He selected the water based reaction because it was a great solution, Theory took a backseat to practicality.

                • Bob Greenyer

                  It is Hydrogen he says it is and all his analysis (And the photons) suggest it is but you seam to have every other explanation in the world but Mills’ (and as you will see, Mills’ is very similar to Piantellis’)

                • Axil Axil

                  Hydrogen did not work in the titanium system. Mills had to find another combination that worked and that was water and silver.

                • Bob Greenyer

                  It does not matter if he used chocolate covered donuts – it would ONLY be the Hydrogen and a transition metal that takes part in the process!

                  This is what he says, this is what the data says, this is what his theory says – and… his theory is very similar to one key aspect of Piantellis.

                  No amount of saying water water water is going to change the fact water has Hydrogen in it!

                • Axil Axil

                  Mills states that he sees a water compound H2O1,4 consistent with theory. Why is oxygen required in Mills theory?

                • Mats002

                  A theorist can not escape the fact that all facts are not facts but anomalies or errors. The theorist do not speak directly to nature, only the experimentalist do so.

                • Axil Axil

                  Why is that water tank there. Because it is required.

                • Bob Greenyer

                  It could be liquified chocolate truffles – only the H2 and a transition metal would yield the energy – if anything water may help create H-

                • Axil Axil

                  As long as deionized water is liquified chocolate truffles then you have a point. The demo was run with only water. I want to see the SunCell run with only hydrogen.

                • Bob Greenyer

                  It would need a transition metal

              • Bob Greenyer

                Anyhow – you will see in time that the process RELATING ONLY TO HYDROGEN that Mills claims IS THE SOURCE of the energy (not cavitation or any other process) is very similar to Piantelli.

                • Axil Axil

                  You will see in time that metalized hydrogen or the water crystal is the source of the reaction, not H-.

                • Bob Greenyer

                  Meanwhile, Piantelli, Celani, Rossi and Mills can use H-.

              • Mats002

                Axil: did I just now see your theory ‘all info about LENR is true’ go out the window?

                The sum of all true info about LENR must be the truth, Yes – but which part is true truth and which part is true anomalies?

                • Axil Axil

                  The hard part of truth is to get to the lowest common truth. H- is not a cause of LENR because it cannot produce all the miracles associated with LENR. If H- could, Piantelli would have explained how LENR works in full detail including the miracles.

                • Bob Greenyer

                  I am going to help me356 with his replication tomorrow, so I need to sleep. Good luck with finding an explination to explain Mill’s reactor (or Rossi’s for that matter) that doesn’t at its core, require Hydrogen and a transition metal.

                • Axil Axil

                  Good Luck and God Bless.

                • Mats002

                  Same to both of you – wanderers into the history of science 😉

                • Mats002

                  I agree so far – still you have a challange to separate true info from experimenters from their dis-interpretation and/or overlooked facts.

      • Axil Axil

        I retract the statement about the sapphire window. That crystal is used on the spectroscope only, not on the PVs.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I want you guys to have it first.

  • Bob Greenyer

    No Probs.

    Aneutronic fusion is the good kind – it doesn’t use Neutrons… moreover, the 1H + 7Li is the first predicted fusion reaction 1928.

  • Stephen

    Hi Bob a quick question.
    Are Holmlids results implicated somehow in your analysis too?

    • Bob Greenyer

      I have a potential explanation for their observations – I’ll throw is out there, but I am doing some checking right now.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    I will try to summarize the points I made below since there are apparently still some misunderstandings.

    1. In Piantelli’s theory, the reaction occurs between the hydride ion (H-) and the nickel nucleus. Since the hydride ion has a negative charge and the target nucleus a positive one, they attract each other. The higher the attractive force, the higher the probability that they will come close enough together so that they can eventually fuse (to simplify a bit). Nickel nuclei have 28 protons, and therefore 28 positive charges. That’s why they attract the hydride ion more effectively than nuclei with fewer protons – that is, most ‘lighter’ nuclei – would do.

    2. The energy that can be gained from nuclear fusion depends on the difference between the binding energy of the reaction product and the binding energies of the reactants. Since 62Ni is the isotope with the highest binding energy per nucleon, it could release no energy if it would undergo further fusion reactions. (The binding energy is actually “missing energy”, although it is usually expressed in positive numbers.) Therefore, 62Ni is the endpoint of the reaction chain in the E-Cat and gets finally enriched in the ash.

    Bob used his gravity example as an analogy to explain point #1. Actually, he did not refer to mass and gravitational force but to charge and the electrostatic Coulomb force. That analogy was thought to facilitate understanding for some people, but obviously it has confused many others (including myself).

    • Bob Greenyer

      Good summary, The 62Ni plays a more critical role in the main energy yield from the reactor, that of aneutronic fusion of 7Li and that is why it is desirable in the fuel.

      A question for you, which of these is a boson and which is a fermion

      1. H-
      2. D-

      • Andreas Moraitis

        All I can say is this (F = fermion, B = boson):

        p (1H+) => F
        d (2H/D+) => B

        1H => B
        2H/D => F

        No idea about the anions.

        The energy yield is indeed an interesting additional aspect. Although if its fusion there will be enough energy anyway.

    • e-dog

      Perovskite structures*1 are well known in the form of oxides. Perovskite-type oxides with various physical properties and functions, such as superconductivity, ferroelectricity, and ionic conductivity, have been synthesized and utilized as practical materials such as piezoelectric devices. Similarly, perovskite-type hydrides,*2 in which oxygen atoms of perovskite-type oxides are replaced with hydrogen atoms, are expected to have various physical properties and functions in addition to hydrogen storage; however, few perovskite-type hydrides have been successfully synthesized thus far. Perovskite-type hydrides have been synthesized by mechanochemical processing,*3 the formation process of which remains unclear because it is difficult to observe the process. Hence the development of perovskite-type hydrides has been at a standstill.

      The research group succeeded in synthesizing a new perovskite-type hydride LiNiH3 based on the predictions obtained by first-principles calculations.*4 A powder mixture of lithium hydride (LiH) and nickel (Ni) was hydrogenated using high-temperature and high-pressure hydrogen fluid to synthesize a perovskite-type hydride with high crystallinity as a sintered body. The process of hydrogenation under high temperature and high pressure was observed by time-resolved X-ray diffraction*5 using the high-brilliance synchrotron X-rays to clarify the formation process of the perovskite-type hydride LiNiH3. The diffraction profiles showed that the perovskite-type hydride was formed not directly from the hydrogenation of LiH and Ni but through a three-step reaction: (I) the formation of nickel hydride (NiH), (II) the formation of a solid solution*6 of LiH and NiH (LiyNi1-yH), and (III) the formation of the perovskite-type hydride LiNiH3 induced by the absorption of hydrogen by the solid solution. Also, it was found that the formed solid solution, LiyNi1-yH, played the role of the precursor in the perovskite formation.

      • e-dog
        • e-dog
          • Ecco


            A mixture of LiH and Ni was hydrogenated at 873 K and 3 GPa […]

            3 GPa = 30000 bar

            • e-dog

              yep… thats a fair bit of pressure!
              little bit more than inside most of the reactors…

              just thinking about alloys and back to my high school metallurgy course.. of the millions of atoms inside the reactor and the millions of interactions between the elements, a very very small percentage could wind up in this particular hydride format? and of those could the H atoms be close enough and excited enough to interact with Ni62?

              Hey ecco is there anyway to figure approx out how many moles of Ni/H were needed to give off the energy observed by the MFMP data?

              • Ecco

                It’s possible that a small fraction might have formed this particular hydride, but I’m not sure about its relevance to the reaction. I’m not able to readily answer about the other calculation other than stating the obvious by writing that there’s probably a way. It would be probably best to think about it once significant apparent excess heat is observed.

                • e-dog

                  Cheers! Thanks for the reply

                • e-dog

                  I was just thinking that if these Ni/Li hydride crystals form up in side a reactor that has the goldilocks requirements (ratios, structure and temp) between all the elements. Could the H nucleus be sitting in just that right location where it is being pushed or pulled just the right amount by the Ni62 nucleus and the Li nucleus that one in a million fuses with something, that releases a bit of radiation and maybe starts a bit of a landslide among those similar crystals around it?

                  Oops my wine is getting low!

      • nietsnie
        • e-dog

          I should have put the link, thanks

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hi Barbara,

    At the end of the public videos – I will host a Live Hangout Q&A where people can ask free form questions – I will answer as possible.

    62Ni will, in my understanding result in more aneutronic fusion

  • e-dog

    Hey Bob,
    Do you think you could get some of your graphic design skills onto explaining the process? I think you are doing a great job by the way!!! Love the videos.
    I would really love to see some graphic representations of what you guys think is happening here.. I mean something slick… claymation? some white board animation? CGI? .. actually claymation would be awesome but could take a while… I know you are trying your damndest to explain what you have discovered and uncovered using cooking and music analogies so far. Claymation! … forget that for now..
    Everyone learns the same things in little different ways.

    I would like to see some step by step drawings/sketches on butchers paper to start with on what you think is happening.

    • Bob Greenyer

      In time, I will do it with voxels and volumetric in procedurals – it’ll look like you are right in there with everything as it happens.

      That will take a lot of time and effort.

      • e-dog

        Cheers Bob!
        no claymation????….. oh well!

        Yep, lots of time and effort. Wish I could help with the voxels and volumetrics in procedurals!!! Now, Im going to have to google those terms up!!!

        I know how to make playdoh….

        Anyway, keep those videos coming! Im happy with the hand waving!!

        • Bob Greenyer

          Video encoding now.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Simpler fuel – circumventing Rossi patent?

    Pre-process Nickel + add AB5 HydroStik + Passivated Lithium or other Alkaline metal such as Rubidium / Ceasium , maybe add Al powder.


    Would need to pre-load Hydrostik then freeze in Liquid nitrogen or maybe solid CO2 to take apart and add to reactor… or can take out and load under 40bar.

  • Zephir

    It seems, many of you got impressed with video – so can someone explain by his own words here, why 62Ni is good for cold fusion? Or is everyone just pretending that the king is not naked?

    • nietsnie

      No – I watched both and got little. I have a lot of respect for Bob, but I suspect that the videos will not accomplish for him what he hopes – at least with the audience he’s hoping to reach. For me, at least, more linearity and presentation preparation would be helpful – and a narrower focus on the guts of the subject. Less goofy humor and politics might make him seem less ‘mad professor’ to those who don’t already know him. And I thought at points he glossed over science that won’t be immediately obvious to his intended audience. As you say, though, others seem to have gotten more out of them so I’ve thought that maybe it was just me. Good for you for speaking up. Getting this right is pretty important.

      • Bob Greenyer

        I will fill in the gaps, but I want to bring people through the process of understanding and making the videos helps me to think about what is the right aspect to focus on next – because it is so much information to get out.

        My mind is pretty non-linear, I call it a blessing, If I went away for a few months sure I’d come up with something that was succinct, but I think it is important that more people get there faster that can – I cannot please everyone whatever I do, so I’ll just be me.

        • nietsnie

          Well, you did not ask for either my opinion or my help – so I’m already out of line. But, it is important that you know the truth. You do not benefit from people slapping you on the shoulder only out of respect. So, I give you this little bit of truth and ask for forgiveness.

          • Bob Greenyer

            You know, when I used to do amateur dramatics – I always preferred and encourage constructive criticism over unadulterated sycophancy – because I could learn from the former.

            • nietsnie

              I had hoped that was the case. I also appreciate straight shooting.

  • Zephir

    /* He seems like a highly trained scientist */

    I got exactly the opposite opinion from his posts, but anyway – the ability to distinguish publicly available facts from private speculations is what every scientist should handle.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      I’m not a scientist so I cannot really judge his expertise. However, whatever his opinions are, he’s able to substantiate them with either links to theories and experiments or he admits to theorizing and not stating facts. That sounds like a scientific mindset to me. He also provides anyone who asks with more information.

      In the end everyone has to draw his or her own conclusions and mine is that he seems an intelligent and scientific minded individual who’s contributions I enjoy.

  • Stephen

    Would highly hydrogenated materials themselves act a particle shield for neutrons for example or is there a risk of undesirable products such as tritium?

    I suppose if no neutrons are produced then that risk drops to zero though.

    I suppose the large number of nuclei would also increase the effectiveness of bremstrahlung on charged particles.

    It would be great if it could attenuate the gamma too but I suppose the electron density and plasma frequency would be too low? (I guess the electron density would need to be 1000000 times stronger to move the plasma frequency in metals from UV wavelengths to X Ray wave lengths. Can RHM or UDH can achieve this I wonder?

    I understand Axil’s has a process in mind, however, where SPP generated on stimulated hydrogenated metals can absorb the gamma. And maybe even generate heat without the need for lead or tungsten. If so then may be the shielding is not required for safety but just hydrogenated material. That in itself would be a remarkable discovery.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks, means a lot.

    I hope you will see with the same clarity how it all fits when I get through this.

  • Stephen

    I wonder if it could be used to power and perhaps as active components in the concept laser 3D printer equipment used to manufacture them?

    In terms of manufacture maybe a number of devices can be used in very localised conditions and tuned to certain specific uses at particular places along a production line such as temperature for thermal deposition, photo lithography, light/laser for etching etc. Perhaps a single device controlled by a robot arm could do all things following a timeline to schedule particular effects.

    Could one of these devices be fully manufactured using the capabilities of this device? Along with basic hardware and software to control the process?

    What kind of COP would this be if even the manufacturer of the device itself was made using its inherent capabilities?

  • Zeddicus23

    I strongly support the efforts of MFMP and hope they are able to replicate and make additional progress. However, this first video really has me really confused and even questioning their understanding of basic physics. Bob Greenyer seems to be completely confused between the effects of gravity (which is negligible), inertial mass (which again is only slightly affected by the number of neutrons, and Coulomb repulsion (which is related to charge). To be honest this video looks like a perfect example of crackpot science, and is likely to have a significantly negative effect on the credibility of MFMP. Can anyone explain what he is talking about?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Hi there,

      This 62Ni video is not meant for physicists just like the Bohr model of the atom (which is taught everywhere on earth) is next to useless for understanding how this phenomenon works – but the Bohr model does work to help basic understanding in chemistryand so is therefore NOT called crackpot science.

      Did I mention gravity in the video once? Ok, I said “Heavy” which implies weight which is derived from mass in the presence of gravity, yes. OK, so I did not say Mass, or Density in the main feel part of the video – because you start to loose people with these terms. I did say Mass number when referring to the periodic table.

      After I published this video, Mats Lewan wrote to me and said Rossi had said this

      “In my book Rossi speaks about the natural choice of nickel and hydrogen as the (heavy) anvil and the (light and fast) hammer. As the idea that guided him.”

      Brackets added by Mats.

      You have to remember I am a volunteer that is not good at accepting “It can’t be done because I say so” dictums. I am a graphic designer with a passion for science, the environment and social justice – I am not a tenured physicist.

      No doubt you can produce a video that gets the message across more correctly

      • toussaint françois

        Great video ! bob, passion gives you an overview of things, you are on the right track !


        • Bob Greenyer


      • Ted-X

        Keep going with your excellent work.

      • Appleby

        Bob, please keep your videos in the same simple format. I’d be willing to bet that I am not the only one following you that only has a high school degree.

        I also appreciate the quick distribution of information.

        Again THANKS!

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thanks appleby – it is a torturous process to try and think what needs to be said but keep it understandable. In nearly every case, when there is no battery failure or interruption, the videos are recorded in one take and are completely unscripted so if they make any kind of sense it is a good start – there will be time later to finesse.

          Thanks of your support and for joining the MFMP on this journey

  • Warthog

    I have to agree with “fact police”. Video is terribly inefficient compared to a written article/summary. I read VERY fast, and to be limited to the SSLLOOOWWW pace of the typical video is horribly frustrating. Far better to do a writeup (or transcript).