Rossi: E-Cat X Can Produce Electricity and No Heat

Thanks to Artefact for posting this interesting Q&A from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today, which gives some interesting new information about what the E-Cat X is capable of.

“Amos February 28, 2016 at 5:51 AM
Dear Mr. Rossi,
Is the energy density & power density of the E-Cat X the same as the E-Cat? Also, is it possible for the E-Cat X to produce only electricity and no heat?
Thanks, Amos.

Andrea Rossi February 28, 2016 at 7:42 AM
1-The Ecat X has a higher power density
2- Yes, but in this case the efficiency is lower.
Warm Regards

That the E-Cat can produce electricity and no heat is a revelation. Rossi has said in the past that the ratio of heat to electricity can be adjusted, and now it sounds like there is no limit to that ratio. It sounds like the E-Cat can be used as an electricity multiplier (if the input is electricity) but Rossi mentions that the efficiency is lower in this all-electricity mode, so that leaves a lot of questions out there, but it’s fascinating to think of how the E-Cat seems to have become much more than a heater now.

  • jimbo92107

    If they generate electricity, they could at least charge up a battery.

    • mwr1176

      Exactly. It just doesn’t seem like it should take decades to figure this out.

      • jimbo92107

        At the same time, Rossi’s type of LENR may not be friendly to being turned OFF after you turn it ON. Could be that it operates best in a continuously activated state. If that is so, then batteries become needed as part of that energy system.

  • jimbo92107

    As I was attempting to read the Lundin/Lidgren report, I noted that they mentioned how spallation from neutron donors was greatly enhanced by combining thermal radiation with their secret sauce of vibrational energy. Maybe this implies that Rossi’s e-cat x eschews the heating element and just uses some kind of resonator to induce neutron spallation –> capture. That would explain Rossi’s comment that the smaller x unit wasn’t as efficient has the hot cat. I’m okay with a little less efficiency. Who wants a phone battery that burns through your pocket?

  • Allan Shura

    Considering 4 years behind the original tell schedule for the home e-cat I will wait and see for possibly an e-cat-y.

  • DrD

    And with a constant 1G acceleration, time dilation becomes very significant.

  • Private Citizen

    Piantelli did Euro-patent LENR in some form in 1995.

    If this stuff proves real there could be massive patent battles, unfortunately possibly delaying implementation.

    Your argument is interesting. Someone may try to use the public domain angle.

    • John

      My organization (europe) is working since 1994 on Piantelli disclosure of his invention. We are the ones that will put our products on the market (of course totally different design) BUT some of our products are NI-H2 based on the premisses of public domain given by Piantelli, we simply don’t care about Andrea Rossi, our products will enter direct competition with him at some point, we asked already European patent offices, the core of this technology is free, public domain, anyone can make anything based on 1994 Piantelli/Focardi disclosure, if Andrea Rossi tries to fight is just a matter of document presentation and to show them that Andrea Rossi, started his path on the back of the same setup and developed even further, BUT, he or IH or anyone else will be blocked on their intent of control the market. They know it already ! Worst, the same wires that heat the system to 400 degrees to start the reaction are the ones who collect electrical energy and this is also disclosed further in 1995 documents. FREE PUBLIC DOMAIN TECHNOLOGY ! Time will come when government and companies will fight, but this will not delay the implementation of technology, some governments will reclaim public domain of it at first… We are well aware of this

  • The Rossi Says parade is now many blocks ahead of corroboration and confirmation.

    If the stuff he is saying is true, just… wow.

    This has happened before when Rossi was talking about have partnered with a significant US company and also about an independent test being underway. Both of these things eventually emerged as true, even if some of the details turned out to be less than hoped.

    Now we have MFMP on the verge of once and for all proving E-Cat flavored LENR is real and a pending F9 report on the 1 MW plant.

    Fingers crossed for a very, very, very positive March.