Rossi Hopes for Public Presentation of E-Cat X Plant this Year (Update: Says ABB Is Providing the Production Robotics)

Andrea Rossi has said many times that now the 1MW plant test is over he is now focusing all his efforts on developing the E-Cat X, and getting it ready for mass production. It seems that he has his heart set on getting plants on the market this year — and also doing a presentation of the plant.

Here are some comments about this presentation:

Andrea Rossi
February 25, 2016 at 7:37 AM
Rick Norris:
We are proceeding very well and in several months we’ll have, perhaps, to make a great presentation. But it could also fail, so we have to work, work, work on it.
Warm Regards,

Patrice Delvoux:
I hope that we will have it in operation in 2016; we will present it officially and in that occasion the information you request will be released.
Warm Regards

Q: This presentation you refer to: do you want it to be in private, or for the general public to see?

Andrea Rossi
February 25, 2016 at 1:00 PM
Frank Acland:
That will be a very important presentation of a product. It has to be studied carefully and my intention is to make it publicly. This issue will be discussed with the people we will have to agree with.
Warm Regards

If Rossi wants to make a big splash, a public presentation of the E-Cat X would certainly be the way to get the world’s attention. But a public presentation without verified data to back it up would also be suspect, so getting certified results published for the 1 MW plant would be a very important step in building the credibility that will be needed to be taken seriously.

We can’t know now whether this presentation will actually take place this year, but it does sound like Rossi and Co. are moving ahead as quickly as they can right now. If positive results are published by a respected independent body, I would guess that access to investment capital would become much easier, and there will be lots of money needed to allow for the “massive” production of E-Cats that Andrea Rossi has so often spoken about.

UPDATE (Feb 25, 2016)

Thanks to pg for posting this comment from the JONP:

Andrea Rossi
February 25, 2016 at 5:07 PM
Koen Vandewalle:
I am not just an inventor; I am also the guy which will industrialize
the E-Ca ts. As a matter of fact I have right now finisged my meeting
with ABB that will realize the robotized production line. And pretty
advanced with it.
As I said, the best defense of our intellectual property will be the
speed and the economy scale with which we will produce the E-Cats.
Warm Regards,

  • Mike Ivanov

    Yes, old e-cat, plus hot cat concepts have been verified by many 3rd party experiments already, more or less. E-Cat X – so far I heard only buzzwords, nothing else. Will see

  • Mike Ivanov

    After reading stories about E-cat and Rossi for several years, I would say what only public demonstration of _commercial_ application will make a difference in acceptance of the existence of this new technology. Mainstream science has shown a heavy resistance to all cases of e-cat replications.

  • Skip

    Well Roger, I won’t presume to speak for Observer, but yes, that (eternal bliss) is a worthy goal. Lets understand the difference between Purpose and Goal, tho.

    Purpose is a construct. At least originally it was natural, it could be argued that regardless of our interference, it still is natural; or not.

    The Purpose of mankind is the same as all life, to further the species within the bounds of sustainability; local to global.

    Goal is an individual (but can be shared) emotional response to actual and presumed needs and wants.

    Source: dictionary of skip

  • georgehants

    Thanks Roger, Wonderful thought.

  • Omega Z

    Rossi hasn’t actually said 50% that I’m aware of. Only that it may be possible. When you have O-cube, O-phome, Glowstick updates happening is short order, it’s easy to confuse speculations with confirmed statements in all the clutter. You’re right to be cautious at this time. I’ll only take Rossi’s statements that it looks promising into account until we hear more.

  • Mats002

    I follow and take part in two ways:

    1. The discussion part on the bortom of the experiment home page, Glowstick 5.2 here:

    2. Live runs is broadcasted via youtube and there is a discussion pane connected there, Glowstick 5.2 here:

    Click bottom right corner to open the discussion function connected to the video.

  • Omega Z

    Realistically speaking, a couple megawatts would be necessary. Automation & robots use a lot of electricity.