MFMP: “Prepare . . . The End of the Carbon Age is Nigh”

The Martin Fleischmann’s latest post on Facebook is hinting strongly at something important on its way. They talk about a ‘cookbook’ and the end of the fossil fuel age, but they are not giving much away so far. The post is embedded below; you can go directly to the post on FB here:

The Cookbook is in the signal…Prepare>>>> The End of the Carbon Age is NighThankyou to all those that helped us

Posted by Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project on Monday, February 22, 2016

  • GreenWin

    Pardon my intrusion gents. I think the following comments don’t recognize the silent agenda Bill Gates is working with. Bill is referencing an energy miracle that is:
    “…a kind of thing like a computer on a chip, or the internet, or the
    cellphone, that are really quite miraculous. Most people would not have
    predicted them, and their effect has been very, very dramatic.”

    The traveling wave is just a cleaner fission reactor. Bill knows this. He correctly cites the enormous (~$50B) subsidies given to wind and solar – yet still we need methane peaking to supplement intermittentcy. Bill doesn’t really care about his investments in fission or fusion. He runs a foundation dedicated to eradicate disease – ALL disease globally.

    The gist of this interview is Mr. Gates knows exactly what is coming (LENR). He is pounding tha table for government funding at 50% the level we spend on health ($30B.) AND he has assembled some 27 private funds, foundations, philanthropists, etc. to help drive energy innovation. This is exactly what LENR needs to thrive and expand globally.

    Look, Mr. Gates has no need for money. He is rewarded by finding BIG solutions to BIG problems. Aside his politically mandated climate pose, Bill Gates knows LENR is here, is real, is a giant step for mankind — and he is campaigning to build the war chest necessary to deliver it to the entire planet. Go ahead, call me naive. But really. What does a very smart guy with a $100B foundation need to do… except good?

  • Doug Cutler

    Education, always. Bring on the knowledge. My point is to caution against the patronizing colonial attitude which has historically frequently overridden local knowledge en route to disaster.

  • Slad
  • GM

    The web site now has the chat discussion back in full including discussions this afternoon. This is a very interesting read.

  • Axil Axil

    I bet that MFMP used deuterium in their successful test.

    SPP formation requires that no photonic energy is wasted through absorption.

    There is a big difference between deuterium and protium. Deuterium is transparent to UV radiation and absorbs infrared whereas protium is transparent to infrared and absorbs UV.

    At 1200C, the photonics is one where UV dominates and at 500 C infrared dominates. Deuterium is best applied in very high temperature photonic systems,

    The design of the reaction in terms of heat range dictates what materials to use.

    • Gerard McEk

      That should have been in their recipe then!

  • bachcole

    First, he was surrounded by an ocean is disbelief. Then, he had serious legal requirements to NOT give away his secrets once brave people believed him and invested $millions into his revolutionary discovery/invention. They risked their financial futures and you want Rossi to just break the law and basically steal from them and give it away to everyone. Either you are too young to understand the realities of economics, or else I don’t know how I feel about you.

  • LukeDC
  • Kevmo

    I’m going to lay down a guess that this came from their earlier experiments where gamma rays were detected. Then they just stopped working on it….

    • Ged

      Their e-mail just went out to donors, and you seem to have been pretty close to spot on. Very strong evidence indeed.

      • Kevmo

        I always wondered what happened to those experiments. They just stopped doing them. I think Bob Greenyer said at one point that the guy doing the lab work had a newborn at home & was overwhelmed, but that could have been anyone.

        • Ged

          It’s actually data from the newest, GS5.2 experiment, where they were oscillating the reactor. That oscillation lead to extremely reproducible results it seems they have finished doing the controls to prove.

          I really need to finish analyzing the statistics on the heat trace, but the Ocube has been too distracting!

      • US_Citizen71

        I hope they add a calorimeter to their setup for the next go around that bit of data will be the icing!

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    It really looks like they have found irrefutable proof of LENR, otherwise this whole exercise seems a bit strange to me. I get that they are very exited if it is true, but surely expectations are really high now.

    Anyway, they have added another step to the recipe:

    1. Bake Ni
    2. Reduce Ni
    3. Hydrogenate Ni
    5. Mix: Ni + LiAlH4 + Li
    6. Bake and vac reactor, add Nickel, vac warm, add H2, Vac

    • Teemu Soilamo

      1. Bake Ni
      2. Reduce Ni
      3. Hydrogenate Ni
      4. ?
      5. Mix: Ni + LiAlH4 + Li
      6. Bake and vac reactor, add Nickel, vac warm, add H2, Vac
      7. Profit

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        You know, I didn’t even notice that. So another teaser. This better be good.

        17. Profit 😉

  • Fibber McGourlick

    It would be interesting if the MFMP by offering indisputable proof of Cold Fusion tomorrow get the Nobel prize in physics instead of Rossi.

  • LukeDC

    My guess is that they detected the telltale LENR+ γ pulse that Celani found in 2011.

  • Bob Matulis

    I am very interested in finding out what this is all about. My experience is MFMP approaches these tests methodically and conservatively. They also have demonstrated a desire to reign in expectations and not get carried away with initial promising results.
    If this is not a hack and MFMP is actually making these claims (which appears to be the case) I would be surprised if this forthcoming announcement is not:
    1) Significant
    2) Well founded
    Rossi is a pioneer and advancing LENR but can at times be a bit hyperbolic. Not so MFMP
    Can’t wait! 🙂

    • deleo77

      Above is the beginning of a recipe for how to produce a basic LENR reaction that will show undeniable results that it works. Nothing fancy but it is reproducible. Any university lab can produce LENR as soon as all of the ingredients and steps are filled in. I don’t know if it will lead to newspapers printing the headline “Cold Fusion has been discovered”, but their goal was to see if the Martin Fleischmann was on to something. And tomorrow everyone will see that he was.

    • bachcole

      Fabulous insight.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Dottore Rossi has not been hiding his work, he has been trying to promote it.

    You point your negative feelings toward the wrong party if you point them at the one person who has driven toward change.

  • LuFong

    Not really. They had something analogous but they themselves didn’t know what they had and couldn’t reliably replicate it. Ditto for many others. Not saying they didn’t advance the field but their premature announcement and subsequent science push back set things back a bit. All conjecture and opinion.

  • LuFong

    Well without being in Rossi’s shoes it is difficult to know. Rossi is a talented inventor and he did arrive at this formula (assuming they’ve got it–the replication needs to be replicated). But my feeling seems to be similar to yours. The sooner this technology is out there the faster the science and the technology can advance which is why I support what MFMP and others are doing. If MFMP’s claims hold true I am glad there the ones that uncovered Rossi’s effect.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    I guess they figured it out. We just have to wait for the full recipe.

    Prepare thoroughly (Ni + LiAlH4 + Li)
    1. Bake Ni
    2. Reduce Ni
    3. Hydrogenate Ni
    5. Mix: Ni + LiAlH4 + Li


    1h Thermal > x/β- emissions > Pb > IR/THz > 5h (SSM)

    where ‘>’ means ‘leads to’

    The End of the Carbon Age is Nigh

    • Axil Axil

      I want to see where the rare earths come from in the fuel preparation process.

  • Albert D. Kallal

    Well, Gates “has” to know about and be aware of LENR – there really not a lot more to say except that peoples true colors show here.

    As for the French newspaper article? That
    came out yesterday – and it REALLY is great. The English translation and link
    to that article is now on ECW and can be found here:

    Not only is the article “kind” to LENR, but it flat out states that the “controversy” is long past.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Stephen Taylor

    The cookbook is in the -gamma- signal.

    • or -beta-?

      • Stephen Taylor

        Beta- may be in SSM very important?? Gamma may be in start phase??? We shall see.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      We are hoping for clear excess heat. I don’t think “just” a fingerprint of nuclear will not make much of s splash. Clear excess heat will

  • artefact

    Post updated:

    “In order to fully appreciate the information you will receive, you
    will first need to deeply read and take on board the following post.”

    • Mats002

      It’s all about Gamma, and the last GS5.2 run had anomalies in the radiation spectra below 100keV or so in file #7. They call it LENR this time I presume…

  • e-dog

    Hey Frank!! Can I ask how you are feeling about the MFMP hype????
    Just interested. Cheers

    • Frank Acland

      Hi e-dog,

      I think I’m like everyone else here, wondering what they could be building up to. I have tried to find out what the big news is, but I am still in the dark. I must confess this is what has come to mind:

      • GreenWin

        Just spot on Frank!

  • A request of the donor class.

    Initial info release is nigh (hehe)

    While we don’t want you to reveal anything that MFMP wants to hold until tomorrow, give us what you can. For example, let us know if you agree with their characterization of the certainly and magnitude that they have been conveying.