For Rossi, It’s the E-Cat X All the Way Now (Update: Developing Low Energy Models, On/Off Switch)

Now that the 1 MW plant test is over, it seems that Andrea Ross now has the freedom to concentrate on what he is really excited about: the E-Cat X. This is the new version of the E-Cat that he reports runs at very high temperatures and is able to produce electricity directly. It was clear that while the 1 MW plant was running that Rossi was paying a great deal of attention to the E-Cat X. However he still had to keep the plant running, so he couldn’t devote his full attention to the new reactors.

UPDATE (February 22, 2016)

Here’s a post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today with some more information on E-Cat X development:

February 21, 2016 at 10:23 PM
Dr Joseph Fine:
It is impossible for me now to give the characteristics of the E-Cat X, because we still are in a preliminar R&D phase.
This having been said, I can add that we will make low energy modules, to be able to assemble systems able to cover all the specter of the possible utilizations; the temperature is not an issue, since the energy is used by means of heat exchangers, so that the external T can be modulate .
We also are resolving the issue of the switch on/off in short time.
Yes, the new laboratory is well dimensioned.
Warm Regards,


Now things have changed. Here are some of his most recent comments regarding the E-Cat X.

About a new team:

The people working on the E-Cat X is different from the people that worked on the 1 MW E-Cat. I made a new Team specific for this, because the approach is different, even if treasures the experience made with the former E-Cats. I needed an epochè, a revolution of points of view. The Great Team that worked on the 1 MW E-Cat will continue the work on this kind of technology. F9 for both technologies

On his focus:

Yes, now I am working on the E-Cat X: the best technology for me is always the next, I can’t help to rest.

On making a product and the timing:

Now I am working in the laboratory where the E-Cat X is being born. Soon we’ll have an industrial plant in operation based on this technology.

I want an industrial E-Cat X in operation by the end of the year

Now, at 04.51 a.m. of Feb 18 2016, I am working on the E-Cat X: I want to present this product in operation in an industy within 2016. It is extremely promising.

On testing:

Italo R.:
Thank you. Waiting for the Report with the results, my focus is totally on the E-Cat X; next week will be a very important week for the E-Cat X, because we will make a very important test in a new factory.
Warm Regards,

It sounds then, like a great deal of energy will now be put into the E-Cat X. And that is not very surprising if it can do what he says it can. Direct production of electricity from the E-Cat would bypass the whole issue of turning heat in to electricity by intermediate means such as steam turbines, Stirling engines, thermoelectric devices and the like, which would add extra expense and engineering complexity.

I suppose one of the challenges they will be looking at will be how to handle the high temperatures that the E-Cat X needs to operate. Rossi has said that it runs at around 1400 C, and that they have had to develop new materials to withstand such temperatures. But there are many instances where cogeneration of heat and electricity are desirable, and Rossi’s New Year’s “dream” spoke of providing both heat and electricity for a residential area.

Presenting this technology to industry this year sounds like a major challenge. We’ll see if he can achieve it.

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  • LarryJ

    If it happened here it can happen anywhere. Your numbers are based on our very parochial and primitive view of an infinite universe and have a 1 in 2^39,899 probability of being meaningful. We’ve had workable electricity for about 140 years and you are supposing we now understand how and where life can happen well enough to put meaningful numbers to it. Such hubris defines our species.

  • LarryJ

    Rossi is not a scientist. He is a philosopher, inventor and entrepreneur, in that order. He has already commented that they need to come up with a better way to manage the refueling.

  • Warthog

    The “workaround” has nothing whatsoever to do with publishing, duplication or confirmation….it has to do with how reactors can be routinely changed out without shutting the entire plant system down.

  • Ophelia Rump

    I predict that the automobile of the future will be electric and will sell power to the grid when it is not on the road. Fast starting is probably not a concern.

    • Omega Z

      “sell power to the grid”

      Actually, the question that comes to mind is “How Much” will “You Pay Me” to take that worthless electricity crap off your hands?

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Yeah, if E-cat X is fast to start/stop and is scalable down to few watts, electricity isn’t worth much, after transition period.

      • DrD

        Currently they pay me about 3.5p/unit and I pay them about 17.5p/unit. Post LENR I expect they will take it off my hands for a small fee.

    • DrD

      But you’ll need a big fan blowing when you leave it parked even if you can find an electric drain point. Pedestrians watch out. Seriously though, I think Rossi will alleviate the problem, might still need a small battery.

    • Rene

      The grids do not want your electricity – it lowers their profitability. This has already happened with photovoltaics. Net metering is being abandoned in more states in the U.S. This is also why SolarCity has developed the powerwall since several states not only pay a very low diferential, they also charge you to push power onto their grid.
      That LENR car will end up just powering your house, which is fine.

  • Sceptic

    So there are anonymous team and lab for Ecat, anonymous “top notch team” and lab for Ecat x, Anonymous factory ready to manufacture 1 mln big Ecat Units. ( Should be bigger than that of Musks Gigafacory ) Anonymous “certification authority”

    • radvar

      On top of that a complete dearth of context information. It’s a wonder anyone stops by the site at all.

  • Jimr

    The report from the ERV will not be a public document, it will be restricted to involved parties, per Rossi on JONP.. I duon’t like.

    • LarryJ

      Rossi has always said that publication of this new report is not up to him and he has not said anything recently contrary to that but recently his comments have more or less implied that we can look forward to seeing something. I read on another blog that although the report will be over 1000 pages which will not be made public there is a good chance we will be shown the executive summary.

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Frank Acland
    February 22, 2016 at 11:26 AM
    Dear Andrea,
    How is progress going towards safety certification for domestic E-cats?
    Many thanks,
    Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi
    February 22, 2016 at 12:15 PM
    Frank Acland:
    In progress. The report of the ERV will help a lot, if the results will be positive, because we had a safe operation for 352 days, 24/7. Results after such a long time of tests leave no doubts, because the period is too long to doubt about the results. The safety issues, exploited by top level specialists, will help a lot.
    I think the results from the test, if positive, will accelerate the certification for the domestic apparatus, but, of course, this is just my opinion, for the worth it can be granted…
    Warm Regards,

    • Omega Z

      Of major safety concern would be radiation emissions of any kind. Especially for general consumer products.

      The certifying entity(ERV) having expertise in the Nuclear industry could greatly alleviate these concerns paving the way for consumer products by certifying there are none outside the reactor nor any radioactive ingredients used or produced..