Some Orbo Updates (Update #10: New Ophone Use Update, Q&As With Steorn)

UPDATE #10 (Feb 12, 2016)

A week 2 update from Rachel Wallace (ogirl) on her ophone use.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”480″ height=”300″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Some questions and answers between FB readers and Orbo on the above page:

Interesting Q&A on Facebook about the Ophone (latest update on its use here:… — which according to Steorn here uses a capacitor:

Michael Waskosky: I’m still unsure if this means that the phone is gradually charging the battery all the time or if it has to run out all the way to fully recharge. Or if it is from talking on the phone for a long period of time that causes it to drain all the way, in which case I wonder how long that period if time is?

Orbo: The capacitor that keeps the ophone charged is constantly being charged by Orbo. But during extensive use the capacitor may drain below the level that can power the phone. To fully recharge the capacitor can take several hours, however enough charge to power the phone back on can typically be achieved within several minutes.

Orbo: Hi Darren, the ophone contains a capacitor that directly powers our phone. During extensive use this capacitor may become discharged, however this capacitor is being constantly trickle charged by Orbo. So after a period of time the capacitor will be recharged and the phone will be functional again. In essence the phone is charging itself.

Darren: So the battery meter on the phone is a representation of the charge in the capacitor?

Orbo: Yes

Charlie Stout: How could the battery meter show a full charge after a power down and restart over a period of only a few minutes? If it came back up after a few minutes of trickle charge wouldn’t it only show a low charge?

Orbo: Hi Charlie – the charge characteristics of a capacitor are very different than those of an LI battery. The battery indicator on the ophone is designed for an LI battery, hence it can show fully charged even when the capacitor is not fully charged.

UPDATE #9 (Feb 10, 2016)

I received a copy of this email which was sent by Steorn to someone who had ordered an Orbo O-Cube

“Hello, firstly we would like to apologize for the delay to shipping your ocube. As we are sure you can appreciate, bringing the ocube to production has been a huge task for us all and we are grateful for your support.

We have shipped two ocubes and have received reports back that the lithium ion battery in the devices is charging to somewhere in the region of 8V, which is well in excess of the safe level of 4.2V. As a result, we have had to halt any further shipments while we address this. We are currently testing a new configuration with a battery charge controller; these tests are expected to take another several days. Once we are satisfied that the units are operating as they should we will provide another update concerning shipping etc.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.

Best regards
The Orbo Team”

Many readers are aware that I have received an Ocube myself, but it is one that does not apparently have a Li-ion battery inside (it has a capacitor instead). I did not order that version, and Steorn says they will be sending me a Li-ion battery Ocube free of charge, but it looks like I’ll be waiting along with everyone else for it.

UPDATE #8 (Feb 5, 2016)

First one week update of Ophone use from Rachel Wallace:

[fbvideo link=”” width=”480″ height=”300″ onlyvideo=”1″]

UPDATE #7 (Feb 4, 2016)

There’s a new person who’s shown up on the Orbo Facebook page with a video testimonial of Steorn’s “never-die” Orbo Ophone. She’s Jen Roe, a manager of a bar in Dublin who’s been given a Ophone by Steorn to test. She says she’ll be giving weekly updates. Today is her first day of using it.

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UPDATE #6 (Jan 31, 2016)

On the Orbo Facebook Page, there’s a video of Rachel Wallace (aka Ogirl) in the first of what she says will be a weekly update using an Ophone — Steorn’s Orbo-powered battery that they say never needs recharging.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”480″ height=”300″ onlyvideo=”1″]
Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy posted this closeup photo of the Ophone on Facebook earlier this week.

UPDATE #5 (Jan 20, 2016)

Readers here might be wondering what’s going on with Orbo Ocube that Steorn has put on sale (one of which I have ordered). The invoice I received said that the expected shipping date is Jan 24th which is coming up. Today on the Orbo Facebook page someone asked when the expected shipping date would be.

The response from ‘Orbo’ was: “Hi Hans, we expect to have shipping clearance by the end of this week or early next week.”

So hopefully it won’t be too much longer to wait now. I have been preparing for testing the ocube by assembling various items to charge and to measure with. I hope to document the process thoroughly to give an idea of whether Orbo is the revolutionary energy technology Steorn claims it to be. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll be documenting use of the Ocube, so we should have a good body of evidence in the coming weeks and months.

UPDATE #4 (Dec 22, 2015)

Steorn’s Orbo webstore is now live at Currently they are selling just the Ocube and the Ophone, however the Ocube now says ‘sold out’.

UPDATE #3 (Dec 9, 2015) Shaun McCarthy has posted a new video on the Orbo Facebook page in which he does a more in-depth demonstration of the Orbo powerpack using an oscilloscope showing that as Shaun McCarthy claims: “Orbo really is is an energy generation technology”

[fbvideo link=”” width=”640″ height=”480″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Transcript courtesy of Esa Juhani Ruoho on Vortex-l here: https:[email protected]/msg106369.html
Here’s an excerpt:

“Probably the most interesting aspect to demonstrate that the Orbo power cell is not a traditional battery is that if you short out a traditional battery for an extended period of time, ultimately you drain all or virtually all of the electrochemical energy that’s stored in it. And so, if you short it out and leave it for an extended period of time, remove the short and then measure it, you’ll find that the voltage is either significantly below it’s inherent voltage, or if it’s left long enough, it will be zero. So, in order to demonstrate the fundamental difference between an Orbo power cell and the traditional battery, what we’re going to do is short it out, and we’re going to leave it shorted out approximately 30 minutes, and then demonstrate that the voltage in open-circuit immediately bounces back to this 2.5 odd volts.”

UPDATE #2 (Dec 9, 2015): A project has been announced on a Finnish website called (Shadow Camera) to get hold of an Orbo Ocube (purchased through crowd funding) and try and find out how it works.

In an article on their site they state: “We are looking for a funding to our research project. Our goal is to find out how Steorn “free energy device” works. We are collaborating here with researchers from Aalto University, Finland.”

The research team involved is listed:

Shadow Camera: Timo Tahvanainen, Founder of Shadow Camera
Shadow Camera: Jukka Lantta, Science Editor
Esa Juhani Ruoho: Free energy specialist
Jyrki Kasvi: PhD in Engineering from the Helsinki University, (
Mikko Möttönen: PhD at Helsinki University of Technology, Postdoc at UC, Berkeley (USA) and UNSW (Australia)
Tapio Ala-Nissilä: Professor Aalto University Department of Applied Physics Multiscale Statistical Physics, Science Department of Applied Physics

It looks like their goal of raising 1200 Euros has been exceeded.

Here’s a trailer produced for the project accompanied by the Camembert Quartet playing “Steornhemian Rhapsody” (from 2006):

UPDATE #1 (Dec 8, 2015): An new article has been published in the Dublin Inquirer here, an online magazine featuring Dublin news, which includes an interview with Shaun McCarthy about the latest developments with Orbo. Here are a few quotes from the article:

SM: “If I was looking from the outside in, I’d say it was absolute horseshit,” said McCarthy. “I’m a trained engineer and if I wasn’t involved in this, I’d say it was total rubbish . . . I know that there has been a lot of stuff written about us on the internet, but that’s just a part of it,” McCarthy says. “This whole thing will be a self-resolving controversy. When the products are out there – it won’t take people long to say whether they work or not.”

SM: “I think what might be happening is that we are splitting time. I know that sounds absolutely nuts but I think that we are using the differences in the magnetic fields to manipulate time and that is leading to the creation of energy.”

“There was one guy working on a steam-cleaner which, McCarthy says, is actually part of a completely separate company called HephaHeat, which is licensed to use Orbo technology in the heating sector.”

SM: “I’d be the worst scam artist in the world,” he says. “I’m always either here in the offices or in Slattery’s. I’d be too easy to find.”


I have been keeping an eye on the Orbo website — which is actually the Orbo Facebook page — mainly watching the questions and answers that are going on there between readers and Orbo staff. There’s not a huge amount of activity there, but there does seem to be some interest, and unsurprsingly to be quite a bit of incredulity among people who are reading Steorn’s claims about Orbo technology.

In some of the responses from ‘Orbo’ (an unnamed Steorn staff member) there are a few new nuggets of information about the technology. Here are some examples.

Q: Could you put the Orbo tech into a flat form-factor and incorporate it into a smartphone case?

A: Currently Orbo does not have the power to volume ratio to support smart phones, we expect to have a smart phone in the market towards the end of 2016

Q: Does this phone [The Ophone] come with a camera? A microphone. Those would be nice.

A: Nope, just basic call and text functions

Q: Hey! What’s the reason ? That it will never die? Or never need to charge?

A: You will never need to charge an ophone

Q: Why? What’s the reason behind it?

A: Orbo is a completely new type of battery based on the electric field rather than traditional batteries that are based upon chemical release of energy.

Q: Why are you making it so difficult to make a purchase?

A: Hi Joe – a web store will be opened in the next couple of weeks. Until this time orders will be taken via [email protected]

So Steorn is not watering down its very bold and unusual claims, and now they have entered the commercial phase you would expect that any rational company would have to be confident in their technology to make such claims publicly while they are offering products for sale.

So far there are no user testimonials on the Orbo FB page, but as the technology starts to get used, I am sure there will be. As for my own Ocube order that has been generously supported by some ECW readers, there has been a delay in getting payment and shipping information from Steorn, but I have finally received an invoice today, and I hope that I will be able to place an order this week.

  • mike wolf

    Another thing I was thinking, who wants a phone that just shuts off on you? They have to work some things out before this is accepted.

  • ilk

    Thanks for your interesting reply. This discussion is way off topic, so I would invite you to post in the Always Open Thread if you would care to continue.

  • wondering

    What a strange way to run a company. Otoh it it’s fraud, Irish law apparantly has maximum jail sentences of 7 to 10 years. So if it’s all a hoax, they’re running quite the risk risk being such by now well known figures.

    • BillH

      Just to clarify, Ireland or should I say The Republic of Ireland isn’t part of the UK so your link doesn’t apply. The Republic of Ireland has it’s own legal system, their fraud department is part of the Garda, their police force.

  • Anon2012_2014

    “open your eyes, the whoke thing isnt right,”

    I am afraid it is right — a very low powered energy harvester using some conventional physics; with poor production planning and a heavy dose of marketing.

    A 1 mW battery charger doesn’t beat a solar cell of the same area — if the Orbo face which is about 110 cm^2 in area was covered with solar cells, it would make about 1.65 watts when in the sun, and maybe 1.65 mW when in your home.

    True the Orbo charges its battery all the time, but at a very low rate. Whether it is harvesting thermal energy, vibrational energy, or electromagnetic energy, or Shumann resonance magnetic energy, is almost immaterial — it will not revolutionize with those areal power densities.

    • passerby

      They claim it will scale up to greater power and that this is being sold as a sort of proof of concept to get it into the hands of people who would test and validate. I am sure part of that validation will involve being put inside a faraday cage and other experiments to block outside energy.

      Maybe people should put down their pitchforks until at least a month has passed. If production delays were a sign something is a scam then damn near every kickstarter in existence would be a scam.

  • snowvoardphil

    Technically we should be getting a new weekly testimonial tomorrow (friday 12th) unless some unforseen, yet verry likely to happen delay, comes up.

  • I just got a tracking code for the ADGEX ELFE delivery. Origin: China, delivered on the 9th of February 2016. says here:
    2. 10.02.2016 – (SPAIN) MAILED

  • txt29

    Customers opened the ELFE lamp, just to find three ordinary AA cells and an LED. Nothing else, no miraculous technology. This is well documented for example here:

    • Matt

      Right, now let’s wait and see what’s inside the OCube. Maybe the similarities between the stories will continue…

  • Rene

    Anyone who claims their product let a Li* battery voltage rise more than a few millivolts over maximum ratings is highly suspect. Lithium batteries require using a certified charger which handles all the safe-zone issues, And too, lithium batteries must never be constantly trickled charged. They have tohave positive disconnect when they reach 100%. Good chargers have charge hysteresis too, not charging until the battery drops below usually 85% of charge. This prevents drastically shortening the battery’s life time.
    LI* batteries all have temperature and overcharge fuses. A battery charged out of spec will often blow those fuses; that or burn itself up. I can easily imagine that the voltage and/or power coming out of the Orbo magic thingie is not sufficient to run a standard charge controller, so they likely made something up entirely. Scary thought.

    • Probably a DC-DC amplifier circuit of some kind, necessary to step up from the electret output voltage to the 5V+ required to charge the lithium buffer battery. These are commercially available now on various ‘chips’, and may or may not incorporate voltage limiting arrangements.

      It’s possible that the presence of such an intermediate amplifier circuit (in addition to the test capacitor) is what is making it so difficult to get meaningful data from the USB pinouts, especially if it has already been damaged by overload due to the absence of a buffering battery.

  • Grrrr…I hate capitalism! People are always so worried about that proverbial “other guy” taking their customers that they try to rush their products on to the market before they’re ready. It almost always seems to be the same basic story. First it was Rossi, who rushed his E-Cat onto the market so far before it was ready that he had to turn down a number of customers because, in large part, at least, his plant was not ready for the market, and, judging by the test, it still is probably not ready. Also, despite being on the market, technically, for the past couple of years, we have yet to see a customer go public. Then there was Keshe, who put his energy generator on the market, but he had to call it back and make adjustments. Then the Adgex flashlight went out to customers, and it also had problems that caused them to have to make adjustments. Now, it’s Steorn with problems with the oCube. This is getting really annoying.

    • Zephir

      /* who rushed his E-Cat onto the market so far before it was ready that he
      had to turn down a number of customers because, in large part, at
      least, his plant was not ready for the market, and, judging by the test,
      it still is probably not ready */

      Rossi never threw E-Cat at the market. His customer was actually his main sponsor at the same moment.

  • Its never easy, is it? Murphy always shows up.

  • fritz194

    I´m quite interested how they manage to charge a single LiPo Cell to 8V.
    The cell should be dead and blown up with 8Volts.
    The only situation I could imagine would be a scenario where they permanently unload the o-cube and never checked what happens during storage. Having a LiPo without a proper charge controller is very dangerous – and and in my mind not compliant with the “CE” mark on the bottom.
    A shipment to a US customer might be highly dangerous due to liability issues.

    Another possibility could be that they used an LDO regulator to get a fixed maximum voltage of 4.2V out of up to 8V primary from the electrets. In that case the power [email protected] could kill the LDO – and you would end up with a “disconnected” LiPo Cell.
    (I think this is what happened)

    Following the statements in that email or what was communicated with Frank makes no sense and would be highly suspicious.

    • passerby

      Even if it is just keeping the battery charged to 100% all the time that will kill the battery. In order to fulfill their ideal of a never-die appliance it would need smart charger functions turning off charge going to the battery once it reaches 80% of capacity and also setting the LVC at about 30% capacity. That is not exactly done cheaply. Though I guess if they are charging a thousand bucks each they can afford it..

      • fritz194

        Fully agree.
        If you keep in mind the limited number of recharge cycles of a LiPo – and assume daily usage – you need a LiPo capacity which is capable to preserve the charge of view days. Otherwise it will promptly die after 2 years operation.
        If I interprete the available information for the o-phone, I assume they are using two LiPo´s – with one getting charged while the other one is in operation.

  • Gerard McEk

    @Delay of delivery: Quite strange that Steorn hasn’t found that problem before. That does not give a good feeling about their preproduction development capabilities. I hope they quickly recover from this very disappointing event.

    • Zephir

      Well, the Steorn is tech development company, not a production company. It apparently has no experience with quality control, packaging, evidence, etc.. McCarthy already said this – he wants to sell production licences, not the final material stuffs. The OrboCube sales serve only as a case study, which will enable the further selling technology for companies, which are already experienced in production of actual goods.

      If Steorn really developed an usable perpetuum mobile of any kind, I can heartily ignore all his failures on this route from this perspective.

  • ecatworld

    Yes in the USA. I paid $56 which I think included a processing fee.

  • ecatworld

    My tracking shows the Ocube has now cleared customs. It was on hold pending payment of customs duty which I just paid. Delivery will be today or tomorrow.

    • FC

      That’s great news, Frank. 🙂

    • SG

      What a pleasant surprise! I was really starting to wonder. This is really a momentous event, more so than most in this world realize. Of course, those of us here know how important it is. Because finally, FINALLY we can resolve the Steorn enigma within the next few months at the most.

    • Sanjeev

      Good news…
      Today or tomorrow, well that’s quick. Would you like to do an unpacking video for us ?

      • ecatworld

        Yes, I’ll do two, in fact! (See my most recent post)

        • Sanjeev

          Yes, I saw it just now. What a surprise !
          Sorry I posted the same question there (for better visibility.)

  • Zephir
  • Zephir

    /* but it is metallic, hence any EM field inside of it would be perfectly shielded */

    Only electric component of field may be shielded and if it’s just a metalized plastic, it will not shield anything.

    • txt29

      “Only electric component of field may be shielded…”

      Yes, you are perfectly right, but the magnetic component is so weak (fluctuations in the range of ~1nT/s), that it does not offer any meaningless energy for harvesting. In contrary 8 μW from ambient EM radiation can be indeed easily and cheaply done, so that would be no wonder device. The problem is the scaling though – because to achieve kW ‘s, you’d need to scale it billion times. In reality much more, because only the surface of the device can be used for harvesting EM field. Hence their kW range home ELFE Accumulator would have to be several kilometers large at this efficiency.

      • Zephir

        /* but the magnetic component is so weak (fluctuations in the range of ~1nT/s) */

        But the FM radios play with ferrite antennae as easily as with these dipole ones. This is because the ferrite antenna “sucks” the signal from wide neighborhood of it effectively. What I saw in the YT demo from Petersburg above linked corresponds quite well the draining of environmental EM noise. The lantern got most power just in proximity of cables from electric grid in the walls, etc.

        But I can agree with you, that both electric, both magnetic noise in common environment can hardly explain the performance of Elfe flashlight, not to say about Orbo Cube.

        • catfish

          AM radios typically use ferrite core antennas. FM radios generally use partial-wave whip antennas.

  • Zephir

    Also U-Plug Green generator goes into production – and this is really big thing, even in comparison with Steorn ORBO. U-Plug was developed by Tim Slavings from U-plug Products LLC PO Box 268 Irving, IL 62051. Before seven years he noticed an odd occurrence while working on another energy saving system; he then played with the idea for a few years until he made the demonstrator model. In 2013 Tim presented this new technology to other investors.

    According to FAQ page rare earth magnets provide power to the U Plug Generator, working in
    groups to initiate and maintain constant, continuous energy. The U Plug Generator comes fully assembled, and already operational for output 120 volt, 17 amp power, rated at 2000 Watts. The U Plug Generator is warrantied to run continuously for three years, and it generates a constant and continuous flow of 120 Volt, 17 amp power. The U Plug generator will be sold at $1,795 MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), plus processing and handling, and tax where appropriate.

  • Zephir

    BTW The first samples of ELFE flashlight lamp from ADGEX also arrived already.

    This flashlight utilizes somewhat different overunity technology, which depends on actual location of flashlight. For example according to ADGEX demos this flashlight gets recharged faster, if you will keep it in your hands.

    The decadent mainstream physicists will face hard times…;-)

    • txt29

      I am curious whether it will end up like this one (turn on the English subtitles):

      Try letting it on overnight, so that we see whether it ever comes back.

      • Zephir

        ADEX explicitly states that “Be aware that If ELFE is used continuously for more than 12 hours; he will be restored to full power within 7 to 14 days. The rate of recharge may vary depending on a range of geographic and environmental factors”.

        Apparently, this flashlight is designed for occasional/emergency usage. But we could easily fit six of these AAA batteries into the “miracle flash light”, which would give six fairly bright LEDs for up to 4 months.

  • jokuvaan

    If you have a working tech and want to max your income asap, then you send one or more devices to some known review place/site. They would confirm it and 100x more orders would come.

    If you have non-working tech and want to max your income asap, then you make sure no reviewer get their hands on it as that would be instant game over and time to run before police arrives.

    • SG

      To understand this enigma, you must understand Steorn’s history and mentality. Steorn have been kicked around hard for about 10 years by the not only the mainstream press, but by the techie/review sites themselves.

      Very, very few have come to their defense even after good faith attempts of demonstrating their tech (the first public demo was a dismal failure, but they had another public demo that did show interesting results and also independent reports from multiple engineers stating unequivocally that excess energy was being detected).

      They have stated that the techie review sites are welcome to purchase and test one for themselves, but that they would not be handing out any freebies, even to them. I don’t really blame them given what they have been through.

      Now, I’m no believer. I sit firmly on the fence. I refuse to jump to conclusions until the evidence is incontrovertible one way or the other. The controversy cannot be resolved until units are shipped to independent purchasers.

      • txt29

        You write “Very, very few have come to their defense”. I do not consider the 23 million of euros that they received from investors in the past years a small support, regardless of the number of the investors. Where are all those Steorn’s devices that worked already a decade ago, but nobody ever saw them?

        • SG

          The 23 million lend support to their claims. Not the other way around. I wasn’t referring to investors when talking about the few that have come to their defense. I was referring to outsiders, the general public, the news sites, etc. Surprisingly, despite all of the hand wringing over Steorn, the one group that has stood beside them all these years have been the investors.

  • Zephir

    As usually, the Russian did come into first for to remain completely forgotten later. On February 12, 1980 on MOIP physics section at Moscow State University (MSU) Zajev N. E. made the message about cooling of some dielectrics the changing field with energy generation. It is worth paying attention to the patent RU No. 2390907 in this respect.

  • No, not the videos.
    But the latest announcement that there is a lot of paper work to do before the ocubes can be shipped.

    • why wouldn’t there be a lot of paperwork to do before they can be shipped? Here’s a side question though, have you ever mailed 200+ packages out to the world? Sure, we now know that Steorn managed to send out two Orbos before they figured out the overcharge problem and now scrambling to fix it, but for instance FreeEnergyNews are being sent an Ophone due to Ocube delays. So, maybe we’ll get to see some test results on the Ophone too.

  • Omega Z

    “300g of gold drops on the ground”

    WAIT- Don’t pick it up. From which end did this drop.

    Even fertilizer has a value, but should this be gold, you may want to analyse it’s food source. Perhaps you’re feeding it gold dust. To know for certain, we need to study it.

    Being skeptical is good, but to discard something without studying it is being closed minded. You will learn nothing. Even if you disprove something, you have learned something.

    Discovering something that seems to break the laws of physics merely means there may be more to learn about physics. To think we know all there is to know about physics is being closed minded and arrogant.

    We only see 5% of what makes up the universe and only understand a small portion of that. According to science, the other 95% is dark matter & dark energy. We have no visible evidence of it, but just what appears as influences of it. There is Much to learn.

    Perhaps someone will stumble across a method to harvest dark energy. It would be a shame to discard it because it wasn’t studied or it didn’t fit with known theory. Many discoveries begin this way. By accident while looking for something else.

    Only small discoveries come from studying the known. Big discoveries come from the unknown, The fringe.

  • Barbierir

    The only reason I give it a chance is that no scammer would try so hard to make it look like a scam, if I was trying to part people from their money I’m sure I could make it look more professional. Maybe they actually found something and just don’t give a s*** about the impression they do.

    Really looking forwards to Frank’s and other independent tests.

    • SG

      Of all of the theories I’ve seen, this one actually seems plausible to me. Good scammers are very meticulous. In some ways, it seems that Steorn really don’t care whether you believe them. In fact, Shaun has always maintained that he is uncomfortable with others believe their claims given that publicly available evidence of a sufficient quality does not yet support such a belief.

  • Can you find a non-mobile version of that link and re-post it?