Tom Darden Seen As World Saver (Richtopia)

There’s an article on the Richtopia website that looks at Tom Darden’s role in championing LENR. The article, written by Mae Merriweather, is rather dramatically titled, “How Not Knowing Tom Darden Could Make You a Rookie in Tech” and looks at Darden’s funding of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat.

Link is here:

Here’s an excerpt which gives a flavor of the article:

The LENR is considered an outlandish and risky technology. This is because creating fusion energy requires an extreme amount of heat to break the bonds in atoms. Breaking the bonds of atoms at such low temperatures violates the laws of physics. Darden has licensed the technology of Andrea Rossi, an Italian scientist, and entrepreneur for this ambitious project. Rossi has in the past seen some success with experiments of cold fusion. To date, Darden’s company has invested more than $ 10 million in tests and added research for Rossi’s work and plans to spend more. The results so far have been extremely promising. If this works, it would address air pollution, including carbon, and this technology could be a game changer for industries in environmental science.

It provides rather introductory information on Darden and LENR from a not very well-known website (as far as I can determine), but it does show that there is interest in LENR in some new places — beyond the usual sites that follow LENR. Merriweather certainly gives a positive take on the subject, and sees Tom Darden in an almost superhero role (one heading is “How Tom Darden Could Help Preserve Life on Earth …”).

I see that some of our regular readers have left comments there already.

  • Jarea

    There is a difference between congratulate somebody and tell him that he is right now a world saver. That is my point.

  • Jarea

    I respect Darden because he is doing the right things for the environment and he will change the world supporting LENR. I respect him because he seems to be a fact-based guy who has better motivations than money from big oil and trusts. I respect him because he is actually doing something, has a vision and has more important he has “balls”.
    I just wish him (and all of us) luck, because earth and humanity need more than ever cheap energy to resolve the energy problems (also important in the 3rd world), the resource and pollution disasters and the economy recession.
    I respect Darden for what he has already done,however, this is not enough and we shouldn’t sell the fur before shooting the bear. I will call him a “world saver” when the product is on the market and lifes are saved.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    The more success Rossi has the more jealous the hive becomes
    (Even within the LENR community Rossi’s been called an “idiot”).

    I think Tom Darden knows how the real world functions and understands this. I think this is why he’s immune to the groupthink and why he’ll eventually be successful.

  • Alan DeAngelis
  • Andreas Moraitis

    „Breaking the bonds of atoms” (last paragraph) is not a characteristic of nuclear fusion. The ignorance of some journalists is stunning.

    • Billy Jackson

      need to re-read that.. he said “In Atoms” not “Of Atoms” i do believe he is referring to the coulomb barrier, which current accepted science says it takes extreme temperatures to break. (i am not saying this is the only way.. just the current accepted)

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Billy, the Coulomb barrier is kind of opposite of a ‚bond’. And even if they meant that, they should have referred to nuclei, not atoms.

    • mike wolf

      Lighten up brother. It is better than seeing an ignoramus bashing LENR science. If we can’t get arrogant scientists aboard, I’ll settle for reporters spreading the word. YAY! lol

  • Sanjeev

    Good to see that people in non-lenr world are seeing some faint rays of light, finally.

  • Barbierir

    Here an article about hot fusion, no mention of Ecat but interesting: