Brilliant Light Power (Formerly Blacklight Power) Coming out of the Shadows (Becktemba) UPDATE: Sterling Allan Attended and Reports

UPDATE: Sterling Allan of PESN has reported what he can of the meeting here on PESWiki:

He says he was restricted about what he could report but did say this:

The BrLP website points out something that was demonstrated yesterday. They have achieved solid state operation using an electromagnetic pump to spray the molten silver between the electrodes for the 1000/second continuous pulsing for continuous power production.

The following post was submitted by Becktemba.

After 10 months of near silence and a name change the company formerly named Black Light Power now Brilliant Light Power is seemingly coming out of the shadows. Last night the company posted a public demonstration invitation slated for January 28th.

It appears that anyone in the public can request an invite via e-mail (

Also, the website seems to have posted previously unseen plasma videos (

I’d encourage all e-catworld readers who can obtain an invite to attend and report on what they see.


  • Omega Z

    Only partly tongue-in-cheek. Mill’s did say there would be another investment seminar. He just didn’t give a date. Mill’s is still reaching out for investors. Mill’s plan is very similar to Rossi. Farming out add on technology to those more skilled like in PV’s etc…

    Rossi is just the mouth piece of a consortium. Apparently Darden is fine with this as he doesn’t like the public spotlight(Says Darden). Rossi/Lepnardo is also going to farm out most of the add on work focusing on the reactors themselves.

    Rossi says he wants to market the technology as cheap as possible. I’ll take his word for that at this time. However, I welcome a competitor. It keeps them honest of producing a cheap energy source. When one has a monopoly, they can do as they please.

  • Axil Axil

    This system has been produced before however with a more simplified design.

    The worlds fair search light.

    “Gen. Flagier believes that the searchlight will be very useful in the coast-defense forts at the large ports, and it is with the view of ascertaining utility of these lights that the present apparatus is to be bought and experiments conducted at Sandy Hook proving ground. The system comprises the light proper, with mirror about 60 inches in diameter, furnished with a horizontal arc lamp. The mechanism must be capable of giving the light a rotation in a horizontal and vertical plane, and a governor must be provided to permit of electrically training the apparatus from a distance. The dynamo must produce an intensity of light of about 200,000,000 candle power, while the energy consumed in the lamp must not exceed 150 amperes by 60 volts. The makers of the light must keep it in operation for eight successive nights at Sandy Hook before it is accepted by the Government, and must instruct the force of operators who are chosen by the Ordinance Office.”