“This is the Impossible in a Box” — Irish Times Covers Orbo: Behind the Scenes at Steorn (Video)




“We’re trying to sell a battery that doesn’t die”

“This is the impossible in a box”

“If it works for a month it’s a very, very good battery; if it works for two months it’s bordering on magic; if it works for three months it is magic … we give a 12 month warranty”

“Our only option as a business now is to produce products, because every other avenue has failed.”

“We found that we could slow down and speed up electro-magnetic fields, which traditionally should travel at the speed of light, and when we did that we got these energy anomalies … we think we’re converting time into energy”

These are just a few quotes from Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy who hosted a journalist from the Irish Times and gave him a tour of Steorn’s Dublin facilities, showed him some of their Orbo products, and discussed their Orbo technology.

It’s a very interesting video, giving a nice idea of what’s going on at Steorn and getting some insight into what it’s been like for the company to have been dealing with intense skepticism over the past ten years since they went public with their claims.

The link to the video is here: http://bcove.me/913dte2f

At the end of the video it states that the Irish Times will be testing the Orbo cube in 2016 — so that will be another source to help establish a body of evidence about this technology. I’m hopeful that the Ocubes will begin shipping soon, and we have an order in for an Ocube for ECW testing, so we can finally get some concrete hands-on experience with this technology.

UPDATE: There’s an accompanying article to the video here at the Irish Times: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/fact-or-fiction-irish-firm-invents-everlasting-battery-1.2506832

McCarthy is quoted saying: “All that we can say is it’s not degrading or drawing on any known energy source but then there are vast swathes of energy that we call dark energy in scientific terms.”

Prof Luke Drury, a physicist at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies talked to the Irish Times and said, “Really what Steorn are saying is that they can create mass out of nothing . . . Matter and energy does not appear spontaneously out of nothing, and nor does it disappear without trace.”

More here: http://innovation.mag.irishtimes.com/

  • SG

    “Testing sans li, because people hate shipping li.” That is what Shaun just stated on his facebook page along with a photo of Orbo power cells without a lithium battery. https://www.facebook.com/shaundmccarthy

    I’ve thought in the past that they might run into shipping problems with a relatively large LI battery incorporated into the product.

    “That’s one reason the FAA banned shipments of nonrechargeable lithium metal batteries on passenger planes in 2004. But that ban only applies in the United States; international authorities are still considering whether to enact such a rule. Cargo and passenger aircraft are free to carry lithium ion batteries, although they are subject to labeling and packing regulations.”


    • EEStorFanFibb

      yes, shipping batteries is fraught with difficulties…. especially by air. IATA regulations have made it extremely difficult. and for good reason.

  • EEStorFanFibb

    I think a modern, well made li-ion battery that is continuously trickle charged might last a very long time, as long as it isn’t constantly over charged by the system… (I’m pretending that I believe this thing works as claimed, but I’m not really there yet by any means)… it’s the deep discharges and fast recharging that often does batteries in early. plus they could put a fairly beefy battery in there like Chevy does with the Volt so that the usable mAh portion remains high as the battery degrades… like extra headspace y’know.

  • ecatworld

    Steorn has said that the Li-on battery can be easily replaced.

    • Blue Energy

      I remember reading that from you before. But, how will that be managed now that it’s filled with solidified resin? I was also thinking I read that replacing the battery would not void the warranty. Am I remembering that correctly? How does one replace the battery without opening it?

      • ecatworld

        Well we don’t know yet how much of the inside is filled with resin. I was told once that you could open the cube up without voiding the warranty, you just couldn’t take anything apart inside. Not sure about how the battery changing would be dealt with.

        • Blue Energy

          Totally reasonable request on their part too. That also leaves open the possibility of attaching alligator clips to the i/o to the Orbo to test it – if it hasn’t been buried in resin.

  • Scott

    Potted. (filled gel to prevent tampering)

    • Sanjeev

      Messy stuff 🙂
      Is it yours ?

      • ecatworld

        Shaun McCarthy posted it on FB

        • Sanjeev

          What is going on here exactly? (Sorry don’t have FB)

          • ecatworld

            He said the potting had gone wrong — potting being putting some kind of resin into the inside of the ocube. You can see it’s smeared on the unit. So this one he’s going to keep back.

            • Sanjeev

              Looks like they are trying to make the reverse engineering /hacking a bit difficult.
              I found some more info on potting here (and the pic of actual Ophone prototype)

              • ecatworld

                It might put off some users messing around with the innards, but I doubt it would deter people who are intent on tearing the ocube apart.

                • Sanjeev

                  That’s true.
                  The only way to protect an IP is to not to release it.

  • ecatworld
    • Rip Kirbyian

      If they had been shipped I guess they would have made some noise about it…Now its only a cryptical message about the difficulties of shipping Li… a fiasco again?

      • Blue Energy

        When I read your post I had a flash of a Three Stooges movie where they owned an alternative energy startup…

        Moe: “Well, it turns out you can’t ship lithium batteries through the mail.”
        Larry: “If you’re so smart – why didn’t you think of that before?”

        Curly: “Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck…”
        Moe: “Both of you – come here, I want to show you something. Riiiight here…”
        Larry: “Ow!”
        Curly: “Ow!”
        Moe: “Spread ouuuut…”
        Curly: “What’d I do?!”

  • SG

    It appears that Steorn’s labs have been surreptitiously surveilled since 09/10. Pictures posted to facebook. https://www.facebook.com/shaundmccarthy

    There is at least one government or corporate entity that believes Steorn, or at least is curious enough to go to the trouble.

    • Sanjeev

      Could be a competitor. Obviously, they thought its worth taking the trouble and risk to bug Steorn’s office. They must have spent a lot of money to buy people to do that. I wonder if same is done to Rossi/IH.

      Now this is a wake up alarm for all the guys out there developing cutting edge tech. Please check your cable ducts !

  • Sanjeev

    Ocube tester (to be) Emso updates on how he plans to measure its performance.

    • ecatworld

      He says he’s been in touch with Steorn and they say delivery will be in the next few days.

      • Sanjeev

        Good news.

  • FC

    Rolls Canhardly,
    Thank you for the heads up.
    Can you, or somebody else, please share the photos and the video’s youtube url, for those of us who don’t have a Facebook account? Thanks.

  • Rip Kirbyian

    My friend thought that this is a part of the “viral campaign” conducted by Steorn and he said “as fake as the boobs of the Orbo-girl”. What do you think?

    • SG

      I don’t buy it. The boobs–maybe. But I can imagine all sorts of reasons why a government or corporate entity might be interested in what Steorn are up to.

  • Curbina

    Yes, and has keep founding more, pinhole cameras. Freaky.

  • “Converting time into energy” is a large claim for such a small and simple device.

  • LarryJ

    Orbo would them respond that their test is not valid because the testers tampered with it and destroyed its efficacy. It should be possible to effectively test it without damaging it.

  • radvar

    I was struck by McCarthy’s statement “What we have found is that we can slow down and speed up electromagnetic fields….we think we’re converting time into energy”.

    This reminds me of the original emdirive paper, here:


    “However as the (group – my add) velocities at each end of the waveguide are significant fractions of the speed of light, a derivation of the force difference equation invokes the difference in velocities (my bold) and therefore must take account of the special theory of relativity.

    Relativity theory implies that the electromagnetic wave and the waveguide assembly form an open system. Thus the force difference results in a thrust which acts on the waveguide assembly.”

    which is effectively stating that the thrust is based on slowing down the electromagnetic waves.

    • “in an experiment in Princeton, N.J., physicists sent a pulse of laser light through cesium vapor so quickly that it left the chamber before it had even finished entering.”


    • Zephir

      /* we can slow down and speed up electromagnetic fields */

      Regarding the Steorn Orbo, in ferromagnets the magnetic field propagates much slower than in the vacuum at the moment, when the magnetic permeability gets high. Inside the capacitors (as used in Steorn Cube) the electrostatic field propagates the more slower, the higher is the electric permitivity of dielectric of it.