Fulvio Fabiani on “The New Frontier of Energy” — Discusses Rossi and the E-Cat with Mats Lewan

Fulvio Fabiani is an Italian engineer who has worked side by side with Andrea Rossi since 2012, and is now in charge of R&D activties at Leonardo Corporation under the direction of Rossi. Mats Lewan has just published an interview he conducted with Fabiani on his animpossibleinvention.com blog where lots of interesting information about what it has been like to have been intimately involved with the development of the E-Cat.

The interview can be read in full here: http://animpossibleinvention.com/2015/11/25/rossis-engineer-i-have-seen-things-you-people-wouldnt-believe/

Below are some selected quotes from Fulvio Fabiani.

On Andrea Rossi:

“He comes with a paper fluttering, saying ‘Oh, I had this idea, we have to try this’, throwing away 15 days of your setup of a reactor because he wants to try something different, and you have not even finished the idea that he had previously. Rossi is an avalanche of great ideas.

“He has an ability, not of imagination but of reasoning about physics that is impressive. I see him analyzing immense formulas of physical behavior of matter that leave me speechless, and sometimes he goes: ‘Look, they made a sign error here, how is that possible?’ Because he’s not reading the book. He’s analyzing it, hair by hair. He studies 24h because he analyses everything that others say, because they don’t convince him.”

On the 1 MW Plant:

“I can assure you that the shutdown of the reaction is immediate. The response at ignition with the certified technology is medium fast since we use this technology to produce steam. With steam, inertia when starting up is necessary because of the mass of water that becomes steam. But with ideas we have plans for everything, even instantaneous reactions.”


“Until now the test is in line with the result that we expected. We encountered the biggest problems during the design and installation phase of the test plant. The most difficult thing was the choice of materials needed to withstand this new kind of energy release and this type of operation for such a long time. And we have found many little flaws—teething problems. For example, also the choice of bolts has led to a revision because some bolts were not sufficiently treated with anti-corrosive, and so they rusted. But if you don’t test you cannot say that you have a product to sell.”

On the fuel formulas:

I don’t have knowledge on the reaction because the formula is not my concern. When it is time, Rossi makes his mixtures according to his formulas, puts the charge in the cores and gives me the complete cores. A reactor is composed of a core, an excitation system, and a system for heat exchange. I look after the excitation system and the system for heat exchange, and also the physical realization of the core. But the core must be filled with the mixture of powders that Rossi from time to time recalibrates in function of the effect that he wants to achieve.

On the E-Cat Reaction:

“Over the years we realized that the reaction needs more stimuli than only heating. Everyone thinks that thermal stimulus is enough but that’s just the beginning. It’s not enough for maximum efficiency. It’s the base, the synthesis of the reaction. But the reaction has almost behaviors as of living matter, and it has responses as a function of the stimuli. They can be of many types other than thermal. And these are the ones that trigger, let’s call it the most fun part of it, allowing excellent gains in terms of response to the stimuli.”

On the Future:

“I have really seen… Did you see Blade Runner? The quote at the end, ‘I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe’. It’s true. I assure you that I have seen things that only I, Rossi and a few other people saw. We really saw things… I really saw the new frontier of energy. There is nothing in comparison. You cannot imagine. I speak of the E-CatX* and many others of Rossi’s experiments. We have tried lots of things, and we have made some twenty and more different reactors. And I can assure you that with some of them we have truly seen a new world. Energy density, reaction capacity, in the sense of things never seen. The new frontier of energy.”

These are just some selected quotes; I find the whole interview fascinating, partly because it is so rare to hear anything about what goes on the ‘inside’ from anyone apart from Andrea Rossi. Fabiani gives a different perspective, but one that backs up what Rossi has been talking about in terms of the work that has been done by Rossi and his team. Fulvio states that he is at the head of a group of 12 engineers, and later he mentions that there are 10 or 15 ‘top level managers’ which include Darden and Rossi. He says regardless of how commenters on the internet complain about things going so slowly, “I only see people really devoting all their resources and all their time to make this happen.”

  • Brokeeper

    Ha ha! Miss-posted it here. 🙂

  • Brokeeper

    Fulvio Fabiani said: “We really saw things… I really saw the new frontier of energy. There is ‘nothing in comparison’. You cannot imagine.” And Andrea Rossi said: “The E-Cat X
    produces DIRECTLY electric power.” Both statements imply, IMO, the E-Cat catalyzation is directly producing electricity and/or osculating electromagnetism with no intervening device.
    It is possible the input controlling frequencies are being significantly amplified by the internal reactive processes and transformed to electricity by additional tuned inductive windings.

  • psi2u2

    Terrific to hear from eng. Fabiani with this kind of detail.

  • Barney Holmes

    I was detecting Rossi: “difficult to work with” from Fabiani but it sounds like the benefits of the interesting work and Rossi’s interesting ideas far outweigh difficulties of working with Rossi for Fabiani.

  • Sanjeev

    Great interview and great discussion as well.

    “Over the years we realized that the reaction needs more stimuli than only heating. – Fabiani”
    This is the biggest take away from the interview from the point of view of replicators. As demonstrated in the latest GS5 experiment, it is almost certain that simply heating the Ni in H2 atmosphere will not produce an easily detectable gain. Some kind of stimulant is necessary.

    • Barney Holmes

      Not news to me. The patents hint at this, or was it more obvious ? At the very least I intuited that the catalyst is a frequency that catalyses a chain reaction somewhat as depicted in the movie “Chain Reaction”.

    • Axil Axil


      “AHE has been observed during electrolysis following dynamic stimulation of the cell by time dependent electrolytic currents (SuperWaves) and ultrasonic excitation.”

      Why doesn’t MPMF find out what the “SuperWave” is? Why don’t replicators use the SuperWave”?

  • clovis ray

    HI, guys.

    I love this quote from blade runner, it from a dieing android, remembering, pasted events in it’s life,

    When saying,‘I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe’. great show with harrison ford.

  • pangoo

    Page 11 has an abstract of Norman Cook’s Presentation

    • clovis ray

      Nice read, thanks for the link, enjoyed it.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Interesting indeed. I wonder if we will see data from inside the working E-Cat that have been kept secret so far. Even if not so, the proposed model might allow at least some instructive conclusions.

  • Eyedoc

    I am a bit concerned that AR is still not sharing important details ( ie the fuel mix ) with his closest team, I worry this makes him more susceptible to a ‘disappearance’ , and LENR with him.

    • bachcole

      Good insight, but I would think that Rossi would have enough sense to keep save records of each and every experiment. Or Darden would have the good sense to tell him to do so.

    • Sanjeev

      I remember that he has said in past that his partners were able to produce an E-cat without his help.

    • Barney Holmes

      But that could have been something introduced into the discussion by the NDI ? Anyway if he really has “it” don’t you think there are multiple mechanisms put in place in case of (God forbid) death ? Dossiers in bank deposit boxes, etc, etc … at least I hope they’re are.