Congress Views Brillouin Energy’s LENR Wet™ and HHT™ Boiler Reactor Systems For Generating Thermal Energy (Press Release)

I received the following press release and photos today from Capstreamx, Brillouin Energy’s public relations agent.

Brillouin Energy Meets Congress News Release 18.11.15 (1)

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Robert Godes demonstrates Brillouin energy’s LENR core module on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.


_DSC0530 (2)
Dr. Michael McKubre discusses SRI’s latest tests of Brillouin Energy’s LENR technologies


Robert W. George discusses the commercial opportunities for Brillouin Energy’s LENR technologies
  • Michel Vandenberghe

    Congrats to Brillouin Team !

  • GreenWin

    Monty, this world’s “groking” ability is marginal. But getting better. 🙂

  • Blacklight Power has apparently changed their name to “Brilliant Light Power”

    I am 99% skeptical on this company, but would love to be proven wrong.

    Forbes article on BLP

  • Mats002

    Yeah – that is bad!

  • Stephen Taylor

    So, from this we can conclude that Brilllouin welcomes publicity. From the recent photos posted at we can conclude the same about Rossi. If either of them had a moderately reliable and robust system capable of COP greater than 4 and steam generation at 540C or higher then the obvious way to demonstrate the technology beyond sceptical critique is to run the steam through conventional electric generation equipment. This would either prove or falsify their claims definitively. So far it seems to me definitive proof or falsification at this level is being avoided intentionally (because it’s so obvious and has been suggested so many times).
    So I think they are not quite there yet and need more money and time for development. I just hope someone gets it figured out soon and comes forward with an impressive prototype capaple of driving a turbine or producing electricity “directly”. We wait.

    • GreenWin

      As you note Stephen, much of the reveal is intentional. Both Brillouin and IH/Rossi are introducing steam and heat as immediate products. This lowers perceived threat to electric utilities where pension funds rely on stable income to support the financial infrastructure. Electric generation comes after the world groks LENR replaces essentially all energy sources including fossil/fission, wind and solar.

      • Monty

        @GreenWin: … replaces essentially all energy sources… ?
        Didn’t Rossi reveal to us that “all energy sources must be integrated”?


  • kdk

    I’m thinking that it’s time to write my representatives and local energy company again.